Matt De Saro

About Matt

Matthew De Saro is a sports, casino, and cryptocurrency writer currently working at The Game Day Casino. Matthew started his writing career in a research & development laboratory doing technical writing and editing proposals. After leaving the science world behind, Matthew decided to put his love of sports and writing together and set out to make his mark on the industry.

Matt’s Experience

With a focus on sports betting and gambling, Matthew began working as an on-air host and writer of sports wagering content. He has worked as a social media manager for sports betting media companies and hosted podcasts and daily shoes for years. A decade and thousands of articles later, Matthew is still doing what he loves.

Getting to Grips with the Game

Matthew started writing for The Game Day Casino in November of 2021 and primarily contributes to the Casino pages for New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He enjoys the change-of-pace from the grind of daily sports betting that learning and writing about casinos presents.

His favorite casino games are card-based, specifically blackjack and poker. This is because, unlike other casino games, cards are less of a game of luck and more of a game of strategy. The excitement of competing against the house directly via dealer along with the community feel of being at the table is what keeps him coming back.

It is for this reason that Matthew also loves live dealer games and online poker as well. When he is looking for real-life competition and banter, live dealer is his go-to. For a more relaxed afternoon, he turns to classic online poker.

Cruising to the Big Wins

On the flip side, Matthew doesn’t enjoy games of chance as much such as slots or Keno. While the gameplay of one-armed bandits isn’t his style, he admits they are a great way to kick back and relax by spending some time at the casino. He also had his biggest win ever in gambling on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine on a Cruise to the Bahamas when he was 18.

Matt’s Hobbies

In his free time, Matthew enjoys surfing, reading airport mystery novels, RPG games, and pouring over sports stats at nauseam. He grew up playing ice hockey, soccer, basketball, and ran track. He carried his love of sports into adulthood and still tries to get out and play when he can. Matthew is also a lover of fantasy sports, however, he has a bad habit of perennially losing in the finals.

As far as sports go, he is a die-hard fan of the New York Yankees and Michigan Wolverines and prefers sitting through a baseball game to just about any other activity.