Online Video Poker

Online casino games, in particular slots, have a reputation for being a tad monotonous after a certain length of gameplay. You have the same action repeatedly and winning is basically down to lady luck.

Best Online Casinos To Play Video Poker

That’s why you should check out video poker, a game that has been around since the 1970s. If you haven’t come across this game before, you need to pay close attention.

Imagine a card game you can learn, improve at, and maybe even master to some extent. A game that removes some of the casino’s edge and tips the scales in the direction of your own favor?

Sounds almost too good to be true.

How Video Poker Works in 2024

As you might have gathered by now, we are avid video poker fans, and for a good reason. This is a thrilling digital card game you can find at many online casinos. The rules of the game are straightforward.

Depending on the variation you are playing, you receive a 5-card hand to kick things off. Next, you decide which cards you want to hold or draw. The cards that you don’t elect to keep are replaced by new ones.

The objective is to create the best hand as determined by poker card game rules.

Difference Between Video Poker And Slots

Video poker is almost nothing like slots. Well, these are both online casino games, and if you are in a retail casino they are both considered gambling machines. But that’s as far as the similarities go.

Unlike slots, video poker is a card game. There is also an element of skill in video poker gameplay that can never be recreated in slots. If you are more interested in slots and other casino games, you can visit our casino games page.

You can make decisions that affect the outcome of the game, so it is possible to play poorly in video poker. Video poker allows you to perfect your skills, ultimately improving your chances of winning.

Why play video poker?

So, why play video poker? In a sea of many other online casino games, why settle on this one? For us, it is a simple decision.

Video poker is a genuinely exciting game, and no hand is the same. This variety keeps things fresh and exciting. On the practical side, it gives you the best chances of winning.

But, on the other hand, some video poker variants have a close to neutral house edge over time if you learn to play correctly.

Difference Between Video Poker And Texas Hold’em

Traditional poker can be played live on the casino floor or online, and it’s a game that pits people against each other. The casino simply takes a cut, also known as a rake, from every hand.

When playing Texas hold’em on the casino floor or online, each player gets two hole cards, face down. This is when you get your first opportunity to either check, bet, or fold.

Then, five community cards are placed at the table, face-up, in succession. The aim in Texas hold’em is to create the best hand using your two-hole cards and the community cards.

Video poker gives you five hole cards, face up. You hold the ones you feel will help you create the strongest hand and draw new ones to replace those you discard.

There is no bluffing in video poker. The strongest hand wins all the time. That’s one of the main differences between live Texas hold ’em and playing video poker online.

Real Money vs. Free Video Poker

While we would prefer playing casino games for real money, much can be said about free video poker. Everything has its place.

Free video poker can be played at sweepstakes casinos, which utilize their own virtual game currency for play. You aren’t depositing and withdrawing real money to use sweepstakes casinos.

Ultimately, you can earn cash at both real-money and sweepstakes video poker, so both are viable options for players.

Real-Money Video Poker

Real-money video poker shouldn’t be entered too lightly. Yes, you stand to gain actual rewards, but the risk of financial loss is just as real. But even after saying all this, we cannot deny that casino gaming is much more thrilling when you have something to win or lose.

So before putting up your hard-earned money, make sure you are prepared to lose it and that you are at peace with it.

Pros of Playing Real Money

  • Playing for real money is much more exciting
  • You can win big when playing for real money
  • You can claim bonuses
  • Live games are always played for real money

Free Video Poker

You would think that because we said playing for real money is thrilling, it automatically means free video poker is boring. But nothing could be further from the truth. Everything has its place, remember?

There are times when playing video poker for free is the best thing you can do for yourself and your wallet. You can enjoy free video poker games at sweepstakes sites across the US and Canada, except in Washington State and Quebec.

Pros of Playing Free

  • Playing for free removes all the pressures associated with real money video poker
  • There is no risk of financial loss
  • You can try out new strategies and games
  • You do not have to pay a dime to take part

Video poker has many variations. This is why it’s popular with such a broad cross-section of players. Here are some variants you will come across:

  • Jacks or better
  • Texas hold’em
  • Ultimate Texas hold’em
  • Deuces wild
  • Bonus poker
  • Joker poker
  • Aces and faces

Video Poker Near Me

Depending on where you live within the United States, you may be a relatively short trip away from a retail casino that has video poker. However, we highly recommend online casinos for the best video poker experience.

If you live in one of a handful of states with real-money online casinos, you can play video poker on one of them. In virtually every state in the United States, with the exception of Washington State, you can enjoy sweepstakes casinos, some of which offer video poker as well.

The difference is you must use sweepstakes coins to play on these sweepstakes casinos, but you can still win cash prizes.

Thanks to the internet, there is video poker very close to you — as close as where your personal computer sits or as close as your pocket where you have your cellphone. It couldn’t get any more convenient.

Best Casinos to Play Video Poker in 2024

If you are in the market for a place to enjoy video poker, you can start by checking out the platforms we have listed below, which are some of the top places to gamble over the internet for fun and to win real money.

Online casinos are safe and secure, which means that the video poker games are completely fair to the player.

Real-Money Casinos

Video poker at real money casinos involves being able to deposit, play with, and withdraw real money. There are no sweepstakes coins or other virtual currency for gameplay. It’s all your own money!

Video poker at real-money online casinos in the US come from top-rated games suppliers such as Realtime Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming.


From as little as $0.50, you can enjoy video poker online on BetMGM. This site has exciting poker titles such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, versions that you would find at any MGM brick-and-mortar casino in the United States.

You can find BetMGM online casinos in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Michigan.

BetMGM looks to offer video poker in additional states pending authorization.


BetRivers online casino is live in Pennsylvania and Michigan. In New Jersey, you can find it under the PlaySugarHouse brand.

The site features five video poker variants, but these are more than ample for any serious video poker enthusiast.

SugarHouse Casino

The video poker room at SugarHouse casino has some exciting options. It has bonus poker, deuces wild, and 3-card poker, to mention a few.

Players in Pennsylvania and New Jersey can play here for real money, but free video poker is available across the country on Casino4fun.

WynnBET Casino

WynnBET runs a live dealer casino game lobby in New Jersey, but it is also available in Michigan. The app carries a small selection of video poker titles, beefed up by the more popular slots and other table games.

Apart from the casino, WynnBET also offers online sports betting.

Sweepstakes Casinos With Video Poker

Free casinos are an excellent way to learn video poker if you plan on playing it the correct way. Though they lack the live game aspect, the virtual titles you find here are a reasonable starting point.

Chumba Casino is famous for its exclusive slot machine game offering, but you can play video poker here as well. Having only one video poker title may seem like a bad joke if you compare this with other online casinos, but you need to remember you can play here for free and win real prizes.

So, at Chumba Casino, you can enjoy one of the best free video poker games online. Are you a fan of a slot-style version of a five-card draw and want to play without risking anything? Chumba Casino is a good option.


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