Nevada Casino Games

Ask any gambler their preferred destination, and you’re likely to get Nevada as the answer, home to the iconic Las Vegas Strip and state-of-the-art iGaming options.

Our Top Picks To Play Online Casino Games in Nevada

Nevada is the epitome of gambling. Boasting over 450 casinos, NV leads other states when it comes to gambling. The major wagering hubs are Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin, Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Mesquite, and Primm.

For the grandest casinos, Las Vegas is the place to be. With a plethora of epic games, there’s no shortage of thrill. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll find a game that suits your level.

From classic to modern to orient games, you’re assured of variety. Popular Las Vegas casino games include:

  • Slots
  • Baccarat
  • Keno
  • Bingo
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Pai Gow

Online gaming is highly restricted in LA and the entire Nevada region. The only exception is online poker, which you can play at a state-licensed site (

That said, it is legal to play online casino games at free-play sweepstakes casinos. The gaming catalog at most sweepstake casinos is comprehensive. On offer are games such as:

  • Video poker
  • Sweep slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Caribbean poker
  • Keno

Nevada Slot Machines

Slots are Nevada’s lifeblood. Home to over 120,000 slot machines, the Silver State is the undisputed slot machine capital of the world. Machines are literally everywhere, be it motels, bars, or hotels. Sin City alone has about 38,000 slot machines in the Strip and 10,000 in downtown LA.

With such richness, slots aficionados can enjoy hundreds of variations, including the loosest slots. You’ll be overwhelmed by classic slots, progressive slots, five-reel slots, penny slots, to name a few.

You’ll also find a wide selection of titles filled with great adventures and alluring themes.

Penny Slots

Penny slots are what their name implies—slot machines with a 1 cent minimum bet per line. As a result, they primarily suit low-stake gamblers playing on a budget.

These days, you’re unlikely to find Nevada casinos that allow you to pop a penny and spin the reels. Instead, penny slots require you to bet a minimum number of lines per spin.

Modern slots are multi-line machines as opposed to a single line. So, you’ll end up spending more than 0.01 credits per spin in penny slots. Winnings from penny slots are modest.

Popular penny slot titles include:

  • 5 Wishes
  • Book of dead
  • Crystal Waters
  • Monopoly
  • Cash Bandits 3
  • Witch’s Brew

Multi-denomination Slots

Multi-denomination slot machines allow players to pick the denomination of their choice. These slots accept different denominations and request gamblers to select the size of their wagers.

You’ll find machines that take 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, while others accept $1, $2, $5, $10. This means you can play using nickels, quarters, or dollars.

Once you insert a bill, you have to choose your preferred denomination. The slot machine then calculates the number of credits from your bill and selected denomination.

Multi-denomination slots are ideal for gamblers who love tinkering their bets and denominations without hopping from one machine to the other.

Most Nevada casinos have multi-denomination slot machines. You can enjoy popular titles like:

  • Mighty Cash
  • Ultimate Fire Link
  • Lightning Link

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots increase their jackpot amounts each time players wager. When each player bets, a portion of their money is added to the jackpot. With time, the jackpot’s value rises to millions.

Progressive jackpots keep soaring until a lucky punter hits the pot. Once a winner scoops this prize, the pool resets to the starting amount. Most progressive slots have a maximum jackpot value that can be won.

These slots work in different ways. You’ll find standalone, in-house, in-chain, and wide-area progressives. Below are some of the regularly played progressive titles.

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • Arabian Nights
  • Divine Fortune
  • Empire Fortune
  • Mercy of the Gods
  • Wheel of Fortunes

Nevada Table Games

NV isn’t about slot machines only. Over 5,000 tables await you if you decide to hit Nevada. The full range of table games comprises popular as well as obscure games.

There’s never a dull moment if you decide to gamble. You can try your hand in games like poker, blackjack, Mississippi Stud, craps, pai gow, and roulette. Of course, each game offers endless variants.


The number one table game in Nevada has to be blackjack. The state has over 1800 blackjack tables dotted across various joints.

This timeless table game appeals to punters due to its low house edge and easiness of play. It has been around for ages but continues to amass a cult following.

Blackjack’s objective is to defeat the dealer without busting. You can beat the dealer if:

  • The dealer’s hand total exceeds 21
  • You have a greater hand value at the end of the round
  • You draw a total hand value of 21 on your first two cards (an ace and a ten-card)

Blackjack’s rules are pretty straightforward. The game pits a player against the dealer and is played with eight decks of 52 cards. The payout is 1:1 for a regular win and 1:2 for a blackjack.


Roulette is another thrilling old-age table game that has been around since the 17th century. It might be a simple game, but it’s packed with mystery and excitement.

This game of chance has a simple goal—to predict the outcome of a wheel spin. Players guess where the ball will land on the numbered roulette wheel. The wheel features a range of numbers from 0-36 or 00-36, depending on the type of roulette.

The game commences with gamblers making wagers. The croupier then rolls the ball on the table and halts the betting process as the wheel spins.

The ball will finally land on a number, and winners declared based on their predictions.


