New Jersey Online Casino Bonuses

While other states in the country passed legislation mostly around the 2019-ish period, New Jersey passed bill A2578 on February 26, 2013.

Best Online Casino Bonuses In New Jersey

Not all current legal online casinos came into the fold back in 2013, but the state and ecosystem have a much longer history of welcome offers. There has been plenty of refinement and online casinos that came in more recently, had a blueprint to either adapt to or aim higher than.

These welcome bonuses usually include deposit matches, free spins, site credit with no strings attached, or risk-free time periods.

With these offers, they are designed to bring in new players in the hopes of retaining the player and creating a lasting relationship.

These offers are always going to be beneficial and it is an excellent starting point for new players who may venture out of the normal online casinos they play or are totally new players.

Do note that any time you see “promo” or “bonus” in the context of an offer, it means the same thing—these words are synonymous.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the type of offers you’ll find in The Garden State.

Your favorite NJ Online Casino Bonus Codes

In New Jersey, there are nearly 30 licensed online casinos. There are going to not only be plenty of offers, but myriad ways in which you receive those offers. One method is with a bonus code. These New Jersey bonus codes are typically used during the registration process for the respective casino. You can find offers in the promotion itself on the casino site, or we will always have links to the offers.

NJ No Deposit Bonus

When you learn about an online casino in New Jersey offering a “no deposit bonus”, this is another way of saying that it is a signup bonus in New Jersey. In most cases, these are low amounts of money, and you will receive the offer simply for creating an account. These will have wagering requirements (more on that later), but these are a great way to bolster your brand new virtual wallet.

Why Should I Look For No Deposit Bonuses?

  • Easy to acquire
  • Quick money to wager with
  • Try new games
  • Easiest offers to understand
  • No additional steps beyond signing up
  • If the casino you are playing on has a rewards program, these wagers count toward it

New Jersey Online Casino Bonuses

There are many other bonuses outside of no deposit bonuses. Every casino is going to offer something different. It is often asked which casino bonus is the best, but that really boils down to what kind of casino player you are or want to be.

Below, we will touch on the different offers and you can determine which makes the most sense for you!

Free Play in New Jersey

At some of the online casinos in New Jersey, you will find offers that offer some free play on a certain title. In those instances, you can use the free play to your advantage and win some money. This could come in the form of site credit, an allotted amount of time, or something equivalent.

Also, most online casinos will allow players to demo different games. This is free, of course, but you cannot win money when demoing games. This is a way to try out a game before committing real funds.

New Jersey Online Casino Free Spins

Whenever you see a free spins offer, make sure to jump at the chance to use them! This kind of offer can either come by itself or sometimes even paired with a larger monetary-based welcome offer. It’s not uncommon to see 50-200 free spins on certain titles of certain types of slots. There are some conditions with free spins in terms of the value of them and wagering requirements on the winnings.

Free spins not only allow for you to win some money, but also open up the opportunity to try new games.

First Deposit Bonuses

First deposit bonuses are the most common type of welcome offer you will find. With this offer, you will find a percentage match up to a certain amount of money. Within this offer, a common benchmark is 100 percent up to $1,000.

However, the bonus you receive is not cash, but rather a site credit that you cannot withdraw immediately with completing some conditions.

The site credit/bonus funds you receive are subject to the more stringent wagering requirements that have even more layers.

However, if you can take into account the terms and conditions and look at your budget, you can still take advantage of this offer.

Reload Bonuses

The difference between first deposit bonuses and reload bonuses is that reload bonuses are designed around certain game types in some instances and do not have the same monetary upside as first deposit bonuses. For instance, with reload bonuses, you could find an offer such as a 20 percent match on wagers made on blackjack up to $500.

These offers will keep your virtual wallet fresh and may have you branch out to new games or game types.

Risk-Free Play

Risk-free play offers are not as prominent as deposit bonuses, but these can be excellent offers if you plan to play at the online casino beyond the welcome bonus window.

With risk-free play, you will have a window of time in which all of your losses up to a certain amount will be refunded to you as site credit.

While you will not receive the losses back as cash, you can wager and win and that’s the end of it. But if you lose, you’ll get the funds back as site credit and then you can use it to try to win again later on.

How do you claim a NJ Casino signup bonus?

  • Go to the online casino site
  • Visit the promotions page
  • Identify the welcome offer
  • Look into the terms of service
  • If bonus code required, use it during the sign up process
  • If opt-in is required, there will sometimes be a link on the promotion itself in which you can sign up while also committing to the opt-in.
  • Alternatively, you may need to create an account, go back to the promotion and opt-in
  • If no opt-in or bonus required, sign up for account, make the deposit (if risk-free or deposit bonus-based), and receive your bonus.
  • Start wagering!

When Can You Withdraw From An NJ Online Casino?

In receiving bonuses, you will not be able to receive them and immediately cash out. Bonuses will always have conditions that must be met before you can withdraw the bonus you receive. The main condition outside of the types of wagers you can make are wagering requirements and the game contribution percentage. Without these and meeting a particular timeline (30 days is common), you will not be able to ever withdraw the bonus funds you receive.

What Are Wagering Requirements exactly?

Wagering requirements are what will set the same promotion on the surface from one online casino to the next. Wagering requirements is the number of times in which you will need to wager the deposit and/or the bonus you received. For example, if the wagering requirements is 10x the deposit and bonus combined and you deposited $50, you will then need to wager $1,000 on the site to be able to withdraw the $100 bonus. We arrived at this number because you need to add the deposit and bonus together, and multiply it by 10.

With that said, each game type is not always worth the same toward the wagering requirement even if you’re wagering the same amount on each type of game.

Game Contribution Percentage

There are layers to these welcome offers, and rightfully so in most cases. Just think, this is a lot of bonus upside. As mentioned with wagering requirements, you will initially arrive at the necessary threshold in order to cash out the bonus. However, it’s not uncommon to find that each type of game is valued differently. For example, slots are always right around 100 percent, but other games could be as low as 10 percent. This means that $1 on slots is $1 toward the wagering requirement, but on a game with a 10 percent wagering requirement, $1 will only be $0.10 toward the wagering requirement.

In the terms and conditions, you will always find a table of some kind outlining the different game types and percentages.

What are the big advantages of New Jersey Online Casino Signup Bonus?

  • Additional funds
  • Upside for more winnings
  • Try and experience new types of online casino games
  • Opportunities to take advantage of the offers with research
  • Wagers with bonuses can count toward the online casino’s reward program.
  • Balance risk management better
  • Minimum wagering requirements are easier to reach
  • Find a new online casino to play
  • Nearly 30 online casino to explore in New Jersey