Fortune Coins Casino Penny Slots

Fortune Coins is a top-tier social casino that specializes in digital slot machines. The platform is popular with many because of its slick design and impressive library of titles. They even offer a few card games and progressive jackpot titles.

However, our focus for this article will be on the “Penny Slots” available at Fortune Coins Social Casino. Some players’ primary goal is to win the big jackpots off progressives at Fortune Coins. But others are content just to enjoy playing the games and earn smaller payouts.

It’s the latter group that these slots will appeal to. As the name suggests, Penny slots allow you to wager as low as 0.005 Gold Coins (GC) per line. You could play all day and never run dry of GC at that rate.

Does Fortune Coins Have Penny Slots?

Yes. Fortune Coins  casinooffers several titles where players can wager 1 GC or less on each line. The games in this genre come from some of the best developers in the business, including Microgaming and IGT. So you can enjoy some budget gaming without skimping on the quality of your experience.

Fortune Coins casino believes that free games don’t have to feel free. There is no specific subsection for these titles, but you can search for them by name. Use the list of penny slots below for reference when searching.

Why Play Online 1 Cent Slot Machines at Fortune Coins Casino

There is a misconception among casino players that slot machines are just for amateurs and not a viable option for making a profit at an online casino. In reality, playing penny slots is a lot more than just a “budget” alternative. However, you must be aware that penny slots often have lower RTP to compensate for their lower price point. Just because you are content with smaller payouts doesn’t mean the casino is.

Some people don’t realize that just because you have the option to play for 0.01 GC or less per line, that doesn’t mean you have to. That is just an option for when you want a more laid-back experience while not worrying about your coin total.

Some prefer this method all the time as a way to just pass the time. But, with proper bet sizing, these games can be just as profitable as any others. It all comes down to what experience you want to have, and Fortune Coins Casino offers plenty to choose from.

Best Penny Slots on Fortune Coins Casino

It is easy to pick the three best penny slots at Fortune Coins Casino because there are only three to choose from. Still, most casinos don’t offer any, so Fortune Coins casino is ahead of the game. Each game is from a top studio, and Fortune Coins casino doesn’t skimp on quality, even with low-limit games.

Sword of Z

This title from Let Us Entertain You Inc. is inspired by the classic story of masked vigilante Zorro. This game has a minimum bet of 1 GC per line while offering all the bells and whistles of a jackpot slot machine.

Sword of Z offers the chance to win free spins, coin respins, 2x wilds, and several bounties to earn. These bounties are the Jackpots for this game and offer payouts of 75,000 up to 500,000 GC. There is an additional “Platinum” jackpot that can be earned. Players must lock in 15 coin symbols during a free respin bonus to trigger.

Great Sphinx

This is another title from Let Us Entertain You Inc that features low limits. Much like Sword of Z, Great Sphinx allows players to wager as low as 0.01 GC per line of the slot. But you can also wager up to 40,000 GC on each spin. The flexibility to play how you want is a big draw for many towards these types of games. Great Sphinx offers to expand wild sphinx that trigger free spins, scatters, and Grand wins.

Blazing Mustang

This penny slot is slightly different from the other two offered because it allows players to wager less than a penny on each line. The minimum bet for Blazing Mustang is 0.005 GC with a maximum of 40,000 GC.

There isn’t another game on the platform with lower limits than Blazing Mustang. So, if penny slots are your thing, this is the title for you. To maximize the fun, this title offers coin wilds that help you multiply payouts along with free spins to keep the action going longer.

Penny Slots Strategy at Fortune Coins Casino

Picking the right penny slot is simply a matter of clicking on any game that fits the bill. There are a few things to keep in mind.

The first thing to pay attention to is the slot machine’s RTP number. Also known as Return to Player, this number tells you how much you can expect to win from each machine. For example, a slot machine with an RTP of 96% will pay out an average of $96 for every $100 wagered.

It would help if you were also picky regarding the quality of the penny games on Fortune Coins and which studio developed them. Just because you are playing on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of the game you play.

Best Odds Penny Slot Machines at Fortune Coins Casino

There is no denying that playing penny slots offers a fun experience at a budget price. This means the payouts will be less over time than a higher minimum game. You pay for playing games with such low rates by getting stuck with low RTP numbers. This is designed to give the casino a bump in profit on these budget titles. They can make up for their low returns with an RTP lower than average by giving the house a better winning percentage.

On top of RTP stats, you can also look at the highest possible jackpot available. Even a penny multiplied 20,000x times is a big win for most people. Therefore, it is critical that you open up the pay tables and explore where each penny slot differs. It is also essential to understand that there are ways to hit it big, even by betting low amounts. Find out how to trigger multipliers and get to work.

Penny Slot Bonuses at Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins casino offers no bonuses specific to penny slots, but it doesn’t outright ignore them either. What we mean by this is that all of the bonuses that Fortune Coins offers can be used on penny slots.

The Fortune Coins casino bonuses reward you for logging in, playing games, and connecting to other social media accounts. Every time you are awarded GC from Fortune Coins Social Casino, you can turn right around and use those coins on a penny slot of your choice. Conversely, you can risk your whole bonus on a single-wheel spin if you choose a jackpot slot.

What Other Games Can You Play at Fortune Coins?

If the few penny slots from Fortune Coins casino aren’t enough to keep you busy, rest assured there are a ton of other titles to explore. Penny Slots make up a very small percentage of the library of games available at Fortune Coins.

Players who want a break from slot machines have a few options. One unique genre of game is “Fish Games.” These games allow players to aim a crosshair and shoot into an aquarium filled with various fish and bonus symbols. Different fish are worth different amounts and award GC when struck.

All in all, we were impressed with the penny slots offered at Fortune Coins Casino. While there aren’t many to choose from, the ones offered are of the highest quality. They play well, have fair odds, and offer jackpot wins to shoot for. Many social casinos don’t provide titles with limits this low, so we take what we can get as penny slot fans—better three than none.