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Horseplay, formerly known as b spot, is an online casino that provides players the chance to play casino games for real money. The site employs a very interesting method to operate its games. Because of this, Horseplay is available in many states where traditional online casinos aren’t.

In addition to the site’s wide availability, it also has a nice collection of games that will appear to a variety of players. Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at how Horseplay works and the kinds of games that players can expect to find on the site.

Does Horseplay Have Casino Games?

Yes. As an online casino, games are Horseplay’s specialty. The casino specializes in slot games, but it also has instant win games and even multiple varieties of bingo games.

How Do Online Casino Games Work?

Online casino games take the experience of playing a live casino game and attempt to replicate it digitally. At their best, they capture the feeling of playing a person’s favorite casino games while giving them the convenience of playing from anywhere.

The online casino games at Horseplay do a superb job of this. Horseplay delivers its gameplay to users through pari-mutuel wagering. In layman’s terms, Horseplay uses live horse racing events to power its online casino games.

The way this works is when you deposit money onto the site, you can then purchase a wager pack. This wager pack will be used to bet on multiple live horse races.

Don’t worry, Horseplay automates this process for you. If you want, you can always look into the specifics of which horse racing wagers have been made, and you can even change them if you like.

The results of these horse wagers are not revealed to you right away. Instead, you play casino games to uncover your potential winnings!

This is a really fun and novel way of playing casino games, and it makes for a very different experience than what you’ll find at other online casinos. You can learn more about the inner workings of Horseplay in our Horseplay casino review, where we take an in-depth look at the mechanics behind the online casino.

What Is The Best Online Casino Game?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the best online casino game. As a general rule, the best casino games are the ones you like the most! Fortunately, sites like Horseplay have enough diversity in their game selections to cover all the most popular preferences.

Horseplay has 3 different categories of games that each differ in gameplay. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, certain game types might be suited for you at any given time.

For example, one of the game types on Horseplay is Quickies. These games are instant-win games that take very little time to complete.

They are great for players who like seeing instant results from their gameplay. They are also very easy to just click on and start playing because there is virtually no learning curve with these kinds of games.

What Games Does Horseplay Have?

The games at Horseplay casino are broken down into three separate categories. These categories are Spinners, Quickies, and Arcade games.


Spinners are what Horseplay calls its slot games. In the Spinner category, you’ll find all of Horseplay’s slot titles which include traditional, 3-reel slot games and the more modern video slot games that can have 5-reels or more. These are the most common casino games available on the site.

Despite the unique way in which Horseplay games are powered by live horse racing events, the site’s games work exactly as expected. In fact, some popular Horseplay titles such as Majestic King and Demi Gods 2 are also found on other online casinos.

These games perform identically on Horseplay and other casino platforms. To the end-user, there is no discernible difference between Horseplay’s method of pari-mutuel gaming and the RNG that powers the slot games of traditional sites.

Some of the most popular spinner games on Horseplay include:

  • Lucky Wild 7s
  • Alligators’ Hoard
  • Stars & Spins
  • Frost & Flames
  • Buffalo Wild


The Quickies section is filled with instant win games. As we mentioned earlier, these are perfect for players who want to see quick results from their gameplay. The games in this section are some of the simplest on the site and require no real strategy to play.

All you have to do is click on a Quickie that interests you and start playing. The object of these games is usually to match 3 symbols or get a certain symbol combination. These games can be over in a matter of seconds, which makes them perfect for players who like fast-paced action.
Despite being simple, Horseplay’s Quickie games have very appealing visuals. The games all have different themes and specific symbols the player must click on to reveal the winnings.

In the Quickie game Espada De Oro, for example, the game is made to look like a comic strip. Each section of the game is set within its own comic reel, giving the game a fun atmosphere that players will want to experience again and again.

The other Quickie games available on Horseplay include:

  • Aces High Poker Spins: Very similar to video poker, except it consists of only one round, and cards can’t be held.
  • Touchdown Tap!: Match jerseys, reveal scores, and click on footballs to determine if you’re a winner.
  • Lost City of Gold: Match totems, choose your path through a temple, and play games of high-low in the hopes of claiming winnings.

Arcade Games

The Arcade section is Horseplay’s smallest category of games, but the ones here are fun and difficult to put down. There are two bingo titles, each with its own rules and theme. In the first game title, Primo Bingo, players compete against the ruthless Granny Daubs to complete their bingo card first.

In Pixie Riches Bingo, a 10 x 5 grid fills up with numbered gems while 6 numbered gems appear at the top of the screen. The top numbers act as the bingo numbers. They will rotate every 6 seconds, revealing a new set of numbers.

When one of the grid numbers matches the bingo numbers at the top, click it to break the gem. It can be difficult to find the specific numbers you need on the grid at first.

Thankfully, as the countdown timer gets lower, matching numbers will begin to wiggle, making it easier to spot them. Once you clear out an entire column of numbers, a brightly-colored rainbow will shoot up through the row, announcing that you have bingo.

The last game in the Arcade category at Horseplay is In The Black. This game stands out as being the only skill-based game on the site. In In the Black, players speed through the round, clicking on as many black tiles as they can within the allotted time.

