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We understand that you may be searching for a Bingo Bling promo code. Unfortunately, the promo code for Bingo Bling is no longer available. However, if you’re still looking to play Bingo for free and win real prizes, we have some great news!

You can sign up for other Sweepstakes Casinos and play similar games with Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. One such excellent alternative is, for example, Pulsz Bingo.

to claim your welcome bonus of 5000 Gold Coins on signup at Pulsz Bingo, or simply click “Get Bonus" to activate the offer!

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience through playing for free and possibly winning real prizes. That’s why we’ll list and explain the best alternatives alongside their bonuses right on this page.

Online Bingo Bling Game

Bingo Bling is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This app offers unique challenges and new features to keep you entertained while you play your favorite game. As a registered user, you can compete against other players and cash in your winnings with easy withdrawals.

Bingo Bling boasts real cash rewards, daily gifts, and various tournaments. It’s a fun place for you to play Bingo, but it lacks the game versatility of other Sweepstakes Casinos. Bingo King is a similar bingo app and, ike the Bingo King promo code, match codes on Bingo Bling enable you to play for free!

How to Play Bingo Bling

Bingo Bling: Real Cash Money is a USA online bingo game you can play with other people. You need to Daub (mark) your numbers faster than them while on the clock! Rank higher on the leaderboard and get more points and gems to win real money.

One unique twist here that I liked a lot was the concept of each competing player having the same numbers on their tickets. Basically, if you play against four other people, all of you have the same numbers. However, their placement on the card is different. That’s how Bingo Bling ensures fast-paced action. When you have a winning number, everyone gets a winning number. The thing is to be the fastest one to mark and announce those moments.

You will need a higher game score to get better rewards in Bingo Bling. Points are distributed based on the following:

  • Correct Daub - Marking the correct number in the right column on the Bingo Card avoids negative points (penalty score).
  • Speed Bonus - The faster a player marks numbers.
  • Getting a Bingo - Claiming Bingo is the goal for ranking the leaderboard.
  • Multiple Bingos - Getting Bingos several times in one gameplay.
  • Special Boosters - Fill up the Daub Bar for Boosts and Power-ups.

How to Win at Bingo Bling

To claim Bingo, there are four patterns to look for. Daub the numbers in the four corners, five numbers in a row (horizontally across), five numbers in a column (vertically down), or mark five numbers diagonally.

Bingo Bling Boosters

Each Daub you make on your Bingo Card contributes to the Booster Bar. Once it’s full, special Power-ups and Free Daubs will unlock.

The Bingo Bling Boosters are:

  1. Wild Daub – Choose to mark a number on your card.
  2. Ace Ball – Choose one of the four numbers from your card.
  3. Extra Time – Gain an additional 10 seconds on the clock.
  4. X2 Multiplier – For 10 seconds, double the points.

Bingo Bling Bonus Code

In the past, there have been promo codes for Bingo Bling. These codes gave extra rewards like points and gems when playing the game. But sadly, these codes are not available anymore.

When playing Bingo Bling, you can still get rewards. Getting perks comes through collecting the daily prize, hourly bonus, and daubing numbers faster than other players. The operator also rewards you for getting Bingo or multiple bingos in one game and collecting gems as you level up your profile.

Bingo Bling Promo Code No Deposit 2024

The Bingo Bling Promo Code for free money is not available right now. However, you can still play Bingo for free at Pulsz Bingo.

Pulsz Bingo is the perfect alternative for those looking to get their bingo fix without making a deposit. It’s free to play, and you’ll get 5,000 Gold Coins when you sign up. You can use these coins to purchase cards and start playing.

In addition to the great gaming experience, Pulsz Bingo also offers some fantastic social features. These features allow players to connect and chat while playing. We also liked the versatile game lobby, which also includes top-quality online slots.

Bingo Bling Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Bingo Bling? Look no further than Pulsz Bingo, b spot, and Rivers Casino4Fun!

Bingo Bling Vs. Golden Gate at Pulsz Bingo

Golden Gate at Pulsz Bingo is a classic 75-ball bingo game that offers players the chance to win big prizes. It is similar to Bingo Bling in that it features a 5×5 grid of numbers. Also, you must mark off all pattern numbers on your cards to win.

Golden Gate at Pulsz Bingo allows you to play multiple cards simultaneously. It also offers fixed and progressive Gold Coin jackpots. With a minimum ticket purchase for a single Gold Coin, you can earn prizes totaling over 28,000,000 Gold Coins.

We liked the operator’s transparency regarding this game, publishing the theoretical payout rate of 70%. We couldn’t find such information for Bingo Bling.

Bingo Bling Vs. Primo Bingo at b spot

Unlike other Sweepstake Casinos, b spot has a different payout system. While playing b spot games, you place live horse racing bets instead of wagering on the games on their platform. That makes this brand stand out from all its competitors, including Bingo Bling.

Promo Bingo is a popular Arcade Game at b spot and a great bingo alternative that allows players to win real money. Primo Bingo at b spot requires the player to match the pattern of the displayed winning condition to get a Bingo. The 75-ball Promo Bingo has 10 different winning condition layouts.

Other than that, Primo Bingo is a pretty standard game.

Bingo Bling Vs. Pharao’s Bingo at Rivers Casino4Fun

Pharao’s Bingo at Rivers Casino4Fun is a game that combines the classic bingo game with an exciting Egyptian theme. Players are presented with four pyramids and must match the numbers on them with the 33 numbers that roll out. Unlike Bingo Bling, a 75-ball bingo, Pharao’s Bingo represents the 90-ball variant.

Your game aim is to complete all pyramids before the time runs out. Extra balls can be bought as soon as the outline of a pyramid is finished. Each completed pyramid reveals a jackpot and the next pyramid.

Essentially, the games are similar, but they offer different designs, slightly different gameplay, and a different number of numbers.

These Sweepstake and Social Casino Sites offer diverse game options with attractive features and bonuses. With these platforms, you can enjoy the same– or an even better - experience as on Bingo Bling.

They all grant you access to exciting mini-games, daily jackpots, tournaments, and more. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to Bingo Bling, the games above are definitely worth checking out!