Daniel Preciado

About Daniel

Daniel Preciado is a writer in many different areas of the online gambling world, including poker, sports betting, and casino gaming. Daniel graduated from Syracuse University in 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Sport Analytics and a minor in economics. While his education was rooted in data analysis and economics, he has quickly learned how to utilize these skills as they pertain to the online gambling space.

Daniel’s Experience

Daniel began writing about baseball in 2018, initially starting out as a beat writer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. After leaving the Dodgers, Daniel moved on to write in another area of interest: sports betting. He has worked for major companies like Action Network, Forbes, and the sports side of The Game Day. Daniel has also been the host of numerous podcasts and consistently makes guest appearances to talk about sports betting.

Developing a Love for Poker

Daniel watched his father play in a poker game every weekend and quickly fell in love. He has been playing the game, both online and live, ever since. While Daniel is predominantly a cash game poker player, he has found success in the tournament arena, notching multiple five-figure cashes. This love of poker and the long hours of studying the game produced a passion to write about it.

Expanding Horizons in iGaming

While Daniel’s primary area of expertise lies in poker, he has expanded his horizons while writing for The Game Day Casino. He had always been enamored by the colorful slots he saw on his way into his local casino’s poker room, but had never tried one out himself. Once Daniel did, though, he became even more interested. Writing about slots and online casinos has allowed him to immerse himself into a world he never thought possible.

Daniel has always had additional passions for table games, particularly blackjack, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. With the world of iGaming beginning to tie all of his interests together, he fell in love.

Daniel’s Hobbies

Many of Daniel’s hobbies away from writing are closely tied to online gaming and live poker. He will spend most Sundays playing a host of online poker tournaments, but only as long as he has his pug, Hank, by his side. He has not strayed away from his data analysis background either, as he constructs sports betting models to help his friends and himself to earn more money.

Daniel is also a superfan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and continues to root for them even if they blow it in the World Series every year. He also loves to travel and has been to 42 U.S. states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

He is also a huge fan of the music industry across all genres and generations, particularly loving old-school blues.