WynnBET Casino Slots

WynnBET is an up-and-coming online casino provider that has been in the sports betting space since 2020. They have quickly become a leading sportsbook giant and are aiming to match that appeal within their online casino moving forward.

For being relatively new to the market, WynnBET Casino offers an excellent selection of slots that rivals any competitor in the industry. The platform also houses a wide variety of slot titles that vary in payout potential and structure, and every player has the ability to find something they like to play within the slot selection at WynnBET Casino.

The Game Day Casino has you covered as we take a look at WynnBET Casino through a holistic lens, analyzing their slot selection, variety, and a number of other important factors.

Editor’s Note: Since the time of writing, WynnBET Casino has currently halted operations. We’ve chosen to retain this page to provide insight into the games, bonuses, and experience of playing on WynnBET in the event the online casino reopens in the future.

What Do We Like About WynnBET Casino Slots?

WynnBET Casino has a lot of favorable features for players of all different levels of experience.

Easy to Use Platform

Making deposits and withdrawals at an online casino and figuring out how to use the interface can be intimidating for new players. Some online casinos make the process difficult, but WynnBET Casino does not. Comparing WynnBET to its competitors, The Game Day Casino has found it to be one of the easiest platforms for players to use. WynnBET Casino is, therefore, even more appealing to users who are seeking platforms that don’t have any learning curve for them to get past.

Extensive Variety of Slot Types

WynnBET Casino offers a great variety of slot games, which is one of the main reasons people are drawn to it. There are different types of slots at WynnBET Casino, as well as multiple pay structures and cool themes that you can choose from. The casino’s platform organizes its slot titles into subsections so that players can easily find the exact slot they’re looking for.

Excellent Selection of Slot Titles

As well as the wide variety of slots offered such as video slots, classic slots, and penny slots at WynnBET Casino, you will find a vast selection of slot titles. While the industry is currently working on beefing up its slot offerings for online platforms, WynnBET Casino already ranks among the leading providers of online slots. WynnBET Casino has all of these slot titles divided into subsections, making it as easy as possible for players to navigate through.

Endless Promotions Related to Slots

Along with offering such a variety of slots, WynnBET Casino also offers a lot of promotions as a way to give the players a little bit of an edge. The website typically offers a variety of ongoing WynnBET promotions for slots, both for new members and for current players.

Top 5 Classic Slots At WynnBET Casino

Some players prefer a slot that has a lot of additional intricacies and a great thematic experience, whereas others like classic slots. They are considered to be the most basic of all slot machines as they have a minimum number of reels and are called three-reel slots. There are a lot of different variations of these types of slots at WynnBET Casino. The casino offers both penny slots and high limit slots, so the player pool has a choice of machines to choose from.

Season’s 7’s

Season’s 7’s is a slot that is based in the winter months with the primary colors of green, white, and red representing Christmas.

Top Features of Season’s 7’s

  • One individual pay line
  • $0.02 minimum bet, $200.00 maximum bet
  • $500,000 maximum payout
  • 93.98% RTP
  • Classic design using 7s as the majority of symbols

Red, White, and Blue

Red, White and Blue is one of the most popular classic slots at WynnBET. The slot is based on the three colors of its name as tri-colored 7s are needed to match to generate wins on a single payline structure.

Top Features of Red, White, and Blue

  • One individual pay line
  • $0.02 minimum bet, $100.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • 93.98% RTP
  • Medium volatility
  • Classic American slot design with tri-colored 7s needing to match

Triple Red Hot 7

Triple Red Hot 7 is another massively popular classic slot on the WynnBET platform, offering a vintage look and feel. Rewards are based on multipliers with different colored 7s being more premium of symbols than others.

Top Features of Triple Red Hot 7

  • Five individual pay lines
  • $0.05 minimum bet, $50.00 maximum bet
  • $201,700 maximum payout
  • 94.91% RTP
  • Medium volatility
  • Classic design of 7s symbols
  • Triple Red Hot 7s grants jackpot with Spitfire Multipliers multiplying wins

Triple Diamond

Triple Diamond is a newer ‘classic’ slot under the traditional three reel design by IGT. This slot is unique to WynnBET considering that there are nine different paylines possible, increasing the odds of winning and inherently increasing the RTP rate.

