Sites Like Riversweeps Casino

Riversweeps Casino is an online sweepstakes casino where players can play casino games to win prizes, including cash prizes. Best of all, the site’s games can be played completely for free; with a slate of great bonuses and promotional offers, players don’t have to spend a dime of their own money to enjoy all that Riversweeps has to offer.

Best Alternative Sites Like Riversweeps Casino

Riversweeps isn’t without its problems, however. Unlike other sweepstakes casinos, Riversweeps comprises multiple different sets, each one acting independently under the Riversweeps Casino banner. This can lead to some confusion for players who are new to the platform.

If you love the idea of Riversweeps and have been wondering if there are other sites out there like it, you’re in luck. At The Game Day Casino, we have conducted a deep dive for our readers and compiled a list of other sweepstakes casinos that are similar to Riversweeps. Best of all, each of the sweepstakes casinos we’ll discuss is limited to one site, so players will have a significantly easier time navigating these social casino sites.

Casinos Like Riversweeps

Despite its franchise-style, multi-website functionality, the core mechanics of Riversweeps make for a fun iCasino gaming experience that’s hard to find elsewhere if you don’t know where to look.

But don’t worry. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best sites like Riversweeps Casino. While none of the following social casinos are exactly like Riversweeps, they all share some similarities. They each offer casino-style games that can be enjoyed for free, much like Riversweeps. Let’s take a close look at some of the best social casino alternatives on the market.

Wow Vegas Casino

Immerse yourself in the thrilling experience of Vegas-style slots gaming with one of the hottest Social Casinos on the market. Wow Vegas uses a dual virtual currency system, allowing you to play for entertainment or redeem prizes.

Wow Vegas has partnered with BetSoft and Pragmatic, two well-known and trusted software developers, to bring hundreds of casino games to members of the Sweepstakes Casino site. At Wow Vegas, you can trust that games are not only fun but fair as well.

Riversweeps Casino Vs. Wow Vegas Casino

Wow Vegas and Riversweeps both offer casino-style slot games to users. However, that’s where the similarities end. Wow Vegas presents a much more polished product.

Instead of comprising multiple sites, Wow Vegas has just one site for its players. This cuts down on the confusion immensely; players won’t have to wonder if they’re on an official site of the casino, unlike the Riversweeps Casino experience.

Wow Vegas is also very transparent about its banking methods, slot game return-to-player percentages, and prize redemption process. While Riversweeps does have some fun game titles, Wow Vegas offers a much more streamlined experience, making it an easy pick over Riversweeps Casino.

High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino is a Sweepstakes Casino site with a highly polished mobile app. The platform has a large gaming library that includes a wide variety of slot games, table games like blackjack and roulette, and much more. Perhaps most notable is the availability of Dragon Tiger, a baccarat variant that is rare to find on Social Casino sites.

Riversweeps Casino Vs. High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino is the superior option, and it isn’t even close. While the High 5 Casino mobile app does have dual gaming modes – one for free play and one for Sweepstakes play – High 5 itself is contained on a single platform instead of multiple sites like Riversweeps. This provides a much more cohesive gaming experience than you’ll find at Riversweeps.

You’ll also have a much easier time purchasing coin packages, redeeming prizes, and staying current on promotions. Special offers and promotions are much easier to keep track of at High 5 Casino due in large part to the site’s social media presence and also its transparency.

Pulsz Casino

Pulsz Casino is one of the most popular sweepstakes casinos on the web. It has a steady social media presence and a very active player base. It’s ease of use and wide variety of games makes it one of our top recommendations for players searching for Riversweeps alternatives.

Riversweeps Casino Vs. Pulsz Casino

Pulsz Casino gives us a glimpse of what Riversweeps could be if it kept itself confined to a single site. Pulsz has a wide variety of slot titles, and games are neatly categorized. There are even table games present on the sweepstakes casino site.

Pulsz Casino players have an overall consistent experience while navigating the site and shouldn’t encounter any headaches. This is notably different from signing up for Riversweeps, where players will have to peruse multiple different sites to find the one that has the games of their choice.

