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Deciding which online casinos to play on can always be a challenging task. However, one of the best ways to determine which online casino to try is the welcome bonuses it offers.

That’s why right now has never been a better time to explore Pala Casino. We here at The Game Day Casino have an exclusive offer at Pala Casino that will simply be too good to pass up on. Bonuses like these don’t come around every day, but with our exclusive offer, you will be able to put even more money in your pocket.

Sure, you don’t need to take advantage of this offer to play at Pala Casino, but why wouldn’t you? With bonuses, these are designed to attract new players by offering a lucrative monetary package.

Again, you can put even more money in your pocket. Here, we will go over our exclusive offer and how you claim it today. Let’s dive in.

Editor’s Note: Pala Casino has recently rebranded to Stardust Casino. Stardust is available in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Although the name has changed, you can expect the same great promotions, services, and game selection mentioned on this page.

Pala Casino bonus in New Jersey 2024

For the new player bonus at Pala Casino, you will receive $25 free just for signing up and can also take advantage of a deposit bonus of up to $500.

The deposit bonus comes at a 100 percent rate. That means that if you deposit $250 and satisfy all the wagering requirements, you’ll have $525 to play with.

For the $25, this is what we consider a no-deposit offer. Typically, these offers are close to but are mostly lower than $25. This means that you’ll get $25 in site credit right away, simply for creating an account.

So, this could result in your receiving upwards of $275 in site credits if you take advantage of the full deposit bonus after registering for an account.

However, you must click on our “” link on this page. This will bring you directly to the offer and ensure you will receive it.

This is an exclusive offer that you won’t find on the Pala Casino site, so click that link to take advantage!

Pala Casino Bonus U.S. 2024

Pala Casino is still an upstart online gaming platform, so it is only live currently in the state of New Jersey. That could change in the future if the brand looks to extend its footprint.

In the meantime, Pala Casino is in the mix of the nation’s top online casino gaming market in the competitive state of New Jersey.

As a result, Pala Casino has one of the industry’s most competitive offers for new players.

If Pala Casino spreads to other states, one should expect this offer to come to the additional markets as well.

Who can claim Pala Casino Bonus?

This offer is an exclusive offer from us here at The Game Day Casino and for Pala Casino. However, you will need to create an account at Pala Casino to use this offer, of course.

This offer is also only available to Pala Casino bettors in New Jersey.
During the registration process, you will need to confirm that you are 21 years of age or older by agreeing to the terms of service.

Pala Casino has geolocation software that tracks your IP address. This is needed to confirm your presence within New Jersey.
You do not need to be a New Jersey resident to take advantage! You just need to be located in the state at the time in which you redeem the offer.

Can you claim the Pala Casino bonus over iPhone & Android?

Of course! Online gambling is growing more popular thanks to mobile devices. With this, yes, you can claim this offer from a mobile device.

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can now click on our “Get Bonus” link to take advantage of this offer!

The bonuses are the same whether you go through a PC or a mobile device, so don’t worry about getting back home to your desk.

Pala Casino Bonus Code

With this offer, you just need to click on our “” link!
Sometimes with exclusive offers here at The Game Day Casino, we will have a bonus code, and for this offer at Pala Casino, TGDC is the code needed.

This makes it a bit easier to retrieve the Pala Casino bonus, as you just need to click a link. This avoids the need to input the code, or worse, perhaps even forgetting to use it!

Again, just click our exclusive offer link now to utilize this offer.

Pala Casino No-Deposit Bonus

Pala Casino offers a no-deposit bonus, also known as a bonus bets bonus, for new players. You will receive this bonus of $25 simply for signing up to the site.

Risk-free bonuses like these live up to their name since you don’t have to do anything beyond registering for an account to take advantage. With these funds, you can wager on new games you might not have played before or bet a slightly more significant amount than usual in hopes of receiving that larger payout.

These are among the most beloved welcome bonuses at online casinos because they are the easiest to receive.

Pala Casino First Deposit Match Bonus

The other part of this welcome bonus is the deposit match at a 100 percent rate up to $500.

