California Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are growing in popularity around the world due to their relaxed nature and casino-like feel brought to wherever people want to play. There are many different types of online casinos that exist, which we will outline later on. Despite the many variations of online casinos that exist, they all offer tremendous bonuses and ongoing promotions.

Best Online Casino Bonuses In California

These bonuses and promos bring droves of online gamblers through their virtual doors each year as they provide monetary incentives to be a part of the user base. They exist in many forms as well, including first deposit bonuses, welcome offers, and no-deposit bonuses.

Are Real Money Online Casinos Legal in California?

Real money online casinos are not currently operating legally within the state of California. California has traditionally held the opposite of a laissez-faire approach when it comes to online gambling of any kind, and this is no different. Unfortunately, there is no change in sight for the legalization of online gaming within California state lines either.

Real-money online sports betting sites are legal and thoroughly live within California, but no iGaming platforms are regulated by California and thus, do not operate within state lines. In addition, offshore casinos that operate in the online realm are also illegal in California at this point in time. As goes with real-money online sports betting sites, there appears to be no change to this via legislation coming in the near future.

While there are many types of online gaming venues that are illegal in California, there is a tremendous alternative that exists for those in the state looking to get into some form of online action. This alternative is the relatively new innovation of the free-play social casino in California. Examples of social casinos and social gaming sites include Rivers Casino4Fun, Chumba Casino, and b spot.

These social casinos attract users from all over the United States with those that are in states that do not allow online gaming in mind. While they operate, they also provide outstanding promotional offers in the forms that were discussed previously as they try to expand their platforms for the long term.

While many states look at online gaming as a potential new source of revenue, California is not on the list, and many experts on legislative happenings in the online gaming world are unsure of the future as well.

However, with many unsure of the California government’s intentions, there have been some rumblings that the state could look to unlock real money online casinos and online poker within the state. This would be a boost for California’s economy that other states have been enjoying for many years now.

With such a big pool of potential players in the state due to the raw population data, this could mean an extensive form of revenue for California.

Upcoming Launch of CA Online Casinos

As previously mentioned, California has previously considered legalizing real money online casinos despite the lack of noise surrounding it. While there seemed to be some traction with the legislation within the state, many more important world occurrences have been taking place, practically putting online gaming legislation on the back burner.

While online gambling is definitely possible in the coming months or years for California, we are unsure of when this could happen as of now. Legislation has been brought to the attention of California lawmakers in the past, but nothing has truly materialized enough for the state to lead a full-scale implementation of regulated online gaming of any form.

All in all, it seems as though the launch of California online casinos is a matter of when and not if. As California legislators begin to see surrounding states and politically like-minded state governments struggle for their piece of the online gaming pie, they will be sure to follow suit.

California has historically acted in line with New York when it comes to gambling legislation, and that fact is not expected to change. With New York moving towards a full-scale implementation of online gambling, this could push California into doing the same.

Online Casinos Likely Headed To CA

  • BetMGM Online Casino
  • BetRivers Casino
  • FanDuel Casino
  • Caesars Online Casino
  • DraftKings Casino
  • PointsBet Casino

If and when California does decide to institute legislation to bring online casinos into the state, there are some prominent names that should enter the market. These include major names like BetMGM and Caesars for their online casinos, while FanDuel and DraftKings figure to lead the sports betting and online casino charge in combination.

Additionally, BetRivers and PointsBet figure to have a significant influence on the California market as well. Outside of these six names, many other online casinos that are prominent in other markets should take particular interest in the massive player pool that exists in California.

Online Casino Bonuses in California

One of the primary draws to online casinos in other states is that online gaming corporations are always doling out free money in the forms of player bonuses and promotions. These vary from casino to casino, but they all hold tremendous value for each individual player. Some are better suited for those that plan on depositing a lot of money, but others are suited for those looking to casually gamble in an online venue.

Generous bonus offers have been given out across the country from major operators like BetMGM and Caesars in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey. The difference between California and these three states, though, is the population.

The bonuses and promotions that California gamblers can expect to receive after the prospective legislative changes could be even heftier than those demonstrated in smaller states. Major companies know what is in store here in California, and they are all vying independently to reap the rewards.

