PlayLive! Payment Options

PlayLive! is an online casino site offering players in Pennsylvania premium slots and table games. As a member of the site, you can use real money to play games for a chance to win real prizes. Use this banking guide to get to know all the payment options offered at PlayLive! including how to deposit and withdraw funds.

At The Game Day Casino, we provide you with everything needed to understand how PlayLive! Casino banking works. Read on to learn more and take advantage of all the gaming options that the PlayLive! Casino brand has to offer!

What Are the Best PlayLive! Deposit Methods?

To play for real money, you must first deposit funds. PlayLive! Casino offers several methods to make it easy for every member to add funds. You can easily find a method that works for you from the available choices. We will list the options below with detailed information on each available banking method.

Credit Card

PlayLive! Accepts credit card payments, making it easy for players to add funds. Simply select a credit card in the payment section and fill in the card details, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV.

  • Minimum Deposit Required: $10
  • Transaction Time: Deposits should be instant.
  • Fees: The online casino does not charge a fee, but your cardholder might. Check with the provider before depositing funds.
  • Bonus Eligibility: Players can use a credit card to deposit when accessing the site’s welcome bonus.


Use your existing PayPal account to add funds to PlayLive! Casino. You will enter the amount you wish to deposit and follow the site’s instructions to log in to PayPal to complete the transaction.

  • Minimum Deposit: There does not appear to be a minimum.
  • Transaction Time: Deposits should be added instantly after the transaction clears.
  • Fees: No fees should be charged.
  • Bonus Eligibility: Players should be able to use PayPal to deposit and claim bonus offers.

VIP Preferred

Click on eCheck and fill in your government ID, state, and bank information. Once you do this and agree to the terms of service, you will complete the transaction. The process takes a few minutes to complete, and funds should be added instantly.

  • Minimum Deposit: The site does not list a minimum amount to add.
  • Transaction Time: Deposits can be added instantly.
  • Fees: There don’t appear to be any fees associated with the account.
  • Bonus Eligibility: Use the banking method to take advantage of welcome offers and continual deals.

Play+ Card

Sign up for a Play+ account and receive a personalized prepaid card linked to your online casino account. You can use this card to add funds with ease.

  • Minimum Deposit: PlayLive! Casino does not list the required minimum.
  • Transaction Time: Funds should be added instantly.
  • Fees: Information is not provided on any fees for using this method.
  • Bonus Eligibility: Use your Play+ card to add funds and take advantage of any bonus deal.

Cash at Cage

The PlayLive! Casino and Hotel Philadelphia and the PlayLive! Casino Pittsburgh both offer deposit options. Visit the casinos to add funds to your gaming account.

  • Minimum Deposit: No minimum amount is listed.
  • Transaction Time: It should take less than 30 minutes to receive funds.
  • Fees: There do not appear to be any fees associated with this payment method.
  • Bonus Eligibility: Once the funds are in your account, you can take advantage of bonus deals.

As seen by the plethora of payment options listed above, PlayLive! gives players plenty of options to load their accounts. To find out about other options that await players, including casino games and more, be sure to check out our extensive PlayLive! Casino review.

Fastest Deposit Methods At PlayLive! Casino

PlayLive! Casino generally has speedy deposits no matter the method you use, but some methods do get money onto your player account faster than others. Credit cards, PayPal, and the PlayLive! Casino Play+ Card are the fastest options for deposits. If you need your money quickly, those would be the best methods to use.

These methods each get money into your account more quickly than PlayLive!’s Cash At Cage option. While cash is often the fastest, most direct route for most day-to-day transactions, this option lags behind the others when it comes to loading money into your PlayLive! Casino account.

Deposits made using credit cards, PayPal, or the Play+ Card should all be available for use immediately. If you’re looking to play casino games as soon as possible, these would be the best methods to get money into your account.

How to Make an Online Deposit at PlayLive! Casino

To make a deposit at PlayLive! Casino, you must first create an account. This includes providing your full name, address, telephone number, and last four digits of your social security number. Once the account is created, you can log in and deposit funds. Use the steps below to add funds.

  • Log in to PlayLive! Casino
  • Click on Deposit at the top right of the site.
  • Choose a banking method.
  • Complete the transaction as listed.
  • Once the transaction clears, the funds will be in your account, and you are ready to play.