Like the no-deposit bonus mentioned above, these added funds allow more freedom for wagering. This bonus, in particular, essentially doubles your deposit amount. Whether you use it on a new title or for raising the stakes in hopes of striking that slot machine jackpot, these added funds will make you feel like a high roller.

With a cap of $500, this deposit bonus is a bit low compared to other online casinos. However, it is still a great feature for all kinds of bettors, especially new bettors, which this offer is catered towards. It is also a safe bet that experienced casino players at Pala will appreciate not having to chase the exorbitant wagering requirements of other online casinos.

Wagering Requirements

With bonus offers, there is one thing to keep an eye out for: wagering requirements (also known as playthrough requirements). These are important at online casinos because they denote how much time it will take to unlock your deposit bonus.

At Pala Casino, the playthrough requirement is 10x the deposit and the deposit bonus. For example, if you deposit $50, you’ll receive $50. From here, you must wager 10x the combined amount of $100 to gain access to the $50 bonus so that it can be withdrawn as cash.

However, it is important to note that not all games contribute evenly toward clearing the wagering requirement. Pala Casino offers a comprehensive list of these, so make sure whichever Pala casino game you’re playing qualifies.

Generally, most slots contribute 100% toward the requirement. There are roughly 30 slot games that only contribute 20%, so slot lovers should familiarize themselves with Pala’s Wagering Requirements page to make sure their favorites will help them unlock the bonus as quickly as possible. One slot game in particular, Codex of Fortune, contributes 0% toward the wagering requirement, so players should avoid this one until after unlocking their deposit bonus.

Let It Ride, Three Card Poker, and Texas Hold ‘Em Plus contribute 20% toward the bonus. All other table games, including blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and any of their variants, contribute 0%.

Similarly, Deuces And Joker Wild, Five Play Draw Poker, and Triple Play Draw Poker are the only three video poker games that contribute toward the wagering requirement at 20% for each. Every other video poker game contributes 0%

Depending on the percentage you see, think of it in terms of $1.
For example, if the game contribution percentage is 20 percent, this means that for every $1 wagered, $0.20 will count toward the playthrough requirement.

Wagering requirement example

For a 100% contribution game, let’s use the Berryburst slot, for example. A customer at Pala Casino has a $100 casino bonus with the 10x wagering stipulation.

Because Berryburst has a 100% contribution percentage, a player would just need to conduct $1,000 in wagering. That would satisfy the requirements. Pretty straightforward.

If you are trying to clear the bonus in a game with a variable contribution percentage, things are a bit different.

Let’s use a second example to see how this works. A player has a $100 casino bonus with the 10x requirement. The customer who is claiming the bonus bets $500 at Berryburst, which has a 100% contribution. With the other $500, the player gambles $250 on a Starmania slot (20% playthrough contribution) and $250 on the table game blackjack.

The Berryburst activity contributes $500 to the wagering requirements, while 20% ($50) comes from Starmania. Blackjack does not count towards clearing the bonus, unfortunately, so there’s nothing from that activity.

Altogether, the player has wagered $550 ($500 plus $50) towards satisfying the bonus. There would still be $450 of the bonus left to clear.

Pala Casino Free Slot Spins

While there are no free slot spin offers at Pala Casino, there is a daily free spin offer. Players at Pala Casino will be able to spin its Million Dollar Slot once per day, each day, for free. The grand prize is $1,000,000.

Should a free spin offer come to Pala Casino, though, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, these free spins will come with a monetary value per spin. From here, you may or may not need to complete a playthrough requirement on the winnings from the free spins. Keep this in mind when Pala Casino offers a free slot spins offer in the future!

Pala Casino Bonus Overview

We’ve heard of 100% first deposit bonus match offers in the real-money legal and regulated online casino industry as generous as $2,000 (an offer from a casino in West Virginia), so the $500 deposit match from Pala Casino isn’t the largest of its kind.

However, with more than 300 games to choose from on Pala Online Casino and a $25 signup bonus as part of the welcome offer, people in New Jersey would be foolish not to take the bonus money on the table at Pala Casino.

It’s worth remembering that you can claim bonuses at multiple online casinos, and you don’t have to stick to one of them!


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