Indiana Online Casino Games

Indiana is a vastly untapped market when it comes to online gaming due to the harsh legislation imposed on it by the state government. While major companies do not present options for those in Indiana who are looking to gamble in an online setting, social casinos can.

Our Top Picks To Play Online Casino Games in Indiana

Social casinos are quite new on the market and are attempting to fill a void left in the states without any legalized ways to gamble online. Social casinos are based on this principle, and Indiana is one of their primary sources of new users, given the nature of the gambling environment.

These free-play Indiana casinos are unique in the way that they operate and the structure of the wagering they allow. They are operating under the sweepstakes casino moniker but are still a form of gambling for Indiana residents to enjoy using a virtual currency.

Social casinos are an excellent way for players to still get a gambling thrill without any sort of financial commitment due to free play offers and the fact that most games on these platforms can be played for free. These online gaming platforms offer in-store purchases to be able to win real money prizes.

While waiting for Indiana to legalize online gambling, social casinos are a fantastic alternative. Bonuses and promotions on these websites are plentiful and can make it worth your while as a player.

Indiana Slots

Slots have always been one of the most popular offerings across the history of legalized gaming. This has historically applied to both online casinos and brick-and-mortar casinos due to the ease of slot gaming for players to take part in it.

In fact, slots have been the highest source of gross revenue for the United States gambling industry across certain periods of time.

Slots remain attractive to players of all demographics as well as the stakes range wildly on a per spin basis. Penny slots are always a favorite, with high-limit slots also present in most casinos for those looking to score an even bigger win.

Coming in many different themes as well, slots attract players to the craftsmanship and artistic structuring of each machine. Many slots are based in historical places like Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Egypt. Slot gaming will always be popular in the United States for a variety of reasons, thus giving way to the rise of online slot play.

Let’s discuss some spots where Indiana residents can participate in online slot play and enjoy the gaming options that are offered in other parts of the United States.

Where To Play Online Slots In IN

Many social casinos operating in Indiana are primarily based on their online slot games. Most of these platforms carry an enormous selection of slots available to their users. Let’s talk about some of the most popular social casino operating slots in the state of Indiana.

Rivers Casino4Fun

Rivers Casino4Fun, operated by BetRivers as their branch’s social casino, carries one of the largest selections of slots across the world of social casinos. The platform requires VC$ to play most games for real money, standing as their form of virtual currency. The slots at Rivers Casino4Fun range from penny slots all the way up to 2.50 VC$ minimum slots, enabling online gamblers of all types to get in on the action.

There are currently two “high-limit” slots available on Rivers Casino4Fun. The Cash Machine, also called the “Win What You See” machine, is one of these 2.50 VC$ offerings and one of the highly sought-after slots on the website. The other higher limit slot game is Thunder Crash Fruity Fruity which is just as popular.

The slot title that Rivers Casino4Fun seems to advertise most is the Power of Thor Megaways machine, which is popular on other online casino platforms as well. The reason this machine is so popular is because of the immense amount of paylines available and its extraordinary graphics.

This is labeled as a jackpot slot on the website due to its massive maximum payout in comparison to the 0.50 VC$ minimum to play the slot.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino Is another one of the most popular social casinos operating within the state of Indiana. Similar to other online casinos, Chumba Casino operates on a virtual currency system and offers tons of slot machine options for its users.

The virtual currency system at Chumba casino is similar to other social casinos because social casinos are owned and operated by the same parent company. This virtual currency is known as either Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins. Sweeps Coins are a free token used to play the free games on the platform with no purchase necessary to play these games.

On the other hand, Gold Coins are available for purchase as these are the only form of virtual currency at Chumba Casino that allow users to play real money slot games.

The most popular slots at Chumba Casino are titles like Kraken’s Bounty and Hypernova, with Big Bucks Bandits standing as one of the top jackpot slots on the platform. The awesome thing about Chumba Casino is that they have a very wide range of limits attached to their slot selection, with high limit slots, jackpot slots, and low limit penny slots available for users.

LuckyLand Slots

One of the favorites for users amongst the social casinos is LuckyLand Slots. The reason for the love of the website comes directly from their unique selection of slot titles, with many of them operating under a jackpot model. LuckyLand does an excellent job of advertising their slot machines and provides some of the best promotions that you can find across the online casino spectrum or at any social casino in general.

The slot game that LuckyLand Slots tends to advertise more than others is Galactic Blast, as it has quickly become one of the platform’s most-played titles. Going through an intergalactic journey, users have the ability to play 20 different pay lines with incredible unlimited multiplier effects and retriggering opportunities to expand on a possible massive payout.