This can also make the registration process more complicated than it needs to be for Riversweeps players. Pulsz Casino’s clear advantage in each of these categories is why it is one of our most highly recommended sweepstakes casinos and why we strongly recommend it over Riversweeps. Casino Casino has an impressive selection that includes slots, table games, instant-win titles, and even live dealer game options. No matter your tastes, you’re sure to find games you enjoy on the popular new Sweepstake Casino.

Riversweeps Vs. Casino

If you are looking for a new Sweepstakes Casino, is a solid choice. You’ll find out very quickly that has many advantages over Riversweeps Casino. For starters, operates on a single site that is easy to navigate.

Additionally, the Riversweeps game collection can’t compare to the game library. The latter boasts hundreds of slots that can be played for free or for the possibility of redeeming cash prizes. Despite having fewer payment options than Riversweeps, offers more reliable and trustworthy payment methods.

Fortune Coins Casino

Fortune Coins is a sweepstakes casino that feels a bit more functional than Riversweeps. It is easy to join and get started, and users can connect their social media accounts to earn bonuses.

Riversweeps Casino Vs. Fortune Coins

Riversweeps and Fortune Coins have a lot in common. While Fortune Coins calls its prize-redeeming currency by a different name, it behaves the same way as the Sweeps Coins that Riversweeps players will be accustomed to.

Fortune Coins is more refined than Riversweeps in terms of both execution and aesthetics. The site has an ancient Chinese mythological theme to it that captures players’ attention. Some of its slots also share this popular theme, such as Caishen of Prosperity. This slot game bears many similarities to Riversweeps Casinos’ Dragon Sevens slot title. They not only have similar backgrounds, but they also have symbols that resemble each other. If players like the theme of this slot on Riversweeps, they’ll find an entire sweepstakes casino like it at Fortune Coins Casino Online.

Rivers Casino4Fun

Rivers Casino4Fun is one of the best options available for free iCasino gaming online. It is simple to join, and it offers one of the largest gaming libraries of any free-to-play casino. In fact, its huge collection rivals that of traditional, real-money online casinos.

Riversweeps Casino Vs. Rivers Casino4Fun

Despite both of these social casinos having “Rivers" in each of their titles, Riversweeps Casino and Rivers Casino4Fun share no affiliation. Casino4Fun isn’t a sweepstakes casino but rather a social casino. Players cannot win prizes on this free site, but they can enjoy a huge collection of games.

Each of these social casinos offers multiple game types, but Casino4Fun has the added benefit of offering table games and even live dealer games. In fact, it is safe to say that Casino4Fun is the only free-to-play site you’ll find anywhere that offers live dealer games.

b spot Casino

b spot is a one-of-a-kind casino that any iCasino enthusiast should check out. Unlike the other casinos we discuss on this page, b spot lets players win real money from playing its many slot titles and instant-win games.

Riversweeps Casino Vs. b spot

Riversweeps and b spot both share a similarity in that they aren’t like other social casinos. Riversweeps’ layout is akin to an island chain of websites; each of them is unique, but together, they form the Riversweeps Casino brand.

b spot, on the other hand, is based on a single website. Unlike the other non-traditional online casinos mentioned on this page, however, b spot doesn’t utilize the sweepstakes method.

Players won’t find any Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins on this site. Instead, you can actually play casino games for real money! b spot has wider availability than traditional online casinos but less availability than sweepstakes casinos.

We go over the details of how b spot works in our review, where we take a deep dive into b spot casino. To summarize, b spot uses pari-mutuel gambling that allows players to place wagers on live horse-racing events. The results of these wagers are slowly revealed through playing b spot’s dozens of casino games.

Much like Riversweeps, slots are the star of the show at b spot. There are many games for players to select from, and several of the slots have themes that are similar to the ones found at Riversweeps. For example, Riversweeps’ Diamond Shot has a similar theme and appearance to b spot’s Artic Sun 7s slot title. From the symbols to the background, these games are proof that you can find your favorite slot themes across multiple platforms.

