b spot Casino Promotions

b spot is an exciting online casino platform that has really set itself apart from the competition. It distinguishes itself from typical online casinos with its pari-mutuel wagering, entertaining games, and a bevy of promotions that players can access to further enhance their experience on the site.

B Spot Promotions

b spot has put forth a lot of effort toward ensuring that players have access to a variety of promotions that can make their time on the site even more enjoyable. New players can take advantage of a generous welcome promo, and there are also great offers available for existing users who want to keep their accounts topped up. Below, we’ll take a look at the b spot deals and promos that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of.

b spot Casino Welcome Promotion

When you join b spot, you can access a welcome offer that will give you an added boost to your gameplay experience. It is important to note that this is a single-use offer. It will only apply to your very first deposit onto the b spot platform. So be sure to use our promo code during signup to take full advantage of this offer.

Use the promo code Gameday to receive a $10 bonus on your first deposit. This amount will automatically be credited to your account. Before your additional promo funds can become available for withdrawal, you must place wagers at least double that amount. You will have 30 days to complete this requirement. If you don’t complete this requirement within the allotted time frame, the deposit bonus will expire.

Luckily, b spot makes it incredibly easy to bet the $20 necessary to unlock your extra funds for withdrawal. To play games on b spot, you must first purchase a wager pack.

The amount of the wager pack is then placed on a series of live horse racing events by b spot. Your wager results aren’t revealed to you right away. To find out how much you won, you’ll have to play!

Upon placing your wagers, you will receive casino credits that can be used to play any of the games on b spot. The amount of casino credits you receive is equivalent to the amount of the wagers you have placed. So to complete the requirement for the welcome offer, you simply have to purchase a $20 wager pack, and your welcome promo funds will be eligible for withdrawal.

b spot Casino Refer-A-Friend Promotion

b spot Casino provides such a fun, unique casino gaming experience that you’ll undoubtedly want to tell your friends about it. The good news is, when you do this, you can reap some great rewards!

Inviting friends to b spot is a very simple process. As an existing user, you must invite the new player through a referral link. You will find a Refer-a-Friend promotion button on the b spot platform. Clicking on this button will general a referral link for you, which can then be shared with your friend via email, text, social sharing, and other means.

Once your new friend clicks the b spot referral link, they will be taken to b spot where they can either download the iOS application or access the platform via a web browser. After creating their new player account, the referred player must then make at least a $20 deposit onto their b spot account. Once they have placed at least $20 in wagers from their new player account, both you and the referred player will receive $50 apiece from b Spot!

The only caveat is that this $50 reward can only be used for wagering purposes; it cannot be withdrawn as cash. Once the reward has been credited to a player’s account, the player’s next wagers, up to $50, will first use the promotional funds before using any cash from the player’s b spot account. If a player has not used the promotional funds within thirty days after the funds have been credited to the player’s account, the promotional funds are subject to immediate forfeiture without notice.

Although the Refer-A-Friend promotion cannot be withdrawn as cash, it still provides a significant boost to any player’s bankroll. Another great benefit of this promo offer is that, unlike welcome bonuses, the Refer-A-Friend promotion can be acquired multiple times if you are the one referring new players. So be sure to tell all your friends about how much fun you’re having on b spot!

b spot Big Player Bonus Promotion

The Big Player Bonus at b spot is a rebate promotion that gives players another chance to pocket winnings. During the promotional period, if the results of your wager package do not produce a win, you will receive a rebate. The size of the rebate is based on the amount of the wager package that triggers the promotion. The larger the wager package, the more money you get back if you don’t win anything.

Here is a look at how much money you can expect to get back if your wager pack does not yield any winnings:

$10 wager pack: $10 packages that yield a zero payout will receive a payment of $3.

$20 wager pack: $20 packages that yield a zero payout will receive a payment of $10.

$40 wager pack: $40 packages that yield a zero payout will receive a payment of $20.

$100 wager pack: $100 packages that yield a payout between $0-$10 will receive a “top up” payment equal to the amount by which $100 exceeds the Qualified Payout.