Forbidden Fortunes is another highly advertised slot at LuckyLand Slots due to the possibility of reaching its exceptional multipliers. According to LuckyLand Slots, this machine offers 243 different ways to win, making it one of the wildest slot machines any social casino has to offer.

The machine grants free spins quite easily with its Giant Firecracker respin bonus feature that has a 20x multiplier attached to it.

As far as other popular slots at LuckyLand Slots go, Buffalo Rush and Mardi Gras Money are listed near the top of the website’s offerings.

b spot

b spot is potentially the most heavily used platform for online social casino gaming, and for a good reason. Indiana residents are able to enjoy b spot’s top-tier promos and bonuses that cannot typically be found anywhere else. In addition to the excellent promotional value, users can extract, they have a plethora of slot options that cannot be found at other social casinos in a huge catalog.

Collectively, b spot carries a grand total of 44 different slot games. The website lists four of them under their Featured tab, meaning that they are not only some of the most played titles on their catalog but also have some of the largest payouts attached to them.

Three of the top featured slot games are Irish Treasures, Golden Bars, and Pot of Gold. Popular titles outside of the featured subsection include Alligator’s Hoard and Lucky Wild 7s.

Users at b spot can also play some slots with no purchase necessary. However, these options are minimal. Free slots include both Demi Gods II and Golden Bars. As you may notice, Golden Bars, in particular, is listed on both the free games and featured games as the slot comes in two different versions – a free version and a pay-to-play version.


MyJackpot is one of the social casinos that has gained the least amount of traction due to its relative newness in comparison to its competitors. Another reason why MyJackpot has seen its user base grow at a slower rate than fellow social casino platforms is because it operates in a limited number of states.

Indiana is one of the states where MyJackpot operates, however.

While it has not gained a ton of traction, that is not to take away from the services it provides, however. MyJackpot is an excellent option for Indiana residents looking to get into any sort of online gaming, with slots comprising most of the website’s offerings.

Altogether, MyJackpot has 71 different slot games. The unique thing about MyJackpot is that well over 90 percent of their slot titles are related to historical events or time periods in some form. For example, some of MyJackpot’s most popular slot games are titles like Cleopatra’s Crown and Gates of Persia. Both of these represent common themes of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome-themed slots.


Funzpoints is another social casino operating under the same parent company as many other social casinos in Virtual Gaming World. Upon signing up for Funzpoints, users have the option of selecting either a standard path or a premium path for their gaming experience.

With the standard Funzpoints path, players have the ability to enter into jackpot drawing for real cash prizes and can also play as many as six different slot titles, free of charge. With the premium Funzpoints path, however, users receive all of these privileges, but with additional games available for play and all games being linked to real cash prizes.

The only difference between the two outside of the availability of games is the price. Users who select the premium path will be required to pay a reasonable fee.

Standard Funzpoints users can play free slots like Enchantress Luna, Kongo’s Adventure, and Java Cafe but do not have access to the top jackpot slot machines that premium users get to enjoy. These premium titles include Gold Rush Pete and Voyage of the Vikings.

Pulsz Casino

Carrying the largest amount of slot game titles out of any social casino in the industry, Pulsz Casino has an incredible reputation. Pulsz blows its competition out of the water with 250 slots available to users at any given time, with many different types of slot machines available, as well.

Pulsz Casino does an excellent job of providing an easy-to-read interface that breaks down its entire slot catalog into subsections so that users can find a slot game that matches their distinct interests. These sections include new games that the website adds periodically and top games that the Pulsz Casino user base is playing more than others.

Additionally, Pulsz Casino breaks it down into types of winning paths with epic win slot games, megaways offerings, and classic games available to play. Some other popular subsections are “play the feature” and “hold to win” slots, with jackpot slots still making up a majority of these offerings.

The most popular slot on the platform by pure advertisement is Sun of Egypt 2, a slot that takes players on a trip through Ancient Egypt, complete with Egyptian hieroglyphics. Sweet Bonanza is a favorite of players in the epic wins slot category as these types of slots grant higher payouts when users actually do hit.

For the Indiana residents interested in playing low-limit slots instead, Booming Seven Deluxe and Diamond Strike are the top of that market at Pulsz Casino.

River Sweeps

River Sweeps has become one of the most popular online casinos in general within the state of Indiana as the state moves to beef up its online gaming selection and legislation. This platform is still available to users in Indiana, though, and represents an excellent spot to play online slots.

