Rivers Casino4Fun Payment Options

Social casinos are on the rise, and one of the most popular across the US is Casino4Fun. This social casino is the free-to-play version of the popular casino, Rivers, which you can find information about elsewhere here at The Game Day Casino. The operator is owned by Rush Street Interactive and has become a force to be reckoned with in the free-to-play casino world.

As a free-to-play casino, it is important to remember that players can not win real money when playing at the site. They can, however, purchase and earn virtual currency while playing the Casino4Fun selection of slots, games, and live-dealer offerings. In this handy guide, we are going to break down how players can purchase these virtual currencies, how they work, and how they can redeem them.

Editor’s note: You can’t make deposits and withdrawals at Rivers Casino4Fun because it’s a Social Casino. Please note that the deposit and withdrawal options on this page refer to purchase packages and prize redemptions, but you can play no purchase necessary.

What Are the Best Casino4Fun Deposit Methods?

There are multiple ways that players can purchase virtual currency (VC$) at Casino4Fun. It is important to remember that these currencies can not be traded for real-life winnings, so players should be sure they understand this before they purchase any of the VCs to play. The following methods are all offered at Casino4Fun. It should be noted that these methods can change in the future, so be sure to check in with us regularly at The Game Day Casino to
find out any and all details about Casino4Fun.


One of the easiest and most popular methods for purchasing virtual currencies at Casino4Fun is Visa or Mastercard. All players will need to do for this is enter their account details on the site. Depending on your bank, you may be required to verify the details and authorize the transaction before it is completed.

  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A


PayPal is ideal for those who want to make quick transactions but would rather not enter their personal bank details into the site. To use this method, players will be redirected to their PayPal account to confirm the transaction. Once this has been done, the funds will instantly be credited to your account. There is no difference between using this and a traditional card in terms of transaction times, fees, and minimum deposits.

  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A

American Express

Those who are using American Express cards can breathe easy knowing that they will be able to use them at Casino4Fun. While many online casinos and social casinos might not accept American Express, you are free to use them as you like at Casino4Fun, with the operator applying the same limits that it does to all other deposit methods.

  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A


Another type of credit card that players are able to use at Casino4Fun is Discover. Once again, Discover does not impose any additional fees to players, with the same limits and fees being applied as they are to others.

  • Minimum deposit: $50
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A

Fastest Deposit Methods at Casino4Fun Casino

All of the methods that have been listed for use at Casino4Fun will purchase the VCs instantly, and they will appear in your account. Remember, it will not be real money that appears in your account. Instead, you will purchase VC to play with.

Ultimately, the best method is going to come down to personal preference. For example, if you prefer not to share your bank details with operators, then PayPal may be a brilliant option for you.

How to Make an Online Deposit at Casino4Fun Casino

Making deposits and purchases at a social casino may be slightly different from a real-money casino, but the process is still just as easy. All players need to do is complete the following steps to credit their account. It should be noted that the same process is followed whether the player is using the mobile or desktop version of the casino.

  • Create an account with Casino4Fun.
  • Verify your e-mail address and details.
  • Locate the Cashier section.
  • Choose the package that you would like to purchase.
  • Enter your card or payment details.
  • Confirm the purchase, and your account will be immediately credited.

How Long Does Casino4Fun Take to Deposit?

Once you have selected your package and entered your details, your Casino4Fun account will instantly be credited with the number of coins you have purchased. In some instances, you may need to refresh your page so that the coins appear, but there is no noticeable loading time or purchasing time between finalizing your details, clicking the purchase button, and having your account get topped up. If you do run into any issues with this, be sure to reach out to the Casino4Fun support team.

Is there a Casino4Fun Deposit Limit?

The Casino4Fun will supply you with promotions and offers to keep your account  supplied with regular amounts of VC$. However, if you feel as though you would like to top up your account, then there are packages available. The smallest package is worth 50VC$, while the biggest amount that can be purchased is 37,500VC$.

Players’ accounts will be topped up, providing that they log on to the site regularly. There is a daily Casino4Fun promotion that will add 20VC$ in 4-hour intervals. There is also the chance to win up to 1,000VC$ every day thanks to a Bonus Wheel style promotion. All players need to do is log in to the site to get this.

Of course, different slots will have different playing limits, and some of them might restrict the amount of VC that players can bet in a 24-hour period. You will need to check the slot’s paytables to find out if this is the case.

Casino4Fun Withdrawal Options

Players are not able to withdraw any money that has been won at Casino4Fun. Instead, as they play, they will generate Play Points that can be redeemed for prizes. When players have generated enough play points, they can head over to the My Account section and click on the Rewards Center tab.

Once they are there, they can trade these in for virtual currencies and/or other prizes. These prizes include things like scratch cards that will reveal virtual currencies.

Rewards Center

There are no traditional withdrawal methods on the site. The only comparable thing you can do is trade your Play Points for prizes, as we have mentioned earlier in this Casino4Fun banking guide.

  • Minimum withdrawal: N/A
  • Transaction times: Instant
  • Fees: N/A

Fastest Withdrawal Methods at Casino4Fun Casino

Trading in your Play Points for rewards is incredibly efficient. The site allows players to do this in a matter of seconds, with transactions happening instantly.

The rewarded currencies and/or scratch cards or other prizes will be instantly credited to the player’s account when they make the switch. These credits can then be used straight away on your favorite Cash4Fun slots.

How to Make an Online Withdrawal at Casino4Fun Casino

Swapping your play points for virtual currency or prizes is a really straightforward process that players should have no problems doing.

  • Log into your account and head to the My Profile section.
  • Once there, access the Rewards Center.
  • You will then be presented with a selection of packages or prizes that can be exchanged for play points.
  • Click the package or prize you would like to exchange.
  • Confirm the exchange, and your account will be credited immediately.

How Long Does Casino4Fun Take to Pay?

As players cannot withdraw any real money from Casino4Fun, there is no processing time of note for any of their winnings. Players can redeem prizes on the site by going to My Account and going to the rewards center. Any rewards that are claimed will be instantly credited to the player’s account, and any VC or play points will be instantly taken from their account.

These transactions take a matter of seconds. If there are any issues with the site not updating your account, you can contact the customer support team, and you will receive help straight away. In our experience, the support team at Casino4Fun is extremely helpful with all matters.

Are Casino4Fun Winnings Taxable?

No. Players cannot win any real money when playing at Casino4Fun. As such, anything that is won from Casino4Fun’s library of games is virtual and has no real-world value. This means that nothing is taxable, and players are not required to mention any money that has been spent or any virtual currencies that have been won on their tax returns.