To better understand how the rebate promo works with the $100 wager pack, let’s say you wagered $100 and only won $10. In this case, you would get a “top up" payment of $90, which would give you a total payout of $100. So even if you don’t technically win your wager, you can still get back to baseline with the Big Player Bonus rebate.

Best of all, this rebate offer can be withdrawn as cash! The amount can be withdrawn entirely or in part, and you can also leave the amount on your b spot account to use towards wager pack purchases in the future.

b spot Casino No Deposit Promotion

b spot does not currently have any no deposit promotions available. But the online casino regularly adds new promotional offers, so this could change in the future. Stop in regularly at The Game Day Casino to learn about new developments in b spot Casino promos.

b spot Free Spins

b spot does not offer Free Spins promotions at this time. Should b spot offer Free Spins in the future, you can count on us to keep you informed about how to claim them and the best ways to utilize them.

b spot Casino Promotions in Legal States

Because of how b spot’s online casino games work, b spot is able to operate in more states than traditional online casinos. While the site is likely to continue expanding in the future, there are some states where b spot does not currently operate, including states that already have regulated traditional online casinos. Let’s take a look at some of these legal states, as well as the b spot promotions that are available in some of them.

b spot Promotions In New Jersey

Although New Jersey has emerged as an online gambling capital in the United States, b spot does not currently operate there. Players in the Garden State will have to wait until b spot expands its reach before they can take advantage of any of the site’s promotional offers.

b spot Promotions in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is another state that has become one of the leaders in online casino gaming in the U.S. Unfortunately, however, b spot does not operate in Pennsylvania. Players in Pennsylvania have several online iCasino options thanks to recent online casino regulations, and hopefully, b spot will be able to join the suite of casino options available to players in the Keystone State.

b spot Promotions in Michigan

Michigan has opened its doors to several online casinos. Sadly, b spot is not among the current iCasino operators in the state. Hopefully, this will change in the future, but for now, the b spot platform and its promotions are unavailable to players who reside in the state of Michigan.

b spot Promotions in West Virginia

West Virginia has established itself as an unlikely leader in online gambling in the United States. The state has several online casinos up and running, and b spot counts itself among them. In fact, West Virginia is currently the only state in the U.S. with access to both traditional online casinos and b spot.

Not only is b spot’s entire suite of casino games available to players in the Mountain State, but so are the site’s promotional offers. That means players in West Virginia can take advantage of the Big Player Bonus rebate offer, Refer-A-Friend promotion, and any other promos that b spot adds in the future. So if you’re located in West Virginia and looking for an online casino with a solid selection of games and some great promotional offers, be sure to check out b spot.

b spot Casino Promotions in Non-Legal States

While West Virginia is the only state that has both b spot Casino and traditional online casinos, b spot operates in several states that don’t presently have access to traditional online casinos. Because the entire platform uses pari-mutuel wagering to deliver casino entertainment in a novel and exciting way, b spot is able to legally operate in 22 states.

b spot manages to consistently provide the same great user experience across each of the states in which it operates, and that includes delivering some top-notch promotional offers. So even if you don’t live in a state with legal online casinos, there’s still a chance you can take advantage of b spot’s promos depending on where you reside. Read our in-depth b spot review to find out more about how the unique online casino works, as well as which states can access the platform.

Best Online Casino Promotions

Although b spot does not currently offer a no deposit bonus or free spins, the site more than makes up for it with promos like its Big Player Bonus rebate offer. This promotion gives players the chance to get back some of their losses, even if they don’t actually win their wagers. Hopefully, soon into the future, there will be plenty of promos offering b spot Casino free chips!

b spot also has a Refer-A-Friend promotion that can earn players some extra cash, and the site is always adding new promotions, so there’s always something to look forward to. Promotional offers like these are especially useful because, unlike the welcome offer, they can be acquired more than once. Overall, b spot offers a solid selection of promotional offers for players in the states where the site operates.


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