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About Derrick

After completing his undergraduate studies in Magazine Journalism at Ohio University, Derrick spent considerable time freelance writing and editing in the home appliance industry. The booming popularity of the online casino market has since let Derrick merge his love of writing with his penchant for gambling.

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29 October 2021


18 September 2021

Derrick’s Experience

Derrick Logan began his online writing career creating articles about home appliances while playing poker in his spare time. Eventually, his part-time poker hobby developed into a livelihood, sending him headlong into the world of online poker and casino gaming in general.

Today, he is an editor at The Game Day Casino, where he covers multiple aspects of the online casino industry, including poker, gaming strategies, Sweepstakes casinos, and more.

From Casino Player to Casino Writer

Derrick’s journey from poker enthusiast to casino content writer has been an organic one. His successful background in poker has made given him firsthand knowledge about the intricacies of the game, along with a host of other popular casino favorites. At the same time, his journalistic training has made him capable of delivering nuanced, informed, and engaging content to both novice and seasoned players alike.

Swept Up in Free Gaming

Mr. Logan has become one of our foremost experts on all things Sweepstakes casino gaming. He has found this recent niche to be a great way to sharpen his wealth of casino experience while helping other players discover the benefits and thrills of free gaming.

He enjoys providing insights into the ways to maximize various promotions and bonuses available at Sweepstakes casinos, as well as strategies for optimal play.

Derrick’s Hobbies

Apart from poker and his favorite table game, craps, Derrick has a wide range of hobbies. He is prone to impromptu road trips, whether to cheer on his favorite sports teams, indulge in good pizza, or acquire fancy treats for his beloved cavalier, Sir Miller.

When he’s not looking for an excuse to travel, Mr. Logan is an avid enthusiast of classic video games and microbrewing. Any place with an arcade and a decent beer selection is fair game for a Derrick sighting.

And when he’s not writing about online casinos or partaking in his other hobbies, Derrick loves spending time with family and friends. He knows how important it is to make time for loved ones, which is why he’s always up for a good game night or movie marathon.