Top Features of Triple Diamond

  • Nine individual pay lines
  • $0.25 minimum bet, $45.00 maximum bet
  • $59,085 maximum payout
  • 95.06% RTP
  • Medium volatility
  • Possibility for expanded reels

Lucky Cherry

Lucky Cherry is a basic, yet vintage classic slot on WynnBET. The theme of the slot is based on the color red with tons of cherries all throughout. Different symbols grant different multiplier effects with logos, triple 7s, and double 7s doling out the largest pay days.

Top Features of Lucky Cherry

  • Five individual pay lines
  • $0.25 minimum bet, $250.00 maximum bet
  • $502,000 maximum payout
  • 96.00% RTP
  • Low volatility
  • Straightforward play style with a sneaky high amount of ways to win

Top 5 Video Slots At WynnBET Casino

With video slots becoming so popular over the last few decades, they now make up the majority of slots at brick-and-mortar casinos. Video slots are very commonly made up of five reels, making it significantly more complicated to calculate winnings compared to classic slots. In spite of the complexity of 5-reel video slots, players can get rewarded by getting through the learning curve with higher average payouts than classic slots. WynnBET Casino offers hundreds of titles in this subcategory of slots.

Capital Gains

Capital Gains is a rather basic video slot, but has one of the highest RTP rates on the WynnBET platform for the subcategory. This slot also features a whopping four separate jackpots and all-ways paylines.

Top Features of Capital Gains

  • 243 individual pay lines
  • $0.50 minimum bet, $100.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • 95.96% RTP
  • High volatility
  • Four jackpots involved at all times

Bonanza Blast

Bonanza Blast is a slot that puts users in the middle of a Gold Rush type of atmosphere, using mining equipment as the main symbols. There are tons of jackpots, expanding reels, free spin opportunities, and multipliers to go around.

Top Features of Bonanza Blast

  • 243 individual pay lines
  • $0.88 minimum bet, $88.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • 95.89% RTP
  • High volatility
  • Four jackpots, Explosive special features, and Free Spins available

Pharaoh Suns

Pharaoh Sun is an excellent slot with an Ancient Egyptian theme and symbols representing the time period. With tons of pay lines and a higher-end RTP for a video slot, the high volatility of Pharaoh Sun is not nearly as noticeable.

Top Features of Pharaoh Suns

  • 576 individual pay lines
  • $0.88 minimum bet, $88.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • 96.05% RTP
  • High volatility
  • Egyptian theme with Free Spins bonuses
  • Possibility for additional rows to win

Krakatoa Lucky Break

Krakatoa Lucky Break is a slot stationed firmly in the middle of Indonesia where the massive Krakatoa volcanic island exists. The theme features lava, ash, and mountainous symbols to truly paint the picture of the eruption of 1883.

Top Features of Krakatoa Lucky Break

  • 30 individual pay lines
  • $0.90 minimum bet, $36.00 maximum bet
  • $130,000 maximum payout
  • 96.43% RTP
  • Medium volatility
  • Volcano-themed slot with Free Games Feature and Lucky Break Feature

Wild Water

Wild Water is a basic, yet excellent video slot on the WynnBET platform. With tons of different symbols to maximize profits, this beach-themed slot has everything to offer. Stacked symbols, wild substitutions, and tons of free spin possibilities make this a must-play.

Top Features of Wild Water

  • 20 individual lines
  • $0.20 minimum bet, $100.00 maximum bet
  • $300,000 maximum payout
  • 96.40% RTP
  • Stacked Symbols and Wild Substitution available

Top 5 Progressive Slots At WynnBET Casino

Progressive slots at WynnBET have steadily gained in popularity in recent years due to their massive payout potential and excellent graphics, on average. They are synonymous with jackpot slots. Progressives present a jackpot prize that continues to grow as players play. As soon as a jackpot is hit, it resets to a predetermined minimum amount. Progressives also stop at a certain amount, and some of the higher limit slots can produce payouts that are north of a million dollars.

