Horseplay Bonus

Horseplay, formerly known as b spot, is an exciting online casino platform that is unlike anything else on the market.

In an industry as competitive as online gaming, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd as much as Horseplay does. It sets itself apart with pari-mutuel wagering, fun games, and a welcome bonus that invites players to check out what makes it so exciting.

We can say this with confidence because Horseplay is currently the only major online casino with pari-mutuel gaming.

Horseplay Casino No Deposit Bonus Code

Currently, there aren’t any no deposit bonuses available on Horseplay. No deposit bonuses are a great way to get started with an online casino because they let you experience a casino’s games without spending any of your own money.

Horseplay may lack a no deposit bonus, but it still gives players the opportunity to explore its game collection with a sitewide demo mode. In demo mode, you can try nearly every game on Horseplay at no cost.

However, because Horseplay is a real casino, you will need to play with real money if you’re hoping to cash in on the site’s great games. Luckily, Horseplay’s deposit bonus will help you do exactly that.

Horseplay First Deposit Bonus 2024

The Horseplay welcome bonus is a great way to get started with the site. When and using the bonus code GAMEDAY, you will receive a $10 bonus on your first deposit onto Horseplay.

This is more than enough to get you started on the site. And considering how Horseplay’s betting works, you stand to gain a lot more than $10 in return.

Wagering Requirements

The $10 bonus is available right away once you make your first qualifying deposit onto Horseplay. The bonus is credited to your Horseplay account and can be used for wagers.

If you want to withdraw the bonus as cash, however, there is a small wagering requirement that must be met before the amount will be eligible for withdrawal. Don’t worry, Horseplay’s wagering requirements are much more player-friendly than the wagering requirements of many other online casinos.

To make your bonus available for withdrawal, you simply need to double its value in wagers. So, simply make $20 in wagers on Horseplay, and your $10 bonus will be able to be withdrawn as cash. Horseplay also generously gives you 30 days to meet this requirement.

Who Can Claim The Horseplay Bonus?

The Horseplay bonus is available to all players who are new to the site and have yet to make a first deposit. As long as you qualify to join Horseplay and you use the bonus code above, you will be able to capitalize on the offer.

To be able to join Horseplay, you must be at least 21 years old and live in one of the 22 states where Horseplay operates. A special emphasis should be placed on the requirement that you live in one of the available states.

With many online casinos, you need only be physically present in an available state. With Horseplay, however, you must have a residence within the approved state from which you are playing.

Can You Claim the Horseplay Casino Bonus Over iPhone & Android?

Yes, you can! Horseplay is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. The online casino has a dedicated platform for both kinds of mobile devices, and players also have the option of accessing Horseplay through their mobile device’s web browser.

Best of all, the same great experience can be had no matter which device you play on. Whether on desktop or mobile, players have access to the same collection of great games and bonuses.

Best Way To Use The Horseplay Bonus

The best way to use the Horseplay bonus is to purchase a wager pack on the site. At Horseplay, wager packs are what get you started. When you purchase a wager pack, you are wagering on live horse racing events.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know anything about horse racing to play on Horseplay. The horse race wagering is merely the engine behind the dozens and dozens of casino games at Horseplay.

When you use your wager pack, Horseplay wagers the value of it on live horse racing events. This is done on your behalf. However, you can always see wagers and even make changes to them if you like.

This is all meant to be behind the scenes because the real excitement at Horseplay is its variety of casino games. When you use a wager pack, you will receive an amount of casino credits that is equal to the amount of the wager pack. You can then use these credits to play any of the games in Horseplay’s collection.

Unlike other casinos, Horseplay’s slot games aren’t based on random number generators and return to player percentages. Instead, any winnings you acquired through the live horse race wagers will be revealed as you play the slot games, bingo games, and instant win games on Horseplay. Check out our review for a closer look at Horseplay’s mechanics.

Does Horseplay Pay Out Real Money?

Yes it does! If you win while playing anything in Horseplay’s collection of games, you will be able to withdraw your winnings as real money. The only requirements are that you have a verified account, and you meet the minimum withdrawal amount.

Withdrawals can be made through ACH bank transfers, and Horseplay processes these kinds of withdrawals fairly quickly.

The games on the site are played with credits, but these are instantly converted to real dollars when you win. So if you have $100 in winnings, you will be able to withdraw $100 from your account.

Horseplay Bonus Overview

There is a great bonus available to new players who are signing up at Horseplay. When you use the bonus code GAMEDAY, you will receive a $10 bonus on your first deposit.

To be able to join Horseplay and use the bonus, you must be at least 21 years old and reside in one of the 22 states where Horseplay operates. The bonus will be credited to your account as soon as your first deposit is made, and you can use it toward purchasing any wager packs available on Horseplay.

The wager packs start at $10, so you can use this bonus to purchase an entire wager pack at no extra personal cost if you choose to. If you wish to withdraw the bonus as cash, there is a small wagering requirement that you’ll have to meet.

Fortunately, the wagering requirement is very simple and straightforward. You simply need to place wagers that are at least twice the value of the bonus. After you’ve made $20 worth of wagers or more, your $10 will be eligible for withdrawal. This must be accomplished within 30 days of the bonus being credited to your Horseplay account.

With The Game Day Casino’s exclusive bonus code, you can start playing and winning right away.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at Horseplay today and use the bonus code to get started.


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