Fortune Coins Casino Payment Options

Social casinos have taken the U.S. by storm, and Fortune Coins quickly became one of the player’s favorites due to the vast number of games and the simplicity of its purchase options.

Considering Fortune Coins is a social casino, players can’t deposit or withdraw in the same fashion as they would in online casinos. Social casinos allow players to purchase virtual coins that they can use to play different games.

In cases where players win a large number of virtual coins, they can later redeem them for prizes. This article will explain the different purchasing and redeeming options you can use at Fortune Coins.

Editor’s note: You can’t make deposits and withdrawals at Fortune Coins because it’s a Sweepstakes Casino. Please note that the deposit and withdrawal options on this page refer to purchase packages and prize redemptions, but you can play no purchase necessary.

What Are the Best Fortune Coins Deposit Methods?

As mentioned in our hands-on Fortune Coins Casino review, there are two types of coins at Fortune Coins: Gold Coins and Fortune Coins. The purchasing options are only available for Gold Coins, as players can only earn Fortune Coins by playing games or completing challenges.

Players can purchase Gold Coins by clicking on “Free Coins" at the top of the screen and selecting the package they’re interested in. Seven purchase packages range between $5 and $450, including Gold Coins and free Fortune Coins.

Below, we’ll give you an overview of the payment methods you can use to purchase these packages:

Online Banking

Fortune Coins accepts purchases through online banking using Trustly to guarantee a secure connection.

At the time of this article, players can make their Gold Coins purchases through the following online banking options:

  • Chase
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • PNC Bank
  • TD Bank
  • Capital One
  • US Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • USAA
  • Chime
  • Regions
  • Citizens Bank

The platform also has a search bar that allows players to check whether their bank is available.

Transactions through online banking are immediate, and you should see your purchase added to your credit within a few minutes.

Credit/Debit Cards

Supported by Paysafe, Fortune Coins allows players to make purchases through credit and debit cards.

The platform accepts Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, and the process is similar to any other online shopping you can do.

As with all payment methods at Fortune Coins, the transaction times are almost instant, and your newly purchased Gold Coins and free Fortune Coins will appear in your balance within a few minutes.


Fortune Coins also accepts purchases through the virtual wallet Skrill. Players with Skrill accounts can link their bank accounts, debit or credit cards, or upload funds.

Most local banks accept integrations with Skrill, and players can simply login into their Skrill account through Fortune Coins to complete their purchase.

Fastest Deposit Methods at Fortune Coins Casino

One of the main advantages of purchasing Gold Coins at Fortune Coins is that all the payment methods operate swiftly.

Regardless of your payment preference, the transaction will be complete within a few minutes, and you’ll automatically have access to the newly purchased Gold Coins.

How To Make an Online Deposit At Fortune Coins Casino

The casino is a social casino, so players can’t make deposits but can buy Gold Coins that they can later use to play the games at Fortune Coins Casino.

Players must register an account and complete a short KYC form to purchase this social casino.

Once Fortune Coins validates the player’s identity, they can buy Gold Coins and receive Fortune Coins for free by clicking on the button that reads “Free Coins" on the top of the screen.

The Coins Store displays the different purchase packages, which range between $5 and $450. Once players select the package they’re interested in, they can choose which payment method to use and then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the purchase.

How Long Does Fortune Coins Take to Deposit?

When a player completes the purchase, their newly acquired Gold Coins and free Fortune Coins should become available within a few minutes.

Please get in touch with the customer support team to ensure the transaction works if you don’t see the purchased coins in your balance within 10 minutes.

Moreover, if it’s the first time you’re purchasing at Fortune Coins, you’ll have to wait until the social casino verifies the information you provide through the KYC form.

Is there a Fortune Coins Deposit Limit?

At the time of this article, Fortune Coins has seven purchase packages available, each with a set price for a number of Gold Coins.

The cheapest package costs $5, while the most expensive costs $450, with five other options available. The number of free Fortune Coins accompanying each purchasing option also varies:

  • Buy $5: 1,000,000 Gold Coins plus 515 Fortune Coins
  • Buy $20: 5,000,000 Gold Coins plus 2,060 Fortune Coins
  • Buy $50: 20,000,000 Gold Coins plus 5,170 Fortune Coins
  • Buy $100: 50,000,000 Gold Coins plus 10,400 Fortune Coins
  • Buy $200: 200,000,000 Gold Coins plus 20,750 Fortune Coins
  • Buy $300: 700,000,000 Gold Coins plus 31,500 Fortune Coins
  • Buy $450: 1,200,000,000 Gold Coins plus 48,000 Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins Withdrawal Options

Players can use the same payment methods to redeem their cash prizes from Fortune Coins. Since it’s necessary to verify your identity and ownership of each payment option, we recommend that you use the same payment method for purchases and redeem the prizes.

Fortune Coins requires players to redeem a minimum of 5000 Fortune Coins per transaction, with the maximum daily redemption limit being 500,000. Players in Florida and New York can only redeem prizes of a maximum of $5,000 on any single spin or play.

Online Banking

Players can use the online banking option with multiple banks. Fortune Coins automatically displays the most commonly used banks, but players also have the chance to search for different banking options through the search bar.

Since players must verify they’re the bank account owners, we recommend always using the same payment method for purchases and cashing out prizes.

Debit/Credit Card

Fortune Coins allows players to redeem cash prizes through Visa and Mastercard via Paysafe. This payment option ensures the player’s personal and banking data is always secure and guarantees a swift transaction.


Players with a Skrill account can use this payment method to redeem their prizes. Players simply have to select the amount of Fortune Coins they wish to redeem and log in to their Skrill account using the in-platform form.

You can also select which account you want Fortune Coins to credit your prize to, in case you have multiple bank accounts connected to your Skrill account.

Fastest Withdrawal Methods at Fortune Coins Casino

All the available payment methods at Fortune Coins operate within the same timeframes. Usually, Fortune Coins will credit your cash prizes to your selected payment method within a few business days, considering that you have already submitted the validation documents.

Players requesting their first cash-out transaction might need to wait a bit longer, as the Fortune Coins team will have to validate all the submitted information.

How to Make an Online Withdrawal at Fortune Coins Casino

All the players must submit personal information before making their first request:

  • Government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license
  • Proof of address, such as a utility bill that isn’t older than three months
  • Bank statement not older than three months proving you are the owner of the bank account

Once Fortune Coins validates the submitted documents, the player can redeem their cash prizes by clicking on the menu button on the top right corner of the screen and navigating to “Redeem".

Please note that you must play all Fortune Coins at least once before redeeming them. Players will receive $1 for each redeemable 100 Fortune Coins.

How Long Does Fortune Coins Take to Pay?

Fortune Coins usually pays out the players’ cash prizes within two to five business days, depending on whether it was the player’s first request or a recurring one.

As mentioned, players requesting their first cash prizes must provide identity verification documentation proving they’re the rightful bank account owners. Due to this, the first redeeming request might take a bit longer.

Nevertheless, all subsequent redeeming requests will be reasonably quick once Fortune Coins confirms the player’s identity.

Are Fortune Coins Winnings Taxable?

Most players will have to pay taxes on prizes, regardless of the amount won. Prizes under $600 fall under players’ responsibility, and prizes above this amount require Fortune Coins to inform the Internal Revenue Service through Form 1099-MISC.

Depending on your state of residence, you may also have to pay state taxes on any winnings incurred from Fortune Coins. We recommend you consult an accountant to guarantee you never forget to inform the tax authorities.

Players in the following states don’t need to pay taxes on Fortune Coins winnings: Alaska, Tennessee, Wyoming, Texas, Washington, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, California, New Hampshire, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.


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