Sweepstakes Casino Video Poker

Sweepstakes casino video poker is available from popular sweepstakes casinos like Chumba Casino, a Virtual Gaming World (VGW) product. You will find a limited selection on this site, but there are other free sites that offer poker exclusively. Global Poker, a VGW site dedicated to peer-to-peer poker and online video poker, is an example that comes to mind. Another great casino to play video poker is Rivers Casino4Fun. Click the ‘Get Bonus’ button to receive our exclusive welcome bonus.

Best Video Poker Sweepstakes Casinos

No matter where you find this game, you will see the sweepstakes model. This is a dual currency system that allows players to play casino-like games for free. To get going, players receive free sweeps through the mail, promotions, or as part of a gold coin package purchase.

These gold coins are used to play for free, but sweeps are redeemable coins available when you play for real prizes.

You can claim your reward as a gift voucher or cash straight into your bank account. However, a minimum sweeps coins threshold should be reached before you can do this.

Difference between slots and video poker

Sweepstakes slots and video poker are both available for free, but there are some fundamental differences between these games. Slot machines are simple games, with wins attributable to pure chance.

Video poker, on the other hand, has a skill element of sorts. You have a series of decisions that you make in video poker, all of which have a material impact on the game’s outcome.

Top Free Video Poker Games

Video Poker is the kind of game you can sit down to play for just a few hands, and before you know it, half an hour has passed. It is a fun game that combines the fun and randomness of slots with the skillful decision-making of table games. It also comes in many varieties. We’ll take a look at some of these below.

Jacks Or Better

The name of this game comes from the fact that you need a pair of jacks or better to win. Each player receives a 5-card hand at the beginning and chooses which cards to keep or discard. Winners are determined based on the strength of the final hand.

Texas Hold’em

To kick things off in Texas Hold ’em, every player at the table receives 2 hole cards facing down. Depending on your cards, you choose whether to check, bet, or fold. When everyone has decided, 3 community cards, the flop, are dealt, signaling the start of another betting round. You also get more chances to bet when the turn and river are dealt to bring the number of community cards to 5.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

There are lots of similarities between this game and Texas Hold ’em. However, when playing ultimate Texas Hold ’em, you do it against the dealer. It’s important to note that bets are limited in this game. The pre-flop bet is only 3x to 4x the blind and ante. When the flop is dealt, you can bet 2x the blind and the ante, and only 1x when the 4th and 5th cards are dealt.

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Getting started in deuces wild is a breeze. It is similar to Jacks or Better, but with a slight twist. As the name implies, deuces here act as wild cards. So just like in slots, deuces will contribute to providing you with the most lucrative hand.

Bonus Poker

Based on Jacks or Better, bonus poker is another accessible variant to play. The game amps up your reward when you land certain four-of-a-kind combinations. So, while you would receive 25 to 1 for 5 through K, four-of-a-kind hands, 2s, 3s, and 4s will get you 40 to 1.

Joker Poker

A game of joker poker starts with you betting and choosing the number of hands to play with. Five cards are dealt on each hand, and you then decide which ones to keep or discard. It’s pretty much a standard video poker variant. The twist lies in that here you use 53 cards. The additional card is a joker wild that takes the place of any other card to give you a better hand.

Aces and Faces

The game looks a lot like Bonus Poker, which isn’t surprising since they are both offshoots of Jacks or Better. Aces and Faces give you a bonus when you get four-of-a-kind on aces and face cards. Four aces get the biggest reward at 80 to 1, while you will receive half that for face cards. Mind you, the standard payout for four-of-a-kind combinations in this game is 25 to 1.

Sweepstakes Casinos With Video Poker

Many sweepstakes casinos specialize in slot games. However, some sites also offer other game types. As popular as video poker is, it should come as no surprise that some sweepstakes casinos have incorporated it into their game offerings. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the sweepstakes casino platforms that offer video poker, as well as the varieties they offer.

Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins is one of the premier sweepstakes casino sites, and it has been steadily rising in popularity. It has a solid variety of games in its library, including video poker. Jacks Or Better is the video poker game on offer here.

It features pleasant graphics, and the background actually makes it looks like it is taking place on a felt table. This is a nice alternative to the standard video poker machine aesthetic that many other online casinos use for their video poker games.

Chumba Casino

Fans of poker can play Jacks or Better with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins at Chumba Casino. You may easily switch hands whenever you want. Regrettably, it is the only video poker game offered at Chumba Casino. Even if we assume Chumba dealt fair cards and followed a fair distribution, the paytable shows a number of downgrades from conventional Jacks or Better VP.