River Sweeps is owned and operated by BitBetWin and stands as a sweepstakes casino. Sweepstakes casinos are a tad different than the typical social casino, but they still do offer real money cash prizes at the end of the day. River Sweeps is also called River Sweeps Platinum on their website.

The BitBetWin production offers a ridiculous amount of slots, and while most of them are unique to River Sweeps in particular, there is something for every online slot player to enjoy. Users can scroll endlessly across their slot catalog before landing on one they like. There are unique and fun titles like Albert Einstein, Riches of India, and many more.

Global Poker

As stated within its name, Global Poker is a company that is largely focused on supplying a solid poker experience to its customers. However, Global Poker still offers quite a few slots on their website. Slot titles like Lightning Nudge, Western Gold, and Diamond Panther rank amongst the top played slots at Global Poker.

The company states explicitly on its website that it offers these slots, with poker players being the target audience, claiming that their slots can provide a way to relax and take a break from the “rigorous grind of poker life.”

All in all, Global Poker offers over a dozen unique slots of a different ilk. In comparison to other platforms under the social casino umbrella, Global Poker certainly falls behind in the slots department. However, the website offers tons to its users in other forms of gambling outside of online slot play.

ZitoBox Casino

ZitoBox Casino is another social casino gaming platform that operates under the same structure as many of its competitors that we have already outlined. ZitoBox Casino offers many different slot structures, with the website doing a great job of clearly labeling the different types.

Categories of ZitoBox Casino slot offerings include super jackpot slots, premium slots, rapid jackpot slots, 3 reels slots, and frutti jackpot slots.

In terms of standard jackpot slot titles, Taj Mahal and Dick Detective are the two that are listed at the top of the category’s page. In my personal opinion, the best slots at ZitoBox Casino in terms of graphics are the jackpot slots.

I would also say that ZitoBox has some of the best slot graphics. Titles like Bonzo the Clown, Sevens Go Wild, and Magic Signs are some of the best offerings at ZitoBox Casino.

Indiana Casino Table Games

While slots are arguably the most popular section of the online gaming industry, table games are right behind them in the pecking order. Table games are wildly popular in brick-and-mortar casinos due to the different variations that users can enjoy in addition to the hopes of immense payouts.

Another reason why table games have become so popular in online gaming is because they require more skill in the form of odds calculations than slots games do, for example. Slots require little to no prior knowledge to succeed, while table games like blackjack practically have a requirement that you know basic strategy in order to win.

There are countless styles of blackjack that can be played online with side bets present, in addition to playing your standard blackjack hand against the dealer.

Craps and roulette are other very popular offerings in terms of table games, as well. Both of these are true games of chance, unlike blackjack, and the house maintains more of an implicit edge in these games.

Table games are a player favorite, and for good reason. This style of gambling often provides a greater thrill than most other games in a casino, both of the brick-and-mortar variety and the online venues.

Where To Play Table Games In IN

There are currently five different social casino platforms operating table games for Indiana residents. Let’s discuss these options and the specific table games that they offer.

Rivers Casino4Fun

Rivers Casino4Fun offers an immense catalog of slots, but they also offer an outstanding collection of table games to their users as well. Most of these games are related to some form of blackjack.

For example, Blackjack First Person and Infinite Blackjack remain the most popular table games on the platform. Blackjack First Person allows users to basically play by themselves and play their cards in exactly the way they desire.

On the other hand, Infinite Blackjack is almost the complete opposite. In this form of Infinite Blackjack, all users are dealt the same blackjack starting hand and are only able to independently play that starting hand. There is no possibility to play multiple hands here. Another very common blackjack game is single-deck blackjack which is offered only by Rivers Casino.

Rivers Casino4Fun also offers two different types of roulette for players, including both Lightning Roulette and Instant Roulette. The same premise is involved for both styles, with the same odds attached to each bet as well.

There is also a wide assortment of table games that do not fit in a particular category, like Extreme Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, and Triple Card Poker.

Chumba Casino

Most social casinos do not carry table games of any kind as they are largely based on their slot machine selections, but Chumba Casino does have some table games on its platform. The quantity of table games available to players is fairly minimal, but they still have some offered nonetheless.

In total, there are three table games offered at Chumba Casino. Standard blackjack is available for those who are looking to play the classic game of 21 without any additional pizzazz. Indiana residents are also able to play a unique variation of blackjack entitled Back Blackjack that plays a lot differently than regular blackjack.

