Pulsz Casino Slots

If you’re looking for a new online casino to try out, Pulsz Casino is definitely worth checking out. It has a ton of slot titles for players to explore. Its categories range from classic slot games to video slots.

No matter what kind of slot games you enjoy playing, you’ll be sure to find some new favorites at Pulsz Casino. So what are you waiting for? Start spinning the reels today!

What Do We Like About Pulsz Casino Slots?

There is so much to like about Pulsz Casino, and this extends to its impressive slot selection. The popular online sweepstakes casino provides a great experience that will appeal to slot enthusiasts for more reasons than just great gameplay. Below are some of the most noteworthy elements of Puslz Casino’s slot games.

Great Slot Selection

One of the greatest benefits of playing on a sweepstakes site like Pulsz Casino is the sheer number of exclusive slot titles. Many real-money casinos have slot games that are utilized across many other real-money sites. You will also notice a nice variety of slot types, including high and low volatility slots, video slots, progressive slots and penny slots available at Pulsz.

Pulsz Casino, however, has games that are made exclusively for its sweepstakes model. This means the social casino site has games that aren’t available anywhere else, not even on other social casino platforms.


Not only does Pulsz Casino have numerous slot games that aren’t available anywhere else, but these games also look excellent. The graphics and overall display are top-notch, making for an immersive experience that will have players hooked.

Ease of Use

Another great thing about Pulsz Casino’s slot games is how user-friendly they are. The platform is designed for easy navigation, so players can quickly find the game they want to play without any hassle.

Plus, the games themselves are designed with simplicity in mind. This ensures that players of all levels can enjoy all the features these games have to offer without ever feeling they’re battling the game’s interface.


Games on Pulsz Casino run incredibly well, whether playing from desktop or mobile. The site’s many slot titles run smoothly and have crisp animations that don’t lag or skip frames while being played.

It is very impressive that the games on this social casino site perform on par with slot titles from some of the largest real-money online casinos on the web. With so much to offer in terms of both selection and gameplay, it’s no wonder this social casino site is quickly becoming one of the most popular slot game options on the web.

Below, we’ll take a look at some of the titles that make Pulsz Casino such a well-regarded destination for slots.

Top 5 Classic Slots at Pulsz Casino

Classic slot games are the ones that longtime slot players will probably be the most familiar with. These online slot games are modeled after the traditional slot machines found in many retail casinos around the world. These slots have 3 reels with straightforward paylines, and they seldom have additional features beyond free spins.

While these games may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the more modern online slots, they more than make up for it in charm. Here are 5 of our favorite classic slot titles available on the Pulsz online casino site.

Ice Mania

This game is a perfect example of a classic slot machine given an online facelift. Ice Mania takes the classic formula of three reels and one payline and adds some great modern touches.

The game’s symbols stick to the classic themes of fruit and 7s. The Wild symbol is a pair of ice cubes that really suit the title of the game. Ice Mania also has a great soundtrack that is relaxing and memorable.

The game features various shades of blue that really match the wintery vibe of Ice Mania. The colors brighten and dim all over the reels and lend a lot to the overall atmosphere of the game. If you love the simplicity and fast-paced action of traditional slot games, Ice Mania will surely be one of your favorites at Pulsz.

Top Features of Ice Mania

  • RTP of 96.09% means this game has much lower volatility than others.
  • Payline are diagonal as well as horizontal.
  • Multipliers can get as high as 500x your wager.

Triple Panda

This slot title is another great example of how classic slot games can be adapted to modern platforms while still retaining everything that makes them so enjoyable. Triple Panda is a 3-reel slot game with a theme dedicated to pandas and the mountainous southwest region of China where panda bears are native.

Players will try to match symbols of bamboo, teapots, koi fish, bronze panda statues, and symbols of actual panda bears. The paytable is based on the specific symbols that players manage to land within the paylines.

Top Features of Triple Panda

  • Multipliers can get as high as 1000x your original bet.
  • When 3 panda symbols appear in the same reel, they become Wild symbols on the next spin.
  • When panda symbols become Wild symbols, the other reels willkeep spinning until a winning combination appears.

Disco Beats

This game has animations and aesthetics that are normally found only on video slots, but Disco Beats is still a classic slot game at its core. The game is set in a disco club, and the symbols are all different objects you would find in such a setting.

These include disco balls, records, speakers, music notes, and treble clefs. The game also features some hip background music that will have players grooving along as they spin the reels. If you enjoy classic slot games but also want something with a little more flair, Disco Beats is the game for you.

Top Features of Disco Beats

  • Landing 3 Scatter symbols triggers a Bonus Wheel which spins 3 times, awarding the prize it lands on each time.
  • Additional Bonus Wheel spins can be obtained as a Bonus Wheel prize.
  • If the Bonus Wheel lands on “Grand”, the player receives a 10,000x multiplier to their wager.

Flaming Chillies

Flaming Chillies is another title that proves traditional slot games don’t need to have boring aesthetics. This game uses the classic slot “Bar" and 7 symbols and places them in a colorful, eye-catching backdrop. Flaming Chillies also has fun, thematic music that sounds straight out of a festive cantina.

Top Features of Flaming Chillies

  • Easy-to-read paylines make it easy to spot land winning combinations.
  • Landing Free Spin on the paylines automatically prompts bonus spins.
  • Additional Free Spins can be re-triggered during free spin rounds.

Western Reels

Western Reels stands apart from other classic slot games because of its multiple features that are typically found only in video slots. This game has 3 reels and classic symbols like cherries, bells, dollar signs, bar signs, and diamonds. The game even has the classic red arm that gave traditional slot machines their nickname of “one-armed bandits".

Top Features of Western Reels

  • Multiplier wheel that spins alongside the reels. Whenever a winning combination occurs, it will be increased by whatever multiplier the wheel lands on (1x-6x).
  • Re-spin feature that provides an additional chance to land winning combinations.
  • Free Spins give additional chances to win and can sync with the multiplier wheel to increase winnings between 2x-8x.

Top 5 Video Slots At Pulsz Casino

The name says it all. Video slots are similar to standard traditional slot machines in that they feature a central screen with multiple symbols, but the key difference is that video slots have more going on for them than traditional slot games. The most noticeable difference is that most video slots have four or five (and sometimes even more) reels rather than the usual three.

This means that there are more symbols and more ways to win. In addition, video slots also have multiple features that can include everything from bonus games to free spins.

Video slots also usually have more eye-catching visuals than standard slot machines. Video slots, like traditional slot machines, have reels and buttons. Animations, noises, and creative themes are all common features of video slots.

Below are 5 of the top video slot games available at Pulsz Casino.

Tree of Light

This bright and colorful game showcases how enthralling video slot titles can be. Tree of Light has 5 reels, but they’re invisible; the symbols appear to float in the air. Each spin causes the game’s protagonist, an anthropomorphic mouse-like creature, to dash to a new section of the enchanted forest background, where players are greeted with a fresh set of symbols.

Top Features of Tree of Light

  • Random Events occur when the player finds a question mark symbol. This turns two random low symbols into Wild symbols.
  • Bonus game where players can choose one of three fruits from the Tree of Light for a multiplier.
  • Scroll symbol that can appear outside of the reels to give the player 7 free spins.

Wizarding Wins

This fun slot title has a Harry Potter theme that is sure to be a big hit with some players. The symbols consist of distinctive eyeglasses, flying brooms, wizard hats, and more.

Wizarding Wins has thematic music that fits the atmosphere. The game’s backdrop takes place on what looks like the desk of a wizardry academy.

Fans of the theme should give this nostalgic slot title a spin. Who knows? You just might conjure an entire stash of Gold Coins.

Top Features of Wizarding Wins

  • A Quick Hit bonus occurs when 3 or more Bonus symbols land anywhere on the reels. This feature grants a multiplier between 20x and 200x the original wager.
  • Landing at least 3 Scatter symbols will award free spins.
  • Most of the multipliers are also available during free spins.

Marvelous Furlongs

This colorful, attention-grabbing game has a horse racing theme with all sorts of related symbols such as horseshoes, horses, and jockeys. The background of the game is set in a derby. There are even animated horses racing alongside one another in slow motion.

Top Features of Marvelous Furlongs

  • A thematic racing calendar that sits partially offscreen can provide additional game bonuses.
  • A single day passes in-game for every 4 spins.
  • Certain days on the in-game calendar prompt free spin features.

Hot Fiesta

This Mexican-themed slot title has one of the most upbeat atmospheres you’ll find on a slot title. Hot Fiesta is gorgeous to look at with its bright display of colors. The symbols feature guitars, margaritas, maracas, pinatas, and more.

The background of the game is set on a very colorful street with confetti raining down beside the reels. The music of Hot Fiesta is just as jovial as the rest of this 5-reel game.

Top Features of Hot Fiesta

  • Landing 3 Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger free spins.
  • Maximum win amount is 5000x original wager.
  • 25 paylines give players multiple chances to win.

Runes of Destiny

Runes of Destiny is a Viking-themed slot game that is fun to play and mesmerizing to watch. The reels have a stone-like appearance to them, and the symbols consist of shields, hammers, sigils, and more.

Not only is Runes of Destiny easy to look at, but it is also easy to play. This is thanks to some great features that can be useful to players.

Top Features of Runes of Destiny

  • Scatter symbols can grant up to 12 free spins.
  • Collecting runes will grant 3 re-spins.
  • Random Events can turn a loss into a win or add a multiplier to a win.

Slots Strategy at Pulsz Casino

Despite the fact that slot spins produce unpredictable results, there are still a few things you can do to improve your likelihood of winning. One of the most effective strategies to raise your chances of winning is to select your games carefully.

There are several different types of slot games. Some variations have specific rules and bonuses that can provide an additional edge. As an example, some games have re-spin or avalanche features, giving players more chances to win without requiring more wagers.

It is also a good idea to play slots with higher return-to-player rates. If you want to further increase your chances of coming out ahead, look for machines with bonus rounds or jackpots. Below, we’ll take a look at more factors you will want to consider while trying to maximize your odds of winning.

High RTP

Higher than average return-to-player percentages are frequently your best option for winning with some frequency, whether you’re playing for Gold Coins, Sweeps Coins, or any other currency.

The RTP percentage can vary considerably from game to game, so try to find the ones with the highest percentage. You’ll have a much better chance of making money with every spin.

Free Spins

Free Spins are one of the most sought-after bonuses in slot games. Free spins are so beneficial because they allow you to spin the reels multiple times without making any additional wagers. Free spins can occur when certain conditions are met within a slot game, such as matching a certain amount of free spin symbols or scatter symbols.

With free spins, it is possible to trigger stacked bonuses. Depending on the game, free spins may be eligible for the same multipliers, avalanches, and other special features that affect regular spins. It is important to check slot game rules, though, as some games may not include any extras that apply in the main game.

Special Features

The best approach to get the most out of playing slots is to employ special features. Bonus rounds, free spins, and bonus symbols like wilds and scatters are all examples of such features. They all have varying levels of payouts and frequently result in bigger gains than the regular game.

When you are looking for games to play, don’t just go for the ones with the biggest jackpots. Consider all of the factors we’ve discussed in this post and try to find a game that balances them all out. With a bit of luck, you’ll be raking in the winnings in no time!

Can You Play Mobile Slots On Pulsz Casino?

Yes, Pulsz Casino’s games can be played on desktop and mobile devices. The social casino has a dedicated platform that is available for download on Android devices.

There isn’t a dedicated software platform for iOS users, but Pulsz Casino can still be accessed via mobile browser no matter which of the two operating systems you use.

The mobile experience still provides the same great game selection and gameplay experience that players will find on desktop. So, no matter where you are, you can enjoy all of your favorite Pulsz Casino games. If you want to know more about app, you can visit our Pulsz casino mobile app page.

The Key Terms of Slots

Now that we’ve gotten into the top features you’ll want in your slot games, let’s go over some of the terminologies that you will want to know before you play.

RTP: RTP (return-to-player) is the proportion of the overall bet that is reimbursed to gamblers. This percentage correlates to the degree of volatility in slot games. Typically, the higher the RTP, the lower volatility and vice versa.

RNG: Slots are designed to be unpredictable. A random number generator (RNG) is used to achieve this goal. RNGs are mathematical algorithms that generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that cannot be predicted in advance. The risk and excitement of slot machines come from these RNGs.

Volatility: In slot gaming, Volatility refers to the degree of risk each game poses. It indicates how frequently and in what amounts players may expect to win throughout their sessions. Games with high volatility have greater swings in fortune, so you could end up winning or losing a significant sum of Gold Coins. Low volatility games pay out lower amounts, but they tend to pay out more frequently.

Reels: The reels in a slot machine display the symbols. When you make a wager and press the “Play" button, these reels spin. Different games have varying numbers of reels: some have three, while others can have five or more. The number of active reels determines the number of paylines available in the game.

Paylines: There are several things that may be done to enhance your chances of winning. One is to play slot games with more paylines, which increases the number of ways that symbols can be matched.

Bonus Rounds: A bonus round is a game of a slot machine that occurs after the main game has been completed. It’s generally activated by a specific event, and it may take many forms, including additional spins on the slot machine or the chance to earn more money. During the bonus round in some games, players can win jackpots that are unobtainable during normal play.

Jackpots: When you match a specific quantity of symbols in slots, you win a jackpot. The bigger the number of symbols matched, the greater the prize. The money for these games may be predetermined or enhanced every time a bet is placed. There’s a decreased chance of winning these jackpots, but if you do, the prizes can be substantial.

Wilds: The wild is one of the most desired symbols in slot machines. It can replace any other symbol on the game board, with the exception of the scatter symbol. Because it aids you in making lucrative combinations and allows you to win on spins where you might have otherwise lost without it, the wild symbol is a huge boon to slot games.

Free Spin: Free spins are a component of slot machines in which the player may receive a sequence of spins for no cost. You might occasionally get free spins as a bonus if you play for a specific number of rounds or after matching particular symbols.

Pay Tables: A paytable is a list or chart that details all of the slot game combinations available. It can show you how much money you might win and your chances of winning.

Scatters: If you’re looking to win Gold Coins, keep an eye out for games with scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are one of the most valuable symbols because they may provide additional rounds, free spins, and/or other special features. Unlike other icons that must fall into matching paylines in order to be recognized as winners, scatter symbols may appear in any part of the reels and still be counted as matches.

Other Casino Games Available at Pulsz Casino

Pulsz Casino is a social casino that offers tons of games for all players. Its wide selection extends beyond slot games. Some of its other offerings include roulette, table poker, blackjack, and more.

All of the Pulsz Casino game offerings may not be available right away when you first join Pulsz. Purchasing a Gold Coin package will grant you a Golden Key, which unlocks new slot titles such as progressive slots at Pulsz Casino. These games are rotated on a regular basis, so there will always be something new for you to try out.

Pulsz Casino is a great choice for casino game fans of all stripes. Whether you’re looking to explore its many slot titles or try your hand at another game, you’re sure to find hours of entertainment here.


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