Casino Referral Bonuses

Casino referral bonuses are a bonus that operators provide their customers when they get a friend to sign-up for their services. Referral bonuses are incredibly common in all sectors, not just in the online casino world.

When a player gets a friend to sign-up, in most cases, both of them will receive a bonus for this. These bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and on this page, we are going to take a look at what types of referral bonuses are out there, how to use them, their pros and cons, and more.

Best Refer-a-Friend Casino Bonuses

Best Free Casinos with Referral Bonuses

For most players in the US, minus a handful of states, the best gambling option online is Sweepstake Casinos. Sweepstake Casinos are free casinos where you can play for a chance to win real money prizes. You can get rewarded when you sign up, with discounts on your purchases, and you can also get rewarded when you refer a friend!

We’ve looked into the Sweepstake Casinos across the US to find the ones that offer the most generous referral deals. Take a look at our recommendations to get free bonuses when you refer a friend.

Wow Vegas Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

At Wow Vegas Casino, you can get rewarded every time you refer a friend, but you could also win your share of 3,000 SCs if you refer more friends than anyone else. The Wow Vegas referral bonus is ongoing, and the referral competition runs monthly. So, refer as many friends as you can, and you might walk away with the top prize of 1,200 SCs FREE on top of your 20 SCs per referral.

Pulsz Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

At Pulsz Casino, you can play for free and get the chance to win real money prizes. Pulsz Casino is another top recommendation for a Social Casino for US players because of their great game choice and winning potential, among other positives. The Pulsz free SCs referral bonus is great to take advantage of.

You can refer up to 10 friends as a Pulsz player. For each friend that you refer, you will get 20 Sweeps Coins when they register an account via your link. In total, you could get up to 200 Sweeps Coins to spend playing your favorite slots.

Chumba Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

Unfortunately, there is no Chumba Casino refer a friend bonus that’s currently available. We’d love to see Chumba add a bonus like this in the future, so players can get rewarded for spreading the fun.

LuckyLand Slots Refer a Friend Bonus

At this time, you won’t find any LuckyLand Slots refer a friend offer. If you want to get free SCs for inviting your friends to play, you’re better off choosing a site like LuckyLand Slots, such as Pulsz or Wow Vegas Casino.

Funzpoints Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

There’s plenty of fun to be had at Funzpoints but it doesn’t pay to share this site with your mates, as there’s no Funzpoints refer a friend promotion. You can enjoy this site solo or sign up to an alternative that gives you free GCs or SCs when you refer your friends.

Best Real Money Casinos with Referral Bonuses

For those of you who are 21 and over, and residents in States including New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, you may have the opportunity to gamble online at real money casinos. At real money casinos, you can deposit money, play and withdraw your winnings in real cash!

Here at The Game Day Casino, our experts have reviewed the top real money casinos in the US that offer referral bonuses. To get the deal, you can sign up to one of our top picks and refer your friend(s) for the generous rewards. Your friends can also benefit from these deals!

FanDuel Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

FanDuel Casino is a household name when it comes to casino and betting in the US. This casino has a great referral bonus offer for players who like to dabble in both sports betting and casino gaming. You can get $100 and give $100 when you use the FanDuel Casino refer a friend bonus offer.

You need to be a registered player yourself before you claim the referral bonus. Then, when your friend signs up and deposits and wagers $10 or more, you will each get a $50 casino bonus plus a $50 sports betting bonus.

DraftKings Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

DraftKings is another popular online casino in the United States. DraftKings are known for their sports betting options but their casino is top notch. You can enjoy hundreds of games and claim several bonuses, including a referral bonus.

Once you’re a registered player yourself, you can invite a friend to sign up as well. Like at FanDuel, you’ll both get $100 but crucially, here at DraftKings, the $100 is all casino credits for you to play on online casino games. For this reason, the DraftKings refer a friend bonus is a good offer for steadfast casino fans.

Caesars Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

If we’re talking about casinos for US players, Caesars can hardly be left off the list! Caesars is one of the biggest names in gambling across America. The quality of casino games is hard to beat and they also have a great reputation.

The Caesars Casino referral bonus is a generous offer and you can refer up to 10 friends! When your friend(s) register at Caesars, as long as they don’t already have an account, you will get a $100 free bet credited to your account. It is unfortunate that it seems the Caesars bonus only benefits you, not your friend(s) as well. But, still, $100 free is hard to say no to!

BetMGM Casino Refer a Friend Bonus

Like Caesars Casino, BetMGM is one of the most recognizable casino brands in the USA. BetMGM Casino also has some very recogizable faces associated with their brand! It’s hard to rival BetMGM when it comes to quality and customer service.

The BetMGM refer a friend bonus is a smaller amount of money than the other brands on our list, but they do give you the option to refer up to 20 friends, which is why it’s still an offer that we wholly recommend! This refer a friend offer is more flexible as your friend can sign up via your link and choose the $50 casino bonus, $50 sports bonus or the poker offer, and you will get the same bonus. The only snag is that your friend(s) will need to be from the same State as you.

What is a Casino Referral Bonus?

