Cashback Casino Bonuses

Online casino players can access unique loyalty bonuses and VIP programs in the United States from top-rated operators. One incentive that players enjoy taking advantage of is the cashback bonus. This bonus type provides players with real money based on gaming losses. It’s considered a reduced risk offer as players are given cash back after investing funds.

If you are unfamiliar with the cashback casino bonus option, use our guide to learn more. At The Game Day Casino, we cover all the essential details so you know exactly what to do and where to access cashback deals. Read on to learn more!

Best Online Casino Cashback Bonuses

What is a Cashback Bonus?

What is a cashback offer? Does the online casino simply give you cash? This deal is where you earn real money back after playing games at an online casino or placing wagers at a sportsbook.

The offer provides a percentage of cash back based on your net losses. Basically, you will need to deposit funds and play games or place a sports bet. The site only offers the cashback deal up to a certain amount, so keep that in mind.

Once you play or bet and experience a net loss, the cash is added to your account. The offer varies based on the provider. In most cases, the cashback percentage will range from 10-20%.

Different Types of Casino Cashback Bonuses

As you look further into U.S. casino bonuses featuring cashback, you will notice several types on offer. Understanding each one is essential to claiming the best deal for your gameplay needs. Check out the top options below and their definitions to better understand cashback bonuses before claiming offers at your favorite online casino.

Daily cashback bonus: This option is based on daily gaming. The amount you wager each day will be evaluated for losses, and a percentage of cashback will be provided on the outcome.
Weekly cashback bonus: With this option, it acts the same as the daily offer, but every week. Each online casino is different, so be sure to review when the week starts and ends so you know what counts towards the cashback offer.
Monthly cashback bonus: This bonus takes longer to receive, but it is based on monthly gaming, so the amount you earn back can be quite high depending on gameplay. This is a good option for players who want to accrue cashback in higher amounts than daily or weekly deals.
On all losses: Online casinos do not usually offer cashback on all losses. This type of deal may be hard to find but can pop up from time to time. The terms and conditions of this deal may be stricter than the traditional cashback due to the return on all losses.
% cashback: Online gaming cashback deals are often set with a certain percentage. You will only receive the set percentage when experiencing net losses. For the most part, online gaming sites set this number from 10-20%.
Welcome cashback bonus: A new `player welcome bonus can also offer cashback. This deal type will be open to new signups only.
Ongoing cashback: Many online casinos or sports betting sites will offer ongoing cashback deals. This means players can rely on the offer continually. It’s a good way to ensure you regularly receive cashback for losses.
VIP Cashback: Loyalty programs within online casino sites can also offer cashback for VIP members. Check the details of reward programs you are a part of to see which tier levels are open to earning cash back.

How Do I Choose The Best Cashback Bonus?

As the player, what can you do to ensure you select the best cashback bonus? There are a few factors to consider, such as the amount you will receive and if the deal is truly cash. As the player, what can you do to ensure you select the best cashback bonus? Can you withdraw the amount you receive, or must it stay in your bankroll for gaming? You want to ask these questions as you utilize this type of offer.

Amount You Are Getting Back

How much will you receive with the cashback offer? Is it 10%, 20% or even 30%? The amount you receive back should be considered when depositing. If you deposit $100, the higher the percentage, the more you can earn. Remember that the percentage is based on net losses, so you will not receive any money back if you win.

Is It a Real Cashback Bonus?

Read the terms and conditions of the offer. Is the deal really giving you cash back? Can you withdraw the funds earned, or must you play it at the site? Are there any wagering requirements? If you are considering a deal and do not understand the fine print, be sure to speak to support to know what you are getting into.

How Does A Cashback Bonus Work?

Players are eligible for casino cash back after completing certain tasks or meeting requirements set by the online gaming site. The most common option is a bonus where players receive cashback after depositing and playing a certain amount on casino games.

Online casinos can offer a cashback deal with a no deposit bonus, an instant offer upon signup, or a deposit bonus, where a code is needed to claim. There are also options for daily, weekly, or monthly cashback.

If you locate a cashback deal, be sure to read the terms and conditions. This way, you know how to claim the deal correctly and follow the steps needed to earn your incentive.

How To Claim A CashBack Bonus - Step By Step Guide

Claiming a cashback bonus is simple. Use our step-by-step guide below to get started. In no time, you will have access to bonus cash back after experiencing losses.

Pick a Casino: Find a casino you want to play out that offers a cashback bonus. Offers change regularly, so continue to review your options at all top-rated online casinos.

Read the terms & conditions: Once you locate a cashback deal, read the terms and conditions. Be sure you understand how much you need to wager, if any specific games are listed, and the amount of cashback you can receive on losses.

Register: Create an account with the online casino. Verification will be required with most sites. This will take only a few minutes to complete.

Fill in personal information: Fill in the registration form with your personal information. This includes the name, address, email, last four digits of your social security number, and birthday.

Deposit money: Once your account is created, log in. From there, click on the cashier and deposit funds. Keep in mind if the deal has any minimum deposit requirements to activate.

Make a bet: Now it’s time to place your bet. Wager the amount you deposited and see what happens. If you win, great! If you experience net losses, you will receive a cashback percentage!

Get the cashback: Once your bet has cleared and the casino or sportsbook has reviewed the wager, cashback is provided. In general, online gaming sites take up to 72 hours after the bet closes to add funds.

Requirements Around Cashback Bonuses

All casino bonuses have requirements that must be met. Players must understand these requirements and know what to do to clear the deal. Below are examples of requirements you may see while completing cashback deals.

Minimum and Maximum %

A cashback deal will have a minimum and maximum percentage you can earn based on your deposit. Be sure to note the amount so you understand how much you will receive after adding funds to your account.

Specific Games

Some cashback deals may be restricted to specific games. Read the terms and conditions of the deal and note any games listed. Only play these games, so you meet the deal requirements to earn cashback.

Cashbacks Wagering Requirement

Another important requirement to remember is how much you must wager to activate and clear the deal. Some promotions may require players to spend a certain amount to receive cashback. Others may have a wagering requirement on the cash back you receive. This means you will need to wager the cashback several times before a withdrawal is allowed.

Limited Return

It is also important to note the amount of return you can earn. The terms and conditions should list how much you can earn in cashback. Don’t deposit too much and then experience heavy losses only to receive a much smaller percentage in cashback due to the limited return amount.


Always consider how long you have to claim and clear the cashback bonus. Can you meet the requirements of the deal before the expiration date? Only claim deals you can complete, so you do not forfeit any bonus cash.

Advantages Of a Cashback Bonus

There are several advantages to a cashback bonus that give players the upper hand when playing online casino games. Check out a few examples below and learn how to make this bonus type work for you.

Reducing Risk

A cashback bonus is a great way to reduce your risk while playing online casino games. You will receive cashback on losses by taking advantage of this bonus type. If you win, great! If you lose, you will receive a portion of your losses back, which helps to reduce the overall risk of your gameplay.


Who doesn’t love cash? A cashback bonus gives you extra funds that can be used for even more gaming. If you are going to play slots, table games, or video poker anyway, you might as well earn cash back on your losses, right?

Advantaged Wagering Requirements

This type of deal usually has better wagering requirements than other promotions. You don’t have to meet high wagering requirements on the cashback, which means you can quickly access your reward. This deal is usually preferred over welcome deposit bonuses, where the incentives earned must be wagered 30-40x before a cashout can occur.

Cashback Bonuses vs. No Deposit Bonuses

As you visit online casinos in the United States, you will notice that operators offer cashback bonuses and no deposit offers. Both have pros and cons, so understanding how each work is essential.

Basically, a no-deposit casino deal will provide you with bonus funds without needing a deposit. You cannot cash out these funds but can play games online with them. A deposit is required with a cash back bonus, and you earn bonus funds on your net losses up to a certain amount based on a set percentage.

Now that you know the difference, let’s take a look at example bonuses offered to players today by top US online casino operators. Below you will find options for cashback bonuses and no deposit deals. Read the details and determine which works best for your gaming needs.

FanDuel Cashback Deal: $1,000 Play It Again Bonus

This deal provides players up to $1,000 in cash back after playing at the online casino within the first 24 hours. Add $5 or more to activate the deal and play casino games for 24 hours after signing up. Any games you play during this time will be reviewed, and cashback will be provided for net losses. Players receive site credit within 72 hours of the bonus period ending, and the maximum amount that can be earned is $1,000.

to claim your welcome bonus at Fanduel Casino.

Bally Casino Cashback Deal: Up to $100 in Bonus Bets Play

Deposit $10 or more and place a wager at the casino. If you don’t win and experience a net loss, the casino will provide up to $100 in cash back on the value of your first deposit. The deal is only good within the first seven days of the first deposit, so be sure to claim it quickly. The cashback can be withdrawn, subject to a $10 minimum.

to claim your welcome bonus at Bally Casino.

BetMGM No Deposit Deal: $25 in Freeplay

As a new member of BetMGM, players can access a $25 freeplay bonus upon signup. Once the account is verified, players receive $25 that can be used immediately for gaming. Winnings from the freeplay cannot be withdrawn until a deposit and wagering requirements are met, but the free cash is a good way to test the site before investing funds.

to claim your welcome bonus at BetMGM Casino.

Borgata Casino

Sign up for a new account with Borgata Casino and receive a $20 bonus dollars from the brand. Once your account is verified, you instantly earn the $20 bonus. Wins from the bonus are not eligible for withdrawal until a deposit is made and a wagering requirement is met.

Now you just have to decide if you want to deposit funds and have a chance at receiving cashback on losses or join online casinos with no deposit deals to receive gaming cash upfront. The choice is up to you, and both deal options provide benefits that help boost online gameplay.

to claim your welcome bonus at Borgata Casino.


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