If you desire a casino game filled with action, try craps. You’ll be rolling the dice and predicting its outcome.

Although dice games are based on luck, you need the right strategies to win craps. A must-use approach is that of making bets that lower the house edge.

Craps rules are slightly intimidating. The game is split into two parts:

  • Come Out Roll
  • The Point

The game begins with the Come Out Roll, and players must make a pass line bet or a don’t pass bet. If the come-out roll outcome is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the game proceeds to the point.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Poker has many variants, and one of the most exciting is Ultimate Texas Hold’em. This Hold’em version is fast-paced, pits players against the dealer, and offers multiple betting opportunities.

The goal here is to form a five-card hand that ranks higher than the dealer’s hand. The player and dealer make their five-card combination from two initial cards and five community cards. The royal flush is the unbeatable hand, while the high card is the lowest hand.

Players can make several types of wagers including, Ante, Blind, Trips, and Play bets. Ante and Blind are mandatory bets, while Trips are optional side bets.

Unlike other poker variants, you can raise even when the dealer doesn’t open. The dealer opens when they have a pair.

Three-Card Poker

It’s not hard to see why poker enthusiasts adore Three-card poker. This poker variant is fun, uncomplicated, and, importantly, beginner-friendly. You can play several hands in succession and stretch your winning streak.

Unlike classic poker, Three-card’s premise is to build the best hand with only three cards. The highest hands are the mini-royal flush and the straight flush, while the lowest is the high card.

The game begins with players placing an Ante or a Pair plus wager. Then, based on the dealt cards, a player can choose to play or fold. Folding means you forfeit your ante and pair wagers. If you decide to play, you must place another bet equal to the Ante.


Initially reserved for high-rollers, baccarat is now a staple for the average gambler. It’s a player favorite, thanks to its simplicity and winnability. With a house edge (Banker’s hand) of about 1.06%, baccarat’s odds are indisputably favorable.

Baccarat’s objective is to bet on the winning hand, either the Player or the Banker. The winning hand has to have a total of 9 or close to 9.

You can place a bet on the Player, Banker, or a Tie. The Player and Bank hands have a 1:1 payout, but you must pay a 5% commission on a winning Bank hand. A winning Tie bet pays 8:1.

A baccarat’s hand value cannot exceed 9. That said, you cannot break/bust. However, you can adjust your position by subtracting ten from your hand value.


Baccarat might be popular, but its low-stake sequel, mini-baccarat, is outshining the big version.

Mini-baccarat bears similar features to baccarat, including the playing rules. The significant difference lies in the table size and limits. Mini-baccarat has lower limits and smaller-sized tables. A mini table can only accommodate seven gamblers. Due to the small table size, the play is high-speed.

In mini-baccarat, the dealer handles everything while players place bets. The game’s objective is to guess whether the Banker or Player will be close to the point score of 9. Betting options and rules are similar to the main baccarat version.


Keno is a lottery-like game that has been around since the 19th century. While it has relatively poor player odds, it’s still a simple, engaging casino game.

It’s a luck game, meaning you don’t require any skills when playing. The rules are straightforward, and you don’t have to memorize tons of strategies.

Keno’s objective is simple. But, first, you need to pick a set of numbers and hope they are winning numbers.

The pool of numbers ranges from 1 to 80. Twenty of these numbers are drawn randomly to determine the winning spots.

The payout depends on the correct spots you pick. You win the jackpot if you correctly pick the twenty numbers.


What’s not to love about bingo? The game is friendly, easy to learn, and fun to play. It’s a social game that everyone can play, including kids.

Various bingo variants exist, but the most common in the US is 75-ball bingo.

Players play bingo on a scorecard with 25 randomly generated numbers. The game’s objective is to be the first to get a line in which all numbers have been called out.

Given it’s a random game, you don’t require any strategy to win. That said, you can purchase more scorecards to increase your chances of winning. In addition, some players play bingo as a means of improving their cognitive abilities.

Let it Ride

Let it Ride is a poker-based game that is quite similar to five-card stud. This game appeals to players because it allows them to reduce bets whenever they dislike their cards.

The objective of Let it Ride is to form a good poker hand from your three cards and two community cards.

Let it Ride gives players two opportunities to recover a third of their initial bets, unlike other poker variants.

You can withdraw a portion of your wager before and after the first community card is revealed. You can also forfeit the withdrawal opportunities and let it ride.

Payouts are based on your hand, with the largest being 1000:1 (Royal flush).

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker tends to fly under the radar, but it’s an excellent poker game. It bears a resemblance to the ancient, domino-based Chinese game Pai Gow Tiles. The game’s slow-paced nature makes it perfect for social occasions.

The goal of Pai Gow is to build two hands that beat the corresponding bank’s hands. Therefore, your five-card hand must be greater than the two-card hand.

Hand rankings in Pai Gow are almost similar to other poker games. However, the joker acts as an ace unless you are completing a straight/flush.

The push probability in Pai Gow is very high due to the two vs. two hands. This scenario might suit casual gamblers seeking to enjoy a table game.

