Sweepstakes Casino Slots

Sweepstakes casinos in the United States offer many of the same types of games that real-money casinos provide, including versions of popular slot titles and brands that people have played for years over the internet.

Best Sweepstakes Casinos To Play Slots

One of the primary sweepstakes casinos that offers the digital version of the slot machines is LuckyLand Slots, home to dozens of great games. LuckyLand Slots is a product from VGW, the group that is also behind Chumba Casino. Besides VGW, there is another great casino which has a dozen of great casino games and slots. Check out Rivers Casino4Fun below.

On this page, we will explain all the basics of playing slots at the sweepstakes platforms.

How sweepstakes casino slots work

Slot games offered by sweepstakes casinos are similar to traditional online casino slot games. They play the same, offering wilds, free spins, and other features. However, instead of wagering real money, you bet with sweeps coins.

Sweeps coins are virtual currency used at sweepstakes casinos to play slot machines. The coins are given away by the site or won by playing games. By using sweeps coins to play, you can earn sweeps coins as well. That is your reward for hitting winning symbol combinations or jackpots.

The return to player percentage or RTP for sweepstakes casino slot games is usually around 96%. The RTP will fluctuate depending on which game you play. Seek out games with a high RTP so you have a better chance at seeing a return on your sweeps coins investment.

Free sweepstakes slots online

Sweepstakes casino slots have their advantages, including playing for free online. When you travel to a retail casino, you have to pay for travel, as well as how much you gamble. If you travel far away to play, you may incur a cost for a hotel stay and dining.

With sweepstakes casinos, you can play for free. The site gives you free sweeps coins for signing up as well as logging in each day. Even if you decide to buy a coin package to have options for gaming, you will pay far less than you would to travel to a land-based casino.

Take advantage of sweepstakes slots bonuses

As a member of a sweepstake casino, you can earn slot bonuses. Take Pulsz Casino, for example. As a member, you gain access to sweepstakes bonuses every time you log in. Every day you log in, you receive gold coins that you can use for slots and instant win games at the site. Prizes in the games are awarded in gold coins, and you can redeem these coins for cash prizes.

Pulsz Casino also offers a bonus for players who purchase gold coins. Sweeps coins are an added bonus depending on the package you choose. Claim your exclusive Pulsz bonus by clicking .

Types of sweepstakes casino slots

You will find several types of slots at sweepstakes casinos. The kind of casino you visit will dictate what type of games you will find, but typically there are video slots, jackpot games, and classic titles. Some slots offer classic gaming, while others have jackpots that grow with gameplay and titles with special features like free spins or bonus rounds.

A few of the popular slot titles found at the LuckyLand Slots casino include:

Power of Ra

Power of Ra is a progressive jackpot game. This means the jackpot continuously climbs until it is won. With an Ancient Egypt aesthetic, you are greeted by a female voice that says, “behold, the power of Ra.” This game is named after Ra, who was the king of the deities and the father of all creation in Egyptian culture. There are several different symbols. There is a symbol for Ra, one for what appears to be Anubis, a cat, and a female character, who may be Cleopatra. There are also symbols for an “A”, “K”, “Q”, “J”, and “10”. There is an insect Wild symbol and a Pyramid Free Spin symbol, too. There are a total of 50 paylines.

Amazing Slot

“Would you like to be my experiment?”

This is the clip you hear upon loading up Dr. Amazing. There are several other voice lines that could possibly greet you, too. This game features several characters that are reminiscent of some kind of craftsmen/doctor you’d find in a “Fantastic Beasts”-like film. There are five different human symbols, and each of them is dressed in garb that would indicate some kind of scientific/machinery operation. There are also the “A”, “K”, “Q”, “J”, and “10” symbols, too.

There are a total of 243 ways to win. All wins begin with the leftmost reel, and you are paid from left to right. There are a few other symbols, such as some kind of steam engine wheel with the word “free” on it for the Free Spins and also a Nikola Tesla-looking electric field. This is definitely one of the more eerie offerings that also feature a jackpot. The jackpot is progressive.

