BetRivers Casino Games

BetRivers is known for its sports betting services, the brand also offers players quality casino games. This guide will provide you with an overview of the games you will find via the operator.

Does BetRivers Have Casino Games?

Yes! In certain states, BetRivers offers online casino gaming alongside its sportsbook. Simply click on the casino and check out a large selection of slots, table games, live dealer, video poker, and more.

Read through the guide below to see exactly what BetRivers has to offer.

BetRivers Casino Games Menu

Since launching their online casino, BetRivers has quickly grown into one of the largest and most trusted legal gambling platforms in the United States. BetRivers not only offers some of the classic games that all online casino players know and love, but they also offer some innovative and cutting-edge titles to experience. And with their intuitive search function, at no point will you feel lost or struggle to find exactly the kind of game you want to play.

While offerings vary by state, no matter where you are playing from, there are a ton of options to explore and enjoy.

The navigation of the game menu is one of the selling points of this platform and was designed in-house by casino experts. It shows as the menus fit a ton of content into a compact and easy-to-understand system. Everything is where you expect it to be, and there is no fluff to distract you from the task at hand.

The menu bar on the top of the page presents you with more than a dozen filters to choose from. These options vary by state and filter results by game type, popularity, and even choosing games from your favorite game developer. BetRivers’ offering is vast and includes games from more than a dozen different developers, including IGT, AGS, NetEnt, and Konami.

Each of these studios offers unique experiences, and you will likely find a favorite or two that fit your desired play style. Some of the more popular choices on this menu include slot machines, video poker, live dealer games, and jackpot games. The variety of options ensures that you won’t ever be left wanting something that BetRivers doesn’t offer.

Konami is a name that new casino players might recognize due to their decades of work in the video game industry. What many don’t know is that Konami has been creating and selling casino games for years. Konami digital slot machines are known throughout the industry for catering to many different demographics and play styles. This makes the Konami section a great place to get started at BetRivers for anyone new to the online casino game.

Other popular game designers that veteran casino players will appreciate include International Gaming Technology (IGT), American Gaming Systems (AGS), and NetEnt. IGT games are some of the most popular at brick and mortar casinos in the United States and have become a leader in the online casino industry as well. AGS has been creating popular casino games since the 1990s.

The company started off making Class II Bingo and Lottery games and eventually grew to Class III casino games. NetEnt is a Swedish company that broke ground in the 90s and was the first online casino to launch back in 2000.

NetEnt was the first casino software to utilize Java and now runs all its games off HTML5. These four developers make up just a few of those offered at BetRivers. Overall, the BetRivers casino platform has 100s of titles to choose from the classics to the newest games on the market.


With more than 320 titles to choose from, BetRivers is an excellent option for slot gaming fans. From classic titles to progressives, BetRivers offers a nice mix of options.

You can easily click through the Slot category, select jackpot games, or choose a software provider and review their titles. In addition, games load smoothly on mobile or desktop devices, allowing you to spin the reels of top games while on the go or at home.

Table Games

BetRivers ticks all the boxes as far as table games go with Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps among the games offered. While each state does offer slightly different options, the staple games are available to players in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia alike. Here is a breakdown of just a few of the more interesting table games and variations offered at BetRivers.

Blackjack Poker & Pairs with Surrender: For blackjack fans that are tired of just playing one hand at a time, this is a game you need to check out. Players can play up to three seats at once to triple their chances to hit it big. This variation also adds the ability to make very profitable side bets that range from 30-to-1 up to 100-to-1.

Players can bet that they will be dealt a pair or even a perfect pair which is two cards with the same number and suit. These bets must be made before the initial deal is made. Another feature of this variation is the ability to surrender your hand. This means that players may give up half of their initial bet after the first two cards are dealt.

Monopoly Big Spin: This unique table game takes elements from Roulette and Monopoly to create an exciting game that is sure to please. The game centers around a giant wheel that allows players to place bets on specific outcomes from a spin of the wheel. Payouts are similar to roulette, and players can earn free spins or bonuses by landing on Go or Free Parking.