Online Poker

Although the poker boom ended years ago, classic poker still reigns supreme. It also goes by the name five-card draw and can be played almost anywhere. It’s highly competitive and presents an arena for outwitting friends and foes.

Winning classic poker has a touch of luck but hugely depends on your skill, psychology, and strategy. Two to six players can play this game.

Classic poker doesn’t rely heavily on the dealt cards but on how you use them. You win if you’re the only player who doesn’t fold or the player with the best hand among other non-folding gamblers.

The highest-ranking hand is the straight flush, while the lowest is the high card.

Sports Betting

This type of betting involves placing a wager on the outcome of a sporting event. It appeals to the masses due to the ease of winning.

With endless betting options, you’ll be spoilt for choice where to place wagers. You can bet on boxing, NFL games, MLS games, MMA fights, tennis, MLB games, and the NBA.

Sports wagering isn’t about betting on outright wins only. There are tons of different markets to explore.

You could go for spreads, totals, corners, handicaps, to name a few. These markets vary depending on the sport you’re wagering on.

Another popular option among gamblers is live betting. Here, you place bets on games that are in progress.

Free Casino Games Online In Nevada

Social gaming has become a massive industry in the United States over the last couple of years. Nevada is one state that has latched on to this gaming trend and has operations popping up left and right, offering generous new and existing player bonuses.

The draw of social gaming casinos is that they offer everything that a traditional online casino does with none of the risks. This is because these websites offer free-to-play casino games for fun. The games that social casinos offer are identical in every way to those available at popular pay casinos. So for players just looking for fun, there is no better alternative.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because these games are free that they don’t offer any tangible rewards. Perhaps the best feature of these sites is that they offer the chance to win real prizes while playing for free. Online gaming doesn’t get much better than the potential to put money in your pocket without the risk of losing any.

Nevada Slots

No online casino, free or otherwise, would be complete without slot machines. Worldwide, slot machines make up the majority of titles in any casino. This applies to social casinos as well as land-based locations.

Slot machines are as popular as they are due to several factors. First of all, they are easy to understand. Most adults can probably give a basic overview of slow without ever having played one. This is because all slot machines operate on the same basic principle.

Most traditional slot machines have three-to-five reels with fruit symbols on each wheel, such as cherries and lemons. The goal of slots is to spin the reels in order to line up and match symbols. The more symbols that are matched, the higher the payout is to the player.

While modern slot machines take a lot of liberties with the classic gameplay, the goal of the game always remains the same.

Where To Play Online Slots In NV

Rivers Casino 4Fun

Online casino players looking to enjoy their favorite free-to-play slot machines will love Rivers Casino 4Fun. Backed by Rush Street Gaming LLC, you can be sure of a slick, easy-to-navigate platform. Along with a huge selection of games, the menus are ideally laid for players to find what they need fast.

The Intuitive design is evident right off the bat. It’s a good thing, too, because Rivers Casino4Fun offers a huge number of slots to choose from. Players can use the filter feature to make finding the right game a breeze. Filters can be used to sort by type of game or the studio that developed it.

The platform adds the ability to sort games as well. This is helpful for players to find which machines have recently paid out jackpots, minimum to cover bets, and total pay lines available.

With titles from top developers such as Konami, NetEND, and William Interactive, Rivers Casino4Fun delivers one of the best free-to-play platforms available.

Buffalo King Megaways: The draw of this title from Pragmatic Play is the 200,704 different ways to roll a winning combination. The game was an instant hit upon its release in 2019 and continues to be one of the most popular in the industry. This version of the game adds the Megaways feature with six main reels with two-seven symbols each. There is also a horizontal reel with four symbols.

Like other Megaways slots, Buffalo King uses a cascading mechanic that is called the tumble feature. It activates after each win to remove winning symbols from the reels. The blank spaces are then replaced with new tiles that can trigger another win. The new tiles keep coming as long as wins keep piling up.

Silent Hill Return: Fans of the canceled Konami video game series can get their fix from this horror-themed slot machine. As with other Konami titles, the game comes with 4K Ultra HD graphics and slick animations.

Silent Hill Return offers players blue and red bonus symbols that can instantly award 75 to 2500 credits. Red bonuses can also trigger jackpots.

Chumba Casino

It is immediately apparent when loading up Chumba Casino that this platform was designed with fun in mind. The bright colors are welcoming, and the overall design is pleasing to the eye. The next thing players will notice is the large catalog of Slot Machines available to check out. With more than 50 titles to choose from, players of all types can enjoy this platform.

The icons on the main page are large and easy to navigate without a search function. A couple of fan favorites at Chumba Casino are:

Wild West 2120 Deluxe: This title from Big Wave Gaming is sure to please any fan of steampunk style with its theme from an alternate past. This 19th-century world is full of mad scientists, corset-clad women, and a ton of wild gadgets.

The more you wager on this slot, the higher the progressive jackpots grow—these jackpots payout between 1,000 and 125,000 coins. There is also a red-hair steampunk girl that functions as the jackpot symbol. The top prize for this game is a 500x multiplier if you hit five jackpot symbols.

