Rita Ferreira

About Rita

Rita boasts a diverse background that eventually led her to carve out a niche as a content writer in the thrilling domain of online gambling. Her academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a SCRUM Master certificate, and a Food & Beverages Management certificate. Though this combination might seem eclectic, it laid the groundwork for her intriguing career trajectory.

Rita’s Experience

Rita initially embarked on her career in Human Resources, working in Portugal’s tech and marketing sectors. Her curiosity and zeal for learning brought her to Malta, the heart of Europe’s online gambling industry. Initially, she lacked knowledge about the country and the field, but her tenacity led her to immerse herself in the world of iGaming.

Entry into the iGaming Industry

For approximately two years, she excelled as an iGaming recruiter, making acquaintances with professionals in online casino and sports betting. She engaged with graphic designers, KYC officers, game developers, and mathematicians who work tirelessly to ensure the casinos operate flawlessly.

Transition to Content Writing

Inspired by her encounters, Rita grew eager to understand the perspectives of the players. She started exploring the offerings of various platforms and combined this newfound passion with her love for writing. That marked the turning point in her career, as she transitioned from HR to content writing.

Rita dedicated herself to collaborating with websites seeking to enlighten players about the intricacies of online gambling. She honed her expertise in the North American market, gaining deep insights into the operations of online casinos in the USA and Canada.

Rita playtested countless games, established accounts on virtually all online casinos, and engaged with customer support to ensure she could provide honest and transparent information to her readers.

In addition to her regular work, Rita recently developed an interest in emerging technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, that are revolutionizing the iGaming industry. She dedicates time to understanding the technology, game development processes, and benefits for players, contributing to an industry that is continuously evolving.

Rita’s Hobbies

Outside the realm of iGaming, Rita has a rich tapestry of hobbies that occupy her free time. She is an avid listener of true crime podcasts and an accomplished cook specializing in delectable vegetarian dishes.

Additionally, Rita cherishes spending quality time with her beloved pets - her dog Nairobi, and her cats Jeremias and Baby. Through these hobbies, Rita ensures a well-balanced life filled with learning, creativity, and companionship.