Free Casino Games

For those looking to play casino games within the United States, there is an option that many are not aware of.

Our Top Picks To Play Online Casino Games

There exist a large group of sweepstakes casinos, or social casinos, that are available to players nationwide. These platforms, such as Chumba Casino, and Fendoff Sports & Casino offer players the chance to play unique games from states that are usually off-limits to online gaming. B Spot is another alternative online casino, utilizing an advance deposit wagering system.

These sweepstakes casinos are legal in every state other than Washington because they function under sweepstakes laws in the United States.

By operating as sweepstakes, these platforms can offer prizes without any direct purchase. Players buy tokens on these platforms that have no actual monetary value. They cannot, therefore, be redeemed for anything.

This nonredeemable “currency" comes with a gift for free. That is your entry into the sweepstakes. Any prizes won via sweepstakes can be redeemed for real prizes. Many of these platforms also offer entries for sharing social media posts and other contests or competitions.

Pros of no deposit casino games

There are several advantages to playing at these “no deposit" style casinos that we will cover quickly before getting deeper into the games and platforms.

There are no complicated deposits like traditional casinos. While betting at an online casino is fun, it can be expensive. Some of the best free casino bonuses require high buy-ins or annoying hoops to jump through. These no-deposit casino games eliminate the need for all that and streamline the entire process.

They are legal to play in 49 US states. Due to the way that the Sweepstakes law is written, these types of online casinos are available nationwide except for Washington. This allows millions of Americans to enjoy casino games who otherwise would be excluded due to their geographic location.

They offer a low-risk way to learn the games - For those of you who are unaware, there are tens of thousands of different online casino games out there. The problem is they usually cost money to learn how to play.

With these types of games, the risk is far less, and you can spend more time getting your feet wet.

They can help prepare you for going to your first brick-and-mortar casino - For those looking to leap from online to real-world gambling, these types of games can be your path. They are an easy and low-risk way to get a feeling for gambling before you hit the floor for the first time.

They mimic the gameplay of traditional online casinos. The gameplay is a real benefit for those who already wager at online casinos. This is because, due to how similar the experience is, there is no learning curve for current players. Just sign up, hop on and start playing.

The ability to earn free entries - As touched upon above, many of these platforms offer free ways to earn additional entries. These can be achieved either on the platform or social media usually. This is a great way to try out a new service without having to buy an entry.

Casinos with Free Games

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is one of the more well-known and popular sweepstakes-style casinos in the United States. The platform sells valueless Gold Coins and then offers free entries called Sweeps Coins. Therefore, you cannot deposit money directly into an account.

Signing up gives new players a free bonus of 2 Sweep Coins and 2,000,00 Gold Coins. You can then purchase additional Gold Coins. You can only purchase $10 of Gold Coins at once, but those coins come with 30 Sweeps Coins or 30 entries into the sweepstakes.

Chumba currently offers slots and table games to players. As of this writing, there are dozens of slot machines along with tables for blackjack, video poker, and roulette.

Some games offer Grand Jackpots that can be upwards of 1 million Sweep Coins. Some of these progressive slot machines include Stampede Fury, Reelin N Rockin, and Triple Double Fever. All of these games can be played with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins.

LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand Slots is a social casino that offers players the component of a promotional sweepstakes model. This casino functions in much the same way that Chumba Casino works by offering Gold Coins for sale that also comes with free Sweeps Coins to play with.

The similarities aren’t by accident, as the pair are owned and operated by the same Australian-based company: Virtual Gaming Worlds. The company also owns Global Poker.

LuckyLand slots are available in 49 states.

The difference between LuckyLand and Chumba Casino is that the former offers social features that are considered superior to Chumba Casino. These features include the ability to forgo and real-money purchases to play using Gold Coins.

LuckyLand Slots giveaway virtual chips daily just for logging in and participating in various competitions. Tournaments for Sweeps Token players are also available but separate.


