Full Name: Derrick Logan

About Derrick

After completing his undergraduate studies in Magazine Journalism at Ohio University, Derrick spent considerable time freelance writing and editing in the home appliance industry. The booming popularity of the online casino market has since let Derrick merge his love of writing with his penchant for gambling.

Full Name: Daniel Preciado

About Daniel

Daniel Preciado is a writer in many different areas of the online gambling world, including poker, sports betting, and casino gaming. Daniel graduated from Syracuse University in 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Sport Analytics and a minor in economics. While his education was rooted in data analysis and economics, he has quickly learned how to utilize these skills as they pertain to the online gambling space.

Full Name: Milena Petrovska

About Milena

Milena Petrovska is a content specialist and iGaming enthusiast involved in the industry ever since 2014. Over the years, her mission has become providing accurate, informative, and useful information to her readers. While online slots and their mechanics awaken her curiosity, Milena is also busy testing casino sites, exploring industry news, and writing game guides.

Full Name: Pride Kazunga

About Pride

Pride is a sports betting and casino content specialist who has been actively covering the US markets for over five years. His clear writing style and practical analysis make him accessible to a broad audience. Pride’s knowledge of casino gaming and sports betting stems from his keen interest in statistics and real-world application.

Full Name: Richard Janvrin

About Richard

Richard Janvrin is both a casino and sports writer for The Game Day. Richard graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2018 with a degree in English/Journalism. With this degree, Richard got his start by writing fantasy football and NFL content and then writing reviews for both online casinos and sportsbooks.