Revved Up Reels

Revved Up Reels is a three-reel slot that has just five paylines. This takes on the form of the old-school slots, which fits the aesthetic of the game well. This game has an old-time soundtrack, with cars old cars in front of a diner that you’d see nowadays that is a throwback to the 1950s-ish era. There are a few different symbols, including the legendary slot machine “7”, a stack of three cars, a stack of two cards, a single car, a license plate, a woman holding a race flag for the Wild symbol, and an engine for the Free Spins. There is also a Route 66 symbol which increases any multiplier.

Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck has interesting graphics. The backdrop of the game is like a painting, and it comes with a soundtrack that you’d hear at a nice restaurant in a European city. The symbols also look like they were painted. The symbols are a wine bottle, a swan, croissant, cheese, a dessert-looking item for the Wild, and four different fruits. There are 50 paylines.

Sweep the Nation

With the founding fathers pictured in the main graphic, Sweep the Nation is without a doubt a very patriotic theme. When you load the game, you hear an old-time voice say, “four score and seven years ago.” You will see an Uncle Sam-like character to the left of the slot game who is standing on the sidewalk that leads to the White House. There are four presidential symbols, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson.

There are four other symbols, including the Declaration of Independence, the Statue of Liberty torch, the Liberty Bell, and a plant. There are two additional symbols for the Wild and Bonus, which are a silver bald eagle coin and a stereotypical Uncle Sam hat with fireworks behind it. In total, there are 40 paylines.

The Dragon Key

The Dragon Key is a game in which you need to match different symbols to win. This is not a slot game. The symbols include seven different stones. To play, you will set a game value and then click on each individual space to uncover the gem. If you get three of any gem, you will receive the coin payout that correlates to it. For example, if you get three green, you will receive 1,000 coins.

Vaults of Valhalla

Valhalla, a majestic hall located in Asgard and ruled by Odin is the theme of Vaults of Valhalla. There are symbols for Thor, Odin, Ragnarok, Valkyrie, and the standard “A”, “K”, “Q”, “J”, and “10” symbols. There is an evil male character, Loki, as the Wild symbol and some kind of artifact as the Free Spins symbol. There are a total of 576 ways to win.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers is a game that features a bingo ball machine. This is not a slot game. Instead, you will pick five different numbers, and balls with a value will come down the slide. If you match any of your choices to the balls, you will receive a payout. The maximum payout is getting all five right, which includes a prize of 100,000,000 coins. This is similar to a lottery in your home state if there is one available, such as Power Ball.

Paleo Payday

Flashing back to our roots as humans, Paleo Payday comes with a setting reminiscent of things you saw in textbooks in history class, dating back to the early days of humans. This game comes with 50 paylines, a female paleo character, two males, a baby, and a mammoth. There are five additional regular symbols, which include a hut, a skull, fire, hatchet, and another animal-like structure. The Wild symbol is a Bear, and the Free Spin symbol is a campfire.

Oasis of Wilds

If you’ve never seen a hookah in action, well, at Oasis of Wilds you will see not just one but two hookahs with smoke permeating from them encompassing the game. This five-reel slot has really stunning graphics and is based in what looks like a town center in Egypt. There are several different symbols to look out for. These include Scheherazade, Ali Baba, Shahryar, a Bandit, and a Guard.

There are other non-human symbols that include a monkey, snake, camel, ring, and two other pendants. There is a genie for the Wild symbol and a genie’s lamp for the Free Spins symbol. This slot is also a progressive jackpot slot, meaning the jackpot total constantly climbs until the game is won.

Dead Lucky

Dead Lucky appears to be a game commemorating Dia De Los Muertos, also known as “Day of the Dead.” There are numerous skeleton symbols, including a cat, dog, female, male, and portrait. There are also six additional symbols in the form of flowers. There is another skull that almost looks like it could be a Grateful Dead logo for the Free Spins and a collection of candles for the Wild. There are 1,024 ways to win at this game.

Doggie Kisses

As soon as you load up Doggie Kisses, you cannot help but think of “Lady and the Tramp.” This game is based in France quite clearly with a stereotypical Paris, France soundtrack. There are numerous symbols that dogs comprise, as well as bones, collars, dog food, dog toys, and a dog water dish. There are 1,024 ways to win at this slot, and there are Wild and Free Spin symbols available, which also feature dogs.