Progressive slots are more volatile than classic slots and video slots. With volatility comes the potential for exponentially larger payouts than are found at any other casino, both online and brick-and-mortar. The Game Day Casino highly recommends playing progressive slots. Your big win could be waiting for you at WynnBET’s top progressive slot machines.

Divine Fortune

Progressive slots are steadily increasing in popularity with Divine Fortune at the forefront of WynnBET’s offerings. This slot, with a theme centered in Ancient Greece, offers many different pay lines while also offering multiple different types of scatters, free spins opportunities, and falling Wilds that lead to jackpots broken down into Minor, Mini, and Major prizes.

Top Features of Divine Fortune

  • 20 individual pay lines
  • $0.20 minimum bet, $100.00 maximum bet
  • $350,000 maximum payout
  • 96.60% RTP
  • Wild on Wild Feature, Falling Wild Re-Spins, natural Free Spins, Jackpot Bonus games

Book of Relics Mega Drop

Book of Relics Mega Drop is one of the premier progressive slots at WynnBET with a mysterious look and feel and a high RTP rate. BOOK symbols deliver the big wins with Mega Drops doling out the progressive jackpots in waves.

Top Features of Book of Relics Mega Drop

  • 50 individual pay lines
  • $0.10 minimum bet, $50.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • BOOK symbols land free spins and bet size multipliers
  • Mega Drop hands out progressive jackpots

Dancing Drums Explosion Mega Drop

Dancing Drums Explosion Mega Drop is one of our personal favorites at WynnBET with the amount of jackpot payouts available reaching as many as five with three ‘Linked Progressive Jackpots’ with the Mega Drop feature. There are many ways to get into the free spins feature and re-triggering it once in.

Top Features of Dancing Drums Explosion Mega Drop

  • 243 individual pay lines
  • $0.18 minimum bet, $88.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • Five jackpots running at all times, including three Linked Progressive Jackpots of the Mega Drop feature
  • Golden Drum Free Spins feature with re-triggering possibility

Raging Rhino Megaways

Raging Rhino Megaways is one of the most popular progressive slots on WynnBET and is one of our five favorites on the platform all things considered. With well over 100,000 pay lines and a favorable RTP, this slot centered in the prairie with the rhinos also offers cascading reels and Free Spins triggers.

Top Features of Raging Rhino Megaways

  • 117,649 individual pay lines
  • $0.20 minimum bet, $20.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • 96.18% RTP
  • Cascading reels and Free Spins triggers

Ultimate Ink Mega Drop

A tattoo-themed slot, Ultimate Ink Mega Drop is a basic yet excellent progressive slot option at WynnBET Casino. The Mega Drop feature adds to the appeal with jackpots galore available.

Top Features of Ultimate Ink Mega Drop

  • 1,024 individual pay lines
  • $0.20 minimum bet, $100.00 maximum bet
  • $250,000 maximum payout
  • Mega Drop features offer additional pay lines and ways to win
  • Scatters and Free Spins bonuses

WynnBET Casino Slots Bonuses

WynnBET Casino currently offers two casino promotions that relate directly to their slot machine selection. The most popular bonus is the 100% first deposit match for the online casino; specifically, that requires a 10x playthrough for wagering requirements. The other popular promotion is where users wager $250 to receive 250 free spins at the 88 Fortunes Megaways slot, one of the most popular on the platform. All in all, WynnBET Casino has excellent bonuses for their players, new or existing.

Slots Strategy at WynnBET Casino

Though slots are perhaps the easiest games to play in an online casino, their RTP percentages make them among the most difficult to win in the long run. There are many different strategies that you can use to minimize the house edge in slot games, and players should be aware of them all. When you play slots and other casino games at WynnBET Casino, you will be able to get the most bang for your buck with these strategies being presented via The Game Day Casino. Some things to keep in particular mind about slots include:

High RTP

RTP is one of the most important factors to consider before playing a slot machine, as we have already mentioned. Return to Player (RTP) or payback percentage indicates the likelihood that, in the long run, players will be able to recoup a portion of their stake. A slot machine that provides a 96.9% return on investment details that players can lose $3.10 out of every $100 they wager, for example. Volatility plays a major role in determining RTP percentages since it affects every slot differently.