In this style, players place two equal-sized wagers, with one of them representing the wager on their blackjack hand with the other representing their Half-Back wager. This side bet is won based on the dealer’s up card.

Chumba Casinos also offers two different variations of roulette wheel games, and while both are listed as American Roulette titles, one has a different 2x multiplier attached to it.

Global Poker

As we have mentioned, Global Poker is one of the primary providers of online poker in the social casino circuit. While their focus is largely on poker, they still do offer some table games that other social casinos offer as well.

With blackjack, they offer standard blackjack games and premium blackjack, a European-style of the popular 21 game that has different side bets and different wager requirements attached to it.

Global Poker is also the only online social casino to offer something called Caribbean poker, also called casino stud poker. Caribbean poker is very similar to five-card stud poker for those who understand classic poker games.

The primary difference between Caribbean poker and five-card stud poker, though, is that players are actually playing against the dealer and the house as opposed to playing against other players at their table.

Additionally, Casino Hold’em is offered as users can play against the house, similarly to Caribbean poker. The rules in casino Hold’em are basically the same as Texas Hold’em, but you have different payout structures for high hands, unlike the classic form of the game. Casino Hold’em sees its most comparable table game like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, which can be found online and in live casinos worldwide.

Pulsz Casino

Pulsz Casino is another social casino that offers some table games on its website. While Pulsz Casino is mostly devoted to providing an online slot experience to Indiana residents, there are five different table games for users to play.

3D American Roulette is the only roulette wheel game available to players, but it is wildly popular on the platform because of it. There are two different blackjack styles available to players as well, with both standard Blackjack and Blackjack Lucky Sevens available.

The primary difference between standard 21 and Blackjack Lucky Sevens is that the latter has a side bet where players can win a bonus multiplier by being dealt sevens as their hole cards. This game is comparable to Blazing 7s Blackjack, which can be found in most brick-and-mortar casinos.

Baccarat 777 is available at Pulsz Casino as the only type of baccarat offered. The rules of this game are pretty standard and are basically identical to regular Baccarat games, but the Dragon bet is more likely to be hit and thus includes a lower payout on it.

Similar to other online casinos, Pulsz Casino has a variety of casino Hold’em or Ultimate Texas Hold’em, but their version is plainly called Texas Hold’em.

ZitoBox Casino

The last social casino that we will discuss that offers table games is ZitoBox Casino. ZitoBox Casino only offers one table game which obviously makes it the smallest selection of table games amongst the social casinos that do offer table games at all.

The lone table game found at ZitoBox Casino is 3 Hand American Blackjack. This is basically what standard blackjack is, but this three-handed version supplies players with the opportunity to play up to three hands at once to decrease the variance of the game.

ZitoBox Casino is one of the up-and-coming social casinos in the industry and will most likely be adding to their table game catalog in the near future as their user base expands. In the meantime, however, Indiana residents would be better served to go to other social casino platforms if their desire is to play online table games.

Indiana Casino Live Dealer

Live dealer games have increased in popularity at an exponential rate over the past few years for a variety of reasons. Most prominently, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced those who enjoy table games in live casinos to find alternate ways, paving the way for live dealer games to fill the void.

These live dealer games feature dealers that players can actually visibly see on a live video stream. This contributes to an experience that players can enjoy from the comfort of wherever they are located but still allows them to feel as if they are present inside of a real, live casino.

These live dealer games are a lot more popular than computerized table games due to the fact that users can actually see their blackjack hand being dealt or the roulette wheel spinning, for example. All live dealer games are fully regulated and are put together by reputable companies, so unlike computerized table game offerings, these games leave no doubt in the mind of those wagering on them.

The live dealer effect on these games also contributes to the idea that users are more likely to play a table game online that feels like ‘the real thing’ as opposed to something that feels more like a video game. All in all, live dealer games should continue to increase in popularity moving forward due to their closeness to the feeling and structure of live games.

Where To Play Live Dealer In IN

Rivers Casino4Fun

There is currently only one social casino offering live dealer games, and it is BetRivers’ product Rivers Casino4Fun. This platform’s live dealer selection is excellent as the parent company utilizes their licensing for live dealer games on their regular online casino platform for their social casino platform as well.

The companies providing these live dealer options are entirely reputable for Indiana residents to fully entrust with their funds.

Rivers Casino4Fun recently added craps to their live dealer game catalog, which is quite unique considering most regular online casinos do not offer this. Standard live roulette and Instant Roulette are the two primary roulette wheel games offered at Rivers Casino4Fun and are produced by the same company.

