Arizona Casino Bonuses

Arizona has been in the news quite a bit lately when it comes to online gaming, thanks to the launch of internet sportsbooks. Along with those options, there are online casino games with bonuses that Arizonans can access.

Best Online Casino Bonuses In Arizona

On Sept. 9, 2021, Arizona officially launched online sports betting. At the start, 18 sportsbooks received licenses. After legal motions to delay the launch, which were ultimately thrown out, the state has been in the online sportsbook space for a while now.

Unfortunately, though, real-money online casinos are still not available in the state. While this is less than ideal, the passage of online sports betting gives hope for the future. Of course, whenever online sports betting comes to town, the usual next item on the agenda is online casinos, then online poker.

Sports betting is still relatively new to the state, so this could take some time. However, there are still ways to play online casinos in a legal manner—social casinos. Social casinos may not be the same as real-money online casinos, but they’re a more than adequate substitution in the interim.

Throughout the United States, sweepstakes casinos are legal in every state except for Washington State, offering some of the best Arizona internet gambling games. While players will use virtual currency for most of the gameplay, the game is centered around social ties and winning large cash prizes in sweepstakes fashion.

So while your favorite online sportsbooks like DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel don’t yet have a real money online casino available in the state, social/sweepstakes casinos will scratch that itch.

Here, we will look at social casinos available in Arizona and the bonuses that come with them.

AZ free/social online casinos

Social casinos are free to play. You never have to pay a single dollar if you don’t want to. However, you can purchase additional virtual currency if you run out to continue playing. The only way to win real money is through sweepstakes prizes and some large virtual currency exchanges (in some instances).

We mention this because you cannot win real money on every game you play.

Below, we will highlight a few of the top social casinos available to players in Arizona.

Chumba Casino: Chumba is arguably the top social casino on the market. Players at Chumba Casino can play slots, Roulette, and Blackjack. The site has nearly 750k likes on Facebook.

Funzpoints: Funzpoints is another top social casino option. At Funzpoints, there is a standard and premium version you can play. By upgrading to premium, you can play ad-free, and all games will be unlocked!

LuckyLand Slots: At LuckyLand Slots, you will only be able to play slots—as per the name of the social casino. However, there are several unique titles for you to choose from on this graphically impressive gaming platform.

Global Poker: Global Poker is one of the few online social casinos that offers poker. Global Poker is in the same ecosystem as Chumba Casino, and there is a link to play Chumba Casino directly on Global Poker’s site.

Take advantage of AZ casino bonuses

As with any Arizona real-money online casino or, in the case of Arizona, online sportsbook, bonuses are always something to take. In a sense, it’s free currency (whether real or virtual) to use to enhance your gaming experience.

Even social casinos offer new players things to help kickstart your playing in hopes you can parlay these bonuses into large cash prizes.

Chumba Casino bonus

At Chumba Casino, there are two types of virtual currency—Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins. New players will receive some of both when signing up. More specifically, players will receive 2 Sweeps Coins and 2,000,000 Gold Coins. Gold Coins are used for games on the platform, and you can redeem Sweeps Coins for real currency.

Funzpoints Casino bonus

As mentioned, Funzpoints offers two modes of play. Here, we will look at the standard version. Upon signing up for an account, players will receive 1,000 coins and a chance to spin the “funzwheel.” By spinning the wheel, you can win even more coins and tickets. In addition, tickets are used to enter jackpot sweepstakes prizes.

LuckyLand Slots bonus

LuckyLand Slots has a bonus similar to Chumba Casino. Upon signing up, you will receive over 7,000 Gold Coins and 10 Sweeps Coins. The 10 Sweeps Coins come after you verify your account and phone number. There are also welcome packages available, such as 50,000 Gold Coins and 10 Sweeps Coins for just $4.99!

Global Poker Bonus

The welcome bonus at Global Poker is straightforward: A $40 package for the price of $20.

The package includes 200,000 gold coins and $40 in Sweeps Cash. So, there is nothing you get “for free” for signing up, but you will receive a 50 percent discount on a package with plenty of virtual currency that will help your virtual wallet last for some time.

This offer is only available for a limited time.