Does PlayLive! Match Your First Deposit?

Yes! PlayLive! Casino offers a first deposit match deal. By visiting our bonus page, new players can take advantage of the 125% deposit match. We offer insight into the deal, including how to access it.

The bonus appears open to all deposit methods, so you can use any available options to add funds. Once you have finished your transaction, bonus funds will be added to your account. Check out the full bonus details by visiting The Game Day Casino bonus page.

PlayLive! Casino Deposit Match Promo Code

No code is required for players to claim the deposit match as a new member of PlayLive! Casino. The promotion is an instant deal one can claim through our PlayLive! Casino link. Use our page to connect to the online casino to take advantage of the 125% bonus match worth up to $625, plus earn 25 free slot spins!

Generous welcome offers are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other PlayLive! Casino promotions that will appeal to both new and existing users.

Is there a PlayLive! Deposit Limit?

In general, the minimum deposit required at PlayLive! Casino is $10. Some deposit methods do not have a minimum listed, so you may be able to add any amount to play. As far as the bonus deal is concerned, players will need to add $30 or more to take advantage of the deal.

The deposit bonus requires a higher limit that must be met to activate the deal. If you do not add enough cash, the bonus is not provided. Once you have claimed the deal and need to deposit again, you can add a lower amount.

Check any bonuses or promotions you wish to claim for deposit limits. Some deals will have set amounts that must be added for the deal to be valid.

How Do You Withdraw Money from PlayLive! Casino?

Once you start playing for real money at PlayLive! Casino, you can win real money prizes. After earning a win, click on the withdrawal section of the cashier to remove funds. Use the steps below to get started.

  • Log in to your PlayLive! Casino account.
  • Select withdrawal in the cashier.
  • Choose a banking method and enter the amount to remove.
  • Follow the directions provided to complete the transaction.


Use your existing PayPal account to withdraw funds from PlayLive!

  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Transaction times: Transactions can take up to five days to complete.
  • Fees: There do not appear to be any fees.

Play+ Card

After creating a Play+ account for depositing, use the same one to withdraw funds.

  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Transaction times: from 3-5 days.
  • Fees: N/A

VIP Preferred

This eCheck option is a great way to remove wins from your PlayLive! Account.

Minimum withdrawal: $10
Transaction times: up to five days to complete.
Fees: N/A

Cash At Cage

Visit the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh casino location to withdraw funds.

  • Minimum withdrawal: $10
  • Transaction times: Institute the withdrawal online. Visit the casino cage to remove funds.
  • Fees: There do not seem to be any fees associated with this account.

Fastest Withdrawal Methods At PlayLive! Casino

Withdrawing your money from an online casino is a slower process than depositing onto an online casino. Players must wait for the withdrawal to clear before receiving the funds in their account. From there, how long it will take to see the money depends on the specific bank or card issuer.

The most consistently fast way to cash out your winnings is with the PlayLive! Casino Play+ Card. Play+ Card transactions have fewer hurdles before the money becomes available. Because the money is loaded directly onto your Play+ Card, it doesn’t have to wait for approval from your bank or financial institution the way that PayPal or VIP Preferred payments have to.

For PayPal and VIP Preferred, you’re at the mercy of the bank. These payments usually take 3-5 business days to clear. eChecks can sometimes take even longer.

If you’re in a hurry, another option is to visit one of PlayLive!’s land-based casino locations in either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh and withdraw your money from the cage. However, this method usually requires submitting a withdrawal request in advance, and the player must account for travel time to the casino as well as waiting in line for a cash cage agent to become available. This makes using your PlayLive! Casino Play+ Card the quickest way, on average, to receive your casino withdrawals.

Are PlayLive! Casino Winnings Taxable?

In Pennsylvania, gambling income is taxable. Any winnings from slots, table games, sports betting, lottery, etc., are considered taxable income. You must report your winnings when filing your yearly tax return.

In 2017, changes were made to the withholding rate so that any wins of $5,000 or more were taxed at 24%. Organizations that offer casino games will most likely fill out a W-2G form based on winnings. Be sure to report all winnings so that you are not subject to repayment in the future.


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