Lounge777 Penny Slots

This social casino offers one of the best platforms we’ve seen from a sweepstakes website. Lounge777 has the look and feel of an online platform backed by a major casino chain. Along with top-tier software, Lounge777 offers dozens of quality games. This is something that most of their competitors can’t come close to matching.

The following article is designed as a basic overview of the Penny Slots available at Lounge777 for fans of low-stakes betting. We cover why you should consider penny slots, some titles to keep an eye on, and even basic strategies for beating slot machines.

Does Lounge777 Have Penny Slots?

The team at Lounge777 offers a couple of penny slots for fans of the genre. There aren’t many choices, but even a few are more than most social casinos provide their clients. There is no specific section dedicated to these games, but they are easy to find.

Lounge777 has a search function that operates flawlessly. Just search for “Penny,” and the complete list of these games will be displayed. Then, just click the title you want to play and get started.

Why Play Online 1 Cent Slot Machines at Lounge777?

Many people confuse penny slots for machines that only amateurs play for fun and are not a viable way to make money online at a casino. The truth is that playing penny slots is a lot deeper than just a “budget” alternative. It is worth noting that penny slots generally have a lower RTP to compensate for their lower price point.

For starters, just because there is an option to play for $0.01 per spin, that doesn’t mean it is a requirement. It is perfectly fine to play above the bare minimum on these slot games. But, if you want to profit from penny slots, you can do so with the proper bet sizing. At the maximum, payouts can be on par with slots that have minimums of $1 or greater.

But you can also just bet the minimum for a low-risk experience. This is your route if your goal isn’t to hit a massive jackpot. You could conceivably play penny games on Lounge777 for hours with just a few dollars invested. And the chance to win jackpots in the hundreds of dollars is still available to you.

These are good rules of thumb to keep in mind, even when playing on a free social casino site like Lounge777 where it isn’t possible to win real money or cash prizes. Being conscientious of your bet sizing will go a long way toward making the most out of your Chips when having fun on Lounge777 Casino.

Best Penny Slots on Lounge777

Picking the best Penny Slots at Lounge777 Casino is a breeze as there are only two, and they are easily found via the search function. The two games are Penny Fruits and Penny Fruits Extreme. Here is a quick breakdown of these two games and what makes them different from each other.

Penny Fruits

This title from Spinomenal is a six-reel, four-row, and 100-payline slot with many modern features. Additions include substituting wilds and scatter symbols. However, Penny Fruits lacks win multipliers and the ability to win free spins. Penny Fruits ranks relatively high in RTP with a 96.3% return to player.

Penny Fruits Xtreme

This five-reel, four-row slot machine is almost identical to the original Penny Fruits, but with the ability to win up to 2,000x your total bet in a single spin. It features stacked symbols and scatter symbols to help along the way but offers a slightly lower RTP than its sibling at 95.8%.

Penny Slots Strategy at Lounge777

There is a lot more to picking penny slots than most players assume. Despite their low limits, these games are just as unique and complex as all other slot titles. That means finding the ideal title takes time and effort. This quick guide will help you go from an average Joe to a pro in no time.

The first top tip is to pay attention to the RTP numbers of each title. Penny slots or not, every game has a specific figure that tells us how often they can be expected to pay out. For example, a game with an RTP of 96% will pay an average of $96 for every $100 you wager.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the game developer’s name. Generally speaking, the more well-known the developer is, the better overall experience you will have when playing this slot machine. Some top names to keep an eye out for are Konami, Elk Studios, and NetGaming.

Best Odds Penny Slot Machines at Lounge777

While penny slots are fun and perfectly viable for profit, there is a downside regarding the odds of winning. The cost of playing games with such low risk is a lower RTP rating. The casino’s profits on these machines can be meager unless they win less frequently than higher-limit slots. So, with RTPs in the low 90s or less, the casino can make up for their low returns by making them pay out less frequently.

Having said that, if you play penny slots, it helps to know which ones have the best RTP. Of the two offered, the original Penny Fruits has an edge in that department with a 96.3% compared to the Xtreme version at 95.8%.

You must decide what you value more from your experience as a player. Penny Fruits is for you if you prefer to win smaller, more frequent prizes. However, if you want a chance to win 2,000x your stake, Penny Fruit Xtreme is more up your alley.

Penny Slot Bonuses At Lounge777

There are no penny slot-specific bonuses at Lounge777, but several offers on-site can be applied to these titles. These include all promotions that give you extra coins or free spins.

Penny slots are a great place to spend these bonuses if you want to make the most out of them over time. In other words, putting your bonus Chips into penny slots will give you hours and hours of extra gaming for no additional cost. Or, you could blow the whole lot on a single spin of a high-limit wheel. The choice is yours, but we like the idea of playing on the casino’s dime for an extended period.

One such bonus is the Lucky 777 promotion. This great Lounge777 bonus offers the chance for players to get 10x as many Chips with a single purchase of $0.99. Players who take advantage of this bonus will get 4.46 million chips for the price of a 490K Chips package. On top of that, players are awarded ten trophies, six loyalty points, and one small bonus chest.

What Other Games Can You Play At Lounge777?

If the short list of penny slots isn’t enough to pique your interest, rest assured, there is an abundance of other games to play at Lounge777. From VIP slots to games with Jackpots and play’n-go titles, there isn’t much Lounge777 doesn’t offer slot players.

The most attractive of these genres is the Jackpot games which offer the potential for massive payouts. The progressive jackpots on these games can reach the billions and award you a stack of coins that could last your years. They are the only genre that offers such a difference-maker.


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