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While many online casinos are unavailable in the state of Florida, a new offering called social casinos is totally legal to play on within state lines. There are many prominent brand names coming up right now that are aiming to provide users a fun and exciting online gaming experience.

Our Top Picks To Play Online Casino Games in Florida

Because Florida falls under this jurisdiction, social casinos are looking at gamblers within the state as a primary source of new users. At social casinos, Florida players will see a nice boost in terms of potential rewards and promotional incentives.

Some social casinos come in the form of sweepstakes casinos but still provide some form of gambling for those within the state that desire it. All games on these platforms can be played for free, which is quite outstanding for those looking for the thrill of gambling without a financial commitment.

While they are free, often players will not receive anything out of their play, but there are in-platform purchases that allow players to play for real money cash prizes. In most cases, these in-store purchases come in the form of tokens or some form of currency that can be used at slots and other games on social casino platforms.

There are many amazing social casinos to choose from that are available to anyone in the state of Florida. If you fit under this description, social casinos in Florida are an excellent place to get started while you wait for legislation to be passed that legalizes real-money online gaming. In addition to just gaming in social casinos, Florida casino bonuses can be won in droves, escalating the value of playing at such a venue.

Florida Slots

Slots are some of the most popular offerings inside casinos both in the online circuit and within brick-and-mortar casinos. The primary reason why slots are so attractive to most gamblers is that they can be played at any stakes, from penny slots all the way up to $500 per spin. They also come in a variety of themes in an attempt to fully immerse players in the world the slot title tries to create.

Slots are also extremely simple to play and arguably the games in the casino that take the least effort and skill to play.

At times in the United States’ gambling history, slots have been the highest source of revenue for the gaming industry. They have always been and likely always will be very popular. The rise of online casinos has given way to a conjunctive rise of online slot play as well.

Let’s discuss some popular locales to play slots online in Florida.

Where To Play Online Slots In FL

Many social casinos operating in Florida are largely based on their slot offerings, with tons of titles available to users. Let’s discuss some of the popular casinos offering these slots in the state of Florida.

Rivers Casino4Fun

BetRivers’ social casino, entitled Rivers Casino4Fun, offers one of the largest slot selections of any of the social casinos around. All slots require VC$, or virtual currency, to play. These slots range anywhere from 0.01 VC$ all the way up to 2.50 VC$ minimums.

Cash Machine “Win What You See” is one of the higher limit slots on the platform and, thus, one of the most popular slots at Casino4Fun. The other popular 2.50 VC$ minimum slot that is popular with those who use the platform heavily is Thunder Cash Fruity Fruity.

One slot title that is practically universal across all major online gaming platforms that carry slots is the Power of Thor Megaways slot due to the amount of paylines possible and the graphics. The top prize for this machine is quite high in comparison to the 0.50 VC$ minimum required to play it.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is another social casino providing players with an opportunity to win cash prizes through a virtual currency system with slots options galore. Chumba uses a sweepstakes model for its platform. This virtual currency comes in the form of Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins, which are the only way that users can play slots to win real cash prizes.

Chumba Casino is made available by the popular Virtual Gaming World company, which operates most major social casinos on the market.

This social casino offers titles like Big Bucks Bandits, Hypernova, and Kraken’s Bounty. All of their slots have very different themes attached to them as well as different virtual currency limits. The Last Empress, Stampede Fury, and Wild Krakatoa are also popular titles on the platform.

Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Slots is one of the more popular social casinos on the market. They have plenty of slots to choose from, but they tend to advertise some more than others. The most popular slot title available right now is Galactic Blast, a slot that takes users on a journey through outer space with 20 pay lines, 3 “Blast Zones” and unlimited multipliers to truly help the cash prizes add up.

The Forbidden Fortunes slot offers one of the wildest multiplier features and provides an exceptional amount of ways to win. In total, Luckyland advertises that Forbidden Fortunes offers 243 ways to win while holding a “Giant Firecracker” respin bonus feature with a free spin feature that carries up to a 20x multiplier.

Other in-demand slots include Mardi Gras Money, Amazonia in 3D, and Buffalo Rush.

