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MyJackpot is a social casino that provides a world of entertainment filled with games from multiple providers. MyJackpot is also one of the most generous brands regarding promotions, offering various rewards regularly - some even daily!

This section gives you an overview of all the promotions you can claim at MyJackpot Casino and describes how to make the most of them.

MyJackpot Casino Welcome Promotions

One of the many benefits of playing on MyJackpot Casino is the welcome promotion offered to new users. Players don’t have to do anything other than register an account to claim this reward.

After a new player registers an account with MyJackpot Casino, they’ll receive an email to verify their account by clicking on a link. Through this verification process, the new player instantly receives the welcome promotion worth 1 000 000 Chips.

The welcome promotion is a delightful and generous offer that allows players to get started without purchasing Chips.

MyJackpot Casino Promotions for Existing Players

MyJackpot Casino doesn’t reserve its generosity for new players only. This platform often launches promotions and promotional deals to existing players, allowing its customers to boost the number of Chips they have. Below, you can find an overview of the regular promotions you can benefit from:

Magic Wheel Promotion

Available every two hours, this promotional offer allows every player to spin the Magic Wheel to win additional Chips. The number of Chips a player can earn varies widely, and you can receive from 20 000 to several hundreds of thousand Chips! Moreover, watching a short video can also double the number of Chips you receive.

To ensure that players can always keep track of this promotion, the casino displays the Magic Wheel logo on the left side of the screen, where a clock counts down until the reward is available.

Social Media Promotion

One of the best promotional offers at MyJackpot Casino is associated with how you log in to your account. Players can opt to log into MyJackpot through their social media accounts, such as Facebook or Google.

Moreover, this promotion is always active, which means that every day a player uses their social media account to log into the casino, they’ll receive free Chips. Moreover, this promotion also allows players to connect with their social media connections through the platform.

Daily Login Promotion

Apart from the free Chips a player receives each time they log in to the platform through a social media account, they’ll also benefit from logging in daily.

By crediting these free Chips into the player account if they log in daily, MyJackpot rewards them for their loyalty and engagement with the platform.

If you want to receive an extra boost to the promotion, make sure to log in using your social media account.

Your Jackpot Promotion

Although this social casino is called MyJackpot, one of the brand’s promotions is named Your Jackpot. To claim this promotion, you simply have to click on the “MyJackpot" button on the screen’s lower edge.

The promotion allows players to benefit from their own jackpot, providing free Chips.

Promotions Associated With Purchases

The traditional way to get more Chips is by buying them at the casino’s shop. The good news is that MyJackpot provides players with plenty of promotional offers and deals that they can use to decrease the total price of the packages.

Players can also benefit from a daily free store promotion available in the shop. This offer provides players with free Chips, and there isn’t any need to make a deposit.

Promotional Videos

MyJackpot is a genuinely innovative platform that offers a broad range of promotional tools to help players boost their balance. One of them consists of watching a short video clip.

Players must click “Watch Videos" on the top of the screen to enjoy a short clip and earn free Chips. If you watch the video until the end, the social casino will credit a few Chips to your balance.

Moreover, at the end of the video, players can pick one of three mystery boxes. There are plenty of rewards behind these boxes, including Turbo Spins, Lucky Symbols, Jokers, and free Chips.


MyJackpot is a truly social platform that rewards players who invite their friends. You can earn free Chips for each friend you invite through your account, but the good news doesn’t stop here.

Players receive promotional Chips for each invite, plus additional Chips every time one of the invited friends accepts the request.

Payment Multiplier

Players who want to purchase Chips can benefit from the payment multiplier promotion. This offer isn’t always available, so make sure to look for it in the casino’s store.

If a payment multiplier is active, you’ll immediately see how big the boost on the number of Chips is. This particular promotion allows players to get more Chips for less money!