Interestingly enough, Rivers Casino4Fun does not have any live dealer blackjack games listed on their catalog, which is quite surprising. Blackjack tends to be the most popular form of live dealer game regardless of the platform, so maybe Indiana residents can expect to see blackjack pop up on Casino4Fun in the near future.

While Rivers Casino4Fun does not offer live dealer blackjack, they do offer live dealer baccarat. Again, this option cannot be found at most online casinos and cannot be found at other social casinos whatsoever.

Because of Rivers Casino4Fun’s standing as the product of a reputable parent company, this social casino is a no-brainer to check out for Indiana residents, given its well-rounded nature.

Indiana Casino Video Poker

As with live dealer games, online video poker has also seen an enormous increase in popularity in the gambling community. Despite most prominent online casinos failing to offer video poker to Indiana residents, some social casinos offer video poker.

There are many different types of video poker in existence, with almost all of them running on the same premise, just with different variations. Video poker takes from basic poker hand rankings and affords users different multiplier payouts based on the strength of their hand, typically after being given a starting hand and an opportunity to draw.

Typically, the highest paying hands are for royal flushes, straight flushes, and a four of a kind. In some special types of video poker games, users can even get a five of a kind.

Some of the most common Video Poker titles include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Regal Poker.

Where To Play Video Poker In IN

With so many options to choose from in the video poker world, social casinos have placed emphasis on increasing their available titles for Indiana residents. There are three primary social casinos offering video poker in some capacity to their users.

Rivers Casino4Fun

With Rivers Casino4Fun standing as one of the most well-rounded of all the social casino gaming platforms available right now, their video poker selection is a part of that. In total, they offer seven different video poker games to players on their website.

The most popular and universal title that Rivers Casino4Fun offers is Deuces Wild. Deuces Wild is popular because of the number of big hands that players can make, given that all deuces in the game can be used as any card.

In other forms of video poker, most often, the minimum payout requires at least a pair of royal cards at least, but with Deuces Wild, it most often requires a straight or a three of a kind to win. In Deuces Wild, players can enjoy exponentially larger payouts when they actually do hit that premium payday.

Rivers Casino4Fun’s other six titles are all products of the same company. Double Double Bonus Poker, Double Regal Poker, Double Double Regal Poker, Regal Poker Deluxe, Jester Poker, and Deuces Wild Elite are the full extent of Rivers Casino4Fun’s titles. All have different rules attached to them, but most of them operate under the same premise.

Rivers Casino4Fun is arguably the best video poker site amongst the social casino platforms and should definitely be tried out by all Indiana residents looking to get in on the action.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is one of the more well-rounded social casinos in the industry, but their video poker selection is admittedly light. They can be considered a leading provider in sections like slots and table games, but they only have one single title of video poker available.

The title they do carry does happen to be one of the most popular, though, with Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better is a video poker game that requires players to make a five-card hand that is better than a pair of Jacks. As players make better hands, their associated payouts also increase.

Typically, jackpots on these video poker games come from users making royal flushes, and they can also receive massive payouts from straight flushes and four-of-a-kind Aces.

While Chumba Casino lacks in the video poker department as of now, it is easy to envision them increasing their available options in the near future. They offer so much in other forms of gambling that video poker is a good bet to become an integral part of their catalog.

ZitoBox Casino

The last of the social casinos that offer some form of video poker is ZitoBox Casino. ZitoBox has three unique titles available for players, including some that cannot be found at most other online casinos or social sweepstakes casinos.

ZitoBox offers Jacks or Better like many other competitors, but with a unique spin on it. ZitoBox also carries a similar title to Jacks or Better, but with different payout structures in a game called Tens or Better. The rules are the exact same with Tens or Better as they are with Jacks or Better, but the minimum qualifying hand is a pair of tens instead of a pair of Jacks.

The last video poker game available to players is Bonus Poker, which runs and operates under the same premise that other titles like Jacks or Better and Regal Poker operate under. Players are dealt five cards and can draw for more one time to reach the best five-card hand they can create.

Indiana Online Casino Bingo

While most users would consider playing other online casino games before engaging in the world of bingo, playing bingo is one of the most enjoyable social casino experiences users can have. Indiana residents who are looking for a change of pace from table games, video poker, or slots will surely find this enjoyable as well.

The promotions available to play online casino bingo are plentiful and make the experience even that much more worth it. Bingo is typically regarded as a popular game amongst the elderly, but there is a lot to like in it for the younger generations as well. This form of online gaming is one of the most stress-free imaginable.

