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Global Poker is a free online poker site where American and Canadian players can improve their poker skills. The action happens with Sweeps Coins (SC) and Gold Coins (GC). Each of these has no value but is necessary for partaking in the poker action.

That’s why it’s essential to know whether Global Poker has any no deposit bonuses on the offer and how to get them. This page covers just that! There are three ways to receive Sweeps Coins, which can later be redeemed for real prizes. Their amount varies, but you can expect at least 5 Sweeps Coins per no deposit promo on Global Poker.

Currently, the Global Poker bonus code is unavailable. Sadly, other Sweepstakes Casinos don’t offer peer-to-peer poker like Global Poker does, but our experts still recommend playing their online table games, including Texas Hold’em, or slots for a chance to win real money.

How Does the No Deposit Bonus Work on Global Poker?

There are three ways to snatch a no deposit bonus at Global Poker. More precisely, players here get free Sweeps Coins as the operator is a Sweepstakes casino. Below, we’ll analyze each method separately, so stay tuned.

  • Participate in Giveaways: Global Poker has numerous no-cost giveaways on its official Facebook page. Nearly every day (and multiple times a day), players who participate by liking and sharing posts can qualify for a potential prize. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will win, but it’s not impossible.
  • Get a Daily Login Bonus: Global Poker has a daily no deposit bonus for those who will log into their accounts. Claiming this deal is easy. Just sign in and then click the “Get Coins” button. Every consecutive day you claim the daily bonus, the number of SCs increase. After seven straight days, the counter resets.
  • Send a Postal Request: Sending a 4×6 unfolded postcard or piece of paper to the operator’s address can get you 5 Sweeps Coins. You can send one card per outer envelope and get 5 SCs per card. You must include a unique Postal Request Code in the Global Poker envelope, and we’ll explain further in this article how to get one.
  • Buy Gold Coins: While this is not a pure no deposit bonus, it’s fair to mention that you get free Sweeps Coins when you buy Gold Coins. There are various packages, and the available ones at the time of your visit will be visible when you visit the purchasing section.

Finally, don’t forget that you can only get free Sweeps Coins at Global Poker as a registered member only. So, make sure to register before hoping to claim any no deposit bonuses.

Is There a Global Poker No Deposit Bonus Code?

Not quite for most of the bonus opportunities. Global Poker gives the no deposit Sweeps Coins when players complete some specific actions. Therefore, they don’t need to enter any special codes.

However, a unique Sweepstakes Postal Request Code consisting of 12 digits needs to be included in postal requests for free SCs. To get this code, players need to sign into their account and then hit the “Get Coins” button found in the lobby. Visit the “Play for Free” section and request the single-use Postal Request Code.

It’s mandatory to include this code in your postal request for free SCs. If the code is wrong or doesn’t match your account, you won’t be eligible for the coins.

Global Poker No Deposit Promo Codes 2024

At the time of this writing, players had three standard ways of getting free SCs. Besides these, there was the limited-time Monsterstack Series II promotion that granted free rewards to users who took part in the unique tournament. This promotion, however, didn’t involve any no deposit promo codes.

Aside from that, there weren’t any promos worth mentioning. On that note, we hope the situation will improve soon. Be sure to check out our in-depth Global Poker site review for more information about the kinds of tournaments and games that take place on the popular Sweepstakes casino site.

Best Way to Use the Free Sweeps Cash on Global Poker

If the no deposit bonuses at Global Poker were real money, we would’ve had a few tips and tricks on how to use the bonus the best. However, not only the bonus here is Sweeps Coins, but Global Poker is also a free poker platform.

This means that you get virtual currency for playing poker. You can’t play other games besides poker, and you can only redeem SCs won through gameplay. That said, your best strategy is to get free SCs and then play poker in hopes of winning some more. As soon as you win at least 50 SCs, you can redeem them for prizes such as gift cards or even cash prizes of $50 or more.

We would advise you to play with free SCs and cash out the ones won through gameplay as soon as you meet the minimum allowed amount. Finally, focus on the Sweeps Coins, as they are the only ones that can be redeemed for cash. Gold Coins have no such value.

Global Poker No Deposit Bonus Terms

No deposit Sweepstakes bonuses typically come with specific rules. That’s certainly the case at American online casinos offering real money gambling and cash prizes.

At Global Poker, the situation is a bit different. There aren’t quite any special rules you need to pay attention to because you get Sweeps Coins here. Regarding wagering, the rules state that only SCs won through gameplay can be redeemed.

Depending on the offer, users must wager all SCs once before redeeming them or up to 20 times if the promotion says so. Still, there are no specifics about the deals we cover on this page.

Typically, if you win free SCs, they are awarded automatically to your profile. Sometimes, you will have 15 days to claim them, or they will expire. This depends on the specific no deposit promotion, and the rules are generally clearly stated.

One thing to note is that Sweeps Coins are valid for 90 days from the days you got them. After that period, they will expire.

Since SCs can be redeemed for cash, you may want to note that the minimum amount eligible for claiming is 50. Basically, you need 50 SCs to redeem them for $50.

Other Global Poker Casino Promotions

Due to the nature of this Sweepstakes gambling site, the Global Poker promotions are a huge deal of the experience. However, it’s fair to highlight that the main bonus opportunities are the ones we already covered on this page.

There are also limited-time online casino promotions to keep your eyes on. For example, the Monsterstack Series II promotion, which has now ended, had a massive prize pool of 400,000,000 CG and 1,000,000 SC.

This promo appears from time to time and typically lasts for two weeks. Global Poker also has various tournaments and championships that ensure players can win some juicy prizes through their poker skills.

Other Free Poker Promotions

Global Poker is a unique Sweepstakes site in that it offers peer-to-peer poker, where many other comparable sites don’t. In fact, most Sweepstakes online casinos don’t even offer table games or card games at all.

One of our favorite Sweepstakes Casinos is McLuck. You can play for free and win real money here! When you sign up, you will get 2.5 SCs and 7,500 GCs FREE no deposit required.

P2P poker is fun to play online, as it really captures the spirit of the game. While playing against a computer doesn’t bring the same thrill, it can be a good substitute, especially for leaners and beginners, who need some practice before they practice their bluffs.

If you live in a state where real money online poker is legal, you can opt for a real casino instead of a social site like Global Poker. Our top choice is BetMGM Poker. Create an account and get up to $75 FREE in tournament tickets.