Casino Loyalty Bonuses

People say loyalty always pays off, and this statement is very much true when it comes to playing regularly at US gambling sites. American online casino operators often have carefully developed loyalty programs and VIP bonuses to pamper loyal customers and to keep them coming back.

These types of player perks ensure that every real money bet you place with the same iGaming site has value, even when you lose. Keep reading if you want to learn more because this page covers everything about online loyalty bonuses in the US.

Best Online Casinos With VIP Programs

What Is a Casino Loyalty Bonus?

You will find loyalty rewards under many names as every US online casino operator calls them differently. From VIP programs and VIP perks to loyalty schemes and loyalty bonuses, the variations are plenty. Yet, the concept is the same – a loyalty bonus is anything you get from the casino as a reward for playing there regularly.

Players typically enter the program when they earn the minimum required number of loyalty points, which are granted for each real money bet placed. Usually, VIP schemes have multiple levels, and members receive rewards per their VIP status.

How to Sign Up for a VIP Program

Depending on the VIP program, there may be different requirements for joining it. The typical loyalty scheme requires users to complete registration and make their first deposit at the site. This automatically gets them access to the VIP program, and then they progress through the tiers with every stake they make.

However, there are also other types of VIP schemes where you’ll have to collect a specific number of loyalty points to earn VIP status. Alternatively, there are also invitation-only VIP clubs reserved for the most loyal and valuable players. You can’t join such programs by yourself as an account manager must invite you only when they believe you deserve it.

Any U.S. online casino with a loyalty program will usually have a dedicated page for it. This is especially true for our staff’s top U.S. Casino picks.  The loyalty program section is where you will find detailed information and instructions on how to join that specific program. Sometimes, reaching out to customer care may prove helpful, as well.

How to Claim VIP Rewards

If you’re a first-time member of an online casino VIP program, you may wonder how to claim these perks. Well, most US gambling sites have automated the process. Meaning that as soon as you qualify for perks, they will be added to your account.

Alternatively, you may be informed via internal messages or email that you’ve unlocked a certain VIP status and are eligible for specific rewards. If you need to claim them in any way, this information should be included in the message you get from customer care or account managers. For instance, you may need to click a “Claim” or an “Upgrade” button if the system requires that from you.

Most American online casinos will let users track their loyalty points and VIP status straight from their accounts. There should be an appropriately named section for that, usually called Loyalty or VIP or something along those lines. When you click on it, the screen should show everything you need to know about where you’re standing and what you’re missing to unlock a new tier.

Naturally, if you have any questions, you can always reach out to customer care, and they’ll be more than happy to help. Alternatively, some casinos may have a separate email address for questions related to loyalty rewards. Such an email address is often provided on the VIP program landing page, or customer agents may give it to you.

Those with a VIP status might qualify for a personal account manager. This person will be their primary contact for getting special rewards, answering questions, receiving remarks, etc.

Turn Loyalty Rewards Into Real Money

There are ways to turn your player perks into real money, and that’s the main benefit of becoming part of loyalty programs. In fact, some perks may come as modest amounts of free cash or cashback that are instantly added as money to your account.

Other times, you may get free spins, which may lead to real money winnings. Finally, the most common loyalty perks are comp points, which can be converted into real cash. All this extra money can be used for playing longer and possibly hitting juicy prizes, or you can simply withdraw it.

Types of VIP & Loyalty Programs

When it comes to types of VIP and loyalty programs, there are two main ones you’ll find at US online casinos. Essentially, the concepts are similar and share the same purpose – pampering returning users. Yet, they differ in some respects, such as how you qualify for the perks and when you receive them.

Points-Based Programs

Points-based programs grant players loyalty points or comp points per the amount of money and time they invest at the casino. Usually, these points can be converted into real money or used to claim various perks.
The top points-based online casino loyalty program currently is the one at Caesars Casino & Sportsbook.

Users collect reward points on all the wagers they place and then get to exchange 1,000 such points for $10. The points also help you improve your loyalty status at the casino, which brings you even more benefits like holidays, discounts at various businesses, etc.

Tier-Based Programs

Tier-based programs are great because they let everyone get rewards in line with their activity at the casino. Naturally, higher tiers bring in the most generous privileges and benefits.

The best tier-based program you can join right now is the 11-level one at SugarHouse Casino. Users collect Loyalty Level Points to progress the tiers and Bonus Store Points to purchase rewards in the exclusive Bonus Store. The benefits for the tiers are outstanding and include scratch cards, wheel spins, bingo tickets, luxury overnight stays, and more.

Best Types of Online Casino Rewards

The excellent results year-over-year from US online casinos show how competitive and valuable the iGaming market is. Staying relevant these days goes beyond offering top-rated games. Instead, operators must step up in every aspect of their operations, and pampering playing is surely among the essentials.

