Casino Reload Bonuses

While many of the biggest deposit match bonuses are available only to new users, reload bonuses are exclusively for returning customers. Many online casinos periodically offer reload bonuses to their loyal users.

The Best Reload Bonus Casinos

These bonuses are one of the best ways to consistently add bonus money to your bankroll. Keep reading to learn more about them and how they can benefit you.

What Is A Casino Reload Bonus?

A casino reload bonus could be thought of as a type of loyalty bonus given to players who deposit with the online casino. It is one of the closest things to a win/win in gambling.

For the casino, it acts as an incentive for people to continue playing at the casino and depositing often. For the player, it serves as an instant boost to their available funds.

Some online casinos offer reload bonuses at consistent intervals, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or some other fixed point in time. Other casinos reserve reload bonuses for players who already deposit at a high rate or a high amount.

It is also common for a casino to do some mixture of these two, offering regular reload bonuses to its existing player base while reserving the best reload bonuses for their frequent depositors. This makes the best reload bonuses almost like a VIP offer.

Because of the way reload bonuses work, the players who deposit the most are the ones who see the biggest returns on their money. Reload Bonuses are a deposit match bonus. They have smaller limits and match percentages than first deposit bonuses, but players can obtain them several times.

How Do Reload Bonuses Work?

As an example, let’s hypothetically say that Ocean Casino was offering a reload bonus. This reload bonus could be something along the lines of “50% reload bonus, up to $100, for the first deposit of the day.” This means that if you deposit $200 onto the site, you will receive $100 in bonus cash.

The maximum amount in this example doesn’t have to be deposited. You could deposit $50 and receive a free $25 in bonus money.

When you make a deposit during the reload bonus period, the funds are automatically added to your account. Taking advantage of these reload bonuses when they come around is a great way to add additional funds to your online bankroll.

What To Look For In A Reload Bonus?

A casino reload bonus is a great promotional offer that can be of serious benefit to a player when they make their next deposit, but not all reload bonuses are the same. The best reload bonus type for you depends on your playing style, how much time you have to play, and what games you like to play the most.

Wagering requirements are one of the most important things to consider when deciding on a deposit bonus. A wagering requirement is the number of times a player must wager the amount of their deposit or bonus before the bonus funds will be available for withdrawal.

Wagering requirements vary depending on the casino, but the general rule of thumb is that players must wager their deposit and/or bonus at least 15 times before they can withdraw any funds. Many online casinos require a minimum of 5-10 times before you are allowed to withdraw your bonus. At other casinos, the wagering requirement could be anywhere from 30 to 50 times or more.

Game eligibility is another important factor to consider when it comes to reload bonuses. Some bonuses may have restrictions on which games you can use the bonus on. For example, some reload bonuses may only be used for slot games. Some may even restrict the bonus funds to only be usable on specific slot titles. These are all factors to consider before deciding whether a reload bonus is right for you.

Another important thing to keep in mind about reload bonuses is how much money you can get from them. This means not only looking at the maximum amount the casino will match but also considering what amount you will be able to clear the wagering requirement for.

Additionally, some reload bonuses may only work for the first deposit you make on a certain day. Other reload bonuses may be active for multiple deposits you make within the promotional period. Keep each of these aspects in mind, and you’ll be able to make the most out of your reload bonus.

Advantages Of A Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are a great way to get an extra boost of both excitement and money when you’re playing your favorite casino games. These bonuses are a perfect way to try out new games or just have some fun with the bonus money. They have a range of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Playing a new or unfamiliar game without risking your own money
  • Lower match percentage means lower wagering requirements
  • Players can receive reload bonuses more than once
  • Provides a buffer against losses

Which Casinos Offer A Reload Bonus?

There are many operators to choose from if you’re looking for a reload bonus, though this kind of offer is a bit less common than the first-time deposit bonus.

We recommend several online casinos to play on if you’re interested in having reload offers at your disposal. Below are some of the top online casinos that offer great reload bonuses.

Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget Casino often offers its players a reload bonus on some weekends. The match percentage may vary, but these bonuses are often in the $20 – $100 range.

Another reload bonus offer that Golden Nugget occasionally offers is its Happy Hour offer. Players must claim this offer from the “My Bonuses” tab in their accounts while the offer lasts.

Once claimed, players receive a 100% match up to $25 if they deposit during the Happy Hour time frame of 7:30 pm until 11:59 pm EST. After making a deposit of at least $20, these bonus funds are given to the player instantly.

Caesars Casino

Caesars is often known to offer reload bonuses on weekends. Sometimes these require special codes, so be sure to check on the site often to see if you’ll need one.

For their latest reload bonus promotion, Caesars Casino offers players the chance to receive a 30% bonus match on their next deposit of up to $250. If you deposit the maximum, you will receive an extra $75 in casino bonus funds.

The best part about this offer is that the reload bonus can usually be obtained two days in a row! Depositing the maximum on back-to-back days can earn you up to $150 over the weekend.

These reload bonus promotions can usually be found in the “My Bonuses” section of your account. From there, you can see what promo code, if any, will be necessary. It will also tell you additional details about the reload bonus offer, such as the minimum deposit amount.