Types of Bonuses

Online casinos offer bonuses in a variety of ways in an effort to attract players to their user foundation. Let’s discuss some major types that California gaming institutions should expect to see in the future.

Signup/Welcome Bonuses

Possibly the most common bonus type seen coming from online casinos is the signup bonus, commonly listed as a welcome bonus. These promotions give users some incentive to sign up with an online casino that are in the form of no-deposit bonuses in most instances.

All users have to do is sign up with the online casino to be eligible for the promotion or bonus. This is different from a deposit bonus as we will discuss next with welcome bonuses coming without any sort of deposit beforehand.

Deposit Bonuses

While similar to welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses are the only type of bonus that requires users to put any sort of financial commitment to receive them. In most cases, users will see that they are offered a first-deposit match bonus offer. This is basically a combo of a welcome bonus and deposit bonus.

This can also be offered to players who are not making their first deposit at some online casinos. These types of bonuses are usually where the money can be made from a user standpoint as long as wagering requirements are fulfilled.

For example, some major casinos offer a full 100% first deposit match on up to a $1,000 deposit. This means that users can enjoy a $1,000 bonus in addition to their initial deposit as long as they fulfill the wagering requirements detailed in the terms and conditions for the promo.

The expected value on these promotions can exceed the initial deposit amount in some cases, so it is important to look out for just how much you figure to earn by earning a deposit bonus.

Free Spins Bonuses

Often seen offered in conjunction with a welcome bonus or deposit bonus, free spins bonuses are promotional incentives for users to enter into the world of online slots. Free spins provide users with the chance to earn money without putting any of their own at risk, and often, these free spins can become lucrative in terms of financial compensation.

While not everyone is a slots player and plans to stay out of the realm entirely, these free spins are doled out as a no-strings-attached offer. There is no reason not to take advantage of free spins bonuses.

Loyalty Rewards Bonuses

Almost all online casinos offer some sort of loyalty or rewards program, and massive bonuses can be reaped from these programs. Outside of just initial bonuses that can be received for signing up, ongoing promotions are always available to those within the rewards program at various online casinos.

If you plan on being a frequent player at any online casino, rewards, and loyalty programs are excellent opportunities to get money back for how much you play. Most of these programs are very friendly towards players and are a no-brainer to join if available.

Specific signup bonuses for rewards programs include free spins bonuses as mentioned above in addition to risk-free bets.

Bonus Wagering Requirements

In basically all promotional offers, there is something called wagering requirements attached. These wagering requirements can come in the form of time constraints or rollover wager amounts required to release bonuses from restricted funds sections. Almost all bonuses have some form of wagering requirements listed within their terms and conditions, and while some are easy to achieve, some platforms make it extremely difficult to achieve them.

California online gambling will have wagering requirements attached to all new player bonuses almost undoubtedly. If a time constraint is instituted, for example, this means that players must wager a certain amount of money within a predetermined time frame in order to receive all of the bonus funds from a given promotion.

Straight monetary wagering requirements are usually in the form of rollovers. For example, if a 100% match deposit bonus of $1,000 has a 35x rollover, this means that players are only able to collect the $1,000 bonus if they wager $35,000. Yes, this can get pretty crazy, thus making it very important to understand what you are getting yourself into as a player.

Most sites have a breakdown of what casino games and functions provide more of a percentage towards wagering requirements. For example, if a site host offers live dealer blackjack, it is possible that only 5% of a wager applies to wagering requirements. So, if a player is placing $100 worth of action on each blackjack hand, only $5 will count towards wagering requirements.

This is typically the case with online table games and live dealer offerings, but most of the time, slots relinquish a 100% wagering requirement release as sites look to encourage players to try out slots.

Free-Play CA Social Casino Bonuses

While many casinos are unavailable in the state of California, a new offering called social casinos are totally legal to play on within state lines. There are many prominent brand names coming up right now that are aiming to provide users an online gaming experience in states that do not allow regulated online gambling of any kind.

Because California falls under this jurisdiction, social casinos are looking at gamblers within the state as a primary source of new users. At social casinos, California players will see a nice boost in terms of potential rewards and promotional incentives.

Some social casinos come in the form of sweepstakes casinos but still provide some form of gambling for those within the state that desire it. All games on these platforms can be played for free, which is quite outstanding for those looking for the thrill of gambling without a financial commitment.