In addition to finding the best return to player rates (RTP), players should also find slots that have the highest possible net payouts. Before playing any slot machine, players should be fully aware of the pay table, which details the expected returns and RTP.

Free Spins

Getting free spins at slot machines is one of the best ways to get a return on your wagering. Players should be aware that not all slot machines offer free spins. Net profit at slots is essentially the only way for users to make some money if they are lucky enough to hit big at free spins. When playing a slot machine, you should ensure that it offers free spins before you start playing to maximize your chances of winning. In the long run, the free spins can minimize the house advantage by reducing the volatility of a slot machine.

Special Features

In addition to free spins, special features are another way for players to maximize their earnings through slot machines. However, these features are difficult to trigger, just as free spins are difficult to earn. There are so many symbols in every slot machine, regardless of how many reels there are, that it is exceedingly difficult for you to get special features to work in your favor as a player.

While this is true, players can still increase their odds of winning by playing on machines that have the most special features available to unlock winnings. Additionally, machines with a higher percentage of these features are more likely to have the highest RTP percentage as players are more likely to receive a payout. If you’re exploring slot machines for the big win, look at special features to find the closest thing you can to a gambling safety net.

Can You Play Mobile Slots On WynnBET Casino?

Since WynnBET Casino is a top provider of online casino games, it does indeed offer mobile slots. WynnBET Casino’s mobile slots are an excellent opportunity for players who do not possess a desktop or laptop computer since they can access the games from their mobile device. Apple and Android devices are currently supported by WynnBET Casino’s mobile software.

This software can be found in the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple Store for iOS devices. MacOS, as well as other operating systems for laptops, are not currently available as downloads for this platform.

The Key Terms of Slots

Here are some terms that you should be familiar with before you begin playing online casino slots.


RTP, which is also called theoretical return of return, is an important statistic to know when playing online slot machines. RTP refers to the amount that can realistically be expected to be lost by a player over the long-term on their investment. A slot machine is never going to have a return-to-player percentage higher than 100 percent for the simple reason that casinos exist to profit from their offerings. The average return to players from slots varies from approximately 93 to 97 percent, which means that for every $100 wagered, users can expect to lose anywhere from $3 to $7.


As a means of ensuring that all players have an equal chance of winning, all forms of online gaming employ a random number generator. The use of random number generators is particularly important when it comes to slot machines since their proper functioning ensures that money will leak from the machine at the proper rate. Ultimately, this will ensure that players do not suffer more losses than their expected return on investment (ROI). In order to determine whether or not online slot machines are passable to be played on given their RNGs, gaming commissions are responsible for their regulation.


Volatility is one of the most important concepts to take into consideration when discussing slot gaming or any other form of gambling for that matter. The volatility associated with each game varies, with some games showing a standard house edge while others demonstrate that edge only over the long term. Most of the games in this category do not offer a traditional return to player (RTP). Most often, they adhere to volatility due to the fact that not every expected outcome is the same. No matter how often you play the slot machines, it is important that you, as a player, are aware of the expected odds and benefits you will receive or lose as a result of your action.


Most slot machines operate with three to five reels, but some can offer a far greater variety of winning combinations with more reels. Video slots are available in a number of formats other than the conventional format of reels on a machine. Slot machines of this type may have as many as seven reels and horizontal reels, in addition to another section of reels, all in one machine. Slot machines are characterized by their reels, which contain the symbols.

Pay Lines

It is also vital to understand the concept of paylines when playing online video slots. Paylines on a slot machine are the mechanisms by which players are able to win. Each slot machine has a different number of paylines, so different combinations of the paylines result in different returns for the player. There are slot machines with only a few paylines, and there are also machines with hundreds of thousands of paylines. With adjustable video slots, players often have the option of selecting how many paylines they wish to play. In brick-and-mortar casinos, slot machines do not always have this feature.

