Sweepstakes Casino Prizes

Online sweepstakes casino sites are a great way to enjoy slots and table games for a chance to win real money prizes. If you are new to this type of gaming, you may need clarification on what you can win or the best sweepstakes prizes. At The GameDay Casino, we have you covered. Our team has researched sweepstakes casino providers to find you the best options for earning prizes.

Best Prize Online Casinos in the U.S.

Learn how to claim free prizes and redeem coins for rewards. The process is easy once you know what you are doing. Use this page as your ultimate resource for sweepstakes casino prizes. Read on to explore the best prize options, including our recommendations for quality sweepstakes gaming.

Which Social Casinos Have the Best Casino Prize?

We are experts when it comes to social casino gaming. We know which sweepstakes sites provide the best casino prizes, including real money options. Below we provide insight into the best sites to play sweepstakes casino games, plus what prizes they offer. Learn how to redeem prizes, too, so you can easily cash out any wins you earn!

Pulsz Casino Prizes

Players of Pulsz Casino have the option to claim a cash or gift card prize. You will need a certain number of qualifying sweepstakes coins before requesting a withdrawal. Playing with sweepstakes coins makes you eligible for prizes. You will need to play through your Sweeps Coins, making them eligible for withdrawal.

To claim cash prizes, you must have 100 or more quality sweepstakes coins in your account. Each coin is worth $1. If you request a withdrawal of 100 sweepstakes coins, you will receive $100 in cash. There may be a processing fee for redemption, so speak, to support you before moving forward with your withdrawal.

You need 25 or more qualifying sweepstakes coins to receive a gift card. Claim a gift card with one Sweeps Coin valued at $10. A redemption of 25 SCs would result in a gift card valued at $25.

Pulsz Casino Prize Redemption

Follow the steps below to claim a prize redemption:

  1. Once you have enough qualifying sweepstakes coins, start the redemption process.
  2. Players can select a bank account, Skrill, or prize-out gift card for redemption.
  3. Bank account and Skrill are for cash prizes, while the prize-out gift card offers players a gift card selection.
  4. Once approved, you will receive the cash funds in the connected banking account or a gift card via email.

Fortune Coins Prizes

Members of Fortune Coins can redeem any fortune coins earned for prizes. The redemption process is for cash only, which we appreciate. It takes only a few minutes to complete a withdrawal request, but the first time will take longer due to the need for player verification. First-timers must verify their identity before moving forward with a withdrawal.

  • Upload a copy of your government-issued ID. This can be a driver’s license, national or state ID, or passport.
  • Provide proof of address with a bank statement or utility bill. The document needs to be no older than three months.
  • A bank statement must also be provided to show you are the owner of the bank account you wish to redeem prizes.

Fortune Coins Prize Redemption

To redeem a cash prize, use the following steps:

  1. Click on the icon at the top right corner of the screen and select redeem from the drop list.
  2. Select how many fortune coins you wish to redeem. Then select proceed.
  3. Complete the transaction details on the page and select your payment method.
  4. Once submitted, Fortune Coins will process it, and you should receive your funds promptly.

Chumba Casino Prizes

Chumba Casino offers players Sweeps Coins as rewards plus cash prizes. Players need Sweeps Coins to have virtual currency to convert into real cash. As you earn Sweeps Coins, they must be played through first to be eligible for cashing out. Players can also choose to redeem Sweeps Coins for a gift card.

Gift card payouts require 10 SCs or more to start a withdrawal. For cash payments, players need at least 100 SCs and can only remove up to 5,000 SCs per transaction.

Please note that each player must verify their account before a cashout is allowed. You will need to send Chumba Casino a copy of your photo ID, proof of residency, and a bank statement. This helps to prove your identity and is only required for the withdrawal.

Chumba Casino Prize Redemption

Follow the steps below to redeem a prize at Chumba Casino.

  1. Click on the options tab at the top right of your screen. Use the menu to select redeem.
  2. Select prize-out a gift card or cash. If you choose a gift card, you must select a merchant.
  3. After making your selection, you will receive an email that confirms the redemption request.
  4. It can take up to 24 hours for a request to be approved.
  5. Once approved, funds are provided in your selected account. Gift cards are emailed to the address within your account.
  6. Online banking withdrawals can take up to 10 days to appear, while gift cards are processed in 1-3 days.