I Luv Suits Poker: I Luv Suits Poker takes the classic game of poker and turns it on its head. Players are dealt seven cards to make a higher ranking flush with more flush cards than the dealer. Play starts when the player antes and then receives their cards. The player can then make a waver of one, two, or three times their initial stake, depending on how many flush cards they have. There are also flush rush bonuses and super flush rush bonuses to earn.

These option bonus bets can be made alongside the initial stake with payouts ranging from 1-to-1 for a four-card flush up to 8,000-to-1 for a seven-card straight flush.

Zappit Blackjack: This table game combines the fun of blackjack and slot machines into one action-packed experience. Zappit Blackjack uses a six-deck pool of cards, and players can pick to play between one and three hands at once. Each player competes against the house in a game of blackjack with one major difference. If the player’s first two cards are a hard 15, 16, 17, or 18, they can change them out for two new cards. Another difference to be aware of is that if the dealer busts with exactly 22, and the player does not bust or have blackjack, the hand is pushed, and all bets are returned.

First Person Football Studio: This is one of the more unique games that BetRivers offers and caters to Football fans in the United States. The Evolution Gaming release is a Top Card RNG title that features an easy-to-use interface. The game starts when two cards are dealt from a pool of eight decks, and players bet on either a home or away win or a draw. The first card dealt is the home team, and the second card represents the away team. High card wins and two cards with the same value result in a draw. In this variant, it is important to note that Kings are the high card while Aces are the lowest.

Video Poker

For players who frequent brick and mortar casinos, video poker machines are something you are likely familiar with. Also referred to as poker slots by some, the fixed odds poker game is derived from the classic five-card draw format. What makes video poker different from slots is the skill that is involved in navigating towards a winning hand.

In basic video poker, players are dealt five cards and given a choice to trade cards back that don’t help their hand along. New cards are dealt, and the player is paid based upon the payable. Payouts range from 1-to-1 for jacks or better hand up to 250-to-1 for a Royal Flush. There are many variations of video poker that BetRivers offers. Here are some of the more interesting twists on this classic casino experience.

Deuces Wild: One of the more popular variants of video poker is played in the same way with one major difference. All deuces are wild cards that can be used to represent any other card in the deck. This allows players to use deuces to complete and otherwise busted had. The only exception to this occurs when trying to win a ‘Natural Royal Flush’ that requires the player to make a royal flush with no wild cards.

Triple, Five, or Ten Play Draw Poker: This trio of games gives players the chance to play up to ten hands at once and streamlines the winning process. It takes nine tables of different games and puts it all into one game, with players choosing which games they want to add to each round. Hands must be selected in groups of three, five, or ten. If players choose to play ten hands, players can choose cards from each deck and replace them individually, and discarded cards are replaced with ones from separate decks. Payouts for some games differ, so familiarize yourself with it before you get started.

Jacks or Better Double Up: As is the case with deuces wild, this variation follows the classic rules of video poker as far as the basic format, and payout table goes. Where things get interesting is when you include a special hand dubbed ‘Jacks or Better.’ To win this type of hand, players much present a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces.

Each round is played with 25 hands at a time, with each being pulled from its own 52 card deck. Each deck is reshuffled after the round. Players are not locked into playing all 25 hands and can choose to play one, five, ten, or 25 hands at once. As far as the double-up tag goes, after a winning hand, players can instantly deal again for double or nothing.

Game King Video Poker: This game is nine games in one and is the most popular video poker option for most players in the United States. The IGT title allows players to move in and out of nine different variations of video poker with ease. This is a perfect option for those who like to jump around to different games but don’t want to back out and reload another style of play.

When you first fire up the Game King platform, you will be presented with a home screen with nine games to select from. Once a game is chosen, just place your bet, hit deal, and you’re on your way. By default, the game is set at a 0.10 x 1 coin stake, but players can raise that figure as they see fit. For those who lack the virtue of patience, there is also the ability to toggle a high-speed mode that lets you rip through rounds at a staggering pace.