MyJackpot Casino

This social casino has hundreds of slot games that are free to play. Although MyJackpot does not permit any cash prizes whatsoever, it offers exciting in-game prizes and has an ease of use that many players may prefer more than that of Riversweeps.

Riversweeps Vs. MyJackpot Casino

MyJackpot Casino is a bit different from most of the other sites we’ve mentioned on this page. This site is a social casino but not a sweepstakes casino.

There are no Sweeps Coins available on MyJackpot. Thus, players cannot win prizes of any sort on the site. However, there are a truly staggering number of slot titles on MyJackpot Casino, making the site more than worthwhile.

Virtually every slot game category and popular slot theme is represented here. So if you love the slot selection at Riversweeps but wish it was a bit more robust, check out MyJackpot Casino. With hundreds upon hundreds of slot titles on offer, you are bound to find ones you enjoy playing. Best of all, you won’t lose a dime playing any of them.

Lounge777 Casino

Lounge777 is a social casino platform that is very similar to MyJackpot. In fact, the two sites could be considered sister sites. Players can expect the same easy-to-navigate site layout and the same huge collection of slot titles.

Riversweeps Vs. Lounge777 Casino

Riversweeps could learn a thing or two from Lounge777 and MyJackpot. The latter social casinos are a great example of how two separate but similar sites can offer a consistent gaming experience, in terms of site navigation as well as game selection.

Riversweeps Casino sites can be described as a mixed bag at best. Its sites offer inconsistent experiences, with some being downright confusing to navigate or offering a different suite of games.

Lounge777 and MyJackpot, on the other hand, each offer fun casino gaming that is free of headaches and puzzling site layouts. If you wish it was easier to access the slot games at Riversweeps, we recommend you give MyJackpot or Lounge777 Casino a try. You will find slot games that fit virtually every popular slot theme imaginable, and you can win some great in-game prizes.

More Sites Like Riversweeps

The above sites are our top picks for sweepstakes casinos like Riversweeps, but they aren’t the only altneratives out there. Below are some other worthy considerations for players looking for other social casino gaming destinations.

LuckyLand Slots Casino

LuckyLand Slots is another sweepstakes casino that will appeal to fans of Riversweeps Casino. The site is easy to navigate, and joining is a quick and painless process

Riversweeps Casino Vs. LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand’s games are very reminiscent of some of the more popular titles on Riversweeps. For example, the game Mining For Millions is a western-themed game that takes place in front of an excavated mine with the western frontier in the background.

Riversweeps has a similar game to this called Golden Skulls. This game is also set in the American Old West and features 5 reels, replete with all the symbols one would expect from a game in this setting. Both games have similar backgrounds, and both can be played for free with Gold Coins or played with Sweeps Coins in the hopes of getting cash prizes.


Funzpoints is an online sweepstakes casino with many similarities to other sites listed on this page, including Riversweeps. On Funzpoints, players use two different virtual currencies to play casino games. These currencies are Funzpoints and Premium Funzpoints, and they behave like Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, respectively.

Riversweeps Vs. Funzpoints

Like Riversweeps, Funzpoints specializes primarily in slot games. Some of their games share common themes, as well. For example, Funzpoints’ Buffalo Fury is similar to the game Wild Buffalo at Riversweeps. Buffalo-themed slot games are popular at many casinos, and these games fit the mold with symbols of many different animals, including buffalo, of course.

One important distinction between the games is the number of reels they each have. Buffalo Fury has 4 reels, while Wild Buffalo has 5. This gives Wild Buffalo more paylines, but Buffalo Fury still has wild symbols and scatter symbols that give players numerous chances to win.

Global Poker

Global Poker takes the sweepstakes casino concept and applies it to peer-versus-peer poker gaming. It is the most popular platform for bringing in free online poker to players all across the U.S., while still providing the opportunity to win cash prizes.

