Rush Casino4Fun Payment Options

The Rush Casino4Fun social casino is gaining popularity thanks to its top-tier design, a full library of games, and several payment options.

While many social casinos require a credit or debit card, RushCasino4Fun adds PayPal and online banking options to the mix. The following guide was written to educate you on the payment methods available at RushCasino4Fun and which options are the best and why.

What Are the Best Rush Casino4Fun Deposit Methods?

There are no deposits at Rush Casino4Fun, and you will never have a real-money wallet on the platform. Instead of deposits, you can make purchases using your credit or debit card, personal bank account, or PayPal account. There are no real upsides or downsides to using one method over another. It’s all about what is most convenient for you.

All purchases are for the casino’s Virtual Credits (VC$), which hold no cash value and can never be converted into money or real-world prizes.

Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card

If you want to purchase Virtual Credits, using plastic is the most popular and probably more accessible choice. Rush Casino4Fun accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover with the option to use credit, debit, or prepaid funds.

  • Minimum deposit: $1.99
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A

Online Banking

Rush Games offers a modern way to pay for Virtual Coins on its social casino platform. Instead of paying with a card, Rush Casino4Fun allows you to pay directly from your bank account. You don’t need to download apps to use this easy and secure payment method. Rest assured, your account information is always protected and never stored on casino servers.

  • Minimum deposit: $1.99
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A


Make a convenient and safe deposit with PayPal at Rush Casino4Fun. Using PayPal in conjunction with the already tight security at Rush Casino4Fun means that your banking and personal information are sealed behind multiple levels of failsafe.

  • Minimum deposit: $1.99
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A

Fastest Deposit Methods at Rush Casino4Fun Casino

All purchase methods are instantaneous. Thus, every available method on Rush Games is the fastest when it comes to loading your account with VC$.

How to Make an Online Deposit at Rush Casino4Fun Casino

There are no deposits available at Rush Casino4Fun. The only real-money transactions are purchases of Virtual Credits. You can buy as few as VC$100 for $1.99 or as many as VC$75,000 for $299.99.

How Long Does Rush Casino4Fun Take to Deposit?

Purchases are instantaneous whether you are using a credit/debit card, PayPal, or an online bank. As soon as the transaction is verified, the VC$ will be added to your bankroll immediately.

Is there a Rush Casino4Fun Deposit Limit?

There can be no limits because there are no deposits at Rush Casino4Fun. Regarding purchases, however, the most expensive bundle of Virtual Credits you can buy is $299.99 for VC$75,000. You can also score free Virtual Credits through various Rush Games Casino4Fun promotions.

Rush Casino4Fun Withdrawal Options

Rush Casino4Fun differs from online Sweepstakes casinos in that it does not offer any method of converting VC$ into real money or the ability to claim any products, prices, or other items of monetary value. You may not purchase, sell, or trade VC$ outside the Rush Games Casino4Fun platform.

Fastest Withdrawal Methods at Rush Casino4Fun Casino

As mentioned above, Rush Casino4Fun differs from most other social casinos because there are zero methods for converting your Virtual Credits for cash, prizes, or anything that could be viewed as holding value outside the casino.

How to Make an Online Withdrawal at Rush Casino4Fun Casino

There is no method of withdrawing at Rush Casino4Fun, nor can you convert your Virtual Credits into any currency or physical prizes. However, that doesn’t mean there are no rewards on the platform.

Every time you make a wager at Rush Casino4Fun, you will earn a set number of Play Points. When you accumulate enough Play Points, you can cash them in at the Rewards Center for various casino bonuses.

Among things you can “buy” with Play Points are Jackpot Scratch tickets, spins on the 50/50 wheel, or you can convert them back into VC$.

How Long Does Rush Casino4Fun Take to Pay?

There are no payments on Rush Casino4Fun to time. Any purchases made with VC$ or Play Points are instantaneous.

Are Rush Casino4Fun Winnings Taxable?

There is no option to take any cash winnings at Rush Games. Virtual Credits won from Rush Casino4Fun games cannot be redeemed for monetary prizes of any kind.


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