FunzPoints is a platform that offers players several daily sweepstakes jackpots to vie for. The idea is the same, and they sell what is called “Standard Funzpoints," which come packaged with a lesser amount of “Premium Funzpoints."

What sets FunzPoints aside from the previous two platforms is that they offer Slots and Keno games on the site. Keno is a wildly popular game that resembles Bingo in some ways and a lottery drawing in others.

On top of the games, the site also offers a free “FunzWheel" that players can take a chance on to win prizes up to eight times a day, along with a daily jackpot drawing.

New players can enjoy 1,000 standard FunzPoints and $2.50 in complimentary Premium FunzPoints with no purchase required.

B spot

B spot is a unique platform that offers real-money online casino options in 22 states under online horse betting legislation. The way it works is that on the player’s side of things, they are playing casino games.

However, the results of the gambling are not RNG-based but rather based on horse races.

If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, we’re going to break it down for you.

To participate, players first must purchase what are called “wager packs." These packs can be bought in $10, $20, $40 or $100 versions.

Once purchased, players can start to research the upcoming horse races that are available. Then, confirm your bet and let the computer select a race for you. The bets you make go into a pari-mutuel pool with the other players participating in the same race, and player winnings are paid out in that same pool.

To sum it up, basically, players bet on horse racing while their winnings come through via a digital casino game. The games that B spot offers include slot machines, scratch tickets, and arcade games such as Bing or matching games.

For those who remain suspicious, the casino was awarded the 2015 “Top Startup" from TiE50.

Global Poker

Global Poker became the first poker site in the United States to legally operate with payers from across the country. The platform gives poker fans a chance to play for real cash while staying within the legal boundaries of their state.

This is done by using the same sweepstakes model as Chumba Casino.

The site originally launched as a free-to-play game but eventually adopted the sweepstakes method to offer their games to everyone outside of Washington State. The platform is owned by the same company as Chumba Casino and LuckyLand slots and the process to obtain coins is identical.

Playing with Gold Coins is for fun, and Sweeps Coins are used to play real-money poker across the country. The platform offers tournaments where players can go head to head as well.

Fendoff Sports & Casino

Fendoff Sports & Casino is another platform owned by Virtual Gaming Worlds like Chumba Casino. Launched in 2019, Fendoff is a sweepstakes sports site that takes a unique spin on this style of casino game.

First off, the same Golden Coins/Sweeps Coins system is in place here as with other VGW platforms.

Before entering a contest, you need to choose the number of coins you wish to risk on your sports pics. Just choose your sport and the game you want to bet on and press the “percentage" button next to the team you are siding with.

The percent shown is the probability your bet will cash. This also determines your potential payout. The lower the chance to win is, the higher your potential payout would be.

The platform functions much like a traditional sportsbook and allows you to track your bets. There is a head-to-head aspect of the platform, too, and the best players on the leaderboards earn extra sweeps coins based on rankings that can be used to buy gift cards.


RSweeps is a free casino product that mimics the excitement of playing real-world slot machines at a brick-and-mortar casino. RSweeps brings fun to your mobile device and offers more than 80 slot machines to enjoy with varying themes for all types of fans.

Themes run the gamut from sports to pop culture to history and nature. Even Elvis Presley has a licensed game on the platform. Bonus games are also available that are awarded for players who perform well.

These games, as with the others on this list, function via the sweepstakes model and therefore don’t require that players spend real money to participate. They can, however, purchase tokens sets much like the other platforms on this list.

Free Slots Games

Slot Machines are one of the most widely recognizable casino games in existence. Not only are these games available at casinos online and in the real world, but sweepstakes casinos also offer them.

They work the same as in a traditional casino but use Sweeps Tokens instead of coins or currency to play.

LuckySlots is the industry leader in social casino slots and has a variety of different options, including jackpots, progressives free spins, and bonus games for players to enjoy. FunzPoints is another service that caters to slot machine fans.

Some of the top games in the market include Stampede Fury and Fireshot, which share a progressive jackpot, Lightning Nudge, which gives free spins and multiplies, as well as Dancing Gold which is another progressive.

