MyJackpot Casino Bonus

MyJackpot is an online social casino that allows players to enjoy a wide range of games for free. The library of games offered on MyJackpot Casino is vast, and players will enjoy exploring them without the risk of losing any real money.

As if that weren’t generous enough, MyJackpot casino offers bonuses to new and existing players to keep them in the game. These bonuses are not required to play the game, but why leave free money, or chips, on the table? The bonuses at MyJackpot are designed to make players’ first impression of the platform as positive as possible.

MyJackpot does a great job of doing just that with several worthwhile bonuses. While the best bonuses are reserved for new players, existing members aren’t left out in the cold and have a few options to take advantage of as well.

Most bonuses revolve around giving players free chips directly into their accounts. Between a sign-up bonus and daily giveaways, players at MyJackpot will never be out of the game for long.

As is the case with most social casinos, MyJackpot doesn’t allow players to deposit money directly into an account. But, they can purchase chips in varying amounts. The initial purchase at MyJackpot comes with a huge bonus that multiplies your Chips by more than 9x. These packages also award players with entries into exclusive games, free spins, and other boosts.

MyJackpot bonus in the United States

The Game Day Casino offers new users to MyJackpot a great bonus to get them started on the right foot. Even better, it is a no-deposit bonus that rewards new users just for signing up through The Game Day Casino. With 150,000 free chips on the table, why not take a minute to claim them. Claiming this bonus is quick and easy, so don’t miss out on your chance to earn a nice chunk of free chips on the house.

The first step is to go to the MyJackpot main review on our site. After you’ve reviewed all the information there, click on the “Get Bonus” button at the bottom of the screen. There is no promo code required to redeem this bonus.

Once you click on the button, the MyJackpot lobby will open up and allow you to register for a new account. This process is a breeze and requires just some basic information such as name and email address. The next step is to enjoy 150,000 chips on us at MyJackpot online casino.

Who can claim MyJackpot Bonus?

Claiming a bonus at MyJackpot is easy and asks players to fulfill a few basic requirements to participate.

States in the U.S. require players to be 18 or older to play casino games at MyJackpot. Additionally, players must physically be in a state where MyJackpot is legal to participate in bonuses. The final requirement is that all accounts be used for non-commercial purposes for pecuniary reasons.

Can you claim the MyJackpot bonus over iPhone & Android?

Yes, MyJackpot’s software offers a full range of features across multiple platforms. That means that whether a mobile device runs on iOS or Android, players can be sure that the same bonuses can be claimed on both. The same goes for users who play on laptop or desktop computers. The platform runs flawlessly across all the aforementioned platforms, so players on all operating systems.

MyJackpot Bonus Code

While there is no specific bonus code for MyJackpot, that does not mean there are no bonuses to claim. In fact, all it means is that there are fewer hoops to jump through to claim said bonus. And fewer obstacles create a quicker path to big potential payouts. All you have to do to claim the MyJackpot bonus is to go through The Game Day Casino website in order to claim it. Just click on this link and click “Get Bonus” to claim yours from MyJackpot and thank us later.

MyJackpot Bonus Bets Signup Bonus

MyJackpot has several bonuses on tap that welcome new players after signing up. The first is a Magic Bonus wheel. Players simply spin the wheel and are awarded the number of chips corresponding with where the wheel lands. This bonus resets after a couple of hours, so players will never be left with empty pockets.

The second bonus is awarded immediately after creating a new account. 150,000 chips are added to every new player’s account as a thank you from MyJackpot for signing up. This, combined with the chips won from the Magic Bonus Wheel, is more than enough bankroll to get you started at MyJackpot.

MyJackpot First deposit match bonus

New players are presented with a fantastic offer right off the bat to get them started with MyJackpot. Chip packages are available for purchase and are priced between $2.99 and $4.99. But, new players will have access to a great deal that sets them up for success right off the bat. For the price of 2,999,00 chips, players will be awarded 20 million instead, along with a few added bonuses. The price is cut as well to $1.99 for this initial buy.

The additional perks players earn include a small chest, (11) loyalty points, (8) Jokers, and (5000) turbo level spins. Joker cards can be used in games with the indicated Joker jackpot in exchange for a challenge. Turbo-level spins give you double experience points, and loyalty points allow players to unlock additional advantages.

New players can also sign up for a monthly subscription that pays out daily chip bonuses. These daily recharges range from 1 million to 65 million per 24 hours. These bonuses won’t last forever, though, so be sure to take advantage of them while you can.

MyJackpot online casino also offers some added goodies for new players making deposits. These promotions rotate and include a Happy Hour where all chips purchased are tripled. There is no restriction on whether this can be used to make an initial deposit or not. These promotions sometimes run for just an hour at a time, so keep an eye on the website for the best times to make deposits.

Playthrough requirements

One of the best features of MyJackpot is that it does not have wagering requirements for bonuses. Chips are available for immediate use whether they were bought or won.

While there are no specific playthrough requirements for MyJackpot, online casino players must understand what they are. Many casinos use playthrough requirements as a way to prevent players from signing up, depositing, and then withdrawing all their bonus funds without ever playing at the casino. The idea is that bonus funds must be taken and used in the casino a certain number of times before they are eligible to be withdrawn.

For example, some casinos use a 5x rollover on their casino bonuses. That means that players must wager that bonus five times before they can make a withdrawal on the winnings. This usually applies to both the initial deposit and bonus funds added together.

So a $100 deposit with a 100% deposit bonus would leave $200 in a player’s account. That player would have to wager 5x that, or $1,000, before a withdrawal is allowed. This only applies to an initial deposit with a bonus tied to it. All subsequent deposits will have no playthrough requirements attached so long as no further bonuses are claimed.

Another thing to note about playthrough bonuses is that not all casino games contribute equally to the rollover. For example, slots usually contribute 100% to playthrough requirements. However, some table games, such as blackjack, may only offer players 10%. Some dealer games contribute nothing. It’s important to review the rules at each casino you play with, as the requirements are likely different.

MyJackpot Free Slot Spins

There are currently no free slot spin promotions on offer at MyJackpot online casino. Be sure to keep an eye on this page for updates, and we will let you know as soon as the feature is added.

However, the Joker cards mentioned above do act as a free spin of sorts. The cards give players the ability to join exclusive progressive jackpot slot games. When a Joker card is used on one of these Jackpot slots, the player is awarded 50 free spins to use. Joker cards are rare but can be obtained as a bonus for purchasing chips.

MyJackpot also offers users the chance to earn or buy Special Spins. These spins make it possible to spin a selected slot’s bonus game 10x with a bet size of 1 million chips. All this is done without taking a single chip from the player’s current supply. So if you earn one of these spins, it is, in effect, a free spin on steroids.


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