Collectively, online casino bingo is easy to play, and when players do win, they typically win big. Bingo fits perfectly inside of the social casino canvas due to the fact that every bingo game operates like a sweepstakes due to the small likelihood of winning amongst a large group of people. Still, it certainly provides a thrilling experience unlike any other at social casinos.

Where To Play Bingo In IN

Currently, there are three different iCasino gaming platforms that host bingo games of some sort. These games typically come in some type of computerized fashion.


Skillz social casino is easily the largest provider of online bingo. The company has made significant noise in the industry due to its fantastic promotions that are helping to increase its user base every day. They are one of the only social casinos to advertise their bingo at all, and Skillz typically has massive celebrities do their promotional advertisements.

In fact, Skillz had an ad in the most recent Super Bowl to get even more customers through their virtual doors.

If you are interested in any form of online bingo as an Indiana resident, Skillz is most certainly the best place to play, given its excellent reputation.

b spot

As has been mentioned previously, b spot is one of the leading providers of online gaming in the social casino world. This is not limited to slots, however, as they are consistently adding to their online bingo game selection.

As of this writing, b spot has two different bingo offerings with Primo Bingo and Pixie Riches Bingo. Both games are just different takes on standard bingo games but have different potential prizes attached to each and a few distinctive rules.

b spot still has one of the largest selections of online bingo games despite only having two. These arcade bingo games are quite popular on the platform, and b spot does an excellent job of promoting them to users via bonuses and potential prizes.


ZitoBox offers two different online bingo games of their own, like b spot. Both of these games are considered jackpot games on the website and come in two very different themes. Mexicash is the first bingo game listed on the platform, with Happy Jack also available to play.

ZitoBox has one of the largest selections of slots, but the fact that they already have some forms of bingo means that they could expand this section into the future. Indiana residents who are interested in online bingo should meticulously track their catalog to see if it eventually expands.

Indiana Online Poker

Indiana is one of the many states that have not legalized online poker in most of its forms. The only states that have a widespread online poker presence at the moment are New Jersey, Nevada, and Michigan. Hopefully, in the near future, though, Indiana will find a path to legalizing online poker in some way.

There are still ways for Indiana residents to get in on the action on the virtual felt right now in the form of a social casino.

As we will discuss, Global Poker is currently the only provider of online social casino poker right now and operates in a peer-to-peer format.

Peer-to-peer poker games are unique as they do not operate on a common server like most other poker platforms do. Instead, players download software that enables them to invite other people to their game to play with them, truly making it a unique and personal format of play.

Collectively, peer-to-peer poker has brought out a friendly element to online poker, given the nature of being able to play with people of your choosing. This is very different from the current method of operation of most other online poker sites that are cutthroat more often than not.

Where To Play Poker In IN

Global Poker

Online poker was once the pinnacle of online gaming as a whole, but with the popularity of poker on the decline prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the game has changed almost entirely. Global Poker capitalized on the pandemic with ease, paving the way for peer-to-peer formats to be made available to American players that do not have poker legalized in their place of residence, including Indiana residents.

This peer-to-peer format that exists at Global Poker has become an outstanding alternative to live home games in the wake of the pandemic. A vast majority of players at Global Poker have testified that they enjoy this application due to the fact that it can bring friends closer together during a poker game despite the lack of live feel.

There are a plethora of different poker games that are present on the Global Poker platform in the present. Texas Hold’em is the most common poker format in existence and is practically what comprises the foundation of Global Poker’s platform. Global Poker still hosts games like Crazy Pineapple, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Lo, which have varying degrees of popularity in different parts of the United States.

Global Poker also has something called Bounty Poker that allows players to play in bounty-style tournaments around the clock. Surge Poker has also been one of the most popular areas at Global Poker, with users being able to enter cash games and play in a fast-fold process.

Fast-fold poker is a system that allows players to immediately fold their hand if they have no desire to play it and then move on to an entirely new table of players with new hole cards. Surge Poker allows players to see more hands per hour and potentially make more money per hour at Global Poker.

Sit’n’Gos, also called SNGs, are available at Global Poker as well and have risen in popularity due to their turbo structure. These often come in a one-table format with the top 20 percent or so of players cashing them.

While Indiana residents wait out the online poker legalization process, Global Poker provides an excellent spot to sharpen your skills and win real cash prizes in the meantime. With an excellent catalog of unique poker games and a solid quantity of players in the Global Poker player pool, users will never find a shortage of action if they actively seek it out.


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