Riversweeps Vs. Global Poker

If you have played on both of these sites, you might think they have very little in common. Dig a little deeper, though, and you might be surprised. Both sites use the typical sweepstakes casino method, offering players the opportunity to use Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins to play fun games for free and potentially win some great cash prizes.

Global Poker’s specialty is peer-to-peer poker, where players can use either virtual currency to play against real opponents in ring games and tournaments. But did you know that Global Poker also has slot games? It is an often overlooked feature of the popular poker sweepstakes casino, but Global Poker has dozens of slot games and even a few table games on offer.

Riversweeps and Global Poker even have similar slot games available. Riversweeps casino has a slot game called Red Hot Chili 7s that is similar to Global Poker’s Super Hot 7s in terms of both appearance and gameplay. Both games have 3 reels and are designed after the classic slot machines found in retail casinos.

So, if you’re looking for a change of pace from the casino games at Riversweeps, we highly recommend that you try your hand at some poker or slots on Global Poker. You might be surprised at how much fun you have.

Chumba Casino

Chumba is another of the most popular sweepstakes casinos on the web. Players can choose from a wide array of slot games to play for fun or the possibility to redeem cash prizes. Chumba is also one of the few sweepstakes casinos to offer multiple games to its players.

Riversweeps Vs. Chumba Casino

Like the other sweepstakes casinos on this list, Chumba Casino offers players the opportunity to use Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins while playing their favorite casino games. Chumba Casino has a wide variety of slot games available, including many that will be familiar to fans of Riversweeps.

For example, both Chumba Casino and Riversweeps have a game based on the popular space theme. Riversweeps’ 5-reel game, Space Rocks, is similar to the game, Starburst, at Chumba Casino. Starburst is also a 5-reel game, offering players multiple chances to win. Both games have a very aesthetic background with colorful gem symbols that players will try to align for some big wins.

ZitoBox Casino

Like Chumba and Pulsz Casino, ZitoBox offers a more diverse game selection than other sweepstakes casinos. The site offers more than a dozen table games and has tons of video slots and progressive slot games to choose from.

Riversweeps Vs. ZitoBox

ZitoBox is another sweepstakes casino that will be familiar to many players. ZitoBox has all the games one would expect from a top-tier casino, including slots, table games, and even keno. Like the other casinos on this list, ZitoBox offers two virtual currencies: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins.

Players can use either currency to play the games at ZitoBox. However, only Sweeps Coins can be used to redeem prizes. ZitoBox has a wide variety of slot games available, many of which are similar to games at Riversweeps.

For example, ZitoBox’s game, 101 Wolfpack, is similar to the Riversweeps Casino game, Wolf Reels. Both games feature gorgeous graphics with symbols of woodland animals that players will try to land on the games’ 5 reels.

Comparing Riversweeps Casino

As shown from the many sites discussed above, there are many alternatives to Riversweeps. In fact, we would recommend any of them above the Riversweeps platform simply because they are much easier to navigate.

While Riversweeps does have a fun game collection across most of its sites, its game offerings come from popular developers that are also partnered with many of the other social casinos we mention above. Until Riversweeps streamlines its platform to make its numerous sites more consistent with one another, playing on an alternative site like Pulsz, Fortune Coins, or Chumba is simply a better experience for all but the most dedicated Riversweeps fans.

Many of these other sites offer a much smoother experience while still letting players earn cash prizes. They take the best parts of Riversweeps while avoiding the aspects that make Riversweeps so dodgy.

Top 5 Riversweeps Casino Games

Riversweeps Casino has a nice variety of slot games that will appeal to many gamblers’ tastes. No matter what kind of theme you prefer for your slot games, Riversweeps probably has a theme you will enjoy. The sweepstakes casino’s games are made by some of the most respected developers in the industry and feature great graphics, smooth gameplay, and an overall entertaining experience.

Golden Dragon

This eye-catching slot title has 5 reels, filled with symbols of dragons, turtles, fish, white tigers, and more. The dragon symbol is one of the most desired symbols, increasing a player’s winning more than other symbols. The golden bowl is another important symbol, adding up to a 4x multiplier on your wager.