Legacy of the Tiger: Mega Fire Blaze: Playtech comes through again with a fantastic title in Legacy of the Tiger. This five-reel, three-row, 50-pay line slot adds substituting wilds, scatter symbols, and free spins. As with all Playtech games, the game is exciting with slick graphics and a bright display.

LuckyLand Slots: Slot machine fanatics are the target demographic of this social casino. It’s right there in the name, after all. And LuckyLand Slots live up to that name with a bunch of worthy titles to dig into.

The layout is as unique as the games offered and looks like a classic video game menu. There is a navigation tab on the left-hand side that makes searching for a specific slot easy.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more exciting titles in the slot machine section of LuckyLand Slots.

Neon Valley: This funky-looking slot machine with a Wild West theme offers four separate jackpots to win. The Bullseye Bonus Feature is the ultimate goal of this slot machine. It is triggered when players match the Neon Bull bonus symbols.

The bonus minigame is a click and shoot target gallery. Each target hit reveals a random jackpot. Match three symbols and win that jackpot. There is also a Gran Jackpot that is this game’s progressive. The grand prize for winning this jackpot is 20,402 coins.

Money Monsters: WGS is well-known for creating unique slot machines, and Money Monsters is a perfect example. This slot is inspired by the Marry Shelly novel Frankenstein and other classic movie monsters.

The game features an eerie soundtrack along with spooky sound effects to set the mood. Monster symbols include a mummy, wolfman, vampire, and the Bride of Frankenstein. Players can earn a bonus round that triggers an interactive minigame. There are six chests to open, each containing a weapon that strikes a specific monster.

For example, a silver bullet hits the wolfman while a vial of holy water is tossed on the vampire. Each monster has a different jackpot associated with it. Hit that monster and win that prize. There is even a golden orb that hits all the enemies at once.

b spot

The platform that b spot has put together caters to players looking for the basics with no fluff. No frill gamblers will love the layout of b spot as it presents everything right there for you to see.

The main menu lists the most popular games off the bat and gives players a good idea as to the slots available. A search function is not needed for b spot, and scrolling through the titles is just as effective. Slot machines are called spinners at b spot. Some of the more attractive titles offered include:

Nights of Egypt: Double symbols, four free spin modes, and stacked wilds make this Spinomenal title a can’t-miss. High-quality artwork and a well-designed engine make this game a pleasure to dig into.

With five-reels, 25 slot lines, and a max bonus of 300x, it makes sense why this is one of the more popular titles at B spot.

Parrots Rock: Another unique title from Spinometal, this slot lives up to its name as it features rock-and-roll parrots. With five reels and 30 pay lines, this progressive slot offers huge potential payouts. Naturally, the game features a strong soundtrack full of electric guitar riffs that have some heavy AC/DC influence.


This is another platform that doesn’t bother with all the distractions that many social casinos are so fond of. The main menu has a rundown of all the slot machines on the platform. This makes finding what you need easy as pie.

The platform does offer the option to filter games by game type to make life just that much easier for players.

Designed by Whow, My Jackpot continues its track record of high-quality social casino platforms. A couple of slot machines to keep an eye out for at My Jackpot are:

Tower of Power: Gamomat gaming is known for creating relaxed and chill slot machines, and Tower of Power is a perfect example of this style. The game features classic symbols such as lemons and cherries.

When you match three or more tower symbols, your payout is multiplied by the total number of symbols matched.

As is the case with many games from Gamomat, this slot has two additional features. Each of these features may be used only once per round. After a winning spin, players are given the option to either try to guess if the next card drawn will be red or black, or they can climb the ladder. The higher you climb, the more bonus coins you earn.

Palace of Treasures: The theme of this game is inspired by the Disney classic Aladdin. It features symbols such as flying carpets, monkeys, and even a princess. The best symbol to find is the magic scroll which acts as a wild.

The magic scroll also doubles as the scatter symbol. Landing three or more of these will automatically trigger ten free games. These ten spins are packed with bonus symbols to maximize multipliers.


The more players dig into the features at Funzpoints, the more they are rewarded. Getting to know the platform is a breeze, thanks to an intuitive layout that begs to be explored. Curious players are rewarded with a bunch of free-to-play slot machines to enjoy.

What sets Funzpoints apart from the competition is the way players can accrue bonuses the more they play. Much like a video game, the more you play, the more levels you earn. At every level, players can choose to open several random rewards. These rewards are offered to free-to-play winners and are deposited directly into their accounts.

A few of the more interesting slot machines on Funzpoints are:

The Java Cafe: This game features a theme that is based on hanging out at a coffee shop. The symbols follow suit and range from cups of coffee to slices of pie. The symbols players want to hit include wilds, coffee cards, and the Java Cafe Bonus.

If players get three Java Cafe Bonus symbols, it triggers a minigame. The game requires players to pick one of 27 identical cups of coffee at a time. When five identical sizes are revealed, players win that prize. The top payout for this minigame is an XXL at 1,500 tokens. This is followed by one spin of a wheel that can multiply winnings by up to 5x.

