Pala Casino Reverse Auction Promo

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  • Qualifying Deposits Start At $20
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Get $300 FREE
For Smallest Deposit
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If you’ve been a reader of The Game Day Casino for a while, then you know how excited we get about a good deposit bonus promotion. These deals can add a considerable amount of value to your bankroll and give you the opportunity to play more of your favorite games.

This week, we’re excited to bring you a special promotion from Pala Casino. This offer is for a Reverse Auction deposit promo. Unlike other deposit promotions, the goal of this one is to deposit the smallest amount possible to win a large bonus.

This runs counter to most offers, which require a larger deposit to get the full value of the deal. So how does it work? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all about one of the most novel offers from Pala Casino.

Editor’s Note: Pala Casino has recently rebranded to Stardust Casino. Stardust is available in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although the name has changed, you can expect the same great promotions, services, and game selection mentioned on this page.

What Is The Pala Casino Reverse Auction Promo?

Most promos of this type come in the form of a deposit match. This means that the casino will match a set percentage of the amount that you deposit. This amount can range anywhere from 10%-100%. As a result, with deposit match promotions, the more money you deposit onto an online casino, the more bonus money you receive.

That isn’t the case with the Pala Casino Reverse Auction. This promotion doesn’t match what you deposit; it gives you a free $300 no matter how much you deposited. In fact, the smaller amount of money you deposit, the more likely you are to win the promotional money.

However, only one lucky Pala Casino user will win the free promo funds. In the next section, we’ll tell you what it takes to become the winner!

How Does The Pala Casino Reverse Auction Promotion Work?

Unlike many deposit promotions, you don’t have to be a new player to take advantage of the Reverse Auction promo. To participate, you just need to make a qualifying deposit during the promotional period, which takes place from November 8 through November 13. The lowest qualifying amount you can make for the promotion is $20.

It is important to note that this promotion may not be available for deposits using PayNearMe or at the cage within the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. When you are ready to deposit, select “ReverseAuction" and enter your deposit amount. The player with the lowest unique deposit wins the Reverse Auction.

The lowest unique deposit means the lowest single qualifying amount that has been deposited by one player. For instance, if 4 players deposit $20, 8 players deposit $22, and 1 player deposits $23, then the player who deposited the $23 will win the $300 in promo funds for the Reverse Auction.

Your deposit must be a whole dollar amount, so you will not be able to deposit $20.99 to edge out the competition, for example. After making your deposit, you must then wager 100% of your deposit amount to qualify for the Reverse Auction. Players can make deposits as many times as they like during the promotion period.

This essentially treats each deposit as a drawing entry of sorts. If you want to make additional deposits, be sure to select “ReverseAuction" each time you deposit, so it will count toward the promotion.

By the end of the promotion period, if there isn’t a deposit amount made by a single player only, then the $300 goes to the lowest amount that the fewest number of players have deposited. For example, let’s say there is not a unique deposit amount, but only 2 players have made a deposit of $29, and all other amounts have been deposited by 3 or more players. This means that $29 would be the winning amount, and the prize money would be split between those two players.

The winner(s) of the Pala Casino Reverse Auction will be notified by email within 48 hours of the promotion’s end. The promo funds can then be claimed and added to your account. To withdraw the promo funds as cash, you must complete a 20x wagering requirement. The promotional funds expire 15 days after being issued, so you must complete the wagering requirement before then or forfeit your promotional money.

Other Pala Casino Promotions

The Pala Casino Reverse Auction is a fantastic promotion for many reasons. One of the biggest standouts is that it is available for existing users, whereas most casino deposit promotions are reserved for new players. Additionally, players can get a big reward for depositing a small amount.

As great as this Pala Casino deal is, it does come with one big downside: not everyone can receive it. When a unique deposit amount wins the Reverse Auction, only one person will receive the free $300.

Fortunately, Pala Casino does have a generous deposit promotion that players don’t have to compete for. If you are new to Pala Casino, sign up using one of our links on this page to be automatically enrolled in the online casino’s welcome promo. Upon creating your player account, you will receive a no deposit bonus of $25. Once you make your first deposit onto the site, Pala will match 100% of your deposit, up to $500.

While this results in slightly less than the Reverse Auction’s $300 prize, you are guaranteed to receive the promotional funds of the welcome offer. Additionally, you can also receive smaller deposit matches on your second and third promotions.

Combined, The Pala welcome deposit match promotions will give you even more money than the Reverse Auction. Better still, you can take advantage of both offers! However, you cannot participate in each promotion with the same deposit. You will also need to complete one promotion before participating in the other.

These great deals at Pala Casino are only a sample of what they have to offer. Taking advantage of either or both promotions will give your bankroll a potent boost. This, in turn, leads to more money for playing your favorite online casino games. Just don’t wait too long to sign up because both of these deals are for a limited time only.