A referral bonus is a bonus that players can receive for getting other people to sign up and play at a casino. Typically, referral bonuses can not be gained by brand-new players, with players needing to have deposited and played for a little bit before they can refer others.

A referral bonus comes in many different forms, but it is typically some sort of code or link that a player can give to someone that can be used when they sign-up. This allows the operator to know that the new player was referred. Referral bonuses can be anything from free spins to bonus cash and will vary from casino to casino.

Turn Referral Bonuses into Real Money

The biggest selling point for a referral bonus is the chance for both parties involved to get their hands on some real money. For example, if players are given free spins as part of a referral bonus, they will be able to use these on slot machines to try and win cash. Of course, there will be wagering requirements and other restrictions in place, but there are plenty of chances to win real money when using a referral bonus.

How to Find the Best Referral Bonuses

There are several factors to be considered when choosing the best referral bonus.

  • Terms and conditions need to be clearly stated: It is important that both the referrer and the referee understand the terms & conditions of the bonus in full. The terms & conditions will state things like betting limits, wagering requirements, and the sign-up terms. Be sure to read through these in full and find ones that best suit your needs.
  • Transparency: There are many online casinos out there that use ambiguous phrasing to confuse players. Be sure that the casino you are using is totally clear about what the bonus involves and that you understand every step of the way yourself. If you are unsure about a casino, you should stick with the ones we have reviewed and recommended here at The Game Day Casino.
  • Wide variety of games to choose from in the casino: Of course, there’s no point in recommending a casino if you don’t actually enjoy it yourself! As such, be sure to recommend one that has a great selection of slots, games, and other betting options. You want to make sure you actually enjoy playing there.
  • Plenty of choices when it comes to payment method compatibility: Getting money in and out of your casino account safely and securely is paramount to a good online casino experience. Having a wide variety of payment methods is useful, and players will want to recommend operators to their friends that they know that they can use with convenience.
  • Safety of the casino: The safety and legality of a casino are incredibly important. Be sure to check out that a casino is legally allowed to operate and that it has all of the appropriate licensing and security features in place. If you are in any sort of doubt, check out our detailed casino reviews here at The Game Day Casino.
  • Good customer support: If you find yourself with an issue when playing at an online casino, you want to be secure in the knowledge that it is easy to fix. Before you sign-up for a casino or refer a friend, be sure to check what kind of support it provides. Live chat, phone call, and e-mail are the three best ways to contact customer support, so the more of these on offer, the better.

How to Get The Best Casino Referral Bonus

There are different ways to receive a referral bonus. The most common way is to be given a link by someone in order to sign-up.

  • Send a referral link to someone when you are already registered: When you are the referrer, you can get usually get your referral bonus in the promotions or bonuses section of your profile. You will then be provided with a link or code that you can pass on to the person you are referring.
  • Sign up using a referral link that will reward the referrer and the referred: When the referee uses the referral link, they will be notifying the casino that they have signed up on someone’s recommendation. Once they have deposited funds, the casino will then reward them with their bonus. The requirements for the referee and the referrer will probably be different, so players should be sure they fully understand the process before doing so.

Advantages of a Referral Bonus

Outside of the good deed of introducing a friend to a great online casinos they’ll love, there are many other advantages to using a referral bonus.

  • Give your casino account a boost with either cash or free spins.
  • Referral links or codes can often be used multiple times.
  • They require very little effort outside of convincing a friend to sign-up.
  • They do not cost the referrer anything other than some of their time.

Requirements Around Referral Bonuses

Like all other types of casino bonuses, there are a few hoops that players will need to jump through when they are claiming a referral bonus. The following are the most common types of requirements and restrictions that a player is likely to encounter.

Of course, the requirements are not limited to this, and you may encounter other types of bonuses at different casinos. We always recommend that players read through the terms & conditions of any bonus thoroughly before signing up.

  • A limited number of referrals: Many casinos will have a limit on the number of referrals a player can give. This is to stop players from just getting random people to sign-up and then not using their accounts afterward.
  • The amount that needs to be wagered: In many cases, casinos will require the referee will need to spend a certain amount of money once they have signed up with the casino. This will vary from casino to casino, so be sure to find the ones that require the lowest amounts.
  • Referrer’s wagering requirement: When the bonus amount has been given to the referrer, it is highly likely that they will still need to meet wagering requirements. This is a set number of times that a player has to work through an amount before they can withdraw any winnings. Once again, the lower the requirements, the better, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Referral Bonus Vs. Loyalty Bonuses

In many ways, it is easy to draw comparisons between referral bonuses and loyalty/VIP programs. The biggest similarity is that, in both cases, a player is showing loyalty to the brand, either by boosting its clientele and recommending someone else or by using it regularly.

VIP and Loyalty bonuses are rewarded to an individual for playing at a casino regularly. It is quite common that these will use some sort of points or tiered system where players can earn rewards for playing a certain amount.

Referral bonuses don’t require players to play at a casino for a specific amount. Instead, they are given to players to convince someone else to join the site and use its services. This is a different type of loyalty, as it shows a player enjoys a brand enough to recommend it to somebody else that they believe will enjoy it.


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