Start Your Engines: Gearheads will love this game and its unique auto-racing theme. Symbols range from stock cars to trophies to checkered flags. Earn three or more bonus symbols to trigger a free spin round. This round has an extra bonus and wild symbols to maximize potential payouts.

Pulsz Casino

Buckle up because this platform from Yellow Social Interactive features more than 250 slot machines to enjoy. All free of charge. Despite the massive catalog, Pulsz is a joy to navigate, thanks to a well-designed menu. It is optimized for both PC and Android devices and features several cutting-edge titles.

A few such titles include:

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters: This title represents Relax Gaming’s first attempt at a Megaclusters slot. This style of the game offers players the chance to upgrade symbols on every spin. Winning clusters add to the round’s multipliers and make this title a very exciting experience.

If a winning cluster lands near a bonus symbol, it is automatically upgraded to a quad symbol with seven free spins.

Super Marble: Hold and Win: This update on a modern classic features a 3×5 board and 25 lines. Super Marble: Hold and Win feature 3 in-game jackpots that can be triggered separately or all at once. These bonuses give players a win multiplier of 20x, 50x, and 1000x the initial stake.

The Hold and Win mechanic adds a lot to this game in terms of gameplay and payout values. This bonus game is triggered when six bonus symbols land on the reels. Players are awarded three free spins with all bonus tiles still on the board. Any additional winning combinations repeat this process.

River Sweeps

This Los Angeles-based company was formed to make online games as safe and secure as possible. They then went ahead and built a social casino that offers high-quality games and eliminates the privacy risks some platforms struggle to handle.

The meat and potatoes of River Sweeps is their selection of over 50 slot machines. The menu presents these titles in a very digestible way. Players looking for a specific title won’t waste time wandering through menus or web pages. A couple of the more fun titles to check out are:

Diamond Shot Pick’Em: Since launching on River Sweeps, Diamond Shot Pick’Em has been one of the most popular games on the platform. With high-definition graphics, a stunning design, and a high percentage of return, it’s a must-play at River Sweeps. This slot is pretty straightforward to play and easy to get the hang of. The Pick’Em feature is just an added bonus to this already epic title.

Bananas go Bahamas: This title from Novomatic seamlessly blends classic gameplay with new-age graphics. This free-to-play slot features five reels and nine pay lines and features the classic fruit symbols.

Bananas go Bahamas offer a single bonus round that triggers when players land three, four, or five scatter symbols. The bonus round immediately rewards 45 free spins. No multipliers trigger during the round, but 45 free spins are significant on their own.

Global Poker

This poker-focused platform also offers numerous slot machines to keep their catalog diverse. From the main menu, players simply navigate to the slot machine tab to see what Global Poker has to offer. The layout of this list is a dream to navigate. It feels like you always get to exactly where you need to be in no time with Global Poker.

There are currently 16 slot machines on Global Poker with titles such as:

Lightning Nudge Wild: For many players, nothing screams slot machine like some good old-fashioned 7s and bars. Lightning Nudge Wild ticks those boxes and a whole lot more. On the face of things, the three-reel, five-pay line slot appears rather basic.

The real action picks up when a nudging wild comes up. If one of these symbols lands on the top or bottom edge of the reel, they nudge the board to make space for an extra wild. This immediately increases the payout potential of that spin.

Super Dazzling 7’s: This is another title at Global Poker that features the classic 7s and bars, but with a twist. The game features extra spins and extra wilds to maximize payouts.

If a player gets five wild symbols, the entire board is replaced by them, and a huge bonus is triggered. Three matched wild symbols also automatically payout 1000 tokens on top of the extra bonus.

ZitoBox Casino

ZitoBox might be the most unique platform on the market. First off, the platform features a stable of enticing slot machines for free-to-play users to enjoy. Each slot is divided into categories that make finding what you need a breeze. But the games are only half of the fun at ZitoBox.

What sets this platform apart from others is the payout options available for withdrawing funds. Instead of cashing out in currency, ZitoBox offers players the chance to buy gift cards with their tokens. These gift cards are for a wide range of businesses such as Papa Johns and Overstock.

It doesn’t matter which slot machine you choose; winning puts you closer to earning a gift card. The games at ZitoBox are from world-class developers such as Wasdam and SG Interactive. Some can’t-miss titles include:

Dick The Detective: This five-reel-thee pay line slot machine is full of film noir nods and a private eye theme. Symbols include gems, footprints, and gossipy bartenders. Wild symbols are in play and appear on reels two, three, and four only. When they do come up, they substitute all symbols aside from the scatter tiles. When the Wild detective tile comes up anywhere on reels two, three, and four at the same time triggers a free game feature.

The first stage of this round is ten free spins that are automatically made. Next, ten fingerprints appear on the screen. Each selected print uncovers a multiplier or number of free games. Players keep selecting until the thief symbols are revealed, at which point the round ends.

