FanDuel Casino Deposit Match Existing User | 24 Hours Rebate Bonus to $1,000

  • Play It Again bonus for 24 hours
  • 100% up to $1,000
Fanduel Casino Welcome Bonus Promo
Get $1,000 Bonus
Rebate For First 24 Hours
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FanDuel Casino Bonus Code Existing User April, 2024

The ever-popular FanDuel Casino is well known for having a multitude of promotions aimed at their large base of existing customers. If you have yet to join FanDuel Casino, you’ll be delighted to know that FanDuel has a great offer in store for you.

FanDuel gives new players a chance to take part in its fantastic Play It Again signup bonus. While many online casinos offer a match bonus of some sort or another, FanDuel’s match bonus truly stands apart from the rest.

The match bonuses of other sites are often tied to the amount of your first deposit. Fanduel’s flagship bonus offer works a bit differently. A deposit is required to take advantage of the Play It Again bonus offer, but the result is quite different from the standard match bonus. When you use the FanDuel Casino Play It Again bonus. FanDuel will refund your net losses, up to $1,000.

That’s right, for your first 24 hours as a new FanDuel Casino user, you will be reimbursed for whatever amount you lose, up to $1,000. This makes your first day on the site a worry-free gambling experience, where you can focus solely on winning and having fun instead of worrying about losses.

In order to take advantage of FanDuel’s incredibly beneficial offers, no bonus code is needed. Simply use our FanDuel link on this page to be taken to their site, where you can create your new account. Then make your deposit and start playing with the confidence that you won’t lose during your entire first day!

How Does It Work?

FanDuel’s incredible Play It Again offer is pretty straightforward, but there are finer details you may want to be aware of. The 24-hour Play It Again period begins when you place your first real-money bet on the site. As previously mentioned, only your net losses will be refunded. What this means is you will only receive your refund if you have lost more than you have won.

For example, let’s say that within your first 24 hours of playing on FanDuel Casino, you won $700 from one playing session and lost $200 from another session. That would be a net win of $500, so you would not be eligible for any refund. Of course, you wouldn’t need a refund because you won!

On the other hand, let’s say within your 24-hour rebate period, you won $300 during your first session but lost $700 during your second session. That is a net loss of $400, all of which would be refunded back to you. This effectively gives you carte blanche to bet as large as you desire (as long as it is within the $1,000 limit), knowing you will either win big or be completely reimbursed!

If you do receive a net loss and are refunded your money, these funds are not eligible for withdrawal. However, you may bet with them again. In addition, any winnings you make from wagering with these funds will be available for immediate withdrawal with no wagering requirement needed to clear them.