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b spot Casino is one of the most innovative online casinos in the US. The site does away with traditional random number generators on slot machines. Instead, the outcomes of slot spins, scratch cards, and other games are determined by real-life horse racing results. Players can purchase chips to place on slots, but what they are technically betting on is the outcome of a horse race.

If this sounds like a pretty unique casino experience, that’s because it is. There is no casino quite like b spot anywhere in the world, and it is a site that players shouldn’t miss out on. It’s definitely the kind of site you want to tell other people about. That’s exactly why it runs its referral bonus scheme. Players can get their hands on a generous $50 bonus when they refer other people to the site. This handy b spot refer a friend guide breaks down exactly how to do just that.

How to Refer a Friend on b spot?

b spot is one of the most unique casino experiences available, and it is one we recommend sharing with a friend. If you have a friend who has yet to encounter b spot and you believe they could be a good fit, then you can refer them using the b spot refer a friend promotion.

Claiming this bonus is nice and easy. First, you must head to the promotions page and click on the refer a friend scheme. The website will then generate a link for you to share. You can share this link via message, e-mail, social media, or any other platform.

Your friend must then follow this link and sign-up. After your friend completes their registration process, purchases $20 or more, and places a bet worth the same amount within 30 days, then both you and your friend will receive a $50 bonus in your accounts. The best thing about this promotion is that you can refer an unlimited number of friends, so you could end up with an unlimited amount of b spot free money.

Best Way to Use This Promotion

The best way to take advantage of the b spot refer a friend promotion is to refer as many people as possible who are into gaming. b spot is a unique social casino on the market, and it is one that many players like to experience.

Players buy wager packs when they play at b spot. They can buy a wager package and then choose a selection of games to play. When you play b spot games, you are betting on the outcome of horse races. If you want to maximize your winnings off the bonus, then you can find the best odds to bet on and try your chances.

b spot Refer a Friend Bonus Terms

Of course, if you are going to claim this b spot bonus, then there are some terms & conditions that you will need to adhere to. The first is that the referee must use the link provided to receive the bonus.

Secondly, for both players to be eligible for the bonus, the referee must make a purchase of $20 or more in their first 30 days on the site. They must also make bets worth $20 in total. Once this has been done and is verified by b spot, then the bonus will be credited to both accounts.

You must then use the bonus in 30 days. As a sweepstake casino, there are no winnings that players can claim when they are playing at b spot casino, so players do not need to worry about wagering requirements.

Is There a b spot Referral Code or Link?

Yes. There is a referral link that you will be able to generate to send to your friends. As outlined elsewhere in this b spot refer a friend guide, players need to generate this by heading over to their promotions page and clicking on the refer a friend casino bonus. It is important that your friend(s) follow the exact link that you send to them. Otherwise, the bonus will not work.

What If the b spot Referral Bonus Doesn’t Show Up?

If there is an issue with the refer a friend bonus at b spot, then there are several things you can do. Firstly, check whether or not your friend followed the link. In some cases, players may have accidentally changed the link or just visited the webpage.

We also recommend checking that the link hasn’t expired and that the referee has met the terms & conditions as outlined by b spot.

Once these have been ruled out, we recommend contacting the b spot customer support team. In our experience, the staff on the site are extremely helpful, and they will be able to clear up any issues you might have quickly.

Other b spot Casino Promotions

As a sweepstake casino, b spot runs different types of bonuses to what you might expect to find at a traditional online casino. However, it welcomes players to the site with a generous $10 bonus on their first deposit. When you sign-up, use our code ‘GAMEDAY’ to take advantage of this offer.

Given the unique nature of the site, you won’t find a huge number of ongoing bonuses. However, there may occasionally be giveaways for packages or coins. You may also find the occasional free spins promotion. Of course, keep checking back with us at The Game Day Casino to find out about any new or exciting offers that might be available.