Funzpointz Casino Promotions

Funzpointz is an online sweepstakes gaming site offering several promotions and options for new and existing members. Sign-up deals are available, along with plenty of extras to help you build a solid bankroll for gaming.

Get to know the various promotions below and determine if Funzpoints is an online casino you wish to join. We cover all the essential details at The Game Day Casino so you can make an informed decision.

Funzpoints Casino Welcome Promotions

Upon signing up, new players of Funzpoints receive 1,000 Funzpoints. These special points are the currency you use to play casino games like slots and keno. Gaming is free, and the starting Funzpoints help you to begin playing as soon as your new account is created.

Best of all, no promo code is needed to obtain your starting Funzpoints. Simply click or tap our link on this page. You will be taken to the Funzpoints Casino site where you can create your new player account. Upon completing your account registration, you will be granted the free 1,000 Funzpoints so you can begin playing right away.

Funzpoints Casino Promotions for Existing Players

Once you are a member of Funzpoints, the extras keep rolling in. There are continual promotions on offer, so you can always find ways to make your gaming bankroll bigger. After signing up, Funzpoints instantly provides more ways to earn virtual currency. Complete your player profile and earn 250 free premium Funzpoints. These are the points you need to play with to earn real prizes, so this is a definite extra for your account.

You can also earn extra free premium Funzpoints when you make your first purchase. The online gaming site offers currency packages and will give you 500 ($5) extra premium Funzpoints with a $5 purchase, 1000 ($10) extra with a $10 purchase, and 2000 ($20) extra with a $20 purchase or higher.

Each of these options is a great way to add extra Funzpoints to your account. With more points, you can choose to play for free in standard mode or play in the premium mode, where you can earn real money prizes.

Unfortunately, there is no Funzpoints refer a friend bonus at the moment but we hope they will introduce this for existing players soon! Through a referral bonus, you could get free premium Funzpoints or discounts on your purchase packages for you and your friend.

Funzpoints Casino Promotion No Deposit

As mentioned, players earn free Funzpoints for signing up and can earn even more as a member of the social gaming site. Complete your full profile to collect extra coins for your account. The process takes only a few minutes and helps to build a larger bankroll.

Players can also collect a ticket for every 500 Funzpoints won and earn extra tickets after entering the funzone. This special section of the site is accessed after every 55 wins. You can also earn more Funzpoints as you move up levels at the site. This is done via gameplay, so be sure to play slots and other games for a chance to earn freebies plus possibly win jackpot prizes.

Funzpoints Casino Promotion Free Spins

Funzpoints Casino is not a traditional real money casino, so there are no free spin deals here. You can take advantage of a free daily spin of the Prize Wheel at the site. Earn tickets and Funzpoints with a spin. There are small to large prizes located on the wheel, and you are allowed to spin once every three hours. This is a great, free way to add virtual currency to your bankroll.

In fact, taking advantage of this free daily spin is a phenomenal, convenient way to get free spins regularly. If you are logging into your Funzpoints Casino account regularly, you don’t need to wait for the sweepstakes casino to bestow a free spins promo to your account; you can accrue a bevy of free Funzpoints from the Prize Wheel and use them to play slot games without spending any of your own money!

Funzpoints Online Casino Promotions in Legal States

Players in most U.S. states can access Funzpoints Casino. Only those located in Idaho and Washington are prohibited from services. The site operates based on sweepstakes laws, and most individual states allow such gaming to take place.

The prohibited states might allow Funzpoints Casino in the future, but that will depend on law changes. For now, anyone located near state lines could travel to neighboring states to access Funzpoints from time to time if needed.

Like states with fully regulated real-money casinos, players at sweepstakes casinos like Funzpoints do not have to be residents in legal states. As long as you are physically present in a legal state when you log in, you will be able to play on the site. While Funzpoints is located in many states where real-money online casinos are not yet regulated, it is also operational in each of the states that currently do permit traditional online casino gaming.

Players in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia can enjoy the excitement of Funzpoints and other sweepstakes casinos, in addition to the traditional real-money online casinos that are available in these states. In fact, Funzpoints’ popularity has experienced growth in legal casino gaming states, showing that sweepstakes casino sites aren’t merely a substitute for traditional online casinos but a great method of iCasino gaming in their own right.

Funzpoints Online Casino Promotions in Non-Legal States

Aside from their immensely entertaining gaming options, one of the single best aspects of sweepstakes casinos is their far-reaching availability. As mentioned above, players who live in states without regulated traditional online casinos can still enjoy sites like Funzpoints Casino. This is because Funzpoints Casino operates based on strict laws connected to sweepstakes gaming.

Not only does the site operate in states where traditional online casinos currently cannot, but Funzpoints Casino’s great slot collection and suite of promotions are also available in each of the states where it operates. Another great feature of the sweepstakes casino is the consistency of its promotional offers.

If you have played on real-money online casinos across multiple states, you may have noticed that many casino operators have promos that vary from state. Even the same online casino might have a specific promotion in New Jersey, for example, that is unavailable for players in Pennsylvania. This means that for many real-money online casinos, one entire group of players may be getting a worse offer than the others.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case with sweepstakes casinos. At Funzpoints, players are able to get the same great offers regardless of which state they are logging in from. The promotions available on Funzpoints are not only quite generous, but they are consistent with each of its players across the map.

The only states where Funzpoints Casino is not currently active are Washington and Idaho. The sweepstakes casino site will not load in either of these states. The operator, like others, does not want to deal with any legal battles by allowing players to access services when they are not legally allowed to do so. However, if you are anywhere else in the U.S., you will be able to log on and enjoy the exciting casino gaming offered by this wildly popular platform.

Best Online Casino Promotions

All of the promotions at Funzpoints Casino are great options for casino gamers. Signing up gets you free Funzpoints from the start, providing free ways to play slots and games like keno.

We recommend taking advantage of the Prize Wheel daily, even if you don’t want to play games. The wheel can be spun every three hours and offers free Funzpoints and tickets. This is the currency you need to play and can help you to earn real money prizes. You might as well log in at least once daily to take advantage of this freebie!

Overall, the promotions at Funzpoints are legit and give players multiple ways to build a solid bankroll. Take advantage of the available offers if you create an account here. If you are still on the fence about joining the action at Funzpoints, we strongly recommend that you check out our full review of Funzpoints Casino to learn even more about what the popular sweepstakes casino has to offer.


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