While they are free, often players will not receive anything out of their play, but there are in-platform purchases that allow players to play for real money cash prizes. In most cases, these in-store purchases come in the form of tokens or some form of currency that can be used at slots and other games on social casino platforms.

There are many amazing social casinos to choose from that are available to anyone in the state of California. If you fit under this description, social casinos are an excellent place to get started while you wait for legislation to be passed that legalizes real-money online gaming. In addition to just gaming in social casinos, bonuses can be won in droves, escalating the value of playing at such a venue.

Rivers Casino4Fun Bonus

A part of the BetRivers and BetMGM umbrella, Rivers Casino4Fun is a social casino that provides massive bonuses for its players and comes from a reputable backing. All games require VC$ to play, also known as virtual currency. There are well over 100 slots to choose from on the Rivers Casino4Fun platform, and they all have different VC$ required to play. These include higher limit slots and micro limit slots.

Rivers Casino4Fun offers bonuses like free credits in the form of VC$ every day that a user plays. All users have to do is log in daily, and they are able to claim their free credits. Additionally, users of the BetRivers platform are eligible to get daily free spins for more free virtual credits.

Bonus Bingo has also become quite popular on the BetRivers platform, and users can play free bingo to earn virtual currency. These bingo games are only available to users by invitation.

Chumba Casino Bonus

Chumba Casino is another online casino that is active in the state of California. The platform provides players with the opportunity to win cash prizes by way of virtual currency through slots, blackjack, and video poker. To circumvent the lack of legality behind online casinos, Chumba Casino utilizes a sweepstakes casino model that employs a virtual currency strategy to get action from players.

These virtual currency offerings include Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins, making players in California eligible to win cash prizes. Chumba Casino is operated by Virtual Gaming World, the most popular online social casino provider in existence.

Chumba Casino’s most prominent bonus offer is users receiving $30 worth of Gold Coins for just a $10 deposit. Users also receive 2 Sweeps Coins upon signing up for Chumba. Altogether, users will receive five million Gold Coins and 32 Sweeps Coins for just $10. Users are always able to purchase more coins at any time, and as players use their Sweeps Coins, they are transferred into redeemable cash. These sweepstakes promotion models are entirely legal, and California users are eligible.

As mentioned, there are tons of slots options available, amassing a total of 42 different titles. Players can also play blackjack and video poker that play like standard offerings that you would see at other online casinos.

Funzpoints Casino Bonus

Funzpoints Casino is another social casino labeled under the sweepstakes casino moniker that California residents can win cash prizes on with no purchase necessary. While Funzpoints is not a part of the popular Virtual Gaming World umbrella, they are still owned by reputable Canadian company Woopla.

There are currently two ways users can win at Funzpoints Casino. These include the daily $350 jackpot draw where users can enter into a daily sweepstakes drawing with the funds split amongst 40 randomly selected players who enter. To enter into this promotion, users simply receive entry tickets at random while playing Funzpoints Casino’s online casino slot offerings. Also, users are able to compete for in-game winnings during “Premium” gameplay that is entirely cashable.

For new users, Funzpoints offers a generous free $2.50 when you sign up, along with a 100% match welcome bonus up to a $20 deposit. Players are also able to spin the Funzwheel every three hours to try and win real cash prizes.

Luckyland Slots Bonus

Luckyland Casino is one of the most prominent online social casinos on the scene at the moment due to its outstanding promotions and bonuses as well as its easy-to-use platform. Luckyland Casino is one of the only social casinos to offer no-purchase bonuses that come in the form of 7,777 gold coins and ten Sweeps Coins that can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Luckyland also offers a first purchase bonus where users can get a $10 purchase of Gold Coins for half the price. These provide excellent value for those in California looking for a low-stakes form of gambling entertainment.

Users can also receive a daily login bonus at Luckyland. This promotion is eligible to users who log in after 4 p.m. EST each day. These bonuses can include Sweeps Coins, real money prizes, and a ton of other fantastic prizes – all for free.

B Spot Casino Bonus

Possibly the most notable social casino currently operating within California, b spot social casino is the cream of the crop when it comes to bonuses and promotions for their players.