Payday Puppies

This game looks like it would be a Paris Hilton paradise. There is plenty of pink and white, with small bourgeois dogs and curtains. There are just 20 paylines, with 10 regular symbols. These symbols include a doggie bone, water dish, a collar, a doggy pillow, a heart brush, and five different dogs, including a Pekinese, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Schnauzer, and West Highland. There are a few other symbols, including a dog in a bath for the Wild, a luxurious dog house for the Bonus, and a dog with hair straighteners as the Free Spins symbol.

Fashion Frenzy

I’m not much a fashion guy myself, but Fashion Frenzy is here to show all of us fashion disinclined people the way. This five-reel slot has 20 paylines and a soundtrack of something you’d hear out of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” (and no, nothing to do with the band!). There are two different symbols for shoes, two symbols for dresses, a makeup kit, a handbag, a watch, perfume, lipstick, and a face makeup tray. The Wild symbol features a credit card payment device, the Bonus is a collection of bags with purchased goods, and the Free Spin symbol is none other than various credit cards.

Pirates Bounty

The main graphic of this game gives us a Jack Sparrow-like male character which is also a symbol in this game. The background features two ships that are sailing through the ocean and has a sea shanty-like soundtrack, but it does sound a bit more bleak and dark. With a total of 15 paylines, Pirates Bounty has nine regular symbols, including a pirate ship, pirate flag, a gun, mermaid, ship wheel, a female character, and three other male characters. The Wild symbol is a treasure chest, a canon serves as the Bonus symbol, and a token with an octopus on it is the Free Spins symbol.

Life’s a Beach

In what looks like a Hawaiian Island theme, you will find myriad waterfalls coming down the side of a mountain and leading into a vast ocean. There are a total of eight normal symbols. Four of which are characters, but they are given names. The characters include Kupe, a young boy, Rate, Lana, and Polly, a bird. The other four symbols feature a Pufferfish, Sea Turtle, Crab, and a Tropical Flower. This 30 paylines slot has a Wild, Bonus, and Free Spins symbol. In that order, the symbols are a green monkey statue, a figure wearing an eccentric mask, and an erupting volcano.


Schnitz-n-Giggles is a jackpot slot game. There are a total of three different jackpots, including a Mini Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Grand Jackpot. Of course, the amounts are drastically different. This 20 paylines slot has a German brewery theme and features two female and two male character symbols, and five additional symbols which all resemble foods. There is a Wild symbol that is a female with pigtails holding three beers, and a Free Spin symbol which is a mug of beer by itself. There are Jackpot symbols, too, and you need three, four, and/or five, with the more symbols correlating to a higher jackpot payout.

Clover Cash in 3D

In full-on Ireland/Leprechaun fashion, Clover Cash in 3D comes with a fun folky soundtrack. The background of the game features a quaint property in the mountain with sheep, rock walls, trees, plants, and a Leprechaun with his legs crossed on a log. There are a total of eight symbols. There are four medallions—blue, purple, gray, and green—and four other symbols which feature an Irish Stout, Harp, Leprechaun, and an Elf. The Wild symbol is a rainbow and a pot of gold, and three-leaf clover, which indicate game bonuses and free spins. There are a total of 30 paylines.

Safety of sweepstakes casino slots

Sweepstakes casinos are entirely legal and a safe way to enjoy casino-style gaming. States across the US have laws in place that allow sweepstakes gambling. Online operators offer sweeps gaming in states with such laws on the books.

As a result, players can easily log in and enjoy casino gaming options in a safe and regulated environment.

How to win a sweepstakes slot jackpot

If you are a beginner to sweepstakes casino slots, you may be wondering how you can win. One of the best sweepstakes slots strategies you can implement is to find a game with a high RTP. When a game has an RTP of 96% or higher, you have a better chance of seeing a return on your investment.

You can also choose a game that offers free spins. If you can activate the round, then you get to spin for free, and you can earn jackpot prizes as well.

As you can see, sweepstakes casino slots are a fun way to enjoy casino gaming online at little or no cost. Slots at sites like LuckyLand Slots are similar to online casinos and land-based games. In most states across the US, sweepstakes sites are a legal option and a great way to enjoy free spins, wilds, jackpot action, and more.

So check out sweepstakes casinos like LuckyLand to play a wide variety of slot games with the option to win sweeps coins that can be redeemed for rewards.


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