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As more and more states embrace online gambling, more mobile casinos and applications are beginning to pop up. Operators want to make it as easy as possible for players to be able to access their portfolios, and one of the most effective ways of doing this is through mobile applications.

Those who are used to playing in physical casinos or on mobile browsers may find the idea of using an app to gamble quite daunting, but fear not. We are here to assure you otherwise.

Playing on a mobile app is often much easier and more convenient than any other way of playing. One operator who has embraced this is LuckyLand Slots Casino. LuckyLand slots is an extremely popular social casino where players can buy or earn virtual currencies to win prizes. Playing here comes at no real-money cost to players, making it the perfect way to pass a little time if you want to just have some fun on the reels.

In this handy guide, we are going to talk players through downloading and playing using the LuckyLand Slots Casino. A lot of the information you find on this page will also be relevant for other online casino apps. We have detailed breakdowns such as this for other mobile casino apps here at The Game Day Casino, so feel free to take your time and explore what we have to offer.

States With Luckyland Slots Casino Mobile App

As a social casino, LuckyLand Slots is legally allowed to operate in every state in America other than Washington and Idaho. This is a right it chooses to exercise, with players in 48 other states being able to take the LuckyLand Slots Casino app for a spin. As there is no money required to play LuckyLand Slots, the site does not require any licensing laws. However, all players will need to meet the legal age limit in their state for gambling, and there will still be identity verification checks required.

Download LuckyLand Slots Casino App On Your Mobile Device

No matter what type of mobile device you use, you can easily access the LuckyLand Slots Casino platform on both Android and iOS. Read below to learn how you can enjoy LuckyLand’s collection of games whether you’re at home or on the go.

Apple iPhone or Tablet

Apple iPhones are everywhere you look these days, with the tech giant being seen by many as the industry leader. LuckyLand Slots is yet to capitalize on this market, with the casino not offering an app in the App Store. Don’t worry, though; the site is still optimized for iOS, and it can be accessed using Safari.

If you want to be able to access LuckyLand slots on your iPhone or iPad with ease, we recommend creating a shortcut to the site. You can then situate this on your home screen and be able to access LuckyLand’s gaming options with one click.

Of course, if LuckyLand develops an application that is available for download in the App store, we will be the first to let you know. If you are an iPhone user who wants to download an app for casinos, then you can check out other casinos we have reviewed with applications elsewhere on our site.

Android Phone or Tablet

The LuckyLand Slots mobile app is available exclusively for players on Android. The site makes it easy to download the app and get started. You won’t be able to download the slot from the Google Play Store, but you can download it directly from their website. In order to do this, you will need to make sure you have third-party applications approved in your settings.

To get started with the LuckyLand Slots Android app, you will need to do the following:

  • Use many of the links on this page to go to the LuckyLand Slots registration page
  • Click the register button at the bottom of the page and enter your information
  • Once you are registered, you can download the mobile app.
  • You will need to approve third-party downloads on your Android device.
  • Find the downloaded file in your files section and click install.
  • Once you have gone through the installation process, the app will be added to your home screen.
  • Login using the credentials you created, and you can make your first deposit.

BlackBerry Phone or Tablet

Sadly, at the time of writing, there is no Blackberry mobile application available. There is no need to worry, though; if you are a Blackberry user, you will still be able to access the application using your mobile browser.

Windows Phone or Tablet

There is currently no Windows version of the LuckyLand Casino app available to play. That said, players will still be able to access the LuckyLand mobile website using a range of different mobile browsers.

LuckyLand Slots Casino Slots App

As its name might have given away, LuckyLand Slots is an operator that puts slot games front and center. The popular casino develops its titles in-house, ensuring that you get an experience there that you can’t find anywhere else.

In most cases, in-house developers tend to rehash old themes from popular titles, but that is not the case with LuckyLand, with the operator offering a range of original slots. There is also plenty of variety in terms of the gameplay, with some cluster pay titles, some progressive jackpot games, and more. Navigating your way around the site is a breeze as well, with the slots being kept to just a few small categories.

If you do fancy something a little bit different from slots, then there are some instant-win games on offer at LuckyLand. These are mostly scratchcards, but there are also some Lucky Wheel-style games and a really fun Pachinko game.

These are some of our favorite slots at LuckyLand Slots Casino:

  • Atlantis: 10K ways
  • Stellar Wilds
  • Snow Queen
  • Classic Clusters
  • Adventure Party

LuckyLand Slots Casino Table Games App

If you enjoy watching the roulette wheel spinning or attempting to outwit a dealer in a game of Blackjack, then you’ve come to the wrong app. LuckyLand Slots does not offer any table games to its players at the time of writing. If this is something that changes, then we here at The Game Day Casino will be the first to let you know.

LuckyLand Slots Casino Live Dealer App

Live Dealer games have become increasingly popular with casino players over the years. The idea of being able to sit down and play with a real-life dealer as well as other players is something that is incredibly attractive. Unfortunately, Luckyland Slots has yet to pick up on this trend. There are currently no live-dealer options for players on the app. However, keep checking in with us at The Game Day Casino, as we will keep you up to speed with any changes that are made.

Why Play A Real-Money Casino Mobile App?

Playing casino games on a mobile app offers you one thing that other platforms can’t - convenience. Having the LuckyLand slots app, or any other casino app for that matter, allows you to log in and spin your favorite slots as and when you want to.

While playing on a desktop device is always great, being able to kick back and relax with your favorite slots in the palm of your hand can be even better. Oftentimes, mobile apps are also easier to access, with faster loading times and a few simple clicks being required from players. The LuckyLand Slots app is particularly convenient as it doesn’t require a complicated sign-up process either. Players can just enter their e-mail address, verify their account, and get spinning the reels in a matter of minutes.

Best Online Casino App

Knowing which online casino app is the best is incredibly difficult. There are pros and cons to using different casino apps, and the best is ultimately going to come down to personal preference. For example, some people might prefer to play at real-money casinos which focus on live-dealer offerings, while others might prefer social casinos with a big slot selection. If you are a fan of LuckyLand Slots, you can have a look at similar sites like LuckyLand Slots and try your luck there.

Other factors are also going to be determined by personal preference, with some users preferring different layouts over others. One thing is clear, though, and that’s that LuckyLand Slots is a really strong casino app and a good option for those who like social casinos. The app has plenty to offer. It has a simple design, can be legally accessed across all states except Washington, and has a wide range of different slots to choose from. Put simply, what’s not to like? LuckyLand Slots is a favorite of ours at The Game Day Casino.

LuckyLand Slots Casino App Bonus

LuckyLand likes to keep its players happy, and there is a range of promotions at LuckyLand Slots available for players on both desktop and mobile devices. LuckyLand has a brilliant sign-up bonus that can be claimed on the mobile app, and players can get access to it by following one of the links listed here at The Game Day Casino.

The operator also has a brilliant loyalty program. Players can get Free Spins and more coins when they ascend the levels of this program, and all they need to do is play more slots. To make things even more convenient, loyalty points that are earned on desktop devices are transferred over to mobiles, and vice versa.

If you sign up at LuckyLand Slots and log in and play on the app every day, then you will be rewarded with a daily bonus as well. Of course, all of the money used in the slot is virtual, so it costs you nothing to take advantage of these bonuses and keep your virtual purse topped up.

As always, at The Game Day Casino, we aim to keep our readers up to date with any of the latest developments. If any new promotions or bonuses for LuckyLand Slots become available, you will be the first to know.


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