Bonus Rounds

In most cases, this is where the really large wins come from at slot machines. Providing players with bonus rounds and free spins is one way to provide them with risk-free opportunities to win prizes on slot machines. To unlock these features, players must obtain a certain amount of symbols in regular slot play, which will entitle them to a certain number of free spins.

Many slot machines offer the option of purchasing a package of free spins before entering the machine. Bonuses in these packages are typically quite expensive, as they are capable of providing players with large multipliers and other opportunities to win large sums of money. Bonus rounds offer various ways to win in addition to free spins, as sticky wilds and cascading reels are also among the primary ways to win.


Slot machine subcategories are available on platforms that offer slot machine games, but jackpot slots can also offer some of the largest payouts. Since each of the jackpot slots has a predetermined top prize of up to several hundred thousand dollars, it is extremely rare to hit the jackpot. However, some jackpot slots reach a maximum amount of credits in a much easier manner than others.

There is no doubt that these are some of the most popular types of slots amongst players owing to the fact that they are capable of giving the players a tremendous score, as compared to other forms of gambling. There are many types of jackpot slots available, ranging from penny slot machines to high limit machines. Prizes are determined largely by the player’s standard bet sizing.


There is something known as a ‘wild’ symbol that appears in almost all slot machines, allowing users to multiply their winnings exponentially and create tumbling effects that can increase earnings. Slot machines offer immense rewards when wilds are added to each payline at the right time.

Slot machines tend not to award wild symbols very frequently since they have a lot of other symbols that can be triggered in a number of ways. Consequently, when wilds are allowed to work along with other symbols, such as scatters, which we will discuss further, it is much easier to earn a large payout.

Auto Spins

Players have the option to adjust a certain number of automatic spins that will take place when they enter a slot machine. Therefore, if a player wishes to play 100 automatic spins of $0.50 each, he or she will be putting $50 into play without having to continually hit the ‘spin’ button or something similar in order to continue playing. Slot machines can be played more quickly and easily as a result of this. Moreover, it is apparent that this is one of the methods by which online casinos earn revenue. The player is able to reach bonus rounds and receive free spins in a shorter period of time if they use auto spins, however. As a result, players are able to decide their fate in a much shorter period of time.

Pay Tables

Slot machine pay tables are essentially the menu of options that players can adjust for a particular machine, allowing them to tailor the game to their preferences to the greatest extent possible. On most slot machines, the pay table menu is located alongside the other settings, such as the volume and auto-play settings. By reading the pay table, players will learn everything they need to know about the slot game and how they can win. In the pay table is also a section that explains bonus rounds, how they can be triggered, and what each symbol represents when it comes to payouts.

A typical pay table also provides information such as the RTPs, which can be calculated from the pay charts for each slot, so players can get a sense of how much they are likely to win or lose when they play them. Before engaging in activity on any particular pay table, it is important to understand its ins and outs so that players are fully aware of what they are betting on and what they can lose on a per wager basis.


Scatter symbols can be found on certain slot titles as bonus symbols. Some symbols, however, may not appear on all slot machines and may be found more often on progressive and jackpot slots. Some machines actually offer both wild and scatter symbols, but they usually offer different advantages to the player. Using scatter symbols, for example, can grant free spins to a player.

Wild symbols, on the other hand, can give the player a boost in winnings. The scatter symbol also has an interesting characteristic that makes it different from all the other types of symbols. Unlike other symbols, scatter symbols do not have to land within paylines to take effect. So long as enough of them appear on the reels at once, scatter symbols will activate no matter where they land.

What Other Casino Games Are Available at WynnBET Casino?

WynnBET has an outstanding, comprehensive selection of online casino games for users to choose from. In addition to slots, WynnBET offers live dealer table games for popular casino titles like Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

The platform also houses an additional dozen table games that do not operate under the live dealer format. There are also nine different video poker options to choose from. WynnBET does currently operate any form of online poker at the moment, but they could perhaps do so in the future. Don’t miss our hands-on WynnBET casino review to find out about all the great entertainment this popular online casino has to offer.