Other titles include Long Zhi Bao Zang, Crazy Bunny Spin, and Jackpots’ Reelin n’ Rockin.

Free blackjack

Blackjack is another very popular offering from many casinos worldwide. The goal of the game is easy, to make the highest-scoring hand without going over 21 points. All numbered cards represent their points via integer, while face cards all count for ten.

To make things flexible, aces can be either One or 11. Players are each dealt two cards face down while the dealer takes one face down and one face up.

Then, just decide if you want to take more cards or stay with what you have.

If LuckyLand Slots is the place of reels, then Chumba Casino is your go-to spot for Blackjack tables. The Sweepstakes casino has two different types of blackjack, back blackjack and classic.

Free craps

Craps is a very popular dice game that is typically played at brick-and-mortar casinos. However, the option to play free craps at sweepstakes casinos is available for fans of the game. Due to gaming laws, it is hard to find online craps games in many states.

That is where the sweepstakes casinos come to the rescue. The same dual currency model is used for these games, and the actual gameplay is identical to the craps you find at a physical casino. FunzPoints, Chuba Casino, and LuckyLand Slots all offer players the option to try and win big at the craps table.

Free baccarat

Baccarat has been a constant at brick-and-mortar casinos since their inception. The game is not as popular as others on this list but tends to attract a more “high-roller" clientele. The reason why people are drawn to baccarat is that it offers a very low house edge when compared to other casino games.

This means that you have a better chance to beat the casino at baccarat than most other games on the floor.

Betting on baccarat at a sweepstakes casino is the same as a regular game of baccarat, just with the dual currency system in play.
To play, you must first decide whether to back the “player" the “banker" or to back a draw or tie.

Numerous rules and regulations follow, but the basic idea is that you are betting on who wins, the house included. Tie bets have the biggest house edge and are usually avoided by players who know better.

Free Casino Video Poker

Video poker is a very important and popular game in any US casino, whether it be online or on land. For many, the experience of playing online poker with other players is stressful, too faced-paced, or too skill-oriented. Casino video poker takes care of all that and offers players a more laid-back game to enjoy.

Video poker is a streamlined version of five-card poker where players must make the best five-card hand they can. Players are dealt five cards off the top and have to decide which to keep and which to toss back.

After the tossed cards are replaced with new cards, the hand is tallied, and the payouts are given if applicable. The more difficult the hand is, the higher the payout will ultimately be.

Sweepstakes casinos offer video poker as a popular option for those who live in a state where online gambling remains outlawed. The places to check out for video poker are LuckyLand and Chumba Casinos.

Free Online Poker

Online poker is the game that many of us imagine when we picture playing cards online. The style of play became popular in the early 2000s, with sites like PartyPoker and PokerStars exploding in popularity.

While the buzz for online poker has died down in recent years, there are still a ton of people hitting the virtual tables each and every day.

Global Poker is the go-to place to play online poker for many in the United States living in states that don’t allow online gambling.

Because of the dual-currency system used, the site functions as a promotion sweepstakes service at its core. There are many different styles of poker available, including Texas Hold ’em and Omaha. Formats include ring games, sit-n-go, and tournaments.

Games are available around the clock and tend to be fast-paced.

Free sports betting

The sports betting model for sweepstakes is a little harder to grasp than others but is a lot of fun to participate in once you do. As we touched upon above when explaining FendOff Sports & Casino, the sweepstakes model makes sports betting available to many more residents across the United States than a traditional sportsbook.

The way this works is that players can buy Gold Coins from FendOff that can be used to place “fun" wagers on games. However, those Gold Coins come with a gift of Sweeps Tokens.

Those tokens can be taken over to their sportsbook area and used to “wager" on sporting events.

The beauty of this platform is the head-to-head leaderboards that pit players against each other. Your success in betting gives you a better ranking on the leaderboard, which in turn gives you better rewards.

The Top-20 performances in any given contest will earn sweeps tokens that can be used for real-money wagers.