These black tiles fill in with white tiles that the player must avoid, or it’s game over. Occasionally, these black tiles also fill in with special prizes that you must then click on again in order to keep.

While clicking on the right tiles doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win, clicking on the wrong tiles definitely means you’ll lose. So you’ll want to play this game for a few rounds to improve your accuracy. Luckily, it’s a lot of fun!

Can You Play Blackjack At Horseplay?

No. Currently, there are no blackjack games available at Horseplay. There are a variety of other casino games available, but none of these include blackjack. However, Horseplay frequently adds games to its library, so it is a good idea to check back often.

Can You Play Slots At Horseplay?

Yes, you can. In fact, slot games make up most of Horseplay’s game lobby. On the Horseplay platform, slot games are called Spinners. However, players will immediately notice that these titles perform exactly like slot games, and there are even some popular titles by renowned slot game developers in Horseplay’s game lobby.

What Is The Best Slot At Horseplay?

The answer to this question ultimately comes down to preference. With so many slot titles available on Horseplay, there is one slot that is perfectly suited to everybody. One of the many advantages of having a large gaming library is that it lets players explore many different titles to find new favorites.

Additionally, at Horseplay, your slot winnings are based on the results of your live horse racing wagers. RTP is a nonfactor on the slot games available here. This is great news for players whose favorite games might not be the most statistically favored to win at traditional online casinos.

If you generally base your game selection on which games give the most favorable returns, you can ignore that entirely at Horseplay and instead choose the ones whose themes and features appeal to you the most, like for example the Colossus Fruits slot which is one of the most popular penny slots at Horseplay.

Are There Any Casino Games That Pay Real Money?

Yes, all games on Horseplay can be played for real money. Alternatively, each game can be played in a demo mode. The demo mode lets you get a feel for the game before playing it for real money.

Once you purchase a wager pack, your wagered money will be dispensed on live horse race bets. Once your wagers have been confirmed, you will receive a number of credits equal to the amount you wagered. These credits can be used to play any of the available games at Horseplay.

Your winnings (if any) from the horse racing wagers are slowly revealed through playing any of the games available on Horseplay. These winnings are paid in real money and can be withdrawn through a variety of payment options.

Horseplay Games Are Legal

Because Horseplay gaming is powered by live horse racing events, the online casino is legal in every state in which it provides its services. Players can rest easy knowing their money is safe on this site, and the games are all fair and balanced.

What Is The Best Game To Play In A Casino?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best game to play will largely depend on what you like and what you hope to get out of your casino games (besides money, of course!).

For Horseplay games, for example, each different category might appeal to specific players. If you love bingo games or skill-based games, the arcade section will be well-suited to your playstyle.

If you prefer the fun themes and animations of slot games, then you’ll probably find your favorites in the site’s Spinners section. The most important aspect is to enjoy what you play so the gaming will never feel like a chore.

What Is The Most Profitable Casino Game?

This is another hotly debated topic. In house-banked casino games, specific titles have a bigger house advantage than others. Games like blackjack and craps are known for having less of a house edge than others, but they are still skewed in favor of the casino.

This is something that sets Horseplay apart from other casinos. Because Horseplay’s gaming is powered entirely by pari-mutuel horse race wagering, there is no house edge on any of the games!

Horseplay doesn’t make any money when you lose games. Instead, it collects a small fee when you place your horse racing wagers. Because the casino doesn’t have a vested interest in beating you at its games, one could make the argument that games on Horseplay are potentially more profitable than games on other online casinos because of the lack of a house edge.

While this in no way implies that you will win more or more often on Horseplay than any other online casino, it is very nice to be able to enjoy the games you like most without worrying about their odds.

Are Horseplay Casino Games Real Money?

Yes. While the games themselves are played with credits given to players who purchase wager packs, the credits are easily paid out as cash to winning players.

Players can simply contact Horseplay’s customer service team to request a withdrawal when they are ready to collect their winnings. Money will then be transferred to the player’s bank account at Horseplay or the bank card, depending on the player’s preference. The money will usually be made available within 7 business days.

Free Casino Games At Horseplay

Unlike many of even the most popular online casinos, Horseplay does offer a demo mode for all of its games. This mode allows the player to enjoy Horseplay’s games absolutely free. You can even play the demo versions before you buy your first wager pack.

However, Horseplay is definitely more suited to real-money play rather than demo play. Players’ progress isn’t saved from one demo game to the next. Even if you exit the same demo game and re-enter, your starting amount of demo credits will reset.

Minus using pen and paper, there is no way to track your progress in demo games. Still, it is great that Horseplay lets players experience what it has to offer before they deposit money onto the site.

Best Casino Games For Beginners

One of the best things about Horseplay is that all of its games are very accessible for beginners. Players don’t have to worry about RTP percentages or RNG. Instead, they can simply enjoy their favorite titles without too much complexity.

This makes the entire site very welcoming to iCasino beginners. The Spinners are very easy to learn, and they will mesmerize players with their catchy sound effects and stunning visuals.

The Quickie games are particularly favorable to newcomers. These games are similar to scratch cards, and players can simply click their way into winning big.


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