888Poker Micro Stakes

Micro stakes are the way to go if you want to dive into online poker without breaking the bank. On this page, we’ll take you through micro stakes options at 888Poker.

Whether you’re a novice player or a seasoned pro, our guide will provide insights into the options available at 888Poker.

Micro Stakes Cash Games & Tournaments at 888Poker

At 888Poker, you’ll find many peer-to-peer options to suit your playing style and preferences. Whether you prefer the fast-paced action of cash games or the thrilling competition of tournaments, the brand offers a variety of micro stakes tables and events.

Cash Games

888Poker offers a range of cash games where you can enjoy playing poker at low stakes. It’s important to note that the platform applies a fee for participating in cash games, commonly called the “rake".

When it comes to the rake structure for cash games, both No Limit and Pot Limit games follow the same guidelines. In No Limit poker games, you can bet any amount of your chips anytime. On the other hand, Pot Limit games allow players to wager up to the size of the current Pot.

Regardless of the game type, the minimum rake applied at 888Poker for micro stakes cash games is as low as $0.01.


You will also find an array of Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) available to play with micro stakes. In these tournaments, players buy-in for a fixed fee, and as participants are eliminated, the remaining players are moved to different tables.

For those looking to dive into the MTT action with minimal investment, 888Poker offers tournaments with a minimum buy-in as low as $1.

Additionally, they host regular Freeroll tournaments. These tournaments allow players to play poker without any buy-in.


888Poker offers a series of Sit-N-Go (SNG) tournaments where you can enjoy playing with micro stakes. SNGs provide a convenient and fast-paced tournament format, making them perfect for players looking for quick action.

There are various SNG options for micro stakes players with buy-ins of up to $10. The smallest possible stake you can play is as low as $0.25, allowing you to test your skills and compete for real money prizes without a significant investment.

In addition to regular SNG tournaments, 888Poker offers seasonal and special events throughout the year. Watch for these tournaments, where you’ll find exciting variations such as Turbo and Superturbo SNGs.

Micro Stakes Games at 888Poker

888Poker is a real money us poker site and online poker enthusiasts are in for a treat. You can immerse yourself in various adrenaline-loaded games, including Texas Hold’Em, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Seven Card Stud.

The platform’s tables are buzzing 24/7, offering No Limit games of Texas Hold’Em and Pot Limit games of Texas Hold’Em, Omaha Hi, and Omaha Hi/Lo.

With a rake of only $0.01, these micro stakes games provide the perfect opportunity to challenge your skills.

Micro Limit Texas Hold’Em

At 888Poker, you can enjoy Micro Limit Texas Hold’Em games, catering to various table sizes for a diverse poker experience. Whether you prefer heads-up battles or larger group dynamics, you’ll find plenty of options.

For two-player action, you can engage in one-on-one confrontations. For a more dynamic game, opt for five or six-player tables, where strategy and adaptability come into play. And if you seek a livelier atmosphere, the six+ player tables will keep you on your toes.

With a minimum rake of $0.18 for all pot limits, the Micro Limit options are incredibly affordable, making them perfect for players with micro stakes budgets.

No Limit Texas Hold’Em

888Poker offers No Limit Texas Hold’Em with ring games that can accommodate anywhere from two to nine players. With a low rake of $0.01 for all games, these micro stakes tables are highly accessible and budget-friendly.

In No Limit Texas Hold’Em, players enjoy the freedom to Bet, Raise, or Reraise any amount they desire, adding an element of unpredictability to the game. The Betting Rounds have no caps, ensuring intense gameplay until every active player has either Folded, Checked, or Called the latest Raise/Reraise to the Pot.

Remember that once an initial Bet is placed in a Betting Round, all subsequent Raises or Reraises must equal or exceed the Round’s initial Bet. And true to the “No Limit" name, players can Bet, Raise, or Reraise any amount they currently have at the table.


In Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo at 888Poker, you can choose from tables fit for two players, all the way up to eight or more.

To get into the thrilling world of Omaha, players must meet the minimum buy-in requirement, which is 10 times the Lower Limit Stake of the table. For example, at a $1 table, the minimum buy-in is $10.

With a rake of only $0.01 for all tables, regardless of the number of players, Omaha games at 888Poker are budget-friendly and accessible to micro stakes players. In addition, the per in Pot is $0.18, regardless of the pot limit, providing a fair and consistent rake structure.

Seven Card Stud

888Poker offers Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. Whether you prefer playing with three or four players or a full table, you’ll find a suitable Stud table that suits your style. The Stud games can accommodate up to 8-handed play.

With a minimum rake of just $0.01 for all tables, these micro stakes Stud games are incredibly affordable, allowing players with smaller budgets to enjoy the thrill of real money poker.

Best Micro Stakes Option at 888Poker

For the best micro stakes experience at 888Poker, I recommend starting with Sit-N-Go (SNG) tournaments. SNGs are perfect for players with limited time and budgets, offering quick action and the chance to win real money prizes. Additionally, SNGs allow you to hone your tournament skills and build your bankroll efficiently.

To get started, sign up and claim your bonus and dive into the exciting world of micro stakes poker. You can enjoy your favorite SNGs on the 888Poker app, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere.