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If you’re used to playing casino games on your computer, you may wonder if mobile apps’ gaming experience is similar. Although it might seem complicated at first, the reality is that most casinos have prepared their apps to perform exceptionally well and be intuitive.

Funzpoints Casino is a sweepstakes casino, meaning the player’s journey is slightly different. This sweepstakes casino uses virtual coins instead of real money, which means players can play for free if they wish to. Players who prefer to purchase virtual currencies can also increase their balance through the mobile app shop.

Additionally, our team at The Game Day Casino will explain all the necessary steps you need to follow to ensure you have a smooth and entertaining experience at the Funzpoints casino app. Throughout this article, we’ll explain how to download the Funzpoints Casino app, which games you can play, and how to make the most of everything the app offers.

States With Funzpoints Casino Mobile App

One of the most significant advantages of picking Funzpoints Casino as your go-to social gaming platform is that it is available for players at least 18 years old in all U.S. states except for Washington and Idaho.

Since Funzpoints uses a sweepstakes model, players can join for free and, if they wish to, play for free. The casino offers Standard and Premium modes, which allow players to pick whichever gaming option better suits their interests.

It’s possible and free to switch between these two playing modes, so you can always change your settings later. The main differences between these two playing modes include the number of unlocked games and how the winnings are paid out.

Regardless of your playing mode, you’ll notice that Funzpoints doesn’t have a native mobile app. The good news is that the platform is completely responsive and will adapt to smaller screens without any issues.

The Funzpoints website also uses geolocation technology to verify where you’re playing from and ensure that you are within a state where playing sweepstakes games is allowed. Navigation-wise, the Funzpoints Casino platform is excellent on computers, tablets, or smartphones, so it doesn’t matter which device you use to play the available games. There are multiple platforms such as Funzpoints which have a similar layout and navigation, if you are curious about these platforms, have a look at our sites like Funzpoints page.

Download Funzpoints Casino App On Your Mobile Device

If you enjoy the suite of games available at Funzpoint Casino, you’ll definitely want to install the app onto your mobile device. Downloading the app onto your phone or tablet is a breeze, and once it’s on there, you can play all of your favorite games from virtually anywhere.

Apple iPhone or Tablet

Since Funzpoints Casino doesn’t have a native mobile app for iOS devices, players using an iPhone or an iPad won’t need to download anything to play on this platform.

Keeping up with the simplicity and user-friendly approach of Funzpoints, players with an iOS device simply have to:

  • Click on any of the links on this page to launch the Funzpoints Casino page
  • Click on the “Register" button and create a player account
  • Funzpoints Casino will send you a confirmation email with a link to verify your account
  • Follow the link in the email to activate your account
  • Log in to the platform using the credentials you created
  • You can now play for free or purchase to play the Premium model

Android Phone or Tablet

Players who use Android devices, such as smartphones or tablets, will also have a great experience at Funzpoints Casino. Considering that this platform doesn’t have an app, the process to launch the casino and start playing is extremely simple:

  • Follow any of the links on this page to open the Funzpoints Casino
  • Click on the “Register" button and fill in your details
  • Check your inbox and spam box to see the email Funzpoints Casino will send you
  • Click on the verification link in this email to activate your account
  • Login to Funzpoints Casino with the chosen credentials
  • Select if you wish to use the Standard or Premium mode to play

BlackBerry Phone or Tablet

Funzpoints Casino is also available via an internet browser for players with a BlackBerry smartphone or tablet. The casino’s website is intuitive and easy to use. To create an account and join in on the fun, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Click on any of the links on this page to launch Funzpoints Casino
  • You’ll see a button titled “Register" - click on it
  • Write down your email, select a password and a screen name
  • Funzpoints Casino will send you a verification email with a link to activate your account
  • Check your inbox or spam box and click the link to validate your account
  • Log in to the casino with the credentials you selected during registration
  • Pick which playing mode you want to use: Standard or Premium

Windows Phone or Tablet

Although some mobile apps don’t work on Windows phones or tablets, players who use devices with this operating system won’t have any issues playing at Funzpoints Casino. Since the platform doesn’t have a native app, players only need an internet connection and an internet browser to play. To join Funzpoints Casino through a Windows phone or table, you’ll have to:

  • Click on any link on this page to open Funzpoints Casino on your device
  • Press the “Register" button and fill in your details
  • The casino will send a verification link to the email you indicate on the form
  • Check your inbox or spam box and press the link to validate your account
  • Log in to the casino using the credentials selected during the registration process
  • You can now play for free with the Standard mode or purchase to access all the benefits of the Premium mode

Funzpoints Casino Slots App

The main gaming category at Funzpoints Casino is slots. There are over twenty slot titles at Funzpoints Casino, and the platform usually releases one to two new games monthly.

Most of the slots available on this casino are developed by Funzpoints game studio, which means you won’t find them on any other platforms. The exclusivity you can experience through Funzpoints slots allows players to dive deep into a top-notch gaming experience while discovering additional features and gameplay. Players who pick the Standard mode will have instant access to six games which they can play for free, including:

  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Enchantress Luna
  • The Java Cafe
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Maximo The Magnificent
  • Criminal Cash

If you’d like to expand the gaming options, you’ll have to unlock the additional slots by making the first purchase of $4.99. This purchase will automatically open all 23 available slots and increase your entertainment chances.