Golden Dragon has 50 paylines, giving players ample opportunities to land winning combinations across the reels. You simply need to match symbols sequentially on at least 3 reels to be a winner.

Dolphins Kingdom

The Dolphins kingdom can be quite the profitable slot game. It has 5 reels and more than 20 pay lines, so players will naturally have more chances to win as long as they have at least 3 matches per line.

As the name suggests, Dolphins Kingdom is an aquatic-themed game, so you will see various sea creatures and aquatic elements used as decoration and art. Dolphins, for example, are one of the most important symbols, as they are the scatter symbols.

Land these scatter symbols, and you will be rewarded with 15 free spins. This powerful feature can be obtained and used more than once, allowing players to win lots of Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. Between its fun features and pleasing aesthetics, this is an exciting game that Riversweeps players shouldn’t miss.

Fruit Bar

The Fruit Bar slot game features a tropical theme. While playing the game, you will notice different elements of the tropics, like coconuts and sand. As you might guess from the name, Fruit Bar also has elements of a fruity theme, so symbols of grapes, strawberries, pears, and a whole array of different fruits will appear in the game’s 5 reels.

Fruit Bar’s background features a beautiful sandy beach with palm trees in the background, beckoning players to a place of relaxation while playing. Of all the games on Riversweeps, Fruit Bar gives you one of the highest chances of winning, with an RTP of 96.17%.

El Toro

The El Toro slot game is an homage to Spanish culture with its bull wrangling, matador theme. The game features 40 pay lines, which is more than many of the other slot games offered at Riversweeps. The game’s soundtrack fits the theme and is reminiscent of having a late night out in a Spanish city.

El toro offers a few great features to set itself apart, including bonus spins, instant play, autoplay, wild symbols, and scatter symbols. Additionally, when a player lands on a bull and a matador symbol on a spin, they will activate an exciting bullfight bonus feature.

At this point, you are asked to bet on who you think will win between the bull and the matador. After making your selection, an animation plays where the bull charges the matador. If your selection is correct, you will earn yourself a tidy sum of Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. This interactive feature makes El toro one of the most fun slot titles offered on Riersweeps.

Hot Chance

Hot chance is a classic casino game with all of the typical symbols: cherries, lemons, and the classic lucky 7 symbol that can trigger the biggest win of all the symbols. It has 3 reels, 5 pay lines, and a fairly decent RTP that is a little north of 95%.

Hot chance has a special feature named after itself. The feature is activated when you get stacks of plums and cherries or oranges and lemons. This feature allows you to double your possible prize up to 3 times.

You will also get the option to double your winnings after every round once you click the gamble button. On top of this, Hot Chance also offers a bonus round, so there are numerous ways to win Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins with this game.

Games Like Riversweeps Casino

Riversweeps Casino is primarily known for its slot titles, but it also has other game types on offer. Because so many different websites comprise Riversweeps, not every game of every type might be available on each site.

So if the site you are playing on does not have a game type that you enjoy, you might have better luck searching for the game on another site. Let’s take a look at the game types offered by the sweepstakes casino below.

Slots Like Riversweeps Casino

Slots are the bread and butter of all casinos, whether they be retail casinos, traditional online casinos, or sweepstakes casinos. Riversweeps is no exception. The social casino has numerous slot titles that let players take a chance at winning some cash prizes.

You can find all sorts of different slot games on Riversweeps, from simple 3-reel games to complex 5-reel video slots. Themes range from fantasy and adventure to pop culture and more. If slots are the game type that you most prefer to play, then there are other sweepstakes casino sites besides Riversweeps that are deserving of your attention.

Sites like LuckyLand Slots and Funzpoints have expansive slot collections, sporting games that have similar themes to some of the popular titles on Riversweeps. b spot is also another great choice, as it deals almost exclusively with slot titles. While not a sweepstakes casino itself, b spot does permit users to play slot games and possibly win real cash.

If you specifically like Riversweeps because of the free gaming opportunities, then we highly recommend you check out Lounge777 or MyJackpot. These sites are social casinos, offering no sweepstakes or prizes to speak of.

What Lounge777 and MyJackpot do have, however, is one of the most extensive slot collections around. Both sites have hundreds upon hundreds of slot titles each, surpassing the game library of even real-money online casinos. If the selection at Riversweeps feels too limited, then the copious slot choices at these two social casinos are exactly what you’re looking for.

Table Games Like Riversweeps Casino

Riversweeps Casino does not currently have any table games. Fortunately, there are other options if you would like to play table games on a sweepstakes casino site. The leading sweepstakes sites for table games are Pulsz Casino, ZitoBox, and Chumba Casino. ZitoBox has the largest collection, boasting more than a dozen different titles.

Chumba had a decent selection, but after getting rid of both of its roulette games, its collection has shrunk. Blackjack is now the only table game on offer. On the bright side, Chumba has 3 different variations of the classic table game.

Pulsz Casino’s collection is on par with Chumba. Here, players will find a blackjack game as well as a house-banked Texas Hold’Em Poker game.

Fish Games Like Riversweeps Casino

Fish games are growing more and more popular online. This exciting game type takes place in a virtual ocean. The objective is to catch fish swimming along the ocean floor. Catching enough of the right fish will net you prizes.

If this is your type, you can find another one just like it on Fortune Coins. This sweepstakes casino site has a host of game types, but the fish game is among the most popular at Fortune Coins.

It follows a similar ruleset as the game at Riversweeps. It’s filled with all sorts of eye-catching visuals and gives players a unique and interesting way to win prizes.

Bingo Games Like Riversweeps Casino

There aren’t any bingo games on Riversweeps Casino, but there are no-chance games which are quite popular among players. No-Chance games are the calling card of Riversweeps Casino. These games offer a unique advantage that seems to run counterintuitively to gambling: players get to peek into the future to see what is about to transpire on the reels.

You might think this makes the game too easy and takes all the fun out of it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Peeking ahead at where the reels will land costs you additional wagers. This adds another layer of strategy, as players will have to strategically consider when is the best time to use this helpful ability.

Currently, there aren’t any games like this on other sweepstakes casinos, giving Riversweeps a leg up on its competition in this regard. If No-Chance games do become available at other sweepstakes casinos, though, you can trust that The Game Day Casino will let you know about it right away.

Sweepstakes Casino Apps Like Riversweeps Casino

It is a bit odd that Riversweeps has multiple different sites but only one mobile app. The app, which is available to iOS users, has many of the same games players will find across many of the Riversweeps sites, but there are bound to be a few games from certain Riversweeps that players may not find on the app.

If you want a more cohesive app experience, there are other social casinos that you may want to check out. For example, b spot is a casino whose app offers everything that players will find on the site itself. The same is true of the Pulsz Casino app.

Even social casinos without a dedicated mobile app, such as Rivers Casino4Fun, offer a better overall mobile experience than the Riversweeps app. While Casino4Fun does not have a mobile application, the site can be accessed via your device’s mobile browser.

Most of the games from the Casino4Fun site are available on mobile, including live dealer games. Better still, when playing on desktop, each game has a symbol next to it that designates whether or not it is available on mobile. This is a great way to find out if your favorite games are available on the go before even logging in from your mobile device.

Find the Best Alternatives to Riversweeps at The Game Day Casino

Riversweeps Casino is a platform with many games similar to those found on other popular social casino sites. However, the platform itself and the app leave much to be desired when compared to other social casinos available.

If you’re looking for a better mobile experience, check out sites b spot or Rivers Casino4Fun. If you prefer to play for free but still retain the possibility of winning cash prizes, we recommend sweepstakes casino sites like Pulsz Casino, Fortune Coins, and more.

These sites and others do a better job with transparency, and their platforms are easy to navigate. Playing on these sites is a much better alternative to the headache of trying to maneuver through Riversweeps and its inconsistent game selection and overall gaming experience.


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