Global Poker Prizes

For poker fans, Global Poker offers exciting sweepstakes gaming with the opportunity to claim cash prizes or gift cards. The minimum redemption amount for cash prizes is SC50. For gift cards, the amount is SC10.

All Sweeps Coins you have must be played through at the site before being eligible for withdrawal. Another stipulation is that players must verify accounts before a withdrawal is allowed. Players need to submit a photo ID, proof of address, and a selfie to verify an account.

A photo ID can be a driver’s license, passport, or government-issued ID. Proof of address can be a bank statement, utility bill, or government-issued letter. The documents must be less than six months old.

Global Poker Prize Redemption

Follow the steps below to redeem Sweeps Coins:

  1. Click on the section labeled Get Coins.
  2. Selected redeem prize from the next window.
  3. Select a gift card for the quickest option or prize to receive cash via Skrill or a bank account.
  4. Complete the directions on the site.
  5. Gift cards are emailed to you within a few days, while cash may take several days to reach your account.

Funzpoints Casino Prizes

Players at Funzpoints Casino have two options for gaming; premium mode and standard mode. While in standard mode, players collect jackpot tickets. While in premium mode, players earn jackpot tickets plus sweepstakes prizes.

Players with 2000 or more qualifying premium funzpoints can claim a cash prize. 100 qualifying premium funzpoints equal $1. The maximum number of premium funzpoints players can claim is 200,000.

Funzpoints Prize Redemption

Before you can start, the Funzpoints Casino account must be verified. You will need to submit personal details for verification. The site may require you to send a photo ID and proof of address.

  1. Click on the Cash Out button on the top right.
  2. Select how much you wish to withdraw and your banking method.
  3. Follow the directions to complete the process, and then enjoy your winnings.

Skillz Prizes

To win prizes via Skillz, players need to opt-in to various promotions. This can be done with links provided by the site. Players can also enter by sending an email to sweeps@skillz.com during the promotion period. The email needs to state Free participation request—(title of the promotion) to be eligible. Prizes vary based on the promotion.

Players can earn ticketz or trophy prizes from Skillz. Overall, the reward system is nice, but it is annoying that players have to opt-in to take part every time.

Skillz Prize Redemption

If you deposit funds and play for cash, you can withdraw anytime. All you must do is click the withdraw button found on the main menu. Withdrawals are processed based using the same payment method used to deposit funds. PayPal and credit cards are common forms of payment.

Players should note that any withdrawals under $10 will have a $1.50 fee from the site. Members can withdraw funds via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ApplePay, and PayPal.

What Real Money Casino Prizes Are There?

Each sweepstakes casino site offers various real money prizes. Some will offer real cash, while others offer gift card prizes. Learn more about each prize type so you can select a casino that offers the type of prizes you want. It can be disappointing playing with a provider offering gift cards if you expect cash and vice versa. We provide insight into prizes below, including what providers are ready to pay real cash and who offers gift card rewards.

Sweeps Cash Prizes

Various online sweepstakes casino providers award cash prizes. Generally speaking, players will need to use Sweeps Coins and exchange the virtual currency for a cash prize. Each site requires a set number of qualifying Sweeps Coins to begin a withdrawal.

Chumba Casino and Pulsz Casino are two of the best sweepstakes sites that feature cash prizes. Be sure to switch to Sweeps Coin mode when you play to be eligible for cash prizes. As opposed to Sweeps Coins, Gold coins at the sites are only for free play and cannot be exchanged for real money prizes.

Gift Card Prizes

Aside from real money prizes, sweepstakes sites also feature gift cards. Once you earn enough Sweeps Coins from gameplay, request to redeem for gift cards from various retailers. Global Poker and Chumba Casino are two options you can use to play casino games and earn gift cards.

The types of gift cards you can earn will vary based on the retailer and the amounts you can redeem the cards for. Speak to support at your favorite online sweepstakes site to see your options before redeeming gift cards.

What Free Online Casino Prizes Are There?

Sweepstakes casino sites offer plenty of free prizes for playing games. Online casinos like MyJackpot, Lounge777, and Casino4Fun do not offer cash prizes but provide players with gaming credits. The prizes can then be used for more gaming options. These sites also give abundant virtual currency to players at no charge, making them fantastic options for free casino gaming.

Sites offering sweepstakes gaming often provide free coin prizes, ticket prizes, or spins. The options will vary based on the provider. Review a few options to find the site that provides your desired reward type.

Free Sweeps Coins Prizes

A free Sweeps Coins prize is a bonus provided by the online casino. This bonus can occur in several ways. You can win Sweeps Coins while playing games with SCs or earn this reward when purchasing Gold Coin packages. Some sites even give you free Sweeps Coins just for logging in daily!

Sites like Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots offer free Sweeps Coin with login. Visit the sites daily and log in to your account to earn a free reward!

Ticket Prizes

Funzpoints and Skillz are two examples of sweepstakes casino sites that feature tickets as prizes. Players earn tickets from free play, and these tickets can be used for additional rewards.

At Funzpoints, the casino offers tickets for its jackpot drawings. The drawings take place once a day and offer prizes such as more coins. At Skillz, players can earn Ticketz whether they win or lose while playing a game. Tickets are also offered via trophies you earn at the site or within the login bonus. Ticketz at Skillz are used for bonus cash or site perks.

Free Spins Prizes

Another great option for prizes is free spins. Sometimes, online sweepstakes casinos provide members with free spins on specific slot games. These deals usually coincide with holidays or new game releases. Follow your favorite sweepstakes casinos on social media to stay up to date on any free spin deals. Many providers like to update their members on Facebook with unique deals such as free spins.

No Deposit Bonus Prizes

A no-deposit bonus is a favorite among sweeps casino players because no payment is necessary. This deal is often provided upon login or with daily deals. Sites like Funzpoints offer a daily wheel spin where players can earn extra game credits. Chumba Casino and LuckyLand also offer no deposit bonuses when you log in. Even if you want to avoid playing, logging in will give you freebies you can use later.

How To Redeem a Casino Prize

The process of redeeming a sweepstakes casino prize is relatively simple. Once you have enough Sweeps Coins or similar rewards, it takes just a few minutes to complete a withdrawal. Below are the general steps you will need to take. Please note that every casino is different, so the process may not be exact.

  • Once you are ready to redeem a prize, you must verify your account. This may include providing a photocopy of your ID and proof of address.
  • Next, select a banking option if you are redeeming cash. If you are redeeming a gift card, you will need to select a retailer if that is an option.
  • Complete the transaction as required by the casino. Directions will be given as you start the redemption process.
  • Cash rewards should be provided within a few days, while gift cards may be instant via email or up to 10 days or so via regular mail.

Reach out to support if you have an issue redeeming a prize or want to know more about the process based on the individual casino site.

Are Sweepstakes Online Casino Prizes Taxable?

Sweepstakes casino sites do report winnings that players earn. Some may withhold taxes while others may not. This is left up to the operator. In some instances, you may also have to report winnings on your tax return.

Every player must check the applicable laws in their given state. We are not giving legal advice, and it is up to the player to check what taxes need to be paid on prize winnings. You can speak to the support of the casino you play with and local laws in your state regarding sweepstakes prizes.

Your accountant or tax preparer can also assist with any questions you may have, especially if you land a larger jackpot prize. Avoid any issues with tax payments or government officials by completing research in your state regarding sweepstakes wins. It saves you time and money in the long run after claiming any prize wins.

What Other Prizes Can I Get at Sweepstakes Casinos?

In general, sweepstakes casinos are generous with their prizes. Some sites offer coins for more gaming, while others provide gift cards and cash prizes. Various bonuses are offered via sweepstakes sites, so players always have something to explore. Utilize Gold Coin deals to earn free Sweeps Coins or take advantage of contests for a chance to win merchandise and exclusive prizes.

You never know what one of these sites will offer, which makes the gaming experience even more fun. Be sure to sign up for one of our recommended providers to take advantage of available sweepstakes casino perks!


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