Additionally, since Funzpoints adds new titles to its collection every month, you may want to check the slots list frequently to never miss out on any new game.

Funzpoints Casino Table Games App

One particular aspect of Funzpoints Casino is that, since it operates with a sweepstakes model, players won’t find the classic table games they would in a real-money casino. Although this might surprise players eager to play card games such as blackjack or poker or even die-hard roulette fans, the good news is that Funzpoints have an exciting table game.

Through an innovative twist to Keno, this platform provides players with a Paintball-inspired Keno game. The game’s rules are simple and easy to follow:

  • Launch Paintball Keno
  • Set your wager
  • Touch the color on the paytables to active which colors you’ll pick (Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue)
  • Pick between 2 and 10 numbers per color
  • Press “Play" to see if you’re lucky!

Another good feature of Paintball Keno is that it is available for players using the Standard mode. As such, you can play this Keno game without making any purchases.

Moreover, since Funzpoints often adds new titles to its gaming list, we expect it will soon include other casino games that might align more with what players expect from table games.

Funzpoints Casino Live Dealer App

As it happens with the table games section, Funzpoints Casino currently doesn’t carry any live dealer games on its platform. Since most live dealer games operate classic casino games, such as baccarat, craps, or roulette, this sweepstakes casino is yet to add any of its versions to the gaming collection.

Nevertheless, Funzpoints’ development team is always working on new projects and adding new games to its platform. Due to this, we expect that the sweepstakes casino might include some versions of live dealer games in the future.

Until then, we recommend that you take advantage of the multiple exclusive slots available. These will surely keep you entertained either through the Standard or Premium mode.

Why Play a Real-Money Casino Mobile App?

Online gaming has become one of Americans’ favorite pastimes, and it was expected that it would only be a matter of time before these games became available on mobile devices. After all, with the increased use of smartphones and tablets, real money casinos and sweepstakes casinos had to innovate to commit to their customers’ satisfaction.

Regarding Funzpoints Casino, the brand took it further and ensured its website was responsive. This means that regardless of the operating system you use or the size of the screen of your mobile device, you’ll always have access to all the games it provides.

Furthermore, the usability levels of Funzpoints Casino make it one of the most sought-after platforms for players who enjoy playing games on the go. The website is highly functional, and Funzpoints Casino’s many features ensure that players of all expertise levels can quickly find the gaming options they’re interested in. Funzpoints casino login process is also very easy and it won’t take you forever.

Funzpoints Casino’s website also loads extremely fast and has features that make mobile gaming a smooth experience. Its main menu, in particular, condensates all the essential casino sections, such as your wallet, account settings, FAQ, and gaming limits.

By guaranteeing that players can quickly navigate the different sections, Funzpoints ensures that their mobile players can make any changes or find important information with just a few clicks.

Best Online Casino App

One particular aspect of casino apps is that no two are the same. The same happens with players, which will have varying interests and needs. As such, the best online casino app for one player might not be interesting for another due to the games available, additional features, or even the operating system it was built for.

When it comes to Funzpoints, the good news is that it is available for all mobile devices, regardless of whether players have an iPhone or an Android. The care put into developing an online casino website that caters to all needs makes it one of the best in the market, as players will always be able to enjoy their favorite games.

As mentioned, there are plenty of advantages to picking Funzpoints Casino as your mobile gaming platform. Firstly, the app is highly user-friendly and ensures players can swiftly navigate between sections. Secondly, since you don’t need to download a mobile app, all you need to do to enjoy all the available games is register an account - a process that takes only a couple of minutes.

But the advantages don’t end there. Since Funzpoints Casino has different playing modes, players who wish to play for free can still enjoy a series of slots without making any purchases. At the same time, players who prefer not to have pop-ads or want to increase their balance can still make in-site purchases.

The number of exclusive games also increases our rating of Funzpoints Casinos. It allows players to try games with interesting features and gameplay that they won’t find anywhere else.

Funzpoints Casino App Bonus

Another exciting aspect of this popular sweepstakes casino is that players can claim Funzpoints Casino bonuses while playing on their mobile devices.

The first bonus every player is entitled to is the Signup Bonus, which rewards all newly registered players with 1,000 Standard Funzpoints. You can use these credits to play the free games through the Standard mode.

The Signup Bonus rewards new players with an additional 250 Premium Funzpoints once they complete their account profile. The best part about the Premium Funzpoints is that by collecting 100 of them, you can redeem $1.

Players who wish to purchase Funzpoints Casino will also receive a bonus of 100% up to $20. At the time of this article, the available purchase options include the following:

  • $5 purchase for 500 Premium Funzpoints, worth $5
  • $10 purchase for 1,000 Premium Funzpoints, worth $10
  • Minimum purchase of $20 for 2,000 Premium Funzpoints, worth $20


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