DoubleU Casino Progressive Slots

Established in 2012 and available in most U.S. states, DoubleU is a relatively well-known brand among American casino players.

DoubleU Casino is a Social Casino site where gambling doesn’t happen for real money. Instead, you’ll get chips and then enjoy the action with them.

Still, there’s some excitement here for those who like to play with their friends, send gifts, and win big. The last option is especially popular and possible thanks to this site’s range of progressive slots.

If you’d like to learn more about the progressive jackpot slot games at DoubleU Casino, find a few recommended titles, and read about impressive wins – stay on this page. We will cover it all!

Are There Jackpot Slots on DoubleU?

The simplest answer to this question is – yes, there are progressive jackpot slots on DoubleU. However, due to the nature of the Social Casino, the situation is a bit confusing, especially for first-time players.

For starters, there’s no special category for progressive jackpot slots.

Secondly, there aren’t any jackpot trackers or even labels either. So, you can’t quite know what games have jackpots.

Finally, some games seem to share jackpots, and some seemingly have individual ones. These aspects seem confusing, and DoubleU’s navigation could be – and should be – improved, especially regarding the layout of progressive games.

Overall, we understood that several in-house progressive jackpots are attached to all games. Plus, some games had their own jackpots, but those seemed to be fixed rather than progressive.

Why Play Progressive Slot Machines on DoubleU?

The answer to this question is tricky, considering the things we underlined in the section above. Overall, DoubleU has fun games, and many of them seem to have a progressive jackpot. Also, the platform is a Social Casino that focuses on sharing the fun, unlike traditional online casino sites.

However, it’s also fair to note that there are some drawbacks. You can’t win real money, for starters. Other Social Casinos allow users to redeem playing coins for cash. This isn’t possible here at all. Also, navigation could use improvement.

That said, if you like the games here, playing progressive slots at DoubleU will be fun. Also, there are plenty of bonuses that grant players free chips for their adventures. Yet, you may also want to consider other options like Pulsz Casino, for instance, if Sweepstakes Casinos are your thing.

Which Progressive Slots Are the Best and Biggest on DoubleU?

If you’re hoping to play grand jackpot slots on DoubleU, that’s absolutely possible. However, it may be a bit confusing to find the best jackpot games as there are no specific markers, and upon inspection, it seems that all slots have one type of jackpot or another.

In the following section, we’ll cover some top picks and explain what to expect when playing them.

Before we move on, it’s also important to note that, before opening a game, several jackpots appear attached to it. Which one applies to you will depend on your chip balance. There are typically four levels; you will need between 15k and 900k chips to activate the appropriate one. The progressive jackpot prizes typically range from 20 million to 1 billion chips and more. Besides the regular progressive jackpot slots, there are VIP slots with much higher prizes.

These progressive jackpots are linked to all games and come in addition to any in-game jackpots.

Rolling In More Gold

Rolling In More Gold is a video slot by Blueprint Gaming and a sequel to the popular Rolling in Gold slot by the same provider. The game has a solid RTP of 96.03%, and it’s equipped with a progressive jackpot prize. At DoubleU Casino, this game is typically reserved for VIP players because it has the highest progressives possible.

For instance, players could win 126,252,000 million at the time of this writing, and the prize was growing incredibly fast. As it was available in the VIP room, it also required VIP points to access it. If you play it as a regular – not a VIP – slot, you can expect the standard jackpot prizes, as we’ve explained in the previous section.

Werewolf Windfall

If you’re into the theme of wilderness and mythical creatures, you’ll enjoy Werewolf Windfall. This game seems to be one of the in-house slots at DoubleU Casino, making it even more special to play. This mysterious slot game has five reels and 25 paylines.

More importantly, there are wild symbols, which also award the game’s grand, ultra, major, minor, and mini jackpots. The werewolf scatters are even better; when they cover all the reels, the player gets the main progressive jackpot prize.


Join Lupin on another one of his adventures, and you may end up with a massive treasure in your hands. Lupin has five reels and 25 paylines, a structure many in-house games at DoubleU share. The reels are filled with jewels and gemstones, i.e., everything that’s got Lupin’s attention.

Wild symbols with multipliers promise big payouts whenever they show on the screen. Jackpot fans should keep an eye out for the jackpot scatter symbol, though. The symbol enables you to hit the max prize or trigger the free spin bonus round.

Jackpot Winners on DoubleU

DoubleU is one of those destinations where the jackpot slots create many wonderful stories of people winning big. We did some research to highlight some of the biggest winnings this destination has witnessed.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that just anyone can be as lucky. Still, it’s a nice way of showing that the site isn’t rigged.

One of DoubleU Casino’s biggest winners supposedly scooped 639,141,828 chips playing a game on the site. Even though these chips aren’t redeemable for cash, they will ensure you can play for a long time without making purchases.

DoubleU Casino doesn’t disclose its biggest winners’ identities, but it often reveals what games the big wins occurred on.

Werewolf Windfall Winner

Werewolf Windfall proved lucky for a player back in 2021. The user managed to hit the necessary scatters to trigger the bonus. Then, he scooped multiple wins and a minor jackpot worth a total of 577,920. The jackpot winner also recorded all of this action in a thrilling video.

Western Gals Winner

In 2020, Western Gals proved lucky for another user at DoubleU Casino. Also properly recorded on video, the gaming session took a turn for the better when the player hit 213,000,000.

Progressive Slots for Free No Download on DoubleU

Technically, it’s not possible to play progressive jackpot slots for free while at DoubleU Casino.  This Social Casino doesn’t offer a demo mode of its games. You must use chips to spin the reels of progressive games – or any other game, for that matter.

The good news here is that there are various ways to get chips for free. In that sense, you won’t need to make a purchase to play. Still, there’s no free play mode or demo mode as you’d find at traditional online casino sites for U.S. players.

When it comes to instant play, that’s an option. Players can access and play on the platform right from their browser.

In case you prefer to play through a native app, DoubleU Casino offers mobile solutions for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices. Don’t miss our hands-on DoubleU Casino review for a breakdown of how the mobile experience compares to playing on desktop.

What Other Slots Can You Play on DoubleU?

Being an entertaining Social Casino site, DoubleU has various games in its lobby to keep things versatile. Besides the jackpot slots, there are classic and video slots, as well. If you visit the other games section, you’ll also find a handful of video poker variants. However, it’s fair to say that DoubleU slots represent the largest share of all Casino games.


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