Resorts Casino Slots

Resorts Casino has a truly impressive collection of slot games. The three main categories of slots are all represented here. Players will find traditional slot games, video slots, and even progressive slot games that offer incredibly large jackpots.

The slot games at Resorts Casino are easy to play and have an excellent user interface. Games are well-organized, and there is even a search function to help players locate their favorites.

What Do We Like About Resorts Casino Slots?

Resorts Casino is one of the most well-known and successful online casino destinations in the state of New Jersey. It should therefore come as no surprise that they understand how to appeal to the tastes of their slot players. Let’s take a closer look at some of the aspects that make Resorts’ slot gaming so enjoyable.


The layout at Resorts Casino is very appealing. The game icons are large and evenly spaced, making it easy to see exactly what is offered. Furthermore, slots are organized by category, so players can simply pick the sort of game they want.

It’s simple to get started playing once you’ve located the game you want. It can be done with a single click, and returning to the lobby is quick and simple when you want to swap games.

Great Slot Selection

Take one look at Resorts Casino’s slot game library, and it becomes very apparent why this online casino is so popular. Players will find hundreds and hundreds of slot titles on offer in the game lobby.

These games come in a plethora of different themes, such as movie-themed slots and animal-themed games. Many of these games also have exciting gameplay features such as free spins, bonus rounds, and multipliers.


Playing slots at Resorts Casino is a pleasant experience. When compared to other online casinos with difficult-to-navigate game sections and sluggish loading times, Resorts truly stands out. Players will appreciate its rapid load speeds, intuitive interface, and great graphics.

We also experienced no issues with lagging or freezing, which can often happen when playing slots online. This is likely due to the fact that Resorts Casino uses software from some of the largest and most reputable providers in the industry.

Top 5 Classic Slots At Resorts Casino

Classic slots are arguably the most familiar kind of online slot game to seasoned players. Traditional slot machines may be found in many brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide, and these online slot games are based on their design. These 3-reel games have simple paylines, and their features consist of little more than free spins. This makes them very accessible to novice players.

Another benefit of classic slot games is that they are more budget-friendly than video slots. Classic slot games have fewer paylines. This means smaller wagers, so players’ bankrolls should stretch farther while sticking to traditional 3-reel slot games. Here are 5 of our favorite classic slot titles available on Resorts Casino.

Smokin’ Triples

This game perfectly captures the aesthetic and feel of traditional slot machines. Smokin’ Triples features 3 reels with charmingly retro symbols of 7s and Bar symbols.

Top Features of Smokin’ Triples

  • Has 9 paylines.
  • Wild symbols will triple winnings.
  • Landing multiple Smokin’ Triples logos can payout as much as 1000x the original bet.

Bar X XL

Bar X XL has an old-timey feel that will resonate with some players. Classic slot machine sound effects trigger when you press the Spin button. The game has various classic symbols such as large red and white X’s, black and white O’s, red 7’s, and Bar symbols.

Top Features of Bar X XL

  • Free Spins can be obtained.
  • Maximize wins with a giant XL re-spin symbol.
  • Landing all wilds will pay 500x the original bet.

Double Jackpot

Like Smokin’ Triples, this game is a quintessential classic slot game. Everything from the 3-reel display to the sounds will remind you of the classic “one-armed bandit” machines that were found in every retail casino.

This game has classic 7 and Bar symbols, as well as a Double Jackpot logo that acts as a Wild symbol.

Top Features of Double Jackpot

  • Wild symbols act as a multiplier.
  • 2 large prizes that can be won.
  • Landing 3 Wilds will pay 10,000x the original bet.

Disco Danny

This game might just give you a case of disco fever. The symbols include fun images such as a spinning glass disco ball and vibrant roller skates. Disco Danny plays a toe-tapping disco beat that starts up with every spin and fades slowly after each reel rotation.

Top Features of Disco Danny

  • Includes multipliers and free spins.
  • A bonus is given when a disco ball lands anywhere on the reels.
  • Multiplier can rise with each additional win.

Hot Spot 777

Like others on this list, Hot Spot 777 has visuals that are similar to the slot machines found in retail casinos. This 3-reel game has the 7 and Bar symbols one would expect from a classic title. The paylines are also constantly displayed, making it easy to recognize winning combinations.