As of this writing, video poker is only offered in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Live Dealer

Evolution Gaming’s award-winning live dealer games are now available at BetRivers for players in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Live dealer games offer players a unique experience that brings the excitement of playing at a real-life casino into the comfort of your desktop or mobile device. This live table includes a mix of high and low-stakes blackjack games, roulette, baccarat, craps, and more.

The draw of live dealer games is that these games are played in an exclusive studio with real-life dealers and digital players. BetRivers live dealer games are live-streamed in HD and are the closest you can come to playing at a real-life table. Payouts are calculated and doled out in real-time, which adds to the high-pace feeling of a brick-and-mortar casino.

Another feature that adds to the realism of the game is the ability to interact with the other players at the table, and the dealer, via text or video chat. This social aspect of the game brings players even closer to betting at a land-based casino. Due to the nature of the game, seats at these tables are limited and in high demand. But the wait is worth it when you fully immerse yourself in the action.

While BetRivers offers the classics, there are also a few notable additions to the usual gang and variations on your favorite games. Here are some of the more interesting live table games that BetRivers currently offers.

Live First Person Dreamcatcher: For those looking for a more relaxing live dealer game, look no further than this spin on the classic RNG money wheel. This title from Evolution Live Casino features a large vertical wheel with a series of numbers on it. Players just need to bet on the numbers they think will come up and wait for the dealer to let ‘er rip.

The addition of 2x and 7x multipliers maximizes your chances of a big payout. Playing this game live is a truly unique experience as the dealer functions as more of a game show host and is constantly interacting with the live audience of players. The platform does a great job of combining a live backdrop with a digital overlay that tracks plays and bets.

Live First Person Dragon Tiger: This game functions in much the same way as the aforementioned “Football Studio First Person" game. That game also has a live dealer variant for those interested. Dragon Tiger does away with the football theme in favor of dragons and tigers. The game is a simplification of baccarat and requires players to choose from one of three outcomes.

Players are dealt two cards from a pool of eight decks with the first card, the dragon card, and the second card, the tiger card. Players bet on either choice or a tie. High card wins unless two cards with the same value are dealt. The tie function can be a real boon to your bankroll as a tie-side bet can pay out 11-to-1. If the cards are the same number and the same suit, you will be paid out 50-to-1. The live dealers in this game constantly interact with the players and comment on the action going down.

Live Dealer Blackjack: While there is nothing particularly unique about the play style of this game, the new platform that BetRivers utilizes makes it worth a mention here. The game is currently exclusive to the platform and offers a slick layout that is optimized to create a fantastic playing experience. Each table features seven seats, and an unlimited number of players can queue in and watch the action live.

Dealers greet each player as they enter and interact for the duration of play. The new software allows players to adjust the view, and gameplay features include optional insurance, double down, and split pair bets. As if that weren’t enough, players have the option to add several other side bets. These range from the standard perfect pair side bets to the lesser-known 21+3 side bet.

The latter is an optional bonus wager that pays out based on the value of three cards. The player’s two dealt cards along with the dealer’s up cards are used in this side bet. The three cards pay bonuses if the hand features a straight flush, three-of-a-kind, straight or flush. A three-card flush pays out an additional 5-to-1 while a straight flush pays out 40-to-1.


BetRivers online casino players in Michigan and Pennsylvania have access to a long list of Slingo titles to enjoy. For those unfamiliar with the game, Slingo combines elements of slot machines, bingo, and table games to create yet another unique gaming experience at BetRivers.

The basic Slingo game has featured a 5×5 grid that features 25 randomly assigned numbers from a pool of 75 possibilities. The bottom grid functions as a single line of a slot machine and will spin to display five new numbers on each play. The game gives players 10 spins to use, with the goal being to cross off as many numbers on the grid as possible. Winning lines rewards players with points with the total after 10 spins determining your cash prize.