Spendida Venezia: Explore the beautiful city of Venice in this title from Amuzi Gaming. This travel-themed slot features five reels and 25 lines of symbols to match. There are eleven basic symbols, along with a joker that acts as a wild card. The Bambia mask serves as the scatter symbol for Splendid Venezia.

When players get three, four, or five such symbols, it activates 100 free spins. All prizes won during these free spins are doubled.

Nevada Casino Table Games

Rivers Casino 4Fun

Table games make up a sizable portion of the total game offered at Rivers Casino 4Fun. The platform offers more than 25 different titles to choose from. These titles can be sorted by recent big payouts, minimum to cover bets, and by design studios. A couple of titles to check out first include:

Lightning Roulette: This version of roulette is visually pleasing and a ton of fun to play. All of the classic elements of roulette are included, but with a profitable added feature. During each round, between one and five Lucky Numbers are hit by a bolt of lightning. These blasts give multiplier payouts of between 50x and 500x.

First Person Dreamcatcher: This Evolution Gaming title is one of the newer table games on the market. As part of their award-winning FPS series, this game is not to be missed. Dreamcatcher features an RNG money wheel populated by numbers and multipliers.

Players choose which number they think will hit on each wheel spin. The choices are one, two, three, ten, 20, and 40. Worth noting that whichever number hits are also the multiplier for that round. Like roulette, players can make more than one wager per spin.

Chumba Casino

Chumba lives up to its reputation of offering one of the best layouts in the game. Sitting atop the main page is a prominent menu that links the Table Game offered. There are six table games currently offered at Chumba Casino to fans of the genre. The limited selection makes navigating the title easy and does not require a search function. You will be familiar with the catalog in minutes.

While there aren’t a ton of options, these games are all top-notch titles.

Among these are games such as American Roulette x2, Back Blackjack, and Jacks or Better. A fan favorite at Chumba Casino is American Roulette x2.

American Roulette x2: The major draw of this variation of the popular classic is the chance to earn double payouts for free. While most table games that offer multipliers charge extra for the chance, this title offers high rewards from even a minimum bet.

Global Poker

This diverse platform offers not only classic card games but also a full menu of table games. They cover all bases when it comes to the basic games with Blackjack, Casino Hold ’em, and more. Classic and premium versions of your favorite games are just a click away at Global Poker.

While there is a lot to keep players busy at Global Poker, one title, in particular, stands out among the rest.

Caribbean Poker: Also known as Caribbean Stud Poker, this variation has become very popular among new and veteran players alike. At the heart of things, this game is a take on five-card stud. But with a few slight differences to make the experience unique.

The biggest difference is that players compete against the house, not other players. This eliminates the need to read other players, bluff, or keep a straight poker face. This variation also eliminates draws, further simplifying the game for low-key gaming.

Pulsz Casino

Pulsz social casino offers a bunch of options sure to please any fan of online table games. At Pulsz, these are referred to as casino games and are listed under that name in the menu. While they don’t have a massive selection, the game they do offer more than makes up for what Pulsz doesn’t have.

Among the titles that are offered by Pulsz Casino are American Roulette 3D, Blackjack, Texas Hold ’em Poker, Baccarat 777, and Blackjack Lucky Sevens. Each features a unique style of play to cater to different play styles. Among the titles, Blackjack Lucky Sevens stands out as a title to check out.

Blackjack Lucky Sevens: This title from Evoplay Entertainment will be familiar to any blackjack fan. The goal remains the same, with players working towards putting together a hand totaling 21.

But, this version adds a Lucky Sevens Bonus to the action. This bonus triggers when a player is dealt three cards with a value of exactly seven. Any player who accomplishes this will be awarded an additional bonus of 1.5x their bet.


Three-Hand American Blackjack is the name of the game at ZitoBox. This is because it is the singular table game offered on the platform. But that doesn’t mean there is a reason to overlook this title at ZitoBox.

The real draw for playing Three-Hand American Blackjack at ZitoBox is the rewards that can be earned from winning hands. As is the case with other games at ZitoBox, winning tokens can be cashed in for gift cards at places like American Airlines and Bass Pro Shops.

Three-Hand American Blackjack: This variation on the classic game is great for beginners and veterans to enjoy. For new players, Three Hand American Blackjack plays the same way as traditional blackjack. Compete against the dealer to make the best hand up to 21

For more experienced players that want to make the most of their time, a three-hand feature is also available. As the name suggests, this allows players to be dealt one, two, or three hands at once.

Nevada Casino Live Dealer

Live Dealer Casino games in Nevada are the best way to bring the excitement of a land-based casino into the comfort of your own home. In terms of mimicking the look, feel, and pace of a real-life casino, live dealer games have no equal. While there are similarities between the live dealer and table games, the differences between the two are far more significant.

The idea behind these games is simple. They feature a real-life dealer playing at a physical table inside a production studio. Players are piped in via webcam to witness the live action unfold.

The use of live video adds the ability for players to interact with the live dealer, spectators, and the other players at the table. Short of using virtual reality gloves, this is the closest you can get to playing real casino poker anytime, anywhere. The live dealers are often aspiring game show hosts and do a phenomenal job interacting with the table during play.

