Bally Casino Sleigh Bell Bonuses 2024

  • Deposit Match and Three Prize Draws
  • Christmas Sharepot Everyone Wins
4 Days of Bonuses
$6,000 Prize Pool
Only 1x Playthrough
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Over the long Christmas weekend in 2022, Bally Casino is running its Sleigh Bell Bonus promotion. You can claim bonuses and prizes on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, as there are four giveaways. In total, you could get $25 bonus money plus your share of three separate $2,000 prize pools!

If you want to know how to get aboard this sleigh, read on to learn more about how to claim the Bally Christmas bonuses and prizes.

How Does the Sleigh Bell Bonus Promotion Work?

The Sleigh Bell Bonuses giveaway at Bally Casino starts on Friday, December 23, and ends on Monday, December 26. On each day of the Christmas weekend, there is a different bonus or prize that you could get your hands on. All in all, you could get $25 bonus money plus a payout in three different prize draws!

To join in this Christmas casino promotion, you must be a fully-fledged member of Bally Online Casino. Sign up through our link to get a free $100 bonus.

Friday, December 23 - Up to $25 Bonus

On the Friday before Christmas Eve, you can get a bonus worth up to twenty-five dollars to spend on games, including slots, table games, 90 ball bingo, and keno. The bonus is a 5% deposit match bonus, and the maximum you can receive is $25.

The promo starts one minute past midnight and ends one minute before midnight, so any deposits you make within those 24 hours will be matched by 5%. You’ll get the maximum $25 bonus if you deposit a total of $500 during that day.

Saturday, December 24 - $2,000 Prize Draw

On Christmas Eve, which falls on a Saturday this year, Bally Casino is offering a $2,000 prize draw with no purchase necessary! You can email the casino’s dedicated Prize Draw address to get an entry to the sweepstakes.

Alternatively, you can earn up to five entries if you wager and play games for real money. You will gain 1 entry for every $100 you wager. Therefore, let’s say you deposited $500 on Friday for the 5% deposit match; you could then play that $500 on your favorite casino titles to get the maximum number of entries.

The promotional period lasts 24 hours, like the 5% Deposit Match from the day before. Anything you wager in the 24 hours from 0:01 AM to 11:59 PM will count towards your total number of entry tickets. Two hundred lucky, randomly-selected players will get a share of the $2,000 prize pool, with each winner receiving $10 in casino bonus money.

Sunday, December 25 - $2,000 Sharepot

On Christmas Day itself, Bally Casino will share a pot of two thousand dollars equally between all players participating in this third Christmas promotion. The money you win will depend on the number of players who join in. If there are only 100 players, you could get $20 free.

The same time limit and wagering requirements apply to this $2,000 Sharepot as the previous day’s prize draw. You need to wager $100 for 1 ticket, and you can get up to 5 tickets in total. You’re pretty much guaranteed a prize payout in this promo, as everyone with one or more tickets will get a share of the total. However, your prize could be pretty small if a lot of people join in on Christmas Day.

Monday, December 26 - $2,000 Prize Draw

Bally Casino is running another $2k prize draw on Boxing Day for the final Christmas offer. The Boxing Day prize draw will work in the same way as the Christmas Eve prize draw. For every $100 you wager, you will gain 1 entry ticket.

You can earn up to 5 tickets in the 24-hour promotion period. No purchase is required, and you can enter for free using the same email address. Another 200 winners will receive $10 each from this two-thousand-dollar prize money!

What Is the Best Way to Use This Promotion?

All prizes, including anything you might win from the prize draws or the deposit match bonus, will be awarded to you in casino bonus money. The Bally Casino rewards Christmas bonus money comes with the same restrictions as any other time of year! It has a 1x wagering requirement and expires after 30 days.

The 1x wagering makes this an excellent opportunity to convert your winnings into cash. Plenty of US online casinos have much higher playthrough requirements, making it more difficult for you to withdraw your money eventually, and, in turn, this makes this offer all the more attractive.

What’s more, you can wager your bonus money on any games online at Bally! So compared to other US casinos that tend to stop you from playing certain games (such as live dealer games), this is also a lot more flexible.

Other Bally Casino Promotions

You might have to log into your Bally Casino online account to see all of the current promotional offers, which might also vary depending on your location or status at the casino. In addition to holiday promotions, you will also be able to get free spins and other casino rewards.