For example, a full house pays just 7 times the bet, and a flush pays only 5 times the wager, compared to 9x and 6x for these hands-on full-pay Jacks or Better machines. We did the math and found that this game has an RTP of just 96.15 percent, significantly lower than the 99.54 percent returns available with a full-pay game and roughly in line with standard slots.


Video poker, roulette, blackjack, progressive jackpots, online pokies, live casino video games are all available. When you’ve completed all of the degrees, you’ll be whisked away to the Funzone, where you can earn even more Funzpoints. So, on any holiday, you can get up to three times your money back on a $9.99 or $19.99 purchase. Every three hours, you can also spin the Funzwheel for a chance to win 1,000 to 10,000 Funzpoints.

Video poker offers a number of benefits to players, including the convenience of play and a wide range of games to choose from. On casino apps, you can find games that allow you to play with a small amount of money for a long time. Video poker versions also provide you a better chance at jackpot-style payback in a single hand for the fun-seekers on the market.

Global Poker

On Global Poker, you’ll mostly find Texas Hold ’em ring games, tournaments, and multi-table tournaments, with a few Crazy and Omaha Pineapple tables thrown in for good measure. The Global Poker lobby displays ring games by default, but game, stakes, and more can select tables.

A new window will show up when you tap on a table to be a part of a game. Pick a seat from the available options. The software for Global Poker isn’t as flashy as some other sites, but it gets the job done.

b spot

b spot is a one-of-a-kind online casino. The players’ attention is drawn to the casino games, while horse racing is the driving force behind the gambling results.

This is how the idea works. Players can purchase wager packs in increments of $10, $20, or $100. Players can simply confirm their bets, or if they want to dig deeper into the horse racing details, they can look up exactly what track, race, and horse they are betting on. b-Bets also offers the most up-to-date real money casino games, including the best video poker and jackpot scratch cards.


The games at Riversweeps are divided into three categories: Bingo Class II No-Chance Games Skill Games No-Ability Games provide you the chance to see what the reels will look like on the following spin before you make your stake. While this may seem like the most thrilling way to play, you must pay to use this method, and the prize payouts are minimal and can be very annoying.

Skill Games are similar to No-Chance games, except that you don’t get to see into the future. If you get a Bingo pattern and activate the bonus, Class II Bingo adds Bingo into every spin of the normal slots they offer with Diamond Shot mode. To be honest, every game I played at Riversweeps had some strange mode activated that made it seem special but, in reality, pushed you to wager more for something that was nearly impossible to obtain.

How To Get Sweeps Coins For Video Poker

There are plenty of opportunities to secure sweeps coins in social casinos. The first is by writing into the casino and requesting free sweeps. Remember, you need to follow the requesting rules to the letter for you to qualify.

Sweeps coins also come as an added freebie when you purchase gold coin packages. How many you get depends on the casino and the size of the gold coin package you get.

Finally, sweepstakes sites are well known for regular promos on social media platforms like Facebook. Taking part in these can also earn you sweeps coins.

Top Video Poker Terms

Credits: Credits funds you have in a machine. This is a method for casinos to obscure the fact that the player is betting real money.

Discard: After the initial cards are dealt, the player can discard one or more of them by pushing or clicking the “Discard" button. After then, the missing cards are replaced with new ones, and the final hand’s strength is computed.

Draw: The player only draws once for each card. You can do this by selecting any or all of the initial cards delivered to you, then pressing the draw button to receive new cards and form your final hand. This hand will be evaluated to the paytable to determine whether or not a win should be given.

Hold: After a player is handed their first five cards, they can choose to keep some and discard others to draw new ones. A player can select which cards they want to hold by pressing the hold button on the machine.

Face Card: These are cards with images of people on them. Face cards are the Queens, Jack, and Kings.

Ace-High: If a player only possesses an ace and no pairs or better card combinations, they are said to be Ace-High.

House Edge: Any casino game has a house edge, which gives the casino operator a percentage advantage and ensures that they will always win in the long run. Some video poker games payout over 100%, implying that there is no house edge, but casinos rely on players making mistakes to bring this back down to below 100%. Video poker is one of the finest casino games for players when it comes to the house edge.

Inside Straight: A straight is a hand in which all five cards are dealt in the same order. Aces can be used as both high and low cards, so a straight could be ace, 2, 3, 4,5, or 10, or jack, queen, king, ace. When a player has four cards in a straight, and one of the middle cards is missing, they have an inside straight. In other words, there are only four outs in the deck that will complete the straight hand. The chances of obtaining an inside straight are slim, and it isn’t worth pursuing in most kinds of poker.