The bottom line also features bonus symbols along with numbers. These include Joker bonuses that allow you to select any number in the column above the symbol and Super Jokers that allow you to do the same with any number on the grid. If you hit three or more Jokers on the bottom line, an immediate cash prize is awarded.

There is also a devil symbol that blocks one number from matching up to the rest of the group. But this original format is just the tip of the iceberg. Both PA and MI players can enjoy several options when it comes to variations on the classic game. Let’s take a look at a few of the more interesting options available at BetRivers.

Slingo Berserk: This variation of the game plays in much gives players the same goal of tallying numbers, but with a Vikings theme and a few added features. The most notable of which is the Slingo Berzerk bonus that awards players four jackpots and cash prizes depending on how many Slingos are completed. Jokers are still part of the game, as are coins from a treasure chest that give you a shot to instantly trigger a jackpot game.

Slingo Extreme: This spin on the classic Slingo game adds increased jackpots and ups the speed of play to create a high-tempo version. The game even features a soundtrack to match with electric guitar riffs aplenty. This variation offers players a chance to win up to 500x their bet and also features free spins and the possibility to win instant cash prizes.

Slingo Lightning: This variation lives up to its name with lightning-fast gameplay that creates a thrilling experience not often found in Slingo. This is accomplished but cutting the total number of balls from 75 to 50, giving players more chances to match the numbers needed to win. The game allows players to earn unlimited extra spins, which are awarded at the end of the game to maximize their chances of winning securing a win. Slingo Lightning is currently exclusive to BetRivers in Michigan.

Slot Tournaments

Another feature that keeps BetRivers at the top of the list of online casinos is their free-to-play daily slot machine tournaments. These events have become wildly popular at many land-based casinos, and BetRivers has taken that experience and made a digital version. The idea behind these competitions is simple to wrap your head around.

First off, to enter, players have two avenues. The optimal route is that the player is invited by BetRivers that can be used to register for free. To get an invitation, just wager real money in the casino. The second route is to go to the bonus store and spend bonus points to purchase an entry token.

Once registration is complete, players will be able to launch the specific free-to-play slot game that the player was invited to. These events offer several helpful options, such as giving players the chance to join at any time within the tournament window, mixing and max slot selections at will, and the adjust wager amounts.

The specifics of each tournament vary slightly, but the overall idea is the same. Players are given a predetermined balance and amount of time to sping and earn leaderboard points for the specific game they are participating in. Players are ranked on a leaderboard based on the points acquired. Prizes range from bonus money with a 1x play-through requirement, free bet, bonus store points, or other predetermined promotional opportunities.

One tournament that is running daily right now is the Winter Series Sot Tournament. The game offers a top prize of $50 in 1x bonus money and features new games, including Ice Opals, Total Meltdown, and Atomic Meltdown. The round runs for just five minutes, and players are encouraged to spam the Max Bet option to compete for a top prize in the tournament. The top 20 finishers on the leaderboard earn prizes, and three tournaments are run daily at 1:00, 6:00, and 9:00 PM local.

For this particular tournament, the $50 grand prize in bonus money is awarded to the top finisher while the second and third place winners are gifted $25 and $20 in bonus money, respectively. Finishers from sixth to 10th are awarded a random wheel spin with a value between $1 and $10. The remaining top 20 finishers receive free entry into a future slot tournament. Prizes are loaded into eligible accounts within five minutes of the end of the tournament.

This is a great feature that gives players instant gratification, usually reserved for in-person casino play. Take note that players must manually claim each bonus from inside of their account as described in the instruction for each promotion. All bonus money must be wagered within 30 days of being awarded, or it will expire.

As of this writing, there are three daily tournaments in Michigan and two daily events to enjoy in West Virginia. Registration opens 90 minutes before the start of the tournament and remains open until the event ends. This means that technically a player could enter at the last second and hit a massive jackpot to win the entire tournament out of nowhere. Another thing to be aware of is that the invitations are event specific.