Where To Play Live Dealer In NV

Rivers Casino4Fun: Players who choose Rivers Casino4Fun get to experience it all. Not only does the platform offer a ton of game styles, but live dealer games are also the cherry on top. Rivers even offers several exclusive titles from renowned game developer Evolution Gaming.

If players want to check these titles out, this is the only social casino that carries them.

These exclusive titles are an attractive feature of Rivers Casino4Fun, offering players the chance to play them for free. A few of the exclusive titles on the menu are Craps Live, Dream Catcher Live, Lightning Roulette Live, Super Sic BO Live, and Triple Card Poker Live.

These titles are all unique variations on classic games such as roulette, dice, and RNG wheels. And while the gameplay is second-to-none, the real fun is the interactivity that Evolution games offer.

The ability to comment on the live-action with the dealer and other players makes this a true one-of-a-kind way to play. No matter which live dealer title you choose, prepare for a gaming experience unlike any other.

Nevada Casino Video Poker

Video Poker is a style of casino game that most players who have ever visited a brick-and-mortar location are probably familiar with. The only difference between playing online is the convenience of doing so wherever you want. The game remains the same but with the flexibility of being an online experience.

The basics for all video poker games are the same as they are based on the popular classic five-card poker game. The goal is to create the highest-scoring hand using just five cards. After an initial wager is made, players are dealt five cards on the draw. They then pick which of those five cards to keep and which to trade in.

Traded cards and then replaced with new cards to fill out a final five-card hand. That hand determines the payout the player receives.

One unique feature of video poker games is they operate using a paytable, not unlike a slot machine. Also, like a slot machine, the outcome is determined by random number generation. These features led many to start referring to these games as poker slots.

Where To Play Video Poker In NV

Rivers Casino4Fun

Video poker titles at Rivers Casino4Fun are abundant. These titles do a great job complementing the other genres offered on the platform. Along with everything else at Rivers Casino 4Fun, the video poker menu is easy to work with. This is good considering video poker machines make up a good chunk of Rivers Casino4Fun’s catalog.

To find the video poker section, direct your attention to the dropdown menu at the top of the home page. Simply select the video poker option to bring up the list of current titles.

Among the titles available are fan favorites such as Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus Poker, Regal Poker Deluxe, Deuces Wild Elite, Jester Poker, and Double Double Regal Poker.

Some of these variations add wildcards to the mix. This helps to clean up an otherwise busted hand. Other titles add higher-paying hands than the traditional Royal Flush in other video poker titles.

Chumba Casino

Players at the Chumba social casino are also afforded the luxury of being offered video poker to enjoy. While the platform only offers one variation of the classic game, it is the most popular version. The limited selection does eliminate the need for any sorting, filtering, or searching as the decision of what to play is made for you.

The title in question is Jacks or Better. However, most video poker players are familiar with the old-school version of this game. They might not be aware that the Chumba version is an update on that tried and true classic.

The gameplay is not altered in any way. The update is solely based on how the game looks and feels. Traditional video slots can be very bland to spend time on. It’s a classic look that was in desperate need of an upgrade.

The version of Deuces Wild offered at Chumba Casino boasts updated graphics, sound, and animation.


The gang at ZitoBox has done a great job of adding a few table games to everything else it currently offers users. As of this writing, three titles are available for fans of the style at ZitoBox. Those titles are Jacks or Better, 10’s or Better, and Bonus Poker.

The first two are the same game with slightly different qualifying hands. Jacks or Better requires players to create a hand with at least a pair of jacks. Anything lower than that is a loss. 10’s or Better follows the same rules but adds pairs of 10s to the winning outcomes.

Bonus Poker operates a bit differently, however. The goal is the same. Players must complete a winning hand as defined by the paytable. But Bonus Poker adds a jackpot for players who manage to complete a Royal Flush. If the feature is enabled and a player hits a Royal Flush, the payout is automatically doubled.

Nevada Online Casino Bingo

Online Bingo offers fans of the game the best of both worlds. Online Casino Bingo does a great job of mimicking the in-person experience of playing bingo. But allow players to enjoy their favorite game from the comfort of their home or office. Bingo is one of the hottest games in the social casino market as it offers a lot to entice players.

The main draw of online bingo is that it retains everything about the classic game that makes it so historically significant. But, online bingo takes the classic game and adds 3D graphics, slick animations, and a rocking backing track.

Another attractive feature of online bingo is the seemingly limitless variations of the classic game. Some feature the traditional 90-ball bingo pattern that many regulars have come to accept as standard. Variations of the classic can feature additional slots, bonus tiles, and free spins to help finish an incomplete card.

Where To Play Bingo In NV

Skillz: This platform is a must for any true fan of online bingo. Skillz brings the fan-favorite to your PC or mobile device for gaming on the go. No matter which method players choose to use, the layout and menu at Skillz are a treat.

Each of the nine bingo titles that Skillz offered is prominently featured and requires no digging around to find. Just click on the bingo tab on the main menu, and all will be revealed. Not all games on Skillz work on all platforms, so each has a symbol next to the name that informs players which operating systems are supported.