So, US gambling sites try to top each other when it comes to both creativity and generosity through their VIP programs. That’s how we’ve got so many types of online casino rewards available, and we’ve listed the best ones below!

Cashback Rewards

Cashback casino bonuses typically give players a rebate on their losses. Depending on the online casino VIP program and your VIP status, the rebate may be minimal at 5% or quite generous at 25%. Some casinos pay out cashback weekly, while others give monthly cashback. Usually, there’s a maximum amount of money you can get through this perk. But the cashback at least tends to come without any wagering requirements attached.


Exclusive online casino tournaments are those open to customers who have managed to enter the operator’s loyalty program. They often have generous prize pools and tens if not hundreds of cash or free spin prizes for participating members. Usually, there’s a leaderboard, and the players who will end up in the first 50 or 100 positions get corresponding rewards. Tournaments are fun, engaging, and generous, and that’s why we love them so much.

Free Spins Rewards

Everyone loves free spins. And so it comes as little surprise that one of the most popular and common loyalty perks is free spins. Depending on the operator’s rules, loyal customers may get free spins for a specific slot or all online slots on the platform.

Usually, you’ll have to meet some wagering requirements before you cash out winnings from free spin rewards. The number of spins you get can drastically vary, but it tends to be significant for those with a better VIP status.


US online casinos try to outdo the competition by creating innovative loyalty perks in the form of various prizes. There’s no limit to what the gifts given to VIPs may be. Yet, the most common ones seem to be cool gadgets and holidays. Other surprises like cars, iPhones, VR headsets, and even merchandise aren’t excluded either.

How Do I Choose the Best Online Casino Loyalty Program?

Getting so much information thrown at you may be confusing, especially if you’ve never received player perks. It’s natural to ask yourself which VIP bonus is the best or how to decide what loyalty program to choose. As always, The Game Day Casino has all the answers you need. Below, we’re offering a simple guide on selecting the most suitable VIP program based on your gambling style and preferences.

Shop Around

Shopping around is the best thing you can do for yourself when choosing anything really. This also applies to deciding what online casino loyalty program to join. At The Game Day Casino, we’ve reviewed and listed trusted US gambling sites that offer VIP perks to their users. Check out a few of them to see what’s on the offer. You can’t compare loyalty bonuses and find the ones you want unless you’ve seen at least a few different programs.

Find Rewards That You Like

Some players want exclusive VIP bonuses, while others prefer faster withdrawals or weekly cashback. Luckily, these are all loyalty rewards you may find at US online casinos. Yet, you will unlikely get all perks at the same place. That’s why you should shop around first and then focus on the casinos that offer the privileges you like.

Read the Bonus Requirements

All that glitters is not gold. That’s something we’ve all discovered one way or another. Unfortunately, the same applies to online casino loyalty schemes because sometimes they seem incredibly generous, but their terms and conditions are quite restrictive.

You can count on The Game Day Casino to give you the scoop on the best casino bonuses, but you should always read the bonus requirements and rules for yourself before you decide what online casino VIP program is the best for you. Pay attention to wagering requirements, cashing out limits, amounts of money you must wager, and so on.

What Are the Main Benefits of Casino Loyalty Programs?

It’s tough to pick the absolute best player perks one can get from an online casino loyalty program. There are many advantages, and each benefits users in its own way. Yet, the most common as well as the most popular ones are listed and explained below:

  • Free cash: Operators often may give VIP members small tokens of appreciation in the form of free cash. These loyalty perks are usually modest but often come without playthrough requirements and tricks.
  • No deposit bonuses: Loyal customers usually get exclusive no deposit bonuses in the form of bonus funds, free spins, or playing chips. These tend to be less generous than deposit bonuses, but you get them for free.
  • Deposit bonuses: These are a common perk for loyal customers and are often exclusively offered to them. A minimum deposit is needed for claiming such reloads, but they are often worth it.
  • No wagering bonuses: Some US online casinos go the extra mile and offer no wagering bonuses to VIPs. These come without rollover requirements, making them of high value to players.
  • Cashback: This is probably the most common and typical loyalty perk. Operators may offer cashback on players’ deposited amounts or losses and usually pay it weekly or monthly.
  • Faster withdrawals: If the standard withdrawal processing time is, for example, 72 hours, VIPs may wait only 24 hours.
  • Higher withdrawal limits: If standard players can cash out, for instance, $15,000 a month, VIPs may be allowed to withdraw significantly larger amounts.
  • Dedicated account manager:  Forget about customer support waiting lines or average customer care. VIPs often get a dedicated account manager to ensure they have a pleasant experience with the casino through priority assistance.
  • No withdrawal fees: Some online casinos charge fees on cashouts, but they provide free withdrawals to their most loyal customers.
  • Birthday bonuses: Your birthday is a special day for your online casino if you’re a VIP member there. Expect a sweet surprise in the form of a personalized birthday bonus or free spins, or whatever else the operator deems suitable.
  • Prizes: US online casinos sometimes let VIPs use their loyalty points to claim various gadgets or other gifts. This is one of the unique ways of pampering users.
  • Holidays (VIPs): Only the VIPs in the highest tiers know that online casinos organize exclusive holidays and events for their customers. These are invitation-only events, and the operator often covers all the fees.
  • Discounts: Many popular casino brands like Caesars Casino and Virgin Casino have VIP perks that get you lots of discounts. For example, you can use your points to book flights and hotel stays or to have fine dining experiences.

Advantages of Being a VIP Member

Casino operators want to make loyal players feel appreciated, so they offer perks and rewards to them. Yet, being part of a VIP program also gives users a sense of belonging to a community that shares the same interests.

People want to feel special and valued, and VIP schemes provide just that. They are especially attractive when not all players can enter a loyalty program. This alone can make feel VIP members feel like they have a leg up on basic members. It’s good to know that there are three basic types of VIP schemes, and they all have - more or less - different qualities.

Tiered Loyalty

As the name suggests, Tiered VIP programs have multiple tiers or levels that members can unlock. Typically, there are four or five levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or something along those lines. Users progress the levels as they collect the appropriate number of loyalty points by placing real money bets. Naturally, better VIP levels come with better perks like higher comp point conversation rates, personal account managers, faster withdrawals, and so on.

Special Perks

Some VIP programs give members special perks. The most common player rewards include exclusive reload bonuses, no deposit bonus codes, and birthday bonuses. Sometimes, operators go the extra mile and send invitations to special events, provide VIP account managers, and give cashback and personalized prizes. Finally, many special perks are related to withdrawals, so players get faster cashouts, higher cashout limits, or no wagering requirements.

Invitation Only

Some VIP schemes let you join right from the start or as soon as you collect a specific number of loyalty points. Well, invitation-only loyalty programs work differently and are open only to the most valuable players. When VIP managers decide that a user has been loyal enough, they will send them a special invitation to the loyalty program. Of course, getting inside those isn’t easy, but it’s very much worth it as they usually offer exclusive and generous player rewards.

Sometimes, VIPs in invitation-only programs get a chance to invite their friends and earn even more benefits. Here are some of the advantages of doing so:

  • Both you and your friend often get a cash bonus.
  • The VIP referral bonus is usually double the standard one.
  • Your customer value grows and brings in more rewards.

Casino Loyalty Programs Vs. VIP Casino Bonuses

In the past, loyalty programs used to be tiered schemes where users got modest perks depending on their tier. VIP casino bonuses, by contrast, used to be more exclusive and given to VIP members only. However, these two concepts have lately merged as US online casino operators find it simpler to have one program for all loyal customers.

Generally, becoming a loyal customer is easy, and players often enter the lowest tier by making their first deposit. Becoming a true VIP typically takes much more time and wagers, normally something only high roller players are able to manage. As for the rewards, these also vary depending on the casino and how it organized its player perks.

However, VIP rewards are often more generous, personalized, and exclusive than classic loyalty perks. In any case, you should never overspend and play beyond your financial means just to reach a new loyalty level or claim a VIP bonus.

Loyalty Bonuses Vs. Welcome Bonus

In their essence, loyalty rewards and welcome bonuses are very different from one another. The first is there to pamper regular players, whereas the latter exists to attract new members. So, what they bring to the table is unique as it was created to target separate types of users.

Members often need to wager a specific amount of money to enter the VIP program and then work their way up. To get an online casino welcome bonus, it is often enough to join the US gambling site and upload the minimum deposit amount.

VIP perks tend to get better as you improve your loyalty status and get them on top of all the other promotions available at the casino. The welcome offer is a one-time deal whose primary goal is to boost your bankroll so you can test the platform.

When it comes to generosity, it’s hard to compare these two because welcome offers tend to be more significant. Yet, if you play regularly, you will get many more perks in the long run. It’s important to note that the welcome bonus typically comes as bonus funds or free spins. By contrast, loyalty perks may give you exclusive bonuses but also an account manager, better withdrawal limits, priority support, birthday gifts, and so on.

As you can see, loyalty and welcome bonuses are perfect for different times of your iGaming journey. A welcome deal is perfect for starting your adventure with a bang, while VIP rewards are excellent for receiving that special treatment you’ve always wanted.


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