Max Bet: The max wager is the most significant amount you may bet on a video poker machine with only one hand. Many machines will have a max bet button that wagers the maximum and deals the hand automatically. In video poker, the maximum wager is five coins at the rate of the machine’s denomination.

Multi-hand: Most video poker games will allow you to play many hands. This allows the player to play many hands at the same time. Each additional hand is played independently of the previous hand, and the same stake must be placed on each hand. Multi-hand games begin with a player being dealt five cards; the player then chooses which cards to keep, and these cards are kept for each additional hand. Finally, the appropriate number of fresh cards are dealt to each hand from separate decks.

Paytable: You’ll discover a paytable on all video poker machines that details how much you’ll win if you hit a winning hand. Payouts for one to five coin bets are frequently listed on the tables. Unlike most genuine casinos, some of our recommended online casinos include a distinct button that displays the paytable rather than having it on the gaming interface. It’s usually good to check the paytable before playing to make sure you’re playing on a machine with the highest payback percentage.

Pat Hand (Pat Hand): You have a pat hand when you’re dealt a five-card created hand that can’t be improved by drawing extra cards. Depending on the game you’re playing, it can also occur when you hit a four of a kind. A pat hand just signifies you stand pat with what you have.

Payback Percentage: The return that a machine provides back to players over time is called the payback percentage. The player’s approach is crucial to achieving the best potential payoff in video poker.

Is Video Poker A Game Of Skill?

Well, overall, no. But there is an optimal way to go about it. There is a way to call and raise that will ensure you gain maximum advantage. Showing your hand too early will only make other players fold and jump out of the game, that’s if it’s good.

You have to be subtle and composed, even if you have a royal flush. If you want to call this a skill, then that’s fine. But everyone can learn how to do it and increase their chances of winning.

How to Win at Sweepstakes Video Poker

Learning which of your five cards to hold or keep and which to discard is the most important aspect of video poker. Before you go into strategy, you should know what beats what and how to play video poker. For example, what should you do if you’re handed a low pair?

This is by far the common question and situation I come across. While it may be tempting to draw for a straight or simply try your luck with five fresh cards, the bottom pair is usually always the best option. When you have four cards in a flush, straight flush, or royal straight flush, this rule is generally disregarded.

You should aim for the straight flush in these sceneries because your chances of getting at least the flush are good, and the payoff is larger. It will be of great advantage to you over many other players if you remember this one tactic.

Best hand and payout in video poker

In video poker, hand rankings are related to the possibility of attaining the hands.

Video poker is a game where players look to get the most lucrative five-card hand combination. The best hand you can hope for in video poker is a royal flush. It comprises the K, Q, J, 10, and A of the same suit. The suit doesn’t matter. The payout for a royal flush depends on the number of coins you use. A single coin will earn you up to 250-to-1. A 5 coin game, however, pays out 800-to-1.

Below is a complete list of the video poker hand rankings:

1. Royal flush: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, all the same suit.
2. Straight flush: Any five cards of the same suit in sequential order
3. Quads: Four cards of the same rank (such as 8-8-8-8-X)
4. Full house: Three cards of the same rank and two other cards of the same rank (such as 8-8-8-2-2)
5. Flush: Any five cards of the same suit
6. Straight: Any five cards in sequential order (an ace can be high or low)
7. Trips: Three cards of the same rank (such as 8-8-8-X-X)
8. Two pair: Two sets of cards of the same rank (such as 8-8-2-2-X)
9. Pair: Two cards of the same rank
10. High card: Your highest rank card if you have none of the hands above

Many people see the video poker game as a less risky form of gambling than other games played at the casino. However, players must enhance their comprehension of gameplay and the strategy required to be a winning player for this to be true.

The poker hand rankings are an early and necessary step in learning video poker. Most poker players memorize rankings, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the game while choosing how to play their hands. All of those poker games use similar basic poker hand rankings that were established when five-card draw poker became known globally in the nineteenth century.

Video Poker Near Me

If you’re wondering where to find video poker games near you, you’re not alone. Fortunately, resources are available to help you, as well as ways for locating the best games in your area. Because of the concept behind video poker, it’s imperative to know where to find the games that will give you the best profits in your area. Video poker may be the most popular casino game.

People who play it daily, whether in a casino or on top gaming websites, would undoubtedly agree. There’s a reason why it can be difficult to find a machine you want in your preferred casino on a busy evening. But the tough thing about video poker is that it could be a good idea to hunt for games outside of your local casino.

Video poker can be played in a variety of ways. And while many of those games operate in the same way, little variances affect the amount of money you can anticipate to win. While most states have a grey area when it comes to iGaming, others have outright prohibited the activity.


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