New players can receive a bonus of $5 or a bonus $10 promotional rebate on their deposit, depending on their deposit amount. This promotion is always running for new players, and b spot shows no indication that this will end anytime soon. California residents are welcome at b spot. For the $5 bonus, users must deposit at least $20 to receive it, while for the $10 bonus, users need to deposit the same amount.

While this might seem strange, there are different sets of wagering requirements attached to each bonus that are listed in b spot’s terms and conditions. The rollover requirement for the $5 bonus is far less extreme than that of the $10 promotion.

B spot also runs a Big Player Bonus promotion where users who deposit a certain amount can receive packages of various degrees. A $10 package will receive $3, a $20 package receives $10, a $40 package receives $20, and a $100 package can receive a “top-up” payment of up to $100. All of these packages are contingent on qualified payouts.

Registered users of b spot in Florida have been able to receive even greater payouts on the Big Player Bonus, and this could extend out to California residents at any point in time.

Global Poker Bonus

Global Poker is a brand new online casino that offers online poker to California residents and is one of the only social casinos to do so. Upon registration with Global Poker, users become eligible to receive a free $20 Gold Coin package for play. All that is required to receive this package are some steps for account verification that require identity verification, including a photo of yourself and a driver’s license or passport.

Users are typically able to get their account verified within 24 hours by a member of Global Poker’s customer service team.

Skillz Casino Bonus

Skillz Casino is another prominent social casino in the industry that offers many promotions and bonuses that are quite user-friendly. Skillz operates under a currency called Bonus Cash that can be used to enter into slot tournaments to compete for real cash prizes. This Bonus Cash cannot be withdrawn like normal cash and is forfeited whenever a user makes a withdrawal. However, this bonus cash can turn into real cash simply by playing on the platform.

When users enter slot tournaments, their entry is paid by using 90% real cash 10% Bonus Cash. If users do not have enough real cash behind in their account, the rest of the entry fee for the tournament will be paid using Bonus Cash. If a user wins a tournament, they are refunded their entry fee in the same format and percentage breakdown as the way they paid.

However, the way users turn their Bonus Cash into real cash is by winning these tournaments as the winnings on top of users’ entry fees are returned in 100 percent real cash.

Users can get Bonus Cash at any time through earning Ticketz and purchasing Bonus Cash. They can also receive $20 in Bonus Cash simply by signing up for the platform and making their first deposit.

Pulsz Casino Bonus

Pulsz Casino is one of the longest-standing social casinos around under the sweepstakes casino model. At Pulsz, users must purchase Gold Coins in order to continue playing past their initial offering from the platform. These Gold Coin packages range from $1.99 for 938 Gold Coins and 18 VIP points all the way up to $99.99 for 105,000 Gold Coins and 1,800 VIP points.

The current offer that exists from Pulsz with their online store is that users can receive 200% extra Gold Coins with their first purchase, meaning that a $99.99 purchase can net users with 315,000 Gold Coins.

This bonus is not currently subject to any wagering requirements through the Pulsz platform, making it one of the easiest bonuses to receive amongst the rest of the social casino realm.

River Sweeps Bonus

River Sweeps, operating under the BitBetWin platform, is a sweepstakes casino that offers real cash prizes under the same pretenses as the other social casinos on the market. California users are welcome to play at River Sweeps Platinum, and neighboring Arizona has become the state where the platform has gained popularity.

River Sweeps has loads of promotions available to users. The most popular promo is their 50% bonus that can be received on four different slot platforms on Saturdays only. River Sweeps offers 20% bonuses with the same regulations on every other day of the week with the exception of Thursdays.

ZitoBox Bonus

ZitoBox is one of the newer online social casinos operating in the state of California. ZitoBox offers bonuses that exceed the dollar values of most other social casinos, with their most notable bonus coming in the form of a 225% bonus boost on deposits of over $499.99. The platform operates on a virtual currency model like most other social casinos, with Bonus

Coins representing the primary source of the fiat. The bonus mentioned would provide players with 1.125 million in additional Bonus Coins, a far cry from the 1.625 million they would already receive.

Like most real-money gaming sites, ZitoBox gives users a sliding scale of Bonus Coins based on their initial deposits in the form of a welcome bonus.


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