A few titles to check out are Bingo Paradise, Tale Bingo Arena, and Yatzy Bingo.


Another social casino that offers quality bingo games is ZitoBox. As with all the other games on the platform, winning at bingo awards you prizes in real life. Specifically, gift cards to businesses such as American Airlines.

As of this writing, ZitoBox offers two bingo titles to free-to-play users. Those two games are Mexicash and Happy Jack. Both can be found by clicking the bingo button on the main menu.

Mexicash, also known as Mexica$h, features a fun Mexican theme and a 60 ball pool to work with. One helpful feature of this game is the ability to buy extra balls. The game starts with players with ten when they get started. But ten isn’t always enough, and Mexicash offers players the chance to buy extra balls to complete their card.

b spot

Bingo fans are going to want to add b spot to the social casinos on their list to try. With three unique titles to enjoy, b spot does a great job of mixing things up for users. The games currently available are Black Bingo, Pixie Riches Bingo, and Primo Bingo.

The latter features a classic 5×5 grid on numbers but is anything but a traditional online bingo game. The major difference here is that players don’t compete against themselves but rather against a computer opponent. Whichever player calls BINGO first wins. There are no limits to how many balls players can use to fill in their cards. Just be the first to finish.

Nevada Online Poker

There is an undeniable fact that Nevada and Poker go together like peanut butter and jelly. For players in Nevada who don’t have time to get to the casino to compete with others, there is another option. Online Poker, or peer-to-peer poker, does a great job of mimicking the gameplay of sitting at a poker table in Vegas.

The major difference is that players can enjoy these games from home or on the road.

Online poker, at its core, is casino poker. Players join tables with other participants and compete using the cards they are dealt. The only difference here is the convenience of never having to leave your house. Live chats allow players to interact with each other. This feature makes online poker just that much more of an immersive experience to partake in.

Fans of online poker enjoy the fast pace of play and the minimum risk involved. At social casinos, the risk can be as low as zero.

Where To Play Poker In NV

Global Poker

This social platform lives up to its name and offers an impressive number of online poker events to participate in. Players looking for a free-to-play platform needn’t look any further. Global Poker has it all.

There are a lot of different options for games at Global Poker to sift through. Luckily, the platform has one of the most intuitive menus in the business. A quick glance at this menu shows just how much there is to explore. From tournaments to quick games, the options are vast.

There is even a section for rookie players to explore and educate themselves on the ins and outs of poker. This area features interactive tutorials that will get even the greenest player up to speed in no time.

Tables are available 24/7 for games such as Bounty Poker, Crazy Pineapple, Jackpot Sit n Go, Surge Poker, Omaha, Omaha High/Low, and Texas Hold ’em. It’s as easy as finding a table with an open spot and taking a digital seat there. Some games are in tournament format, while others are “sit and go" games for players on a tight schedule.

While plentiful, these poker games are just a portion of what Global Poker has to offer. Tournaments are what bring most new players to Global Poker, with events running constantly. These tournaments are broken down into three categories. Those categories are Major, Weekly, and Special.

The Major Tournaments at Global Poker have been running successfully for years. Players are drawn to the great prizes and long-term investment that these tournaments offer. The biggest tournaments have guaranteed pots in excess of SC 10M. Currently, in its fifth season, Global Poker has over 1900 events that are either going on now or will be soon.

All in all, Global Casino is the best social casino to play online poker currently in Nevada.


Players looking for a little more excitement than a social casino can bring would do well to check out World Series of Poker’s platform. As the name suggests, the platform was created by the same company that created the world-famous WSOP competition.

As one would expect from such an established entity, the product is world-class and runs like a dream. Simply use the dropdown menu on the top left to navigate to the online poker page to check out the abundance of titles available.

Among the games currently offered at the World Series of Poker are Badugi, HORSE, Draw Games, Five-Card Draw, Lowball Draw, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and Texas Hold ’em. While many of these titles are familiar to casual gamers, some are a bit more obscure. A couple of the lesser-known titles include:

Seven Card Stud: In contrast to classics like Hold ’em or Omaha, the seven-card stud does not feature any community cards. At the start of each round, players are each dealt three cards. Two of which are face down and once face up. A round of betting follows, at which point each player receives three more face-up cards.

After another round of betting is done, a seventh and final face-down card is dealt to each player. This is Seven Card Stud’s version of the river. Once all bets are in, players must make the best five-card poker hand using the seven cards available to them.

Lowball Draw: Lowball draw takes the traditional winning poker hands and flips them on their heads. In this case, what has usually been considered the worst hand wins.

In 2-7 Lowball, straights and flushes count against you. The best possible hand in this version of poker is 2-3-4-5-7 with at least two different suits. Aces are always high in 2-7 Lowball.

Similarly, in A-5 Lowball, flushes and straights are overlooked. The winning hand is the one with the lowest unpaired cards. The best hand possible is A-2-3-4-5 in A-5. In this version of the game, aces are always low.


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