B spot

B spot is possibly the most admired social casino around right now. While b spot’s excellent promotions and bonuses are certainly a huge draw to the platform, their slot selection is outstanding as well.

In total, b spot has 44 different slot titles, with four of them being listed as Featured slots on the b spot website. Golden Bars, Pot of Gold, and Irish Treasures remain some of the more well-liked slots out of the featured subsection.

Other popular standard slots include Majestic King, Lucky Wild 7s, and Alligator’s Hoard. Users can play Demi Gods II and Golden Bars for free without signing up.


While My Jackpot is a lesser-known social casino in the present due to the limited states where it can be played, Florida is a place of operation for the company. My Jackpot carries 71 slot titles in total, with many popular options like Cleopatra’s Crown, Medusa’s Lair, and Gates of Persia in tow.

A lot of the slots at My Jackpot seem to have a history-based theme, with many slots taking users into the worlds of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, or Ancient Rome. All in all, My Jackpot has an excellent selection of slots available for users within Florida.


Funzpoints social casino is another in-demand platform where users have the ability to play in standard or premium ways. Under the standard Funzpoints format, users can still enter jackpot drawings for the real cash prizes and will also be able to play six games for free. With premium, all game wins are in real cash instead of some being free.

Funzpoints offers a plethora of free slots like Kongo’s Adventure, Enchantress Luna, and the Java Cafe. However, with a premium subscription, titles like Barnyard Frenzy, Gold Rush Pete, and Voyage of the Vikings are unlocked.

Pulsz Casino

Pulsz Casino easily has the most slot titles available out of all the social casinos in the industry, with a massive 250-slot selection. The website breaks down the slots into new games, top games, epic wins, megaways, and classic games so that users know what type of slot they are playing. Hold and win, play the feature, and jackpot slots are also available.

One of the top games at Pulsz Casino is Sun of Egypt 2, taking users on an Ancient Egypt-themed voyage. Sweet Bonanza is a popular epic win slot that folks can rack up real money cash prizes in a huge way. Some classic low-limit slot titles that are available include 777 Gems Respin, Diamond Strike, and Booming Seven Deluxe.

River Sweeps

River Sweeps, owned and operated by Bit Bet Win, is a sweepstakes casino that offers real cash prizes in the same way that other social casinos on the market do. The platform has become wildly popular in the state of Arizona under the River Sweeps Platinum title.

River Sweeps offers an uncanny amount of slots that can keep users scrolling endlessly through their offerings. All games run on virtual currency, and River Sweeps carries some fun titles like Royal Treasures, Riches of India, and Albert Einstein. Some of the more unique themes can be found at River Sweeps, as the platform aims to attract someone to a slot of their personal liking.

Global Poker

While Global Poker’s focus is mostly on online poker, they still offer quite a few slots for their user base. These popular slot titles include Diamond Panther, Lightning Nudge, and Wester Gold. Global Poker claims that it offers these slots to those playing poker as a way to relax and take a break from the “rigorous grind of poker life.”

In total, Global Poker offers 16 different slots. While this is an underwhelming total in comparison to other social casinos of its kind, they offer so much more in other facets of gambling that we will be discussing later on.

ZitoBox Casino

ZitoBox Casino offers tons of different slots, sorted by type, with many of each type of slot available. These subsections of slots include super jackpots, frutti jackpots, premiums, 3 reels slots, and rapid jackpots.

Popular titles in the jackpot realm are Taj Mahal, Dick Detective, and El Patron. At ZitoBox Casino, it seems as though the jackpot slots are the ones with the best graphics and soundtracks. Other slots of different jackpot types include Bonzo the Clown, Magic Signs, and Sevens Go Wild.

Florida Casino Table Games

After slots, table games are the most widely sought-after division of online gaming. Table games include more skill and odds calculations than a slot does, bringing some strategy and focus into the game. In particular, blackjack requires an additional level of strategy into the game. There are many different variations of blackjack available on most platforms like iCasino gaming social casinos.

Craps and roulette are both very popular as well. Craps is more of a game of chance than one would consider blackjack to be, while roulette falls under that same category. Many online gamblers love table games, and for a good reason. They provide a thrill that many other online gambling options do not.