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Unibet Casino

Unibet has one of the most commonly occurring reload bonuses in the industry. Every Thursday (while the promotional period lasts), players can get a 25% bonus on their first deposit that day. Their deposit can receive up to a maximum bonus amount of $100.

All you have to do is make a deposit between $10 and $400, and the funds will be added directly to your account.

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How You Claim The Reload Bonus At An Online Casino

Claiming a reload bonus from an online casino is a very easy process. Most reload bonuses will simply need to be claimed from the promotional section of the online casino. You will have to be logged in to your account in order to do this.

Other reload bonuses may require a special bonus code. If you have a proper bonus code, enter the code into the proper box as you are making your deposit. Make sure your deposit meets the minimum deposit amount. Once you complete this, the reload bonus will instantly be added to your account.

Below is a more detailed, step-by-step guide to this process.

Step 1: Transfer Money To Your Account

The first step toward receiving your reload bonus is to deposit money into your account. This can easily be done by using any of the banking methods allowed by the online casino you are signed up to.

Step 2: Claim The Welcome Bonus

Most recurring promotions like reload bonuses must be claimed during their promotional period in order to be used. On most online casinos, there should be a “My Bonus” section or something similar in your account.

The reload bonus should be visible in this section. Simply click the button to claim it, and it’s yours!

Step 3: Put Back Money Into Your Gaming Account

Once you make your deposit, the extra funds from the reload bonus should be added to your gaming account immediately. While this money can’t be withdrawn right away, you can often use it right away for gaming.

Step 4: Play With Reload Bonus

Now that you’ve gotten your bonus money, it’s time to put it to use! Play with your bonus funds the same way you would play with the cash you deposited. Use it as an additional buffer to play a game you might not ordinarily play or to place a larger bet than you normally would.

Playing with your newly acquired bonus funds is the first step toward clearing their wagering requirements.

Step 5: Cash Out Winnings

Our most favorite step of all: cashing out the free money. Once the wagering requirement for your bonus has been met, you can withdraw your bonus money as cash.

Requirements Around Reload Bonuses

All casino bonuses have some requirements that are simply there to make sure customers use their bonus money for gameplay. Online casinos couldn’t stay in business if players were able to withdraw their freely given money immediately.

While first deposit bonuses and signup bonuses may have more stringent rules and requirements, reload bonuses still have their own rules that must be followed. Fortunately, these rules tend to be very straightforward. Let’s look at a few of them below.

Minimum Deposit

Nearly every reload bonus will have a minimum deposit of some sort. This can either be higher or lower than the minimum deposit required for first deposit bonuses.

Each casino will have its own rules for this. Even on the same site, the minimum deposit amount can vary from one reload bonus promotion to the next. The minimum amount can be anywhere from $5-$20 or more. Whatever the minimum amount, players must deposit at least this much to receive their reload bonus.

Wagering Timeframe

As mentioned earlier, reload bonuses have wagering requirements that must be met before they can be withdrawn as cash. A wagering timeframe is how long the player has to meet this requirement before the bonus money expires.

When the bonus money expires, multiple things can happen. The amount can be forfeited entirely if its requirements have not been met. Or only the amount that has not yet been cleared will be forfeited, while the player keeps the part of the bonus that has been cleared.

Reload bonuses can have a larger or smaller time frame than first deposit bonuses, but they should take considerably less time to complete because of their smaller match percentage.

Maximum Bonus Amount

When considering a reload bonus, the maximum bonus amount is an important aspect to consider. Don’t be dismayed at the lower maximum amount in comparison to first deposit bonuses; the additional funds from reload bonuses can add up quickly!

For example, it is not uncommon for some reload bonuses to have a maximum amount of $25. While this does sound considerably less than, say, a $500 first deposit bonus, the reload bonus can be obtained multiple times.

If an online casino offered a weekly reload bonus with a $25 maximum, you could have an extra $100 per month in bonus funds. This makes a reload bonus a great way to consistently add extra funds to your bankroll.

Reload Bonus Vs. Signup Bonus

A signup bonus is a one-time bonus that is given to a new player when they complete their account registration with the online casino. These usually range anywhere from $10-$25.

A reload bonus is for players who already have an account with the online casino. Unlike the signup bonus, these can come around more than once. The amounts vary depending on the casino and the specific offer, but they can range anywhere from $5-$100 or more.

Reload Bonus Vs. First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus is offered to new players, just like a signup bonus. The key difference is that players don’t get this bonus for completing registration. Instead, players must make their first deposit in order to receive the bonus.

What sets apart a reload bonus and a first deposit bonus is the amount and percentage. First deposit bonuses typically match between 75%-100% of the amount of your first deposit. Some online casinos will even match 125% or more.

This amount also has a higher maximum limit than reload bonuses do. For example, it isn’t at all uncommon to see first deposit bonuses offer a 100% match bonus, up to $1,000. For a reload bonus, both the match percentage and the maximum cash limit are much lower.

A good example of a reload bonus would be a 20% match, up to $50. While this amount is much lower than the first deposit bonus, reload bonuses come around often and can be utilized during each promotional period that they occur. Meanwhile, a first deposit bonus is a one-time offer that a player can easily miss out on if they don’t have a proper bonus code before making their first deposit onto a site.