Top Features of Hot Spot 777

  • Landing a wild symbol multiplies winnings by 2x or 4x.
  • When a respin occurs, reels 1 and 3 will be in rotation while reel 2 remains locked.
  • 5 fixed paylines

Top 5 Video Slots At Resorts Casino

Video slots are the most popular category of slot game at Resorts Casino. Video slot games have a more modern polish than classic slot games. This is most apparent with the games’ reels. Video slots typically have 5-reels, a noticeable upgrade from the standard 3 reels of most traditional slot games.

Video slots are well-loved for providing players with a more captivating gaming experience. Many of these slots have fun themes that are based on popular movies, famous eras, and even video games. They even have symbols that fit the theme. Many players find this to be a pleasant departure from the standard “bar” and fruit symbols of classic slot games.

Let’s take a look at some of the most enthralling video slot titles players will find at Resorts Casino.

Go Fish

This video slot is quite the catch! The tropical music, swirling fish symbols, and the big blue ocean will entice you as you try to hook winning combinations.
There are 1024 ways to win on this game’s 6×5 reel, and its great features might just help you win even more often.

Top Features of Go Fish

  • On a win, symbols explode, allowing for more combinations
  • Mystery symbols, like the “Whale” that swirls symbols around
  • Top win over 12,000X your bet
  • If you catch three scatters, earn a minimum of 8 free spins

Crystal Chasers

As the crew and you venture into the unknown searching for the final frontier, you gaze upon something hiding in the dark horizon: bright winnings! Celestial stones and interstellar crystals pave the way for your new future, a future that holds up to a 2,000x payout on your bet.

Top Features of Crystal Chasers

  • 5×5 reel
  • Wild train feature: Astronaut, Lifeline, Ship symbols alongside 1 red asteroid
  • Collecting 5 red asteroids awards the Free Game Bonus
  • Free games carry the same multiplier as the bet that awarded it
  • Collecting 12 red asteroids during both features awards 2,000x your total bet.

Spinata Grande

They say there’s no party without a pinata! What is this slot celebrating? Your incredible winnings, of course. And with 40 paylines, there are many different ways to land those winnings.

Top Features of Spinata Grande

  • Colossal symbols (2×2 or 3×3) spin separately on top of the reel.
  • Colossal Wild substitutes all symbols except for Bonus Symbols
  • Colossal bonus symbols turn into a mini-slot machine if all parts appear on the reel.
  • The mini slot can earn free spins, extra spins, and three different coin symbols.

Golden Grimoire

This game has a magic theme with a mysterious atmosphere. Candlelight shines upon your spinning gem symbols as you try to match them on Golden Grimoire’s five reels. The magical tower in the background almost touches the sky, and so will your bankroll if you reach the Golden Grimoire’s maximum payout.

Top Features of Golden Grimoire

  • Standard 5×4 reel with 20 lines
  • Mystery symbol that transforms into the matching symbol in the first reel
  • Wild symbols can only appear as a result of the Mystery Transformation.
  • Collecting three scatter symbols awards you 8 free spins, and the mystery symbol is replaced
  • by the Sticky Mystery Symbol.
  • The Sticky Mystery Symbol sticks until the end of the Free Spins Feature.

The Wish Master

If you’re looking for a video slot with a large potential payout, this magic lamp-themed game will rub you the right way. The treasures in the background of this game indicate that there is much to be won on this game’s 5 reels and 20 paylines.

Top Features of The Wish Master

  • Maximum payout of up to 4,500x bet amount.
  • Wild substitutions can substitute for any symbol but the scatter
  • Landing one scatter symbol awards you free spins by the genie himself.
  • The genie awards you 10 free spins, alongside five features and a 2x, 3x, or 6x multiplier.

Top 5 Progressive Slots At Resorts Casino

Progressive slots are a kind of jackpot slot with a prize that continuously increases as players bet and spin. These slots are some of the most popular at Resorts Casino because they offer the chance to win truly life-changing sums of money. Here, we’ll take a look at five of the best progressive slots on Resorts Casino.

Venice Amore

While a slot machine can’t capture the amazement of seeing Venice in person, the Venice Amore online slot does a wonderful job at capturing the beauty of the city.