Let’s discuss some of the major social casinos that Florida has to offer and the table games available at each one. Blackjack, craps, and roulette are the common ones to find on these platforms.

Where To Play Table Games In FL

Three different Florida iCasino gaming platforms offer excellent table game selections in addition to their slot selections.

Rivers Casino4Fun

At Rivers Casino4Fun, users can play popular blackjack titles like Blackjack First Person and Infinite Blackjack. Blackjack First Person allows users to play their own cards how they want to without other people being in the lobby with them.

Infinite blackjack plays a lot differently, though, as all users within the game are dealt the same starting hand but are only afterward allowed to play their hand independently. Single-deck blackjack is also available, courtesy of Rivers Casino.

With roulette, Lightning Roulette and Instant Roulette are present at Rivers Casino4Fun. Other random table games include Casino Hold’em, Triple Card Poker, and Extreme Texas Hold’em. There are plenty more options to choose from on the platform as well.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino has a rather small selection of table games listed on their platform, but it is better than nothing at all, considering not all social casinos carry table games.

Standard blackjack and Back Blackjack are available at Chumba Casino. Standard blackjack plays like a normal game that would be played in a casino, but Back Blackjack plays a tad differently. “Back Blackjack” allows users to place two equal wagers, with one being their wager on their hand winning against the dealer’s and the other being a “Half Back” wager. Users may also make an additional wager on the dealer’s up card.

Chumba offers basically two variants of roulette that are both listed as American Roulette, but one is a standard, and one has a 2x multiplier.

Global Poker

As we will discuss later on, Global Poker’s focus is largely on poker, but they do have some table games available on their platform as well. Global Poker has standard blackjack games and premium blackjack, a European style of the popular 21 game.

Caribbean poker, also known as casino stud poker, is available to be played. Caribbean poker is very similar to five-card stud poker, but with the primary difference being that players are playing against the house instead of other players.

Casino Hold’em is also offered where users play against the house instead of other opponents. The rules are basically the same as Texas Hold’em but with different payout structures in a private environment.

Florida Casino Live Dealer

Live dealer games are becoming the new normal when it comes to online table game offerings. They are wildly popular due to their nature of providing an at-home experience while making users feel like they are still inside of a regular casino.

Live dealer offerings are excellent as users actually get to see the cards they are being dealt or the roulette wheel spinning, for example. All live dealer games are regulated and hosted by reputable companies, so there is basically no reason to claim any of it is rigged.

Online casino table games that are not live dealer games simply have a different look and feel to them that makes the game feel more like a video game than an actual gambling mechanism. Many users have proven that they enjoy live dealer games far more than online casino games without a live component because of its closeness to live games.

Where To Play Live Dealer In FL

Rivers Casino4Fun

Rivers Casino4Fun is a product of Rivers Casino, making it easy for the company to provide live dealer games on their social casino platform under the same licensing. Rivers Casino4Fun has a plethora of live dealer games for many different table games.

Craps live is a new offering according to the Casino4Fun website, and this represents something that is not offered at most regulated online casinos for real money. Live roulette is also available at Rivers Casino4Fun in addition to Instant Roulette. While there are currently no live dealer blackjack games listed and solely standard online casino blackjack games, there is live baccarat available which again, cannot be found everywhere.

Rivers Casino4Fun is able to utilize its platform and parent company to create the most well-rounded social casino for Florida residents, making it a no-brainer to try out.

Florida Casino Video Poker

Video poker has become quite popular amongst the gambling population, and this has quickly carried over to online gambling venues. Florida players looking at getting into video poker can do so at social casinos despite the lack of legislation involved with other online casinos.

Video poker comes in the form of machines with different types of poker. The games operate off of basic hand rankings like a four-of-a-kind, full house, or straight flush. Some games have different spins on this, like Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better.

Where To Play Video Poker In FL

Video poker’s popularity has made it a no-brainer for social casinos like Rivers Casino4Fun, Chumbas Casino, and ZitoBox Casino to begin offering it to their user base.