MyJackpot Casino No Deposit Promotions

Players can benefit from multiple promotions without spending any money or making deposits. Below, we’ll give you a quick overview of all the no deposit promotions you can claim at MyJackpot Casino:

  • Magic Wheel: Spin the Magic Wheel every two hours to win free Chips. Don’t forget to check the clock on the left side of the screen, and don’t forget that watching the video will double your free Chips!
  • Social Media Promotion: Log into your player account via your social media profile to earn free Chips. You’ll receive additional Chips every time you log in.
  • Daily Login Promotion: Players who log into MyJackpot daily will receive free Chips. This offer is a reward for all the loyal players who keep coming back.
  • Your Jackpot: MyJackpot offers its players an exclusive and individual jackpot. Click on the “MyJackpot" button on the lower edge of the screen to claim it.
  • Promotional Videos: Players can win Turbo Spins, Lucky Symbols, Jokers, and free Chips by watching short videos on the platform. Simply watch the video clip until the end and pick a mystery box to see what you won from the promotion.
  • Refer-A-Friend: You can win free Chips for each friend invitation you send. Moreover, the social casino will also provide you additional free Chips for each friend who accepts your request.
  • Daily Free Store Promotion: Every day, you can visit the casino’s shop to claim free Chips. This promotion doesn’t require players to make a purchase.

Online Casino Promotion Free Spins

Players who enjoy the slot machines are always looking for free spins, which they can earn without any trouble at MyJackpot. By watching short video clips on the platform, players have the chance to win Turbo Spins for free. This promotion also allows players to earn other slot-related benefits, such as jackpots or special symbols.

MyJackpot Online Casino Promotions in Legal States

One of the most significant advantages of becoming a MyJackpot Casino player is that you can benefit from all the promotions mentioned on this page wherever you are.

Since this is a social casino, it is currently available in all the U.S. states, and players can enjoy its several promotional rewards.

As such, all the newly registered players who reside within a state where online casinos are legal can enjoy a juicy welcome bonus and a daily free Chips promotion.

Moreover, players who opt to log in through their social media accounts will also receive additional free Chips. The range of daily promotions is immense, as MyJackpot’s Magic Wheel is available for grabs every two hours.

Regular players have plenty of other purchase-related promotional offers, such as boosted numbers of Chips or discounts at the shop. Additionally, by watching quick videos, players will earn free Chips and can even double the rewards the Magic Wheel offers.

You can rest assured that you are entitled to all of the MyJackpot casino bonuses mentioned in this article.

MyJackpot Online Casino Promotions in Non-Legal States

Even though online casinos aren’t legal across the U.S. states, the regulations about sweepstakes or social casinos differ. As such, players residing in states where online gambling is restricted can access several platforms, and MyJackpot is one of them.

There are only two exceptions to this rule: Utah and Hawaii. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access this social casino if you reside in any of these states. As the regulations and laws about gambling continue to change across the country, this type of casino may become allowed in the future. We’ll make sure to update this section once that happens.

If you live in one of the other states where online casinos aren’t allowed, but social casinos are, you’re entitled to claim any of the promotions mentioned in this review. Make sure to take advantage of them!

Best Online Casino Promotions

Although MyJackpot isn’t as popular as other social casinos, such as Pulsz or Chumba Casino, the amount and quality of the promotions it offers are pretty on par.

We were very impressed with how regular some of the promotions are, especially the Magic Wheel offer, which players can claim every two hours.

The range of promotional offers is also awe-inspiring, allowing players to claim free Chips in several ways. At the same time, the lack of variety in the prizes left us underwhelmed.

In reality, most of the offers in these promotions consist of free Chips. On the one hand, it’s excellent as it allows players to boost their balance and play more. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see a more varied range of rewards, such as free spins.

The social dynamic of some of the promotions is also fascinating, particularly the Social Media Promotion and the Refer-a-Friend. These two offers showcase how social engagement truly is one of the casino’s primary goals.

Overall, we truly believe that any player who will register at MyJackpot casino will be spoiled for choice regarding promotions. They’ll definitely enjoy all the opportunities to increase the size of their balance.


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