This means that if you are invited to the 1:00 PM tournament, you cannot use that invitation to play in the same event later in the day. There is an open invitation that is valid for all events and offers more flexibility to work around tight schedules. These tickets can be won, gifted, or purchased for 200 points at the store. Players are also assigned a specific game, and no points that are won on a different title will be tabulated.

Can you play blackjack at BetRivers Casino?

Yes, you can! Blackjack is one of the most popular table games found at BetRivers Casino. You can locate blackjack titles in the table games section or the live dealer category.

The game also has its own category, making it easy to choose from the large selection. Try new titles that are added in this category regularly, or stick with the traditional blackjack formats you know and love.

Can you play slots at BetRivers Casino?

Absolutely! This category of games is the largest due to its popularity. Whether you are new to online casino gaming or have played before, you will find the collection of slot games at BetRivers casino outstanding.

There are hundreds of titles to choose from, allowing you to play something different every time you log in!

What is the best slot at BetRivers Casino?

While there is no top slot at BetRivers Casino, there are games that stand out above the rest due to certain features, a fun theme, or jackpot prizes. One of the most popular slots offered currently at BetRivers is 88 Fortunes by SG Digital.

The slot offers it all, including a fun theme and free spins. Land three or more gong symbols while you play, and you will activate a free spins round with ten spins on offer.

In addition, lower paying symbols are removed from the reels during the round to give you higher win potential! This game has been popular among slot fans for many years and continues to be a top choice of players at BetRivers.

Are there any casino games that pay real money?

All the casino games offered via BetRivers provide a real-money payout. Members of the online casino can deposit real money into an online account and use the cash to play slots, table games, and other options at the site.

If you win while playing, the prize is added to your account. You can use the prize money you win to play more games or make a withdrawal. Cash-out whenever you like, using the many withdrawal methods to claim your prize money.

BetRivers Casino Games Are Legal

Casino games at the BetRivers brand are legal in the United States if you are located in a specific state. Online casino gaming is legalized in some areas, so BetRivers teamed up with a local land-based casino to launch services.

The brand is licensed and regulated to do so, following all the protocols set up by local regulators. As more states begin to legalize iGaming, BetRivers signs new partnership deals to spread its services into new markets.

Find BetRivers Casino in the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • West Virginia

You must be physically located in the states listed above to access BetRivers Casino via app or web browser.

What is the best game to play in a casino?

This depends on what the individual is looking for. If you are a slot fan at land-based casinos, that will be one category to try online. If you are a fan of blackjack and roulette, then you have those options as well.

The types of games you play should be based on what you like, your budget, and perhaps the advantages. Take slot games, for example. Slots offer low stakes and big prizes.

It costs very little to spin the reels of a slot game, and you can win life-changing prizes depending on the type of slot you choose. Look for games with a high RTP and average win rate to help increase your win potential.

What is the most profitable casino game?

The casino games provide better odds for the house in the long run, hence the old saying “the house always wins." However, some games offer different odds to give you a leg up, such as slot games with a 96% RTP or higher.

Learning more about profitable games will help you pick a title that can help leave the edge in your favor.

Be sure to take advantage of the BetRivers bonus and promotional deals at The Game Day Casino to give yourself more cash for betting. With bonus funds, you can play at higher stakes or for a more extended period of time, which can help you turn a profit.

Are BetRivers Casino games real money?

They are! When playing games at BetRivers Casino, real money is used. To get started, you need to create an account and deposit funds. The process is simple with a nice selection of deposit methods, including:

  • PayNearMe
  • BetRivers Play+ Card
  • Vanilla
  • Cash via Casino cage
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • VIP Preferred

Any of these methods can be used to add real money to your account for casino wagering.

Does BetRivers Casino have free games?

Sometimes, BetRivers Casino offers games in demo or practice mode. This allows you to play a game for free, though you cannot win cash in this mode.

You can play with free money with demo games, checking out how a game works before wagering real cash. This option is great for players trying new titles as you can learn the rules and controls before risking real cash for a chance to win prizes.


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