Fortune Coins Referral Bonus

  • Get 50% Of Your Friend's First Purchase Amount
  • Referred Person Gets First Purchase Discount
Get 1,500 FCs on Signup, No Deposit Required
Then Get 100 FCs or More
When Your Friend Makes A Purchase
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Fortune Coins allows players to earn when they get a friend or family member to sign up and purchase coins. Better still, your friend can enjoy great Fortune Coins bonuses too. So get out your address book and read on to find out how to claim this valuable promotion.

You need to be a registered player to get the referral bonus on Fortune Coins. to sign up and get 1,500 FCs FREE on signup, no deposit requried.

A player may be drawn to a particular online casino for many reasons. Some of these reasons include promotions, game selection, and payment options.

But people also tend to try new things after a friend recommends a product or company. This is where the referral bonus comes in.

How to Refer a Friend on Fortune Coins?

Referring a friend to Fortune Coins is a snap and takes little to no time at all. Most of the hard work has to be done by the sweepstakes casino. For you, all that needs doing is locating your Fortune Coins referral link, then cutting and pasting to your heart’s content.

It is essential to explain to your friends why signing up for a new account at Fortune Coins is a good idea. You can tell them about the vast library of games, ease of access, and other available promotions.

As stated, the leg work has to be done on the other side of the transaction. Your friend will have to sign up using your link and make a qualified minimum purchase to ensure you get the bonus for referring them. It’s essential that not only you understand these terms but also the party you hope to refer to, Fortune Coins.

Best Way to Use the Referral Bonus on Fortune Coins

The best way to recommend the platform to a friend is to be genuine. Tell them the things you like about Fortune Coins. If you need a little help, feel free to refer them to our hands-on Fortune Coins casino review!

Areas to touch on include the range of game titles, the other promotions on the platform, how the dual-currency system works, and how prizes are awarded. You can also recommend a good way for your friends to spend the bonus money headed their way.

Once you have them ready to give Fortune Coins a try, send them your link via text, online messaging app, email, carrier pigeon, or any other method you see fit. Ensure they enter the code within 24 hours of creating a new account and making an initial purchase.

Fortune Coins Refer a Friend Bonus Terms

Players should be aware of some important terms and conditions before taking part in this refer a friend casino bonus. To qualify, players you refer can’t have previously held an account at Fortune Coins or live in a restricted area.

Perhaps the most critical step your referee has to complete is making their initial purchase. You are only awarded your bonus if the person you refer makes the minimum required to purchase within 24 hours of signing up for an account. The specifics on that amount will be available in the link provided by the casino to each player.

Referrals generated in bad faith will not benefit from any rewards. The casino reserves the right to retain all funds otherwise due under the agreement if they have reasonable cause to believe the referral is fraudulent.

The terms of the bonus state that once the requirements are complete, referrers earn 50% of their friend’s initial purchase total. The best part is your friends will also get a bonus on their initial purchase!

Fortune Coins has also been known to hold special prize draws where players who refer their friends can receive draw entries. For example, when Fortune Coins reached 1 million players, it celebrated by holding a draw with multiple rewards of GC1,000,000,000 + Free FC1,000,000. However, special events like these are few and far between, so don’t wait around hoping for a rare occurrence like this to invite your friends, or you each might miss out on the other great deals that Fortune Coins have available.

Is There a Fortune Coins Referral Code or Link?

This promotion uses a referral link and does not require entering any codes. The code is generated for each person individually, so we cannot share it here.

Screenshot of Fortune Coins Referral promo

To find your link, click on the Refer Your Friends icon at the top of the home page. The icon is in the shape of two people with a plus sign overlayed.

The code can be shared via email, social media, text message, or even entered manually. It works on both mobile and desktop hardware.

What If the Fortune Coins Referral Bonus Doesn’t Show Up?

There is no set time frame for Fortune Coins to send the promotion code, so be patient at first. If there is an issue with the referral, contact Fortune Coins directly on their help page. A subsection for bonuses and promo suggests contacting the 24/7 customer support team and explaining the issue.

Other Fortune Coins Casino Promotions

If you have exhausted your friend list and still want to earn a little extra with Fortune Coins promo offers, there are a few options to explore, such as the Fortune Coins mystery bonus. One way is to simply sign in daily and earn a free bonus.

Log in to your account daily and you will receive 30,000 Gold Coins and 100 Fortune Coins. Players can also earn an extra free GC 10,000 and FC 100 for verifying their phone numbers with Fortune Coins.

If you have yet to create a Fortune Coins account yourself, then you’re in luck! For a limited time, when you sign up using our link, you will receive 500 Fortune Coins for free, as well as a First Purchase Bonus that offers a deep discount on Gold Coin bundles.