Rivers Casino4Fun

As previously mentioned, Rivers Casino4Fun is the most well-rounded iCasino gaming platform in the market right now. This extends out to their video poker offerings where they have seven in total.

Deuces Wild is a popular title that makes all 2s in the deck a wild card, making payouts exponentially greater when users do hit big. Double Double Bonus Poker is another title commonly seen on standard online casinos as well. Coming from the same company, Double Regal Poker, Double Double Regal Poker, Regal Poker Deluxe, Jester Poker, and Deuces Wild Elite are all available at Rivers Casino4Fun.

This is quite a wide selection of games that Florida residents can enjoy at any time.

Chumba Casino

While Chumba Casino is not a massive provider of video poker titles, they still do carry one video poker game online. Jacks or Better is quite possibly the most popular video poker game in existence, and users can find it at Chumba. Jacks or Better is played with users trying to make a five-card hand that is a pair of Jacks or better. The payouts incrementally increase by the strength of a player’s hand.

Chumba Casino has tons of offerings in other sections of online gaming, and it’s easy to see them expanding their video poker options in the near future.


Lastly, ZitoBox carries three video poker titles of their own. As previously mentioned, Jacks or Better is one of the most popular titles in video poker, and ZitoBox carries it. In fact, they do not stop there and actually offer a rare title in Tens or Better. Tens or Better is not found on most online casino platforms, making ZitoBox one of the only carriers.

Bonus Poker is also available at ZitoBox as a lesser-known title.

Florida Online Casino Bingo

While online casino bingo is not the most popular game to play online, it is still one of the most enjoyable! Because the state of Florida’s average resident age is the fifth-oldest in the United States, many companies take this information and run with it, considering bingo is popular amongst the older generations. They do so by offering extensive bingo-related promotions to Floridians and plenty of daily games as well.

Playing online casino bingo is an overall fantastic experience and is one of the most rewarding games to be playing when you get that big win.

Where To Play Bingo In FL


Skillz social casino has actually become a popular name within the bingo world recently as it advertises its Blackout Bingo during tons of popular TV shows. Skillz has also gotten plenty of celebrities to vouch for their bingo offerings and quickly has become a leading source of bingo in the online circuit.

If you are into playing bingo, it is unmistakable that Skillz is currently the most reputable spot to play. They often do promotions that get players additional chances at winning cash prizes as well.

B Spot

B spot bingo offerings have become popular as well. Primo Bingo and Pixie Riches Bingo are their two options to play at the moment. Both are different takes on regular bingo, but they still have 75 balls in play, and users must still make diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines to win.

While b spot does not carry nearly as many arcade bingo options as Rivers Casino4Fun does, for example, they still have their own titles, making it a strong and well-rounded social casino for people of all gambling interests.

Florida Online Poker

Florida is currently in the middle of trying to get online poker legalized within the state, which would make it one of the largest markets for it in the United States. However, the only legal online poker games available to Florida residents come in the form of peer-to-peer poker games.

Peer-to-peer poker games are operated under a very different structure than other online poker scenes. In the peer-to-peer format, users can set up a game on the software themselves locally and invite other players to play with them. All players invited must then connect to that player, making it a full game. This brings a friendly element to online poker as opposed to the typical cut-throat feel that exists on legalized online poker sites available in other states.

Where To Play Poker In FL

Global Poker

Global Poker is currently the only provider of true Texas Hold’em games across any of the social casinos legally operating in the state of Florida. Global Poker has risen in popularity over the past few years as an excellent alternative to live poker home games during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Users have now found that online poker can still bring friends together with many online platforms, even allowing live chat and live video feed features.

Global Poker offers tons of different poker games, making it an outstanding provider. Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker game in existence, is largely what Global Poker focuses on. However, the platform still hosts games like Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Crazy Pineapple.

As far as lesser-known styles of games go, Bounty Poker and Surge Poker are also present on the platform.

Sit’n’Go styles are available as well and have increased in popularity in recent years.

While Floridians have to wait for other big-name websites to offer online poker in their state, playing at a place like Global Poker could be a fantastic move while you wait.


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