The game’s background showcases the stunning views of the city’s canals, churches, and palaces, which are complemented by beautiful water displays framed by vivid and colorful artwork, which are set against a backdrop of soft tones of blues, pinks, and green.

In addition to this, the game is a delight to play, with its thematic symbols and great background music.

Top Features of Venice Amore

  • Scatter symbols can trigger between 8 and 20 free spins.
  • During free spins, regular symbols can transform into wild symbols.
  • Medio jackpot can pay 2,500x-10,000x your bet.

Wicked Dragon Wilds

This medieval-themed game has a great atmosphere that will intrigue many players. The background sets the game outside of a large castle where players will try to land matching symbols of bejeweled card suits, battleaxes, shields, and more.

The background music fits the overall theme of the game perfectly, and it begins to play triumphantly as players spin the reels.

Top Features of Wicked Dragon Wilds

  • Matches across all 5 reels can pay 100x-500x your bet.
  • Choosing a warrior at the beginning of the game will affect how wild symbols behave.
  • Fire Storm bonus round can add multiple wild symbols to the reels.

Tiger Palace

This game displays an exotic theme that is pleasing to watch. Tiger Palace has 5 reels and has symbols of lotus flowers, tigers, bangles, and more. Winnings can stack up rather quickly in this game, especially if you are able to land some of its more useful features.

Top Features of Tiger Palace

  • Land at least 5 jade spheres to trigger respins.
  • Land 15 jade spheres to claim the game’s Mega Jackpot.
  • Free spins can re-trigger indefinitely.

China Shores

This Asian-inspired game has plenty of great features and immersive background music. The game consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines, and it offers players a number of ways to multiply their winnings.

Top Features of China Shores

  • Scatter symbols can trigger up to 450 Free Games from a single spin.
  • All wins during the Free Game feature are doubled.
  • Additional Free Games can be triggered again during the Free Game feature.

Imperial Wealth

Imperial Wealth is another Asian-themed slot game like China Shores. This game’s symbols include dragons and playing cards, which players will try to align across 5 reels. In addition to great visuals, Imperial Wealth boasts a number of features that can be beneficial to players.

Top Features of Imperial Wealth

  • Landing bonus symbols will grant up to 15 free spins.
  • Bonus symbols can also trigger the Fortune Tree Bonus, where you can select envelopes from
  • the Fortune Tree and receive extra free spins, more wilds, and win multipliers.
  • Has 40 Paylines.

Slots Strategy at Resorts Casino

Although the outcomes of slot spins are unpredictable, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of winning. One of the most effective methods to boost your likelihood of success is careful game selection.

There are multiple different kinds of slot games. Some slots have unique functions and features that can considerably benefit the player. For example, some games feature re-spin or avalanche features, which allow gamers to win multiple times without placing multiple bets.

It’s also a smart idea to try your hand at slot machines with greater return-to-player rates. Additionally, you’ll want to look for games with bonus rounds or jackpots if you want to improve your chances of winning even more. You can also try the penny slots at resorts casino, which have gained a lot in popularity over the past few years. We’ll go through additional elements to consider while trying to maximize your chances of winning on Resorts Casino’s slot games.

High RTP

High-RTP (Return-to-Player) games are typically your best shot at winning frequently. The rate varies considerably from game to game, so look for ones with a higher RTP rate than normal.
Playing RTP-friendly slot machines is a wise choice that can increase your chances of landing successful spins. Fortunately, there are several Resorts Casino slots with higher than normal RTP, so playing here is already a step in the right direction toward making great slot picks.

Free Spins

Free Spins are one of the most desirable bonuses in online slots. Free spins are incredibly useful because they allow you to spin the reels multiple times without making any additional wagers. When certain requirements are met in a slot game, such as matching a specific number of free spin symbols or scatter symbols, free spins may be triggered.

It’s possible to trigger stacked bonuses and other nifty features with free spins. Free spins may be eligible for the same multipliers, avalanches, and other distinct features that regular spins are. It’s also a great idea to familiarize yourself with the rules for each slot game since some games might be limited to free spins or the special features that can apply during free spins.

Special Features

Special features are among the slot mechanisms you’ll want to consider the most when choosing slot titles. Bonus rounds, free spins, and bonus symbols like wilds and scatters are all special features that can have huge impacts on your gameplay and results. Many of these special features can work in unison to net you larger, more frequent wins than you might get without them.

When you’re seeking slot games to play, don’t focus solely on the ones with the biggest jackpots. Consider all of the criteria we’ve discussed above, then look for a game that offers as many of them as possible. You’ll be winning cash left and right if you follow these steps!

Can You Play Mobile Slots On Resorts Casino?

Yes, Resorts Casino is available for both iOS and Android devices. The mobile versions of Resort Casino offer a great user experience that is as intuitive and responsive as the desktop version. In addition, Resorts’ large collection of slot titles is still accessible via mobile, so you can play your favorite games no matter where you are.

The display is nicely adapted to mobile, making games easy to find. Players even still have access to all the important information about their favorite slot titles, like RTP, paylines, and more.

The Key Terms of Slots

Slot games have their own lingo that you’ll want to be familiar with. Let’s go through some of the key terms to understand before playing your favorite slot games.

  • RTP: The RTP, or return-to-player percentage, is the proportion of the total wager that is returned to gamblers. This percentage indicates how frequently players can expect to land winning combinations.
  • Random number generator: Slots are meant to be unpredictable. In order to achieve this aim, a random number generator (RNG) is used. Mathematical algorithms that produce a sequence of numbers or symbols that can’t be anticipated ahead of time are known as random number generators. The unpredictability and excitement of slot machines come from these RNGs.
  • Volatility: Volatility in slot gaming refers to the risk of each game. It indicates how often and in what amounts players can expect to win throughout their playing sessions. Games with a high degree of volatility have greater swings in fortune, so you could end up winning or losing a significant amount. Low-volatility games usually pay out less money overall, but they pay out more frequently.
  • Reels: When you make a bet and hit the “Play” button, it is the reels that spin around. Different games feature different numbers of reels: some have three, while others may have five or more. The number of paylines a game has is based on its number of reels.
  • Paylines: There are a number of things you may do to improve your chances of winning. One method is to play slot machines with more paylines, which allows for a greater number of ways symbols might be matched.
  • Bonus Rounds: A bonus round is a fun, helpful feature of a slot machine that happens after a round has ended. It’s generally triggered by a specific occurrence, and it may take many forms, such as extra spins on the slot machine or mini-games that can earn more money. Depending on the game, players can win jackpots during the bonus round that are not accessible throughout the course of regular play.
  • Jackpots: When you fill a specific number of symbols in slots, you win a jackpot. The bigger the number of symbols matched, the higher the award. The money for these games may be static or increased every time a bet is placed. These jackpots have a decreased probability of being won, but if you do win them, the rewards can be huge.
  • Wilds: The wild symbol is one of the most useful symbols in slot machines. It can replace any other symbol on the game board, with the exception of the scatter symbol. Because of its unique capability to turn potential losses into wins, the wild symbol is a tremendous help in slot games.
  • Free Spin: Free spins are a feature of slot machines in which the player may obtain a series of spins for free. If you play for a specific number of rounds, you might get free spins as a bonus. Other games may require matching specific symbols on the reel to trigger free spins.
  • Pay tables: A paytable is a list or graph that shows all of the slot game combinations available. It may show you how much money you stand to win and your chances of winning it.
  • Scatters: Keep an eye out for games with scatter symbols if you’re aiming to earn big money. Scatter symbols are one of the most valuable symbols because they may lead to extra rounds, free spins, and/or other exciting features. Scatter icons don’t have to fall into matching paylines in order to be accepted as winners; they can appear in any position on the game’s reels.

What Other Casino Games Are Available at Resorts Casino?

Slots are only the beginning at Resorts Casino. The popular online casino is known for having a wide selection that extends beyond slot titles. Roulette, casino poker, blackjack, and other games are just a few of its selections. Many of these games are also available with various stakes.

Resorts Casino also has live dealer games. These games allow you to engage with real dealers and bet on cards, dice, or spins in real-time, just as you would at a physical casino. Blackjack, three-card poker, roulette, and baccarat are just a few of the great gaming experiences awaiting players at Resorts Casino. To find out more about everything Resorts Casino offers, check out our review.


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