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The online casino world is growing and developing at a rapid rate. One operator who appears to be a little bit ahead of the curve and offering something totally different to players is Skillz Casino. Skillz is not your traditional casino. Instead, it is a unique online gaming platform that hosts social competitions between friends, as well as promotes eSports and other mobile gaming options.

The company has been around since 2012 and has been at the forefront of social eSports and mobile gaming competitions. Players can compete against one another to win prizes, while there is also a fun element attached to it as well. In many ways, Skillz is a hybrid, offering a mix of social casinos, mobile casino games, and eSports competitions. Players are able to build online reputations and, in some cases, even followings. Skillz has really embraced the gamification of online casinos and eSports, with players able to customize their experience by collecting stickers, changing their usernames, and more.

There has never been a better time to sign up and try out a site like Skillz. The site is growing in popularity at a rapid rate, and while the bonuses on offer may not be huge, there is always room for that to change. Join us at The Game Day Casino as we take a look through the promotions and bonuses that Skillz has to offer.

Skillz Casino Bonuses Across America

As we have mentioned throughout this guide, Skillz Casino is different from a standard casino, and as such, you will not find the broad array of bonuses and promotions that you will find on more traditional sites.

One benefit to this lack of convention is the availability of the casino across the states, with just a few restrictions in place. Players from every state can sign up for the site, with restrictions being state-specific. For example, in certain states, players will not be able to access cash prize games. Many of these do provide the option of playing for both cash prizes and for free, though, so this shouldn’t cause too many issues for players.

This wide range of availability makes this one of the most iGaming platforms around. As such, players can claim on the Get Bonus button here at The Game Day Casino to sign up for Skillz Casino and get a taste of all of the unique services and content that it has to offer.

Who Can Claim Skillz Casino Bonus?

Skillz Casino is a really unique operator in that it doesn’t provide traditional gambling options. As such, some of the legality regarding the site is going to be dependent on what state you are based in.

Anyone in the United States can sign up and use Skillz, but there will be some restrictions regarding what you can access. For example, all cash games are prohibited for players in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

There is also a rule in Indiana and Maine that states cash games that are card-based can not be accessed. There is also a restriction on the Dominoes Gold Game in the State of New Jersey.

That isn’t to say that players in these states won’t be able to access games. Skillz has such a wide variety of gaming options that it won’t hinder the experience too much. Many of the Skillz casino games you will find on the site are available to play for both real money and for free.

What it does mean, however, is that some bonuses may not be able to be claimed in these states. Do not worry, though. The site’s loyalty scheme and its rewarding of ‘Ticketz’ is available to all players, regardless of what state they are in.

Can You Claim Skillz Casino Bonus Over Iphone & Android?

Yes! Skillz Casino is almost exclusively mobile-based. The idea of Skillz is that players download apps onto their devices to compete against other players. The main bonuses you will find at Skillz are entry bonuses and referrals. A lot of the games and apps that can be downloaded will have bonuses or features that are exclusive to themselves.

You can claim all of these on your mobile devices and keep your bonus funds nicely topped up. Players will also be able to top up their loyalty rewards when they play on mobile. These will transfer between devices providing you are using the same account.

Skillz Casino Bonus Code

Players do not need a Skillz Casino bonus code in order to get their hands on the bonuses listed on this site. Instead, they can click on the link provided by us at The Game Day Casino to head over to the Skillz Casino website and get started. The signup process is nice and simple, and it just takes a matter of moments.

Once they have done this, they can make their deposit and claim their first signup bonus. As we have noted, this may not be available to players in all states, so be sure to check first.

The only time a link will be needed with Skillz Casino is when players want to claim the referral bonus. The site will generate its own code or link for players that they can then share with friends in order to claim the bonuses. These codes are exclusive to your account, so be sure that you don’t share someone else’s codes and lose out.

Skillz will often run promotions relating to specific tournaments or games. In these cases, a bonus code may be necessary. At The Game Day Casino, we aim to keep our readers up to date with any and all bonus codes that they might need, so be sure to check back on this page regularly. These promotions run quite frequently, with the wide variety of gaming options at Skillz Casino allowing for plenty of competitions.

Skillz Casino Signup Bonus

There is a small signup bonus that is available to be claimed by players when they open their account at Skillz Casino. Players will need to deposit money to buy their way into tournaments and play certain apps. New players on the site can claim a 100% deposit bonus of up to $10. The operator does change this on a regular basis, so we recommend you come back to the Game Day Casino regularly to see if any changes have been made.

Skillz Casino First Deposit Match Bonus

As we have already mentioned above and in our full Skillz Casino review, the Skillz platform allows players to claim a $10 first deposit match bonus. The funds deposited can be used to play a variety of different games and to enter different tournaments on the site. On top of this, the operator also offers a referral bonus. Players can find this on their rewards page. They can claim a link that can be sent to their friends. Once their friend signs up and deposits $20, a $20 bonus will be added to the referrer’s account.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are commonplace with bonuses and promotions. This is the number of times a player has to play through their bonus funds in order to withdraw them as real money.

Things are a little different with Skillz Casino. The bonuses that players can get their hands on at Skillz Casino are all used to enter tournaments and download applications. As such, none of them can be converted into real money, and wagering requirements do not apply.

When entering a tournament or game at Skillz Casino, players will be able to make up 10% of their entry fee using bonus funds. To make things more attractive, though, all winnings from tournaments can be withdrawn 100% in real money. Entrance fees for tournaments will vary, but many of them are very affordable, and in some cases, they will offer huge prizes for players to compete.

One notable term is that in order for a player to be able to claim their $20 referral bonus, the person that they have referred must deposit $20 after they have signed up. Once this has been confirmed, the referee’s account will be credited with the bonus funds.

Certain terms & conditions are likely to change based on the state the players are in. In certain states, players will not be able to play cash games, for example, and as such, the terms & conditions surrounding the rewarding of bonuses may also be different.

Of course, we always recommend that players take the time to read through any terms & conditions that may be attached to any promotion and are sure they are happy before signing up.

Skillz Casino Free Slot Spins

Sadly, there is no Skillz Casino Free Spins bonus available. Given the unique nature of the Skillz Casino site and service, there are no actual slots that can be played directly on the website. However, as an operator that is regularly updating the services it offers, there is always the chance that this changes in the future.

One thing that is offered at Skillz Casino is a loyalty rewards program. Players can claim Ticketz that are used to get free entry into tournaments and games. Ticketz are rewarded based on how often you play and what games and tournaments you enter on the site.

Ticketz may also be handed out as part of specific promotions. The operator regularly launches promotions that tie in with big events or tournaments. Players are also able to exchange tickets for different perks on the site, such as the ability to change your username, stickers, and more. As such, be sure to check